Arteta defends Arsenal sackings despite splashing the cash on new signings

Arsenal has recently sacked some of their non-playing staff. The club made 55 members of staff redundant and there are probably other casualties that haven’t specifically been named.

They claim that these sackings are in response to the financial impact of Covid19 on their finances.

They even asked their players to take cuts to their wages for the next year and most people thought that the money they recovered from that would be enough for them to keep their low-earning staff.

But the club has decided to restructure its whole operations and that has costs hundreds of jobs.

The Gunners have, however, remained active in the transfer market despite complaining of money problems.

They have signed free agent, Willian, on a mega salary and they will complete the transfer of Gabriel from Lille soon.

They have now been criticised for firing staff that earn very little when they have the money to sign players who earn a lot of money, but Arteta has defended their decision.

Arteta admitted via Sun Sports: “Obviously it’s been really sad and if you are looking only from the financial point of view you can get some contradictory messages.

“But what is very clear is that the club had a very thorough plan of how they needed to restructure in order to function better and be more stable for the future.”

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  1. This situation graphically shows the corrupt nature of any activity where star player s (or star level staff) are paid multi times what “ordinary” club staff are paid. Sickening acceptance by almost all of us of this deeply damaging to society greed and it makes us all hypocrites, if we pretend that we actually care about human poverty.

    We don’t care enough to make a stand against it by refusing to support our club though! Do we! All top clubs practice this sickening greed and it is widely accepted by fans everywhere. Most don’t even have the intellect or character to recognise how very hypocritical that makes them. This last comment supposes that most humans think themselves as decent, caring people.

    True care needs action ,NOT ONLY WORDS! Top level football is one of the more corrupt world businesses, financially speaking, despite many private good deeds done by fans and players. i freely admit I am a hypocrite too and have known that fact all my adult life. But I don’t like it!

    1. For once I agree with your thoughts but the worst of us are those who don’t know (or don’t try to self evaluate) their hypocrisies and weaknesses but go on with life not caring the damage they are causing while thinking they are in the right or making hard decisions so to speak.

      The worse of us (I am in this category and I think you are too) are those who know and acknowledge their weaknesses and hypocrisies but think that knowing and acknowledging is good enough to make them feel they are better people.

      The best of us are those who actually go all the way in words and actions to the best of their abilities and capacity to make the world a better place.

      1. HH, UNFORTUNATELY YOU ARE NOT IN A POSITION TO JUDGE ME AS YOU KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING OF WHAT I DO IN MY PRIVATE NON JA LIFE. You know only that I am outspoken, something I have never sought to hide from others. If you knew what those who REALLY know me do, you might then think differently.

    2. You think EPL is bad? Checkout American football (NFL). Only big time players sign guaranteed contracts. Maybe 10 to 15 out of 52 players. They also sign contracts and only 40 to 50% of it is guaranteed. The rest of the players are day to day. They can be cut for any reason and at any time. A score of players get cut every week due to injuries or because a cheaper or younger player at their position becomes available. The average career length is about 3.3 years. English football is a walk in the park compared to the NFL. More power to the players. They deserve all the money they get. Sam Kroenki owns an NFL team. Just pray he will be the last owner of an English team.

      1. Actually in NFL they sign contract with a “signing bonus” usually in millions or tens of millions.
        For example, I sign a 5 yr contract worth $40 million dollars and a $5 million signing bonus. Then team cuts me after 2 yrs. I received $5 million to sign (guaranteed money) plus annual wages.
        Cut after 2 yrs but I still have over $10 million in the bank and now I’m free agent. Not a bad gig for only playing 16 games in season and maybe couple playoff games.
        Don’t feel sorry for them; they have a strong union and more ridiculous wages than EPL; check out their wages.

  2. Yes except you forgot to mention 48-day training camp prior to the season where players work like hell to qualify for the roster, including pre-season games and they don’t even get paid. That’s right NFL players do not get paid while in training camp but they can be waved injured or cut. Also playing 16 games in the NFL is a lot harder than playing 2 or even 3 seasons in the EPL. The average life expectancy or lifespan of an American football NFL player has been reported to be extremely low, only 53 to 59 years. The average length of a player’s career in the National Football League is 3.3 years. No comparison not even close.

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