Arteta defends himself over giving chances to Mesut Ozil

Mikel Arteta has insisted that he did his best to get Mesut Ozil back to form before he axed the former Real Madrid midfielder from his team.

Ozil has been frozen out of the current Arsenal team after he wasn’t named in the registered squads for the Premier League and Europa League.

The German had been a key member of the team in the early days of Arteta’s reign.

However, he failed to improve on how he was under Unai Emery, and his failure to adapt to the demands of Mikel Arteta forced the former midfielder to axe him from his team.

Arsenal has faced some backlash from a few fans for the decision not to name him in the squads this season.

Arteta has had to answer questions on that decision and he recently told Sky Sports that he tried his best to get Ozil up to speed.

Arteta said as quoted by Sun Sports: “What I can tell you that I tried my best, I tried to give him as many opportunities as I could.

“And that from my own side, I’ve been patient, given him opportunities and been fair.

“He’s a player that belongs to a football club, he’s been a really important player in the last few seasons.

“I have to respect that, I’m here to make decisions, the best decisions for the team and for the club.

“This is what I try to do and then I have to explain them because people need the reasons and the right answers.

“I just give mine, whether they believe me or agree with me or not, there’s nothing I can do.

“But I have to put my decisions, with my heart and with my brain to make the right decisions that I believe are good.”

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    1. If MA thinks he helped Auba, Willian, Pepe, Laca and Ceballos then he is born clueless and Ozil is better off without his help.

      1. I gotta give it to you, you aren’t easily defeated in an argument. You have just crushed Mikel interview with one sentence.

        Certainly I am very curious to know if it was his decision or not. Hope it will come out one way or another. A man needs closure.

          1. I am complementing him on how he easily countered Mikel point. I am complementing the ability not what he said.

            And yes I believe the board ordered Mikel to drop Mesut and wrote for him the lyrics of his hit single “footballing reasons”. Until proved otherwise I will keep on believing that.

      2. ABOUT AS “CLUELESS” AS YOU ARE ABOUT MA’s obvious quality as a manager. How you can be so disastrously wrong in your judgement only you will live to rue!

        1. Yes sir I am CLUELESS compared to a genus like you. Some of us rely on facts, results and track records because we are not blessed, like you, with a supernatural talent to read the future.

          1. Icw “Facts, results and track records” then eh!

            OK, THEN LETS TALK FACTS “! FIRST; in just ten months MA has won two trophies, including the FA Cup, beating City and Chelsea in the last two rounds. He has galvanised all the players kept in the squad, therefore excluding OZIL and Sokratis , both rightly sidelined. He has moved on that bad egg, Guendouzi, he has instilled pride in wearing the shirt, got a solid defence after ten years of chaos AND he has imported several top class players who fans never believed would come(inParteys case). So, a spectacular success.
            Results have been overall good, a 62% win rate up til Leicester which is higher than Wenger and even Chapman.


            Unrealistic moaning minnies such as you do not agree. I would be fearful to have the same view as someone of your gloomy ilk and am so relieved that I DO NOT, being a “genius”, though NOT a “genus” as you incorrectly called me.

            1. All that rant and you omitted the most important result. We finished 8th. Good teams win championships or play in the Europa league. He is unproven till we get there.

            2. Eh Jon- your track record for endorsing managers sort of comes into question here I would have thought.
              Was it not YOU who said, on this site, immediately after the humiliation at Anfield last “ Never before have I been more convinced Unai Emery is the correct manager for Arsenal”?
              Still embarrassing for you PAL over a year kater

              1. Not in the least PAL! What mostly did for him was not being in control of incoming transfers AND the language. He was also landed with all the Wenger deadwood , much of it still here.

                He is doing well now, you may have noticed in a country where language is his own. I would avoid talking about “track records ” if I were you, as your OWN track record with Ozil makes you look more ridiculous each passing day, esp now that your hero cannot legally play for us again. FACT, NOT OPINION PAL!

        2. I believe he “will be” a quality manager and I am with him all the way there but Kolasinac? Pepe? Ceballos? Are there buckets of chances not full yet?

              1. Hello Sue! Can’t wait for you and Kev thread after tomorrow’s game. I enjoy them a lot. Certainly one of the most entertaining things on this site.

          1. I hope and pray he will be the best manager in the EPL but until then he is fair game especially when the team is not performing. As for Kolasinac, Pepe and Ceballos that decision is his and it reflects on his ability as a manager.

            1. But then LCW I have seen you being negative against Mikel more often than not so I am curious to know is it because of team’s lack of performance or because he dropped (or forced to) Mesut?

              Is performance the reason or Mesut the reason?

              1. Both: As for Ozil he did not put a better player on the field to begin with and he did not sell or trade him. So shelving him is a bad decision no matter how you look at it. You can read my posts from months ago I have been very consistent. The formation, the players selections and their role on the field and finally the style of play. None of what he is doing makes sense at the moment.

