Arteta could be great for Arsenal if he gets the right coaching team

Everyone agrees that Ivan Gazidis has assembled a top class management team at Arsenal to take the pressure of transfers and contracts off the new manager that comes in to replace Wenger, and according to Mikel Arteta’s old Everton team-mate Tim Cahill, Mikel Arteta could be the right man for the job if he can only get the right coaching team to assist in the day-to-day training of the players.

“The best thing for him is, he is out there learning his trade,” Cahill said. “He’s out there putting in the hours that count. But he is taking it so seriously within himself and he’s got great pride, understanding of the game, the tactics and knowledge.

“When you talk about Mikel coming into a club like Arsenal, who he has already been a part of, already knows the background, already knows what it is all about, he is not someone you would not put in the frame.

“The piece of the puzzle comes with what the coaching team is going to be. And that is pretty much the secret to most successful managers around the world.

“Can he do it? I’d never say ‘no he can’t do it’, but if the opportunity arises then it is definitely something as an individual he has to look at because he has earned that right.”

There are still a couple of ex-Arsenal coaches in place after Wenger left, as he said: “I left a lot of experience, people who were with me like Steve Bould and Jens Lehmann.”

So if Arteta got a couple more top men in to help inspire the team, would you all be willing to give Arteta more of a chance to succeed?

Sam P


  1. LUCKYVILLE says:

    I up for Arteta, not because he is a proven coach but because he will bring something new and fresh. I commend the board for taking the risk, we never can knw wat we gona have in for us with him. So for now am 100% behind him if he’s installed as the new head coach, let’s give him a chance to prove himself, we can go any worse than the 6th place we alredi find ourslf

    1. GunnerUp says:

      The board has been taking a risk for the last 10 years with Wenger.
      No Arteta, Vieira, Henry, Bould !!!!
      The board does not want to spend in the market which is what a good coach asks for. Cheap skates
      We need instant success, wasted enuf time already
      I am verrry angry

    2. TheJad says:

      Yes we can’t get any worse then 6th. So u happy to stay there for the next 3 years ???

      1. AlexLaca9 says:

        There’s 14 places still under us on the table, best believe it can get VERY worse. Wenger maintained us at the top of football for such a long time it feels unthinkable we can be anything other than a top team. But we’ve slipped a little even if it hurts to admit 🙁 make no mistake though, we can slip even further if the rot isn’t stopped

    3. Tdg1944 says:

      “Everyone agrees that Gazidis has assembled a top class management team”. No they don’t. Did I miss the vote?

  2. Durand says:

    Arteta Doesn’t need the right coaching team at all.

    He managed City to the title easily, dancing the whole way. He singled handedly worked with sterling, and instead of being benched by Debruyne, sterling now benched by Sane.

    Arteta also built city, bringing in Sane, Debruyne, Gabriel, and Mendy.

    Arteta too good for us here at Arsenal. Pep taught Arteta how to buy top players, how to buy titles and trophies as well.

    Arteta such a genius he should manage nations, not mere football clubs. I just heard Arteta knows the cure for cancer, aliens do exist, and Arteta already plans to recruit the best intergalactic defenders with €50 million.

    Did I forget to mention Santi may join his staff? Our defense will be tip top for sure now, with Santi helping our worst ever DM coach up defense.

    Rather have Flamini as next manager. At least we would be tough, and Flamini has millions of his own money to help with transfers.

    1. Durand says:

      Something else to think about.

      Arsenal make a call to Viera, which he says was a “token call” nothing more. Viera tells the truth, called out Ivan and chiefs on token call, speaking truth to power.

      Ask yourself this;
      Would Ivan hire Viera who:
      1. Knows club better than Ivan or Stan
      2. Speaks truth to power
      3. Doesn’t take sh!t off anyone or anything

      Or would Ivan hire Arteta who:
      1. Won’t complain about kitty
      2. Won’t challenge Ivan like Viera who called his bullshit
      3. Do as he is told by Ivan.

      Will Ivan choose the strong-willed legend who speaks truth to power and kisses no ones a$$,
      Or will Ivan hire the perfect puppet who won’t complain, or speak truth to power, and do exactly as he is told.

      Remember now, board says “values and traditions” are major factor along with a younger coach to bring their style of play.

