Arteta confirms the FA Cup win at Bournemouth is a top priority for Arsenal

Mikel Arteta has won the FA Cup with Arsenal as captain, so has great memories of a day out at Wembley, and with our fight for the Top Four all but over, his only chances of winning a trophy this season rest with the FA Cup and the Europa League.

I personally think that the Europa League is the easiest of the two and I will having a bet on them winning it this time around, but we should also be going all out for the FA Cup too.

It will be interesting to see if Arteta intends to rotate for this or not, after he told “We’re going to fight for every competition that we’re involved in,” he said. “I know what it means to this club to win that competition and we need to get back winning. We need to get back to being up there and having everybody talking about us. We need every competition to try and do that.”

Interestingly, Arteta’s first game as coach of Arsenal was away at Bournemouth, and he detailed the things that have changed at the club since then: “A lot of things [have changed since then] that I wanted to implement, not just towards the players but around the club, in terms of the culture,”

“I’m seeing very good signs in progress.

“A lot of things about our way of playing and our style as well, even though the circumstances in some of the games have made it a little bit more difficult than expected. But in general, I can see the direction towards what I wanted a month ago.

“I think that one of the important things is creating that connection again with the fans. It’s a long time ago, and these people have been here for a long time, [since we have] seen the fans react and support the team how they did against Chelsea. It was incredible and in some stages it was like we were playing at home.

“The amount of support they gave was incredible in difficult circumstances and I’m so proud that they’re feeling a little bit closer to the team now.”

We have definitely improved since our last trip to Bournemouth, and there is no reason that we can’t beat them this time around, is there?


  1. Godswill says:

    Am sorry for underrating MA at first instance.

  2. ken1945 says:

    As a supporter, these are great words to hear from our coach.

    The connection is back between the fans and the players/coach, something missing for nearly four years and repaired in just four weeks – brilliant!!!

    I also love the way the fa cup is being prioritised…as our proud record shows we always have done.
    What a great picture of the master and his student, along with the great Vermallen…Sue, is that your man Podolski celebrating??

    Great memories soon to be returning to the club under MA – just wish AW had resigned after the chelsea cup final, how different things might have been today.

    1. Sue says:

      It is indeed, Ken 😊 What a great picture.. and I love your line “The master and his student” 👍
      How great would it be to replicate that this season?!

  3. Innit says:

    Glad to hear it.
    The FA cup has a long storied history in the UK. It’s a special competition. And I am very proud that Arsenal have won the most FA Cup trophies.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      👍 Spot on!

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