          1. Yes or No, that is the issue. You know the answer so stop making silly excuses. It isnt a silly question, its a serious question that answers everything. YES or NO

            1. Yes. Ozil is a liar. Happy to answer for lcw.
              Why, you ask?
              1- He played him consistently before the lockdown. After the lockdown, the changes he claims he gives him were 1 game as unused substitute.
              2- I mean, look at our squad. 2 goalkeepers in the bench in the leftovers europa league, willock, kolasinac, mustafi, elneny? do you seriously think Arteta left Ozil out of a shitty squad.. and sorry our squad is shit although we have players to make a good starting 11 (like Liverpool under Klopp had in the early years).. because he thought he wasn’t good enough?

              Willian has 7 years of great track record in the premier.. he has been with us for 3 months, enough for him to complain to the brasilian press that he is “frustrated”, but more importantly, exclude Fulham and for the first time in 7 years Willian has been pure shit.

              wake up.. 0 of our front man are performing ok consistently.

    2. He can repeat it 10 times and even swear on the bible. It’s not going to change the conspiracy theorists

      1. Even if Ozil comes out to say it himself, they would say he was forced to say it. Such is the fate of conspiracy theorists I’m afraid.

    3. It’s the wrong answer. That is not the correct answer that the Ozil cheerleaders want to believe or accept. It goes against their conspiracy theory answers they want to believe. Lol

      They want Arteta to tell them what they want to hear;
      “I dropped ozil because of his Chinese Muslim stance.”
      “I dropped Ozil because of Raul.”
      “I dropped Ozil because Kroenke wants to save on his wages”.
      “I dropped Ozil because I am jealous of his talent and achievements that I can only dream of”
      I dropped Ozil because he refused to take a pay cut”
      I dropped Ozil because I was scared he might play so well, prove me wrong and his HATERS wrong”
      I dropped ozil because He offered to pay Gunnersaurus salary”

      They will not accept any answer that implies that ozil was dropped because he was not good enough. They can’t bring themselves to to accepting that Ozil has been poor and not good enough.

      1. Goonster, what you correctly outline is the general fate of conspiracy theorists everywhere and in all walks of life.

        What they hate and fear is truth! Those types insist man did not land on the Moon, that Hitler did not take his life in the bunker and escaped to South America, that Prince Philip had Diana killed and that Ozil was dropped for all the reasons you rightly made fun of!

        We have to pity these unfortunate creatures as they are of lower intellect but many choose to be so, as they have not the character to face up to the unpleasant truth.

        1. It’s called self denial / self delusion.
          “I will not accept any answer that does not conform to my BIAS”.

          Confirmation Bias.

          Only accepting things that confirm my presupposed conclusions.

        2. Jon, in actual fact my friend I rather pity you, when you set out to humiliate other Gooners.

          To believe that your views are always the right views, never taking those rose tinted glasses of self admiration off for a second, while trying to belittle those who disagree with you as “unfortunate creatures”, when, in actual fact, you have been proved wrong so many times on JustArsenal is a testiment to your arrogance concerning all things Arsenal.

          As you deem yourself to be the fountain of knowledge regarding all things Arsenal, perhaps you would give a humble peasant such as myself, the time to answer the questions I posed to Goonster?

          I’m not sure if this may seem below your self perceived intellectual superiority, but your obviously, advanced knowledge of all things Arsenal, would be like a message from the Almighty and our understanding would then blossom as we strive to achieve the self appointed platform that you have given yourself and those who agree with you – a little like our dear friend Donald Trump has done for the last four years…oops sorry Jon, that’s just a conspiracy theory!!!!

          What a “dullard”, as you describe those Arsenal fans who disagree with you, I must seem.
          I will try to do better and improve my intellect as time goes by, but until then, I will remember fondly the £100 bet that I won from you (the professional gambler as you told us you were of course) and the debacle of Unai Emery…your choice to rescue our club from mediocrity – it seems that even those with the highest intellect have a need to self evaluate their own perceived intelligence.
          I look forward to your answers to my naive questions, they shouldn’t take you too long – meanwhile, I’ll go back and look at that incredible bullet that killed JFK – DAMN another conspiracy theory that, actually, makes sense!!!

          1. Oh Jon, I forgot. sorry it happens to dullards like me.

            You say I hate and fear the truth – please explain that statement as it pertains to Mesut Ozil and The Arsenal – I hate nothing and really don’t fear anything to do with football or a player I have never met…you will explain fully of course, as you infinite wisdom will allow you to do…thank you.

            1. KEN, How many more times wilL I need to answer that constant question on Ozil that you havebeen asking for ages and which I have answered so many times before you accept that you already know my opinion?


