Arteta could sign a new Arsenal deal by March

Mikel Arteta’s contract at Arsenal will expire in 2023, and the club will offer him an extension.

The Spaniard has been in charge of the club since 2019 and he is tasked with making the team great again.

The former midfielder is stamping his authority on the squad, and the board is impressed with his work.

Todofichajes says he would be rewarded with a new deal soon, and the club has already prepared it.

He would sign an extension until 2025, with a slight increase in his current earnings.

He is expected to have accepted the Gunners’ offer by March.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Arsenal is moving in a very good direction with Arteta on the bench, and he needs to be given more time.

After winning the FA Cup and Community Shield in his first few months at the club, he proved he is a top manager.

We have found some stability now, and it is important to allow him to continue the work he has already started.

Soon, he would need to win trophies, but his team needs a few more players to reach that level.

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  1. Todofichajes says he would be rewarded with a new deal soon, and the club has already prepared it.

    Rewarded for what ?

    Surely the club would not be that stupid and offer him a new contract before we now how this season ends .
    Seems to me that the club are happy just to go through the motions and as long as they aren’t losing money then that’s all good .
    In the long run though if coming 4th-8th is a benchmark this club will lose all respect it once had and will be talked about in the same vein as teams like spurs ,west ham ,Everton because that is where we are heading .

  2. I fail to realise how we are moving in the right direction after exiting the league cup tamely, the FA cup in a wimper, are currently only outsiders to get fourth and looks like it is possible we dont do much better that last season. If he is offered a contract without actually achieving something, then Arsenal has no ambition. At least make him deserve it.

    1. Regarding the FA Cup embarrassment Reggie because forest beat Leicester we have to put that into perspective .
      The only reward that I can see that the club should be offering him a contract is because he saved the club a few quid by offloading trouble makers and high earners .
      Like you said no ambition.
      Fans seem to be lapping this mentality up to high is a shame .

        1. A new contract surely has to be earned. If not then i have grave concerns about us actually moving forwards. If he get 4th, then talk, if not, jog on!!!!!!

    2. What are we rewarding failure? This guy has broken all the wrong records this season .I can’t believe that he is still in a job and he should have gone long time ago. Arteta has cost us millions in transfer fees by Alienating players and not playing them, you can’t sell someting if it’s not in the shop.window. We got rid of the Legend of Arsene Wenger to get 8th. Sorry but Arteta is a poor manager and should have done his training in the lower leagues and earnt his postion. This ownership board are ruining this club.

  3. Todofichajes says he would be rewarded with a new deal soon, and the club has already prepared it.

    Rewarded for what ?

    Surely the club would not be that stupid and offer him a new contract before we now how this season ends

  4. A bit bold to label him a top manager. two 8th place finishes and an FA cup with many players no longer at our club as a start.

    I had hoped they would wait until May as another finish outside the top 6 should not be rewarded. In fact, he would be deserving of what the 2 previous managers got, the sack.

    Let the man achieve something with the squad of players he has wanted first. Then again, it’s looking like the top 6 is our new “top 4” and deemed “good enough” by too many; including fans and the board.

    Fair play to ownership, the board, and Arteta for not stating any goals to be jusdged by. “the process” and “progression” can be defined however they like.

  5. Extending a contract and completing a contract are two different things. The club can extend Artetas contract to 2025. But the club can sack him any time before then. In June this season if he finishes 8th again he will be gone. In December if we are in 8th or June 2023 if we are in 7th. I think this is a low key issue in our present season like being out of the cups and losing Auba. The real focus is Wolves next game

  6. Finished 8th twice, and very likely we could finish there again, out of all cups in record time, hasn’t beat any of the big boys this season losing twice to city including a 5-0 hammering, losing to Liverpool a 4-0 hammering, beaten easily by Chelsea, lost to an awful man utd team to which fans put down to old Trafford being a scary place to visit lol, no European football in 25 years, falls out with players and then gets rid of them for nothing, and the club are impressed offering him a brand shiny new contract ? Is there any wonder rival supporters call us a banter club.

  7. this article is fraught with so many obvious missteps that I’m not even sure where to begin…from the Trumpian tagline of “making us great again” to your usage of the word “stamping” when referring to MA’s approach to man management to the absolutely comical notion that he’s “proved” himself to be a top manager, one can only assume this was posted to bring some much-needed levity to this rather depressing post-window period…if so, kudos to you, as it was an incredibly humorous read

        1. TRVL haha yeah mate it seems winning the fa cup in an empty stadium followed by two 8th place finishes now makes you a top manager, not to mention breaking every unwanted record along the way, and to think a lot of people on here said no big name manager would be interested in the job ? Getting paid handsomely while serving up tripe and being rewarded for it, surely that would be appealing to some ?

          1. fits nicely within the lowered expectations narrative that’s been all the rage at this club for far too long

            1. It will long continue mate as long as the silent one has the club by the proverbials but what’s more worrying is the fans have bought into the loser mentality that the americans have laid upon them.

      1. In what way exactly are you using “eish” as it’s a colloquial exclamation that has a wide array of meanings??? please explain further KT

  8. What about the “Spanking FC”, “Humiliation FC” or “8-2FC”, “6-0FC”, did anyone have such adverse opinions then? Oh yeah, we won the “Top Four Tropheeee” twenty times only to be spanked the next year in the UCL. Spent billions in fees and wages to earn 10million participation fee.” Brilliant Economics FC”.
    Here we have for the first time in 2 decades a manager who is honest and dedicated to improve our club and we read such negative comments.
    I will be relieved once he puts the ink on the paper and the club announces it. Rest all is speculation.

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