      Who fits board’s and Ivan’s job description better?
      Proven legend with proven managerial record, or no experience puppet desperate to manage his first club?

      Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.
      Trust is earned not given. I love my club, but my money stays in my pocket until Arsenal prove otherwise.

      1. gotanidea says:

        Why so skeptical and pessimistic about Arteta

        If he doesn’t give us entertaining football shows after managing Arsenal for one season, Arsenal can always kick him out

        Besides, I don’t think Arsenal board would hire someone that has never even managed a youth team before. Save your breath, the next manager would most likely be an unemployed manager

        1. Durand says:

          Based on Ivan’s criteria apparently, Ramsey would be a better manager than Arteta, I’ll explain:

          Arteta played for us 5 years, Ramsey been here 10 years.
          Arteta scored 16 goals 11 assists in 5 years, Ramsey scored 36 goals 40 assists in 10 years.
          Which knows club better?
          Both have captained their team.
          Neither one ever managed in their life.

          Based on these facts, Arteta out, Ramsey next manager, choice is obvious. Thanks for playing Arteta, bye bye.

          1. ks-gunner says:

            Mate look closely and notice that some fans just comment for the sake of arguing. Makes one believe that they are payed to do so. Logic and reason did most deff not betray you. Spot on with that comment. I for once am on stand by and just await the outcome of this. I will not continue in being miserable while supporting a lie thats for sure.

          2. Break-on-through says:

            Arteta is not getting the job because of his playing stats. He’s getting it because when in the team other players called him coach, joking but truth behind it. He showed an eagerness and a willingness to pass on his knowledge, that’s why they called him coach and that’s why he was captain. Pep went straight for him for a reason, Peps not a fool it wasn’t because of his stats. Pep said that he knew the league and he’s of strong character as well as having something to give. I’m not saying that this all means he’s destined to be a manager of worth, but come on you’s are talking nonsense.

  3. barryglik says:

    The talk about Arteta
    has to be either a very bad
    smokescreen or a huge shift
    in the way Arsenal does things.
    When it comes to important matters Arsenal
    have always been extremely silent publicly.
    The club never tells the public anything till the issues are set in stone.
    When asked about transfers the club give no hint of who they want
    they only say that they are are working hard to find the right players.
    “We have to want the player the club has to want to let the player go
    the player has to want to come + terms need to be agreed”.
    To talk publicly about any managerial candidate would be totally
    going against the principles of the Arsenal way of doing things.
    It would also be discriminating against other candidates chances
    meaning all business transactions are fake because the club
    has already made up their mind before the process even begins.
    The fact that Owner Kroenke CEO Gazidiz and former manager Wenger
    have been so public about their preference for Arteta to be manager
    is either a smokescreen or a SEISMIC shift in club values.
    It would quite rightly be described as blatant nepotism gone mad.
    Does the countries most conservative football club suddenly
    do a dramatic u-turn on their century old traditional values?
    I can only see that talking about Arteta and the 50m budget
    is being used to lower expectations of managerial candidates
    salary demands and player transfer budget demands.
    This smoke screen is also to lower fan expectations in terms of new players.
    Seismic shift in club values or very weak smoke screen?
    Time will tell

    1. gotanidea says:

      It could be just a decoy, to make the fans accept another manager that is cheaper than Ancelotti, Allegri and the likes

      @Shekar233 has a good prediction that Arsenal deliberately leaked Arteta news out, but maybe they would hire another manager in the end

      Someone with lower profile like the ex-Leipzig manager, Nagelsmann or even Eddie Howe

      1. ks-gunner says:

        What would you say if it is Rafael Benítez

        1. gotanidea says:

          I’d prefer Arteta over Benitez, Howe, Ancelotti and Rodgers

    2. ks-gunner says:

      Yet one needs to watch a diff sport owned by the same owner and realize that we might go the same path as Denver Nuggets. A team who just plays in the NBA and never comes close in playing in the play offs let alone win it. Same patterns. I do even remember a interview Stan made some time ago where he claims the financial security is priority and competing is just a overrated secondary thing as it requires to much investment.