              As a usually intelligent man KEN , trying even now , when Ozil cannot play for us again in the PREM, even if MA wanted it(as if!!), is it not long past the time you accepted you lost the argument and moved on to something that now matters. OZIL IS A DEAD PARROT, GONE TO MEET HIS MAKER ETC.

              1. Typical of you Jon, trying to sneak in a reply, nearly a day later.
                Also, as Phil so often points out, you never answer a question, but waffle on about a winning a perceived argument, but completely failing to understand the points being made.

                With hindsight after the game today, perhaps you might like to comment on Elneny and Bellerin, two of your “dross players”?

                The predictions and views you have so confidently given, really do let you down, despite your belief that you are the master of all things Arsenal.

                As for calling fellow Gooners “unfortunate creatures ” you should hang your head in shame.

            1. Sue, sometimes I wonder if you and I learn anything from supporting our club with actual time, effort and money, attending as many games as possible and having personal opinions based on these things?
              Why Jon feels that he can class others as “unfortunate creatures” and “dullards” is beyond my perception of how one treats another person, let alone another Gooner – and all because one has a different opinion to him.

              Like you, I can’t wait for June to arrive and the MA/MO situation is resolved and we can move on – but people who can’t accept that others have a right to a differing view and can air that view, without expecting such arrogant nonsense and stupid, childish name calling in reply, will be in for a surprise when Ozil does leave.

              Have you noticed, it is only those who call Ozil such names, actually do the same to Arsenal fans? A lesson there I think.

              The hate and name calling will just be turned on another player – Elneny comes to mind – and anyone who differs to that way of thinking will be classed as inferior or unfortunate creatures = actually Sue, while writing this, I really do feel sorry for these type of people and I am quite happy to be a “dullard” who, stupidly it seems, respects the views of others and want to discuss, rather than try to belittle them.

              No matter what education one might have, being respected is to be earned, not demanded or assumed.

              Hope to see you at The Emirates one day Sue, I’ll be honoured to buy you a drink and a Gunnersaurus hot dog – even with onions if you want, blow the extra cost!!!!
              Try to meet up with Phil, wearing our “merci arsene” shirts, will be a good laugh – after all, supporting our club is supposed to be a pleasure, not a war of words and insults.

              1. You’re very correct let everyone Express their views about MO/MA saga if you are with mikel it’s okay and if you are with mesut it’s how you feel but calling each other names it’s not OKAY

              2. Ken, I’m honestly fed up with it!! You shouldn’t have to face a battle on here every day, just because your opinion differs – it’s pathetic! And the names and insults that are thrown around constantly is so tiresome!!
                I’m at the stage where I think people like that aren’t worth my time.. you can get your point across with resorting to that!! I agree with every word you say…
                As for meeting at the Emirates, I’m all for that… if I remember rightly, you sit in the family enclosure? Which is my favourite spot… So I’d love to come and say hi, share a drink, laugh at Phil’s expression at seeing THAT t shirt!! Hold the onions, Ken, plus I’m a veggie 😂😂

      2. Goonster, any of the suggestions that you have obviously thought about, could be true, including your last point that he is poor and not good enough.

        What you fail to address and the reason what the “ozil cheerleaders” (do wish you would grow up and stop using such childish name calling) fail to understand and THEREFORE question, is this:

        1. Why was Matty Smith included in the cup final squad, while excluding a player with the experience of Ozil, when the result would determine our involvement in european football for the next season?
        2. Why were six goalkeepers named in the europa league squad, while Ozil was left out?
        3. Why were midfielders like Ben Cottrell, Miguel Azeez and Ryan Alebiosu named in the europa squad, while Ozil was left out?
        4. Why was Ozil an ever present player in Arteta’s team up and until the corona virus, a total of twelve games, during which in 2020, we were unbeaten, left out of the premier league squad when it was announced?
        5. Why did it take Arteta this amount of games to realise that Ozil was not performing, despite saying at the time, he was pleased with MO’s commitment and performances?

        These , as far as I’m concerned, are genuine and serious questions regarding a player who, by all accounts, is costing us £350,000 a week to keep fit and, by the way, according to Arteta himself…is performing as well as every other player in training and with his support of the players and their results?

        That doesn’t mean I’m any of the labels you want to pin on me in order to try and make me look foolish – so why don’t you try and answer these questions, because as much as I support Arteta as you do, these questions bother me.

        1. For me, i 100% believe if Arteta wanted or needed Ozil, he would be in the squad, regardless of anyones theories. His time as a footballer at Arsenal is finished, he is not deemed good enough now to play. Is he strolling, is he past it, is he playing games? None of us know. But i will say this, the guy certainly likes media attention and he and his agent certainly like bigging him up and trying to make him look like an absolute saint. For me i dont care about his image, what he does for this poor kid and that ( most highly paid celebs do it all the time without blowing their trumpets) all i care about is he has let this club down this last two seasons as a footballer and in all that time happy to take his wages for doing nothing much at all. He definitely doesn’t deserve a statue and all the attention he is craving. I care about players who want to play for Arsenal and give their best, not parafinalia.

