Arteta embarrasses Arsenal with his fixture list complaints

Mikel Arteta has often stressed wanting to adhere to Arsenal’s proud values and not tolerating any player who will not follow that ethos.

Yet instead of being embarrassed about leading the Gunners to zero European Football for the first time in 25 years, he has had the audacity to complain about his club being victims of a congested schedule.

We have only played 34 fixtures this season, our lowest total in a quarter of a century. To put that in perspective West Ham have been involved in 9 more games.

Obviously the more successful the team, the more hectic their calendar.

I  want to hear our manager insist that it’s not good enough for a club our size to have played so few matches and that the Tuesday/ Wednesday – Saturday/ Thursday- Sunday schedule that the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea and the Manchester clubs have had to juggle is the least we should expect as a fanbase.

Every year under Arsene Wenger we played in UEFA competitions, and it was never an excuse in terms of the Premiership.

Yet our boss has had the nerve to make out we are some sort of victims because we have to kick off at Villa Park at 12.30 pm on Saturday, after an evening clash with Liverpool 3 days before.

Wednesday – Saturday is a  standard demand that Arteta as our captain would have experienced.

Yet he was downright angry with the Premier League, slamming his desk, saying ‘Thank you so much for doing that. They have done the same when we have to play Chelsea and Man United.”

So, if you want to give them an advantage, I say ‘Thank you so much for doing that ‘.

His grievance next month again can’t be the idea of two games in 4 days because that’s been the norm for decades.

So, for the Spaniard’s issue to simply be the desire to kick off later on in the day is weak, and offers readymade excuses to a squad already devoid of leadership.

It shouldn’t be a surprise given who Arteta’s mentor is.

Pep Guardiola has equally been critical of the English Football calendar since he arrived in English Football, as has Jurgen Klopp.

They have used their influence to create winter breaks and make alterations to the domestic cups.

Because of their standing in the sport, many listen and agree.

Just like many Gooners will now believe we have been mistreated this week, just because our manager happened to say so.

I can’t be a hypocrite. I have to offer the same facts towards our manager that equally makes his peers’ opinions fall apart.

The Prem makes billions of pounds from TV companies around the world which is divided between the 20 topflight clubs.

In other words, the Kroenke Family make a lot of revenue thanks to the likes of Asia, the Middle East and America wanting to stream English Football.

In any business, isn’t it acceptable that if a company is paying millions to broadcast you live, they have every right to pick and choose when you play?

Wouldn’t it be unrealistic to take someone’s money and not expect to have to follow certain criteria?

Lunchtime on a Saturday isn’t prime time in the UK, but it is on the other side of the world. If all these coaches are so concerned about the welfare of their players, go to their employers and ask them to say no to the money, for the sake of their talent getting a rest. You think Arteta has rung his employer at any point and asked for contracts to be ripped up for the sake of having more control on what time we play?

Of course not.

I have to agree with Conte.

There is an irony that Arteta would imply authorities favouring rivals when the same governing body postponed the North London Derby, manipulating rules that were intended for squads impacted by Covid.

Arsenal used a loophole to give themselves a week’s preparation for the two-legged Carabao Cup Semi Final.

An early exit in the FA Cup meant we went 18 days without playing in February.

That was followed by a 10 day rest as we only played 3 times that month.

Our last on the 24-2-22 which was followed by another 10 days’ rest.

That gave us time to head off to Dubai. That’s how busy we were .

So, take away your love for the badge, and it is quite rich that Arteta is complaining about how the fixtures have fallen when we have only played 11 times this year .

Chelsea have played 18, Man United 15 and Spurs 16.

Yet Arteta is suggesting those in power are purposely giving them an advantage .

It’s embarrassing.

One of the few times in the season you have to play Wednesday – Saturday and you’re crying because the times don’t suit you.

We are Arsenal !

Can you imagine Tony Adams, Lee Dixon, Martin Keown, Vieira, Henry, etc, in the dressing room worrying about an early start time on one of the few weeks of the campaign where they are asked to play more than once.

They would not be asking how it got to this and demand things change.

They teach youngsters what the badge means and tell tales of who came before them.

That if you want to pull on the red and white shirt, you mortgage everything and leave every last drop of sweat on the pitch.

You don’t tell them that 12.30 at Villa Park on Saturday is unfair because you played on Wednesday.

Arteta speaks wel . He knows what soundbites fans want to hear, but he got it completely wrong this time.

Remember it’s him who reminds everyone about not sacrificing our principles?

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Dan Smith

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  1. Why couldn’t the premier league schedule more games in Feb rather piling few together now? That way it would have balanced a bit. Just a geniune question.

      1. The game could have been played on Sunday too rather than saturday noon especially just played Wednesday evening to ease the fixtures but I guess this is only for live TV etc.

    1. And when Alex Ferguson defended his team and did similar tactics everyone called him an astute manager !

      Crazy article !