      1. Trudeau says:

        Denver missed out on making the play-offs by losing to the t-Wolves in the last game of the regular season. Just saying…

    3. Neil says:

      Reap what you sow

  4. Shi2 says:

    Arsenal board milking money from Arsenal and arsenal fans. ENOUGH!!!.. empty stadium will do the trick to boot this so called board OUT!!

    1. GB says:

      It’s about time you and others realised that the Arsenal Board do not take any money out of the club. As much as I think they are a spineless bunch of individuals they do not profit financially. You need to learn this and I believe that @admin will likely back me up on this.

      1. Andrew E says:

        So you think the board doesn’t profit financially. They may not take money out of the club on an annual basis because the don’t need to. Kroenke paid around £11500 per share in 2011 and they are now worth around £32,000 per share and he owns over 67% equivalent to over 41,500 shares. Do you still think he is not profiting financially?

        You’re right they are a spineless bunch and they are taking the p**s.

        1. barryglik says:

          Bought for 470m
          Now worth 1.3 billion.
          Profit 840 million in 7 years.
          120m per year profit sitting on his chuff.
          No wonder he wants no change.
          Can’t blame him as a business man.

  5. Ddog says:

    As Tim Stillman said on arseblog. I am excited because its new, its fresh, and its really risky. But that is exiting after years of predictable Wenger tactics and interviews where you know what he’ll do and say before he’s done it. If arteta is appointed, i will back him 100%. it could go badly, which would mean nothing much worse than being where we are, or there is a chance that it could go really well, unpredictably well. And thats what I like. You know what you get with Ancelotti and Allegri which feels better, but there is a chance with Arteta that he’s better than both of them. And I’ll back 100% for that chance alone.

    1. barryglik says:

      @Ddog. Lol 🙂
      Tim Stillmann must have
      been taking the p…?
      Arteta exciting new and risky? 🙂 🙂 🙂
      I bet Mr Stillman described Arteta the player as being
      better than Gilberto, Mascherano + Casimero combined
      A light weight converted DM who passed
      the ball side ways and backwards a trillion times
      and who licked Wenger’s shoes 24/7 is “exciting and new” 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Ushering in a new era of the same the same the same!!!
      P.S. Respect to arseblog but I prefer justarsenal as we have
      many more articles per day and a broader fan base.
      I found arseblog to be snooty, cold and without any spark or colour.
      A bit like Arteta.

      1. Neil says:

        Oh dear !

  6. Gurrosco says:

    Let’s look at the obvious here. Arsenal won’t go for a big name manager because of the need for a transition period and proper financial planning.

    Wenger’s void is huge and the board would prefer a slow, low risk recovery hence Arteta or any other non-major candidate.

    This is so the next manager won’t be too loved by the fans thus not allowing many years in charge. Arteta can offer that – fresh ideas and maybe a ‘yes’ man attitude.

    If the board goes for a proper legend like Henry or viera, there is a risk for success to cause another long term stay. Either that or it will be too hard for them to axe either names. A placeholder with a chance at success like Zidane and guardiola is required here, at least for the short term.

    Or perhaps, as mentioned by another gooner here, the board leaked Arteta to lower our expectation so that they can hire someone that isn’t huge but can be perceived as an upgrade over the former captain.

    Either way, the next manager will be a placeholder that will at least ensure stability with a chance of turning into a gem. Its merely a low risk move by the board.

  7. Naija Jollof says:

    This guy has been working 2 years with the best brain in mordern football. Guardiola rates him highly, AW thinks he can do the job.
    If those 2 football geniuses thinks highly of his abilities, it doesn’t matter what those plastic fans thinks about Arteta.

    Let’s make history with Arteta… #Believe

    1. Durand says:

      If Pep and Wenger said cigarettes were healthy to smoke, would you?

      I’m sure you’re a nice lad, so please stand in line, here’s your blindfold, and kindly please hand over your money.

      Don’t worry Pep and Arsene think its ok.

      1. Neil says:

        just because someone has a different opinion doesn’t necessarily make them wrong but your verbal discourse certainly leaves much to be desired !

      2. Kibali says:

        They are smart enough not to say cigarettes are healthy to smoke. They have given an opinion in their area of expertise.