          1. Wow Reggie!!
            Now it’s a statue that is being put forward?
            Where did that one come from?
            The same place as fans, supposedly, comparing him to Dennis Bergkamp?
            Next it will be fans wanting to name a stand after him. LOL.

            All you care about is a player who wants to play for the club…so tell me – when has he ever said he doesn’t want to play for the club and how do you define “giving his best?”

            1. And some Arsenal fans kept comparing him or insinuating that he is as good as Berkamp in terms of talent. On other Arsenal fans forums I used to see these insinuations.
              There is even one fan recently that said in the grand scheme of things Ozil was a bigger signing than Berkamp due to the number of social media fellowship that Ozil commands etc. On a different fans forum.

              These Ozil / Berkamp comparisons have been used since ozil moved here in 2013z

            2. Ken, he say lots of positive things about football and playing but cant back it up. Im sorry but any idiot who cant see what i actually going on here, doesn’t deserve to be an Arsenal fan. Ozil is taking the perverbial wee. If he really was able to perform he would be in the team, whatever has gone on he is happy to take his money and not do anything about changing that. He knew he wasn’t playing for Arsenal anymore and he knew that if he wanted to actually play he would have to play elsewhere. He is still here and he isn’t that bothered or keen. I have no respect for the way he underhandedly leads his media campaign to make him look like a good guy in the community. Well he doesn’t fool me.

              1. Good for you then Reggie – I have a different point of view and, therefore must class you as a fool who doesn’t deserve to be an Arsenal fan.

                As for JustArsenal being the ONLY site not comparing Bergkamp to Ozil – how convenient for the argument made.
                As Pat said, he has thousands of people follow this site and yet, not one comparision was made??? Dream on, not everyone is as gullible as you think they are.
                To date, the statue is a new one on here, but I expect that the claim will be made that it is rife on other unnamed fans forums. LOL

                1. Oh get a life ken, the statue thing was a joke, you for one making Ozil out to be in the right over this shows a lack of judgement. No player is bigger than the club and Ozil is definitely yesterdays chip paper and the sooner he is gone the better and if you cant see that and what he is doing you are blind. He has been given an awful lot of money by Arsenal and he should be a little more humble and realise what an immoral amount of money he is getting for doing nothing and not try to soil our great club. I for one think he and his agent know exactly what they are doing and i will have make a statement that at the end of his contract nobody would touch him with a barge pole and he will drift off into the sunset with his bank account full to the brim with a wry smile on his face.

                  1. Again, good for you and your views Reggie and at least the statue thing has been cleared up. Probably the joke was the same attempt at humour as the Bergkamp comparision was.

                    I couldn’t care less with what happens to Ozil when he leaves Arsenal with regards to his footballing career, nor do I care what he has in his bank account, as the money he has received comes from kronkies pocket and my perceived “blindness” hasn’t stopped the club from buying top players (Gabriel, Partey) or giving players new obscene salaries (Aubameyang’s reported £300,000 a week) , even during the corona virus situation.
                    It obviously bothers you though, so, with a shrug of my shoulders, I say good for you and carry on believing that Ozil’s salary is somehow affecting the running of our club – I believe it’s the performances on the pitch that affects the running of our club and Mikel Arteta obviously thinks the same doesn’t he, as it’s only for “footballing reasons” that he has dropped Ozil.

                    Just as with MO’s future in football, I’m not in the least concerned as to the fact that MA HAS made the decision regarding Ozil…my question is WHY he has made that decision for so called “footballing reasons”, that intrigues me – but you are so intent on crucifying the player, you don’t even see that point…WHY, after the winning run before the corona virus situation and with no football being played, is he dropped for “footballing reason.”

                    As for the “no player is bigger than the club” jibe, can I also say give it a rest?
                    I have never put any single player above the club I support and, just because I see a different scenario to you, it makes me laugh out loud, when you keep raising this red herring against those who disagree with your view on MO – water off a ducks back Reggie, water off a ducks back. No flip flopping on player versus club for me, never has been!!

                    I’ll be in my seat as soon as the club can let us back in and I will be giving my full support to every player wearing our shirt, just as I have done for many years, through thick and thin.
                    Hopefully it will be for a few more years as well, despite your view, it seems, that Mesut Ozil is about to bring the club crashing down.
                    That’s when I will get the footballing side of my “life” back and whether Mesut Ozil is there or not, doesn’t even come in to my thinking, supporting my club most certainly does.

                    Finally, as for being humble (if I called someone I had never met or talked to, a thief, I would certainly be humble enough to reflect on that and then apologize), Ozil is his own man and says he is doing everything he can to get back into the thoughts of Arteta – if he suddenly apologized (for what I have no idea), you would probably, be one of the first people to accuse him of trying to influence Arteta and say it was a PR stunt anyway.

