Arteta confirms that Arsenal want Nketiah to stay

Eddie Nketiah was given a rare chance to impress last night as Mikel Arteta fielded a much-changed Arsenal side against Sunderland, and he duly came away with a true centre forwards hat-trick.

It seems to be an accepted fact that Eddie turned down the chance to leave in the summer, and fully intends to move on with a free transfer at the end of the season. After the game, of course Arteta was asked if he wanted Nketiah to sign an extension with the Gunners. “I tell you every day that we want to keep Eddie.” Arteta told “We see how he trains, that’s what he does every day, he works so hard and puts the ball in the net every session. I am really delighted with him. Every time we have needed him he has always responded.”

Arteta then went on to explain what happened with Eddie in the summer and thinking he was set to leave. “The way we planned the squad and the way his situation looked in the window, he had a lot of options to go and we thought that was probably the best way to go. But the way we assembled the squad the situation changed and he decided to stay and it was hard to found minutes for him. But he’s finding the space right now and is using his minutes really well.”

And could Nketiah still be persuad to sign? “We are trying.” Arteta confirmed again. “It’s not about anything else but minutes. He wants gametime, he wants to be on that field and that is the only reason to say, ‘Can I do it here?’ That’s the question. We all want him to stay.

“Yes [he will play more]. Recently he’s played more minutes than in the past and we’re going to need him and he’s going to play more minutes.

“I don’t know if he’s different to other other strikers but I really like what he has. He has incredible work rate, he has pace and has the smell for goals. He has the capacity to finish in the box on any surface and then I really like his character. He wants to be the best and works all the time to do that. He’s a player that has come through our system and that’s why we want to keep him.”

Well with Aubameyang out of the picture for the moment, Eddie still has Lacazette and Martinelli to compete with for chances.

It remains to seen whether Eddie gets more chances or not….

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  1. Two in each position…..AM…ESR and Odegard….then we have Saka..Martinelli..Nketiah..pepe……..I ThinK Arsenal needs another two young forward players and a DM……

  2. I dont think Nketiah is directly competing with Martinelli because Martinelli is more comfortable and confident on the wings, the results prove themselves. The only real competitor for Nketiah would be Laca. That said, with Auba sidelined, both Nketiah and Laca will be required for the entiriety of the season. If Nketiah improves his pressing game and he gets more game time, I am sure he will change his mind and will want to stay at Arsenal. I hope MA starts with Nketiah against Norridge and keeps Laca fresh for the Wolves game, which immediately follows the Norridge game.

  3. Then maybe he should’ve given him more game time, especially with massively underwhelming strikers last seaason.

  4. On the few occasions I have seen him this season, EN has really impressed me..I may be wrong, but he seems to be more physically resilient than he was and puts himself about more. Without having electric pace, he is fast over the all important first ten yards and he is without a doubt a natural finisher.If he could improve his first touch and create space by dropping off as Lacca does ,he could become a real candidate to replace our former captain.One thing for sure, after his hatrick yesterday a number of EPL sides are likely to be interested in him if he decided to move on.

  5. I was delighted for Eddie last night but not surprised as I rate him, now if he could just do that on New Year’s Day I reckon his Agent could break open the Havanas with Edu on lighter duty!

  6. Offer him a two year contract extension with a clause allowing him to go out on loan to the club of his choice next season.

    He gets his play time week in week out AND remains an Arsenal player.
    Everyone’s happy!

      1. 2 year is much better than 5 for him.
        Year 1 is on loan to get play time
        Year 2 back at Arsenal to give it another try but if he’s not satisfied with how it goes by the end of the season he’s a free agent again and can sign for any club without Arsenal getting any transfer fee.
        He keeps control.

  7. I think deep down Nketiah and Arteta really know his best chance is away from Arsenal, whatever is being said. He is a good striker not a very good striker.

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