Arteta says “Don’t get carried away” after 4-0 demolition of Chelsea in USA

Arsenal’s new arrivals and our youthful team have obviously been bonding well on our preseason tour of America, scoring 9 goals in the three games with the 4-0 win over Chelsea being the icing on the cake. Everyone seems relaxed and in harmony, with Jesus especially getting off to a flying start in Arsenal colours.

The goals last night came from Jesus, Odegaard, Saka and Lokonga, so it’s good to see the goals coming from all areas of the team, and we are looking forward to seeing this confidence carried over into the League when it starts in a couple of weeks at Crystal Palace, but Mikel Arteta was at pains to remind us not to get carried away as we still have to keep on improving. When asked if Arsenal fans should be getting excited with this team, Arteta said: “Yes but it was a friendly match.

“As you could see there are a lot of positives to take from the game. The way we played, the intensity we showed, the way we were trying to show who we are as a team. But at the same time, it’s just a test match. Don’t get carried away. There are still a lot of things that we have to get better at, and do better. But I think it’s good to get some momentum, finish the tour in the right way, give some enjoyment to our fans and everybody that’s been contributing to make this tour happen. Now it’s time to go back to London, to focus and keep making improvements and steps forwards.”

We only have one more game against Sevilla in the Emirates Cup before the season proper, and that will be another big test against a team that finished 4th in La Liga last season. They also haven’t lost any game since going 3-2 down to Real Madrid in April (including a draw against Tottenham last week) so they will certainly not be a pushover, although it would be great to keep our winning run going.

I don’t want to get carried away, but it is difficult not to get excited after last night’s result!


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Arsenal’s boss talks about Zinchenko and what more we can expect from the transfer window

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  1. It’s got to be said – this was a friendly. If we boss Palace like that, I might start to get excited.
    We should enjoy the positives, but as MA says, not get carried away.

    1. Lol, however if we had lost, people would of got carried away “how rubbish we are, no progression” etc….

        1. This is a fan’s forum we are supposed to get carried away, rose tinted glasses etc….”so what’s your point” hypocrisy………

    2. Stayed up to watch after seeing George Thorogood and the Destroyers in concert at Glasgow – what a great time I had!!

      Of course we shouldn’t get carried away, but ask yourselves this – Did Chelsea enjoy this mauling?

      We outplayed them in all areas, as simple as that.
      I loved the team spirit that is so obvious – the link up play from back to front was excellent – the goals were all well taken… what more could I ask for?

      Great result, let’s have the consistency required for the season ahead, well done Mikel.

      1. Hi Ken

        I think we are looking better prepared for the season coming it’s good to see Zinchenko integrated into the team within 48hrs..

        That’s the beauty of buying players from the prem I suppose. My thinking on the coming season is, convert some of the draws into wins and loses into draws from last season that would be enough to get top 4 position. Because our win rate was quite good, but our
        Game management ( mental preparation) was poor from the manager and players. So I would expect us to have learned the lesson…..

        Also need a cup this season, personally I would take Europa cup would be cool….

        1. Yes GoalDan, we have to congratulate Edu for getting the signings done early enough for the preseason tour.
          I believe we might see one or two more signings and it would be great to see them at The Emirates this Saturday.

          Also, I have to mention the owner and the backing he has given to Mikel – over £300,000,000 I believe – so let’s acknowledge that fact as well.

          Mikel has said that Tomi should start training this week and Vieira not far off either, so itching to get down to The Emirates and watch The Arsenal play some attractive, attacking football once again.

      2. Indeed ken was worthy staying up. Enjoyed every bit of the game. Nothing wrong in getting excited and raising our expectations based on what we see.

  2. We are not In for Paqueta so he’s ruled out according to Edu but we are still in for a central midfielder and winger once we have shifted a few more players put as the squad it too bloated and can see these last 2 incoming signings being last min deals that have already been planned just not triggered.

    Leno, Hector, Mari, Nelson, Lucas & AMN all need sold, plus possibly a few loan exit deals.

    Who would be the last 2 signings?
    Marquinhos may be sticking around which is good, he’s hungry!

    I would love for us to sign Cody Gakpo, maybe use Nelson as bate as he’s played the the Dutch leagues. Lastly for the midfield position we need a ball winning partey type, Lokonga isn’t ready yet but may not be far off, Amado Onana is a player I think we can mould into an even bigger beast at 6,4….

    2 young hungry players ready to come challenge the quality we already have on the wings. Summer complete

  3. I think, that all this team needs is more playing time together. Build up a better cohesion between them, then they’re good to go. Pepe looks like he might have better luck playing on the left wing. Nuno was right to stay and fight for a LB spot. Zinny, I think is best suited in midfield. Marquinhos looks a real threat at RW.
    Martinelli, Jesus, Saka with Martin O pulling the strings will create havoc. And Saliba is the “Beast” we hoped he would be…IJS

  4. Arteta is right when he urges fans not to get carried away with the result , but the performance of the team as a whole suggests an attitude and camaraderie which augers well for the coming season.Three of the goals were excellent and I was particularly pleased for Sambi who showed great composure and skill with his fine header.Perhaps he will be given an opportunity in a more attacking midfield role in European games .For those who are hankering after a tall physical CF and a RW, my advice to you would be to think again.Jesus has brought to the team tremendous movement off the ball which creates space to do damage.The likes of Nketiah , Martinelli and Odegaard are following his example and there is a mobility in attack which was absent with Auba and Lacca in the side.It’s early days, but even the most ardent anti Arteta fan would surely acknowledge the promise being displayed by our team pre season.The real tests lie ahead of course, but our pre season preparation fills me with an optimism which was absent a year ago.