          2. One thing that I’m sure of is that we can say what ever we want to say, call each other names but the fact remains MA decision is final there’s nothing we can do or say will change that and it’s not about some fans being MO cheerleaders it’s all about comparison of players more especially in the middle where MO plays

        2. @Ken.
          I can label the Ozil cultists any name I deem fit. It’s my personal opinion. This is not a politically correct forum where we are told how to speak and what terms to use.

          And if there are no Ozil cultists / cheerleaders on this forum then I don’t see why me using such terms bother you too much.😊

          People use the Term “Ozil Haters” many times but I am yet to see you get triggered on that. People saying “Ozil Haters” does not bother us.

          And nothing will ever change your stance on Ozil. You are in this impenetrable ozil bubble where nothing else matters. You keep repeating the same talking points going back to 2018/19 under Emery, Ljumberg etc.. It’s never Özil’s fault but always someone else (Emery, Ljumberg, Raul, Gazidis, Arteta, Kroenke, this and that… There is always something to blame for Özil’s poverty performances. Have never seen you hold Ozil accountable on anything. With you Ozil is always the VICTIM. The good guy while everyone else that challenges him is always the bad guy.
          When was the first or last time have you ever criticised ozil constructively or not?

          Arteta has said many times why he dropped Ozil. But as always you guys don’t want to believe him.

          Emery said the same things, but as always you guys just let your self denials prevail and to this day you still blame Emery.

          Ljumberg said the same, and as we have come to know, you just stick your finger right into your ears and scream “Lalalalalalalala, can’t hear you.”

          What’s the point of Facts and evidence if you lot don’t want to accept them? You fight them because they do not conform to your preferred conclusions.

          You can fight the FACTS and evidence all you want but it won’t turn them in what you want them to be.

          As the saying goes “FACTS don’t care about ones feelings and emotions.

          There is noy point trying to argue with you anymore on this Ozil matter. I guess are already dug in since he joined in 2013. So everything else is pointless.

            1. So let’s just remind ourselves how successful Unai Emery, Freddie and Mikel Arteta actually were during the season they were involved in running our club and why we should take notice of the facts therein.

              UE in his last thirteen games at the club was as follows – 4 wins – 3 losses – six draws – 18 points from a possible 39 – a win rate of 23.5%. UE was sacked and gone in 24 hours, after dragging our club into a relegation situation – losing the players and the fans – having five captains, three of whom left at the end of his first season – having won five games by playing his best four players together, he then changed it – presiding over the most toxic time at our club regarding both players and fans…yet we are supposed to believe he got it right with Ozil….and every other player he “coached”? That is your evidence on the UE / Ozil situation?

              Then Freddie was given the temporary position despite – never been in the situation of running a premier league club and their players – overseeing five games, winning one, losing two and drawing two – GF 6 / GA 8 – or 5 points out of a possible 15 – a win rate of 20%, just lower than Emery’s – yet again, we should look at his handling of Ozil as an example of what exactly?

              So what about Mikel’s use of Ozil and his results?
              Arteta’s first seven games saw just one win – one defeat – five draws – 8 points from a possible 21 – a win rate of 14.3% – even worse than Freddie and Emery in their final games.
              But we all understood why and we were thrilled with what he did after this expected start, so what did he do to turn it around one asks oneself?

              Well, we saw Arteta selecting Ozil in every PL game from January to the 7/3/ (corona virus) and the results are as follows – won 5 – drew 4 – an unbeaten run, including three wins in a row – last game a 1-0 win with an Ozil assist for Lacs to score – talking about top four and CL qualification…they are the facts up and until the virus shut down football.

              With regards to MA and MO, up and until the virus stepped in, we were getting the best results since MA took over and the club was on a roll…suddenly and, without any football being played, when the games restarted,MO was dropped for “footballing reasons”. MA galvanised the players and we went on to win two trophies and it was a marvellous second part of the season – however, we finished in eighth position in the league and never achieved anything like the run of nine games undefeated, as we saw before the break.

              Now, up to the present season: Mikel Arteta has decided to leave Mesut Ozil out of his PL squad and says it is for footballing reasons only – based on the facts above, it cannot be on results, nor can it be on efforts in training ( as MA himself has said), so what footballing reasons are left?

              I fully back MA’s decisions, but to be told that Ozil isn’t good enough for the cup final squad, or that six goalkeepers are more essential than him in our europa squad, or that we have players in our PL sqoad who can create chances better than MO can do, just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.
              Just look at the football we have been playing – we are devoid of any creativity and Aubameyang is suffering.

              At the end of the season, when Ozil leaves, I hope Mikel has been the success I want him to be, but this episode with MO leaves a nasty taste in the mouth for any fan who REALLY looks at the situation as described by the manager and club.