    2. Jim wall says:

      Arsene =genius
      Arsene =idiot last 10 years

    3. Aussie Jack says:

      I don`t question Arteta`s knowledge of the game (the one with a round ball) it`s the other game that concerns me more, politics. I was never convinced he was a strong captain in fact there were times when you wondered if he was on the field at all. So It`s strength of character to stand alone and speak ones mind that I question. The man for the job is a “Johnny in the middle”, not too strong to upset the board but not too weak to become a `yes` man. He has to survive the first two seasons and take it from there

  8. ks-gunner says:

    Can someone plz elaborate to me what Arteta could bring to this club? As we stand now we are 6th in table and our rivals are not sleeping but actually become even stronger in time as they are trying to reach greater goals or fix their current problems.

    How are we going to compete with others when we are in deer need of new players but yet others do have Cl football and more money?

    We either need to spend big and gamble, or have a manager who builds a club and is in for long run. Such managers are very talented and obsessed with the game. To name one: Wenger

  9. Counsel says:

    Buffon is free I want that legend at Arsenal for at least one season.

  10. James Simmonds says:

    Allegri will bring Big Sam football to arsenal, he plays contain and score 1 goal football. Plus he manages in a league that has no completion for the title. Guardiola was an unknown entity when barca hired him look what hes done in world football since.

    Arteta is a good option for me, has good head worked with the greatest manager in world football. I trust Svens scouting and Raul to get the players in lets give him and the new coaching team a chance. We wanted a change weve got it, lets enjoy it an get behind em

    1. ks-gunner says:

      Are you Artetas beautiful wife trying to smear the competition?

      1. Andrew E says:

        It’s wise to check your facts first James. Juventus record for 2018, P 37 W 29 GF 84 GA 23 Pts. 92. Serie A is not a one team league there are only 4 points between Juve and Napoli and Roma knocked Barca out of the CL this season. Did you see what Juve did to Tottenham in the second leg? Finally they scored more goals, won more games and got more points than the Invicibles!!!

        1. Ozziegunner says:


    2. nosa says:

      but he coached a B team before he was promoted ateta is not even city’s B team coach and moreover Pep had good players can’t say same for asenal,pls don’t mention zidene cos he does noting at Madrid considering d players at his disposal

  11. If we go for Arteta, then good luck to him, but to take on such a big club without management experience seems a massive risk to take. It’s not just about coaching, tactics, this club is about massive pressure, big personalities to manage and get the best out of, and to deal with when things don’t go well, which will undoubtedly happen. That’s what experience built up in the role is all about at different levels, clubs, leagues, etc. I wish him well and will support him if true, but coming straight in is a very high risk strategy for both club & him and could harm his confidence when he should be learning.

    1. Neil says:

      Liverpool always promoted from the boot room… not my first pick but a) FFS stop moaning already the lot of you and b) he just helped City win the title breaking all records with Pep saying he was invaluable and c) give him or whoever is the new manager at least a full season

  12. adeyinka says:

    It’s been a while, we haven’t heard from kev or resource. Where is him or where are they?

    1. GB says:

      Gone back under their rock

  13. Trudeau says:

    As noted somewhere above, Gazidis has done a good job in putting together a widely respected team to run things upstairs. He’s not going to piss all that away just to save a few quid. I’ve got faith in this transition. Arteta maybe gives me a few wobbles if I’m honest, but I’m happy to see how it pl

  14. Innit says:

    In Arteta We Trust

  15. Bakri says:

    No , world class player will join Arsenal to be managed by Arteta and the best players at Arsenal will move on and no credible manager will take the Arsenal post after Arteta.

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      My concerns too; but hopefully Ivan, Raul and Sven are competent enough to make this a success.
      Major investment still required by Kroenke and the board; £50 million transfer budget a joke. Keep an eye on Everton and other clubs currently below Arsenal.

  16. JW says:

    i have some respect for Arteta, but I believe Arsenal need an experienced manager. I think this club is at a crossroads and this manager decision could either push the club further down the death spiral , or start the climb back up to the top four. Since its not likely that the club will spend biig this off season, the new manager will need to do a lot with a little. I think an experienced manager ( the right one), is more likely to do this than a brand new one getting his feet wet. As far as AW endorsing Arteta, didn’t Sir Alex endorse his replacement, and how did that work out?

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