    1. Very encouraging piece Grandad and a calming reminder that the season hasn’t started yet.

      I was about to write ‘fingers crossed’ for the season ahead but that implies we will need luck rather than being a cohesive team with hunger for success

    2. Spot on grandad,to think some experts on here described his playing style boring and can never improve is(gulp)…..i’d rather not say.

      1. Fk, last season it WAS boring, that’s why the club has invested in new players that can / should change the style for the better.

        I can’t believe you are saying it was anything other than boringly mind numbing – but that was last season and we are talking about this one.

        By the way, no one one JA is an “expert” as you put it, just fellow Gooners giving their opinions.

        1. I would say it was part of a developing process with a relatively young squad, with new players. Now we have a young squad with lots of gifted players, and I expect us to get better. The third spot is available for us to grab 😉

    3. @Grandad, nice saying.
      I have seen what I expected to be the route for our young quality squad. We are progressing and I expect to see a much more competitive squad next season. Man.City and Liverpool are still too strong but the third spot is available for us to grab. Last season we lost 13 matches next season not more than 7 or 8 COYG

  5. Yep the message was clear from the gaffer. It’s wise to not get carried away. When the league officially resumes, lots of other factors come into play. The Big Brother will be watching intently, ready to ruin games, gifting soft free kicks and penalties to Spuds and Chelsea everytime Kane, Son, Richarlison, Kuludivesky and such trip over their own shoelaces.

    Refs will be trying ever so hard to send Xhaka off the field, and awarding other teams 5 free tackles per game on Xhaka, so Xhaka better start meditation routine everyday for the rest of the season.

    Bullies will start targeting Jesus, Saka and Martinelli cynically, hoping to get them out of the game for months, and so on and so forth. So yeah, let’s not carried away.

    And our first match with palace. I can only wonder how eager Viera’s brutes will be to push and mush our players around the field like it’s a Rugby game. I consider the Palace game to be the most important match for us this season. That will tell how far we have progressed and what are our chances. If we could handle Palace’s brutal physicality, I think we will have a good season ahead.

  6. Stayed up to watch after seeing George Thorogood and the Destroyers in concert at Glasgow – what a great time I had!!

    Of course we shouldn’t get carried away, but ask yourselves this – Did Chelsea enjoy this mauling?

    We outplayed them in all areas, as simple as that.
    I loved the team spirit that is so obvious – the link up play from back to front was excellent – the goals were all well taken… what more could I ask for?

    Great result, let’s have the consistency required for the season ahead, well done Mikel.

    1. @ken1945
      So good you posted it twice😂
      Didn’t know that band was still going. He must be well into his 60’s by now.

  7. Only a preseason friendly. No need to get carried away. But I have to say we are looking better already. Can’t wait for the league to kick off.

  8. It’s great to watch wonders from Jesus in 2022, I’m more convinced when I can observe it myself 😅

  9. As did we all, I liked the effort, cohesion, teamwork and camaraderie of the performance. Were Chelsea poor or did we blow them away? Probably a little of each. But so nice to see a group of guys who like and want to work for each other, showing off what they can do.
    Jesus has further galvanized in two weeks a team that was already together and motivated. What I particularly appreciated last night was how well most of the “support” players performed. Zinchenko in his first 45 minutes played some delightful stuff, Sambi played further forward and had perhaps his most assertive game in 6 months, Tavares was much less headstrong and is obviously learning that “headless chicken” doesn’t work, Marquinhos looked very mature and, contrary to all of our expectations, possibly deserves to feature even this season.
    Of the First 11 it was great to see Partey back, Xhaka played as well as he ever has, Ode was as only Ode can be, and Martinelli, well careless defensively at times, showed how consistently creative he is becoming. Strangely only Saka was sub par, but hey we all know how dangerous even his “sub par” is. All of this without ESR, Vieira, Tomi or Tierney.
    I know. A friendly. But still well worth staying up for!

    1. Agree 100% guy… except your views on chelsea.
      We outplayed them and cast your mind back to their manager giving them a right old blasting during one of the breaks!!!
      No, for me, we will have given Tuchel food for thought, along with Conte, Pep and Jurgen.

      1. George Thorogood – wow that name takes me back. Still touring in his 70’s huh? All live music should be like their’s. With that AND the Chelsea game I’m impressed you were up by 1.30, Ken!

        1. Old age is but a passing thought guy 😂😂
          Two excellent performances and George is as good as he always was – let’s hope Mikel can improve!!

  10. @ken1945,you mean all the games we played last season was boring despite ending up 5th on the log,If they want to see boring they should go watch atletico madrid or better still burnley and as for me calling them expert that’s because they say with chest whatever they claim to be fact with no doubt about it.a yes and amen kinda proclamation which in my dictionary can’t be referred to as an “opinion”.

    1. Yes FK despite a top 5 finish we were boring to watch . Personally I never enjoyed a single game except maybe the man City one and that was purely on effort. I did appreciate the points though.

    2. I have read on JA how often we pass sideways or backwards and witnessed myself numerous games, such as the Burnley game, where I believe the football on show actually got me (and those around me) of our seats once during the whole game.
      That’s not being an “expert”, it’s giving an honest opinion from a first hand experience.

      Of course there were some great games (spuds, pool and city at home come to mind) and that’s one of the areas I criticised MA… the inconsistency of the team.

      I recall many more mind numbing games however – while it seems you had other ideas and that’s your opinion.

      It seems I will have a much better experience this coming season, as I (hopefully) will watch a lot more exciting football than you.

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