              There is no conspiracy theory at all, it is just fans who actually question the evidence put before them…and we do not care a hoot about those who say we are putting a player before the club, don’t indulge in silly, childish name calling and brand those with a differing view as inferior beings.

              I’m sure both Mikel Arteta and Mesut Ozil will see it in the same way, as they are also way above the level of pathetic name calling and so called superior knowledge.

              1. But ken, Arteta obviously realised Ozil was not giving him what he wanted him to give. Im with Arteta on this but you are obviously with Ozil. Sorry but i dont get your point at all.

                1. Reggie, I’m not with Ozil or against Arteta, I just want to know what were the “footballing reasons” that made Arteta drop Ozil from a side that, with him playing in every game, recorded five wins and four draws (MA’s most successful run to date)to suddenly become a player that has no place in either his PL squad or the europa league squad?
                  Between the time of the run ending due to the virus and restarting, there was, obviously, no football played for MO to be judged on “footballing reasons” was there?
                  Remember also, how MA was praising the player throughout the run of games played. Not once was there a hint of any problem from either side and fans were saying how well it was working.

                  I have no issue whatsoever (i might disagree, but that is irrelevant) with the decisions that MA has made regarding any of his players – what I have an issue with is the “footballing reason” given to explain the decision regarding Ozil, as it just doesn’t make sense, if one looks at it in a purely logical sequence of events.

                  Somewhere in amongst all this, is the obvious wish from the club to get Ozil “off the books” and MA and MO are, seemingly, pawns in this situation.
                  It seems to me that the club has miscalculated Ozil’s reaction, as he has dug his heels in, showing that he is mentally strong enough to fight his corner and is determined to see out his contract, while MA has done exactly the same…and the winner?
                  Nobody, not the club, the manager, the player, or the fans…well, maybe the media and Arsenal websites.

                  Some will call it a conspiracy theory, while I would call it a common sense theory…each to their own and in eight months time, it will be resolved and we will be none the wiser.

                  1. Ken…

                    I do understand your point of concern, and you cannot make it any clearer than you have done! I do applaud your use of statistics and the depth of thoughts applied to bringing your points home. It can be daunting crunching the numbers and doing the maths! *smiles*

                    Nevertheless, if our (including you) ultimate concern is for Arteta to succeed, and not necessarily about Ozil himself as a person or footballer, then we would need to trust Arteta for the decisions he has made. Any further quest to justify why he has made such decisions (for “footballing reasons” as he mentioned) simply reduces to a lack of trust in him, which may simply mean that you MAY return to blame Arteta for not succeeding simply because he left Ozil out.

                    I do respect Arteta for owning up to his mistakes over his omission of Saliba from the Europa league squad, and I consider it as bold and honourable of him to do that without much public pressure. In Ozil’s case, his position is clear despite the public pressure. Recall that Unai caved into the then public pressure regarding Ozil’s omission from his squad, and despite succumbing, it never saved him his job. So a team on a downward trend may not necessarily be resurrected even by the inclusion of a single player, thus the reason for instilling team principles ahead of individualism. On the other hand, I am convinced that Arteta is on an upward trend and the presence of blips along the climb does not negate the fact that we are on the ascendancy.

                    In conclusion, while we may never really know for certain the true reason for Ozil’s omission, which Ozil himself often claims he does not know as well, it would be decent enough to trust Mikel, and to lay to rest our quest for further answers.

                    In essence, if we persist, then we simply open the doors for conspiracy theories and theorists to strive, a condition which you and I would not support at the moment…

                    These are my candid opinion…


                  2. So bssically what you are saying Fire is this :
                    Let a section of fans continue to say what they like, ignore their outlandish rhetoric, both personal and to a group of supporters with a different view?
                    In other words, repress ones own views for the sale of harmony.
                    I do not like being treated in this way, strange as that may seem and although I appreciate your measured response, I suggest you aim it at others who have taken this discussion down the road of personal attacks and insults far removed from the MA/MO debate.

                    Of course I want MA to succeed and I also want this stand off between club and player to be resolved – but I’m sure as hell not going to be given a reason for ANY player to be ostracised in the manner that MO has been and just shrug my shoulders and accept the absurdity of the explanation.
                    To do so, would be a denial of my principles and what I believe in – it only takes a few good men to remain silent..
                    It is only eight months before the saga is resolved and I am hopeful that MA’s decisions are proved correct, worryingly, if we lose today the scenario will not be good.

                  3. Ken…

                    You would agree that my response does not to permit the use of targeted words of attack towards any group of persons bearing contrary opinions to mine. I have always encouraged the show of respect for contrary opinions and the need for the application of deeper thoughts to our views and responses.

                    Harmony towards a common goal is always required to sustain meaningful progress, and that should be pursued. It must be obvious to us all that what we should pursue is truth, nothing more, nothing less. A few honourable words of William Penn, founder of the British colony of Pennsylvania in 1677, will suffice for us all, “In all debates, let truth be your aim, not victory or unjust interest; endeavour to gain, rather than to expose your critic.”

                    I may have perceived wrongly, but following your position thus far, it seems your problem isn’t with the ostracizing of Ozil since it will no longer bother you when he finally leaves the club, instead, your problem is with the reasons given for Ozil being ostracized. In this regard, except investigative journalism is adopted, we may never know the truth in details. Consequently, you are left to either trust Arteta for his words, or stick with Ozils’ and possible existing conspiracy theories. I can’t determine your choice, but if you claim that you want Arteta to succeed, then trust must be assumed until proven otherwise.

                    We do not need the animosity being produced by the standoff between Ozil and Arsenal to smear Arteta’ efforts to bring us progress… And in that regards Ken, what is your prediction for today’s match? Please do respond! *smiles*

                  4. Again Fire, I ask you to compare the posts of those who present facts and figures to bluster and name calling – you are sensible enough to know who I refer to – perhaps your tact and reasoned thinking would be of benefit to them?

                    Having just seen the team news, with AMN on the bench once again, I’m a tad disappointed, but it does look as if we are going there with attacking intentions.

                    My prediction, for what it’s worth is a 2-2 draw, or a 2-1 win for Mikel’s team.

                  5. Com’on Ken!

                    Please don’t knock heads together!!! *laughing*

                    Let’s enjoy the game and then we will return to more serious discussion!!!

                    Game wise, I am so glad Elneny is in, and Xhaka is down to the bench! Now I think we stand a chance!!

                    I will go Arsenal wins 3 – 1 or 2 – 0!!

                    Catch you after the game!


          1. Lets just forget the “Ozil” name for a second, take all the labels out, and if you can, please answer this question.

            The player that created more changes for Arsenal, in the 2019/2020 season, under Arteta, did not played for the last 10 games (post pandemic). Why?

            Name one creative player that you LOVE, today, at Arsenal. Is Ceballos the player you envision taking us to top 4? if so, why? is it Elneny? why? is it Xhaka? why? Name one..

            Do you agree that we sit on bottom 5, best case scenario bottom 10, in the most creative teams in the league now?

            Thank you. Take Ozil out.. simple.. out of the argument.. you will quickly understand where the problem is.. 6 games 3 defeats.. hopefully tomorrow its not 4 defeats in 7 games, that would be a club record and I have too many united fans as friends..

        3. Ken, about our Europa League Squad, Ben Cottrell, Miguel Azeez, Ryan Alebiosu and 2 of the 6 goalkeepers, are from List B (U21 players).

          There’s no limit to the number of List B players, so their inclusion doesn’t affect the exclusion of any player.

          Ozil belongs in List A, which can have a maximum of 25 players, out of which 8 must be ‘Locally Trained Players’. So he was effectively competing for a place with the 17 non-Locally Trained Players in List A

  1. If AM believes that he has to help a World Cup winning player then maybe things are becoming clearer. Arteta has coached and controlled Arsenal into a static boring team with very little reward on the table. Could be that MO doesn’t buy into that philosophy and thereirn lies the root of MO s unpopularity

    1. Lol Giroud was also a world cup winner with a single goal at the world cup, Mustafi was a world cup winner with only 2 substitute appearance so i don’t really get your point, so does it means once a player win the world cup the coach can no longer help you?

      1. “does it means once a player win the world cup the coach can no longer help you?”
        Yes that depends on the coach.

      2. You don’t get his point because clearly, if you are comparing the world cup performances of Ozil, Giroud and Mustafi, you haven’t seen a single minute of those world cups.

      3. Again Fire, I ask you to compare the posts of those who present facts and figures to bluster and name calling – you are sensible enough to know who I refer to – perhaps your tact and reasoned thinking would be of benefit to them?

        Having just seen the team news, with AMN on the bench once again, I’m a tad disappointed, but it does look as if we are going there with attacking intentions.

        My prediction, for what it’s worth is a 2-2 draw, or a 2-1 win for Mikel’s team.

  2. Even though I feel Ozil is been left out for non-football reasons, i feel he doesn’t have that hunger to compete at the highest level anymore.
    If I were in his shoes, I’d look for a way out like Sanchez did with Man U to play regular football somewhere else. A club where I’d be appreciated.
    AFC can also do better by paying him off.
    But I guess the wages is more important to him and AFC.
    if he was on a 30k per week, we won’t be having this Ozil Saga this long.

  3. Please guys let put this Ozil’s issue to bed and Arteta should stop talking about why he excluded him because each time he does he gives some questionable reasons. ……What I can tell you that I tried my best, I tried to give him as many opportunities as I could.

    “And that from my own side, I’ve been patient, given him opportunities and been fair.

    “He’s a player that belongs to a football club, he’s been a really important player in ………. he all these and didn’t say if Ozil failed with the opportunities he gave him and further said he is a player that belongs to a football club….which club??….. he is withholding the truth here..Arsenal is done with Ozil at least till January anyway. As for Ozil, how much more can a man take. He should have opted out after the exclusion from el squad. That is an insult to his career. That is what I will do anyway. I can’t stick around where I’m not wanted. Ozil if he plays or not is not my problem . What others does is….and I have seen a lot of selected players performed worse. So I ask …Regarding his (Ozil) strolling around on the pitch pointed out by Reggie, I have seen Auba strolling around on pitch in every game he has played. In fact I have seeing pulling out of 50-50, lost out on aerial duels by ducking refused to put his body on the line, didn’t mark so I ask when are you going to start picking on him.

    1. I can answer that Morgana, Ozil strolled about on the pitch for a whole season with 2 assists and a solitary goal. We will see at the end of the season what auba has done, he is our quickest EVER goalscorer to 100. And how disrespectful to start 6 games into a season having a pop at one of our star players who, shall we say is going through a lean spell. I do think already though, he has two assists and a goal and the rest of the season to blow his competiter out of the water.

      1. Ceballos did an entire season with 2 assists, both in the same game, week 1. I was there at the Emirates and it was fun because I went to get a shirt afterwards and 5 out of 10 shirts being printed after that game had “Ceballos” on it. He was terrible since.. yet we renewed his loan, and I am sure paid Real Madrid probably half of what the Ozil wages are, if not more, for it. Care to explain?

  4. I, unsurprisingly have a modicum of faith in Arteta to be doing what he considers to be the best for the club and will succeed going forward even if the road is bumpy at present.

    My guess is that Ozil’s PR and social media profile is unhelpful other than his humanitarian works which are a credit to him as a human being.

    Announcing that you are ready, rather puts the manager under scrutiny if Arteta (possibly) thinks differently. I considered interfering in the Gunnersaurus fiasco was a matter he should have left alone. There is a world of difference between providing school meals and paying for operations to then go on to offer to pay your employer’s mascot who will be get his job back

    Who then, is the most important? The manager and club or a single member of the squad? I have mentioned the similarity in the Beckham-Ferguson relationship and I think there is a similar element here. Nobody took my view seriously, but if a player has a higher profile than the team and the manager he plays for then there must be friction. Ferguson said that Beckham was the only player that he had managed who chose to be famous, who made his mission to be known outside the game. The minute a ManU player thought he was bigger than the club then he had to go.

    I would say that Ozil needs to decide what he wants to be and this may have some bearing on what is happening at a footballing level.

    1. I totally agree with you SueP! Brilliant overview!

      Again, it all boils down to character, which if negative and left unchecked will become cancerous to the entire team.

      I presume it is everyone’s wish that Arteta succeeds, nevertheless, and without prodding into statistics, I will conclude that time remains the independent variable in all our arguments. Time will surely tell!

    2. Sue. Perfect overview. But what is more important here, for the immediate? Should Auba made similar statements, that lets face it have nothing to do with football, would he be out of the squad? I really don’t care about Ozil or Arteta. I care about getting top 4 this year and hopefully a trophy. Ozil should have been on the squad and so should Guendozi. Or do we all now magically think that Elneny is better? Seriously? Ozil is not trying to be bigger than the club, Sue. Ozil has been shammed and had his named dragged through mud, when Arteta basically said “he is not good enough”, when answering why he was not picking him to even be on the bench. No player of his quality would have such controlled reaction to this. A world cup winner and contributor to 8 Arsenal cup wins, being told he can’t play because Elneny and Willock are better options to take to the bench? Jesus lets be fair.. this is about Arsenal and not only our top 4 chances but also the fact that having 500k a week (Ozil and Sokratis) sitting at home is a disaster financially.

      1. Sorry for replying late, but I take issue with your statement that implies Elneny is not better at CAM than Ozil, as he is not a CAM. We cant compare 2 different players and he is more integral to the system than Ozil at the moment. He certainly was excellent at OT. Maybe Ozil would have played in place of Willian and done a good job but it’s all speculation now.

  5. FloridaGooner, you do care more about Ozil than you probably like to think. Your comparison with Auba for a start.

    I can only go on what I think of the situation that has developed. What I was trying to get across is that Ozil’s profile is no different to Beckam’s At no time did I come close to suggesting that he considers himself bigger than the club. I doubt that Ferguson thought that Beckham believed he was bigger than ManU. What Ferguson did and what I think Arteta is doing is instilling a club togetherness over the needs of the individual. If the individual exerts too much power, whether it is intended or not, then it is club first for me.

    I really hope that Arteta brings greatness back and is given time to do so. However, never think that because I support him in what he has done so far that I will support him unendingly, just because I thought he was good once upon a time.

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