      1. Sir Alex never complained about schedule when Man United had zero European or domestic cup football
        Crazy opinion

  2. Could’nt dissagree! He has to get used to it ahead of next season,his job is to get the players ready physically and mentally not give them reasons to be lazy i mean after playing on weds night there should be no training on thursday then resume on friday ahead of saturday,what is exhausting with that come to think of it as footballers they should enjoy playing football and football activities all day any day cos they are well paid and taken care of,to me it’s laziness or maybe he’s reluctant to rotate the squad due to his trust in just 12 players.embarrassing indeed same goes for all other complaining managers.

  3. Yes very embarrassing. But also very shrewd. Complaining about an early kick off is to lure Villa into a sense of false security. It’s also done to fire up his own side to right an injustice. Also he is preemptively influencing the FA into providing a favorable rescheduling date for the 2nd NLD There is a method to this madness 😂 Villa 1 Arsenal 3

  4. Personally. Who cares what conte says and moans about.
    If MA has touched a raw nerve with the spuds manager then “GREAT”
    I like conte but any man or woman who may sit in the hot seat for that club has nothing worth while to say in opinion.
    It has always been said by managers not just MA and as I fan we all look at what they say and think What a stupidthing to say 😀. I remember George, Arsène , fergie pep klopp the list goes on.

  5. He was just trying his best to give us more preparation and recovery times. If he could buy us more time by moaning, I wouldn’t complain about it

    1. Spot on. We have a game against Spurs to rearrange and he’s correctly putting pressure on the Premier League ro ensure it’s not a Wednesday-Saturday morning situation again, giving his team the best possible chance in what will be a crucialgame.. Any muppet should be able to read between the lines, but not the author of this piece it seems

      1. The authors have to trigger debates, to increase this site’s traffic. Let’s remind ourselves that Arsenal are above any manager or player

        Arteta did everything he could to buy Arsenal more time. This shows that Arteta’s main priority is Arsenal’s interest, not some fans’ personal pride or some players’ political views

  6. Forgot to finish off..
    Moaning about fixture pile up

    Anyway down to business today
    3 points and one more baby step towards our only objective left to play for. 4th spot
    1-3 strong start by villa but by the end only a handful of home fans left thinking I wish my dad or mum had supported Arsenal as I would be supporting this team now

    1. Loving your optimism Bally, I reckon a draw would be OK today to be honest but I’d take the win if the boys can do it

      Enjoy the game mate

      Dan, Arteta was right to point out that a later than usual KO on Wednesday is being followed by an early KO today due to TV scheduling, all Managers do it, he wasn’t complaining about the whole season’s fixtures, hardly embarrassing

  7. Embarrassment will kill you the writer, and will continue to kill u, until u learnt to understand that coaches do whatever they think will favor their players. We’re in champions league spot and all of a sudden a choked up fixtures and u expect the manager to keep quite, bcos we r not playing in Europe, what if he doesn’t complain now And they did worse in the future when we are playing in Europe

  8. Dan I respect you. But I might have to disagree with him complaining as embarrassing. Eveyone has a right to his opinion, so If Mr Arterta says the Schedule is crap, he has an inside knowledge to his squad.

  9. I’m not sure there is much left in the way of honour in football anymore so I wouldn’t be bashing Arteta on the basis of his recent outburst. They all try to gain an advantage. Par for the course.
    Why not wait until West Ham, ManU and Spurs overtake us and pile it on him then?

    1. Don’t lose the faith now please SueP!

      Those three may well overtake us, they are good teams with good players but so are we and we have good players too

      As last night’s game proved anything can happen in any game at any time but keep the belief that your team can do it

      Enjoy the game today mate

  10. Good for Arteta.
    Showing he will do exactly what the topmanagers does:
    Use whatever legal means he can to fight for Arsenal.

  11. The Premier League said they would never schedule a team to play early Saturday if they have played late Wednesday. So far they have reneged twice on this rule and I believe only for Arsenal, no other team. The only embarrassing party in all this is the Premier League.

    1. This article built a lovely straw man and then ripped Arteta apart for it. That’s embarrassing.

      It’s clear Arteta’s comments were about today’s kick off time, not about backing up a Wednesday game with one today.

  12. As long as we are interested in cl or any european football this(fixture pile up) should be our new norma so the earlier the discipline is instilled into the players the better for everyone interested in the team moving forward,c’mon they get paid for their services even better than most of the team in the division that’s why it’s embarrassing for a club of our stature to moan about playing three times a week.

  13. Two different TV companies Declan, Sky on Wednesday and now BT Sports, the Premier League have signed the contracts, money talks

    Enjoy the game today mate

    1. Whilst I don’t go along with conspiracy theories about refs being against us and the press being against us etc, why has it happened twice to Arsenal and not at all to other teams (to my knowledge) and will likely happen a third time when our game at spurs toilet bowl is rescheduled. Hope you enjoy the game too, unfortunately I can only watch the first half as have to go out at 1.15!

  14. Eddie and Co, the victim mentality gang, will definitely be upset with the facts that have been shared here.

    Nice, factual article.

    1. No facts has been shared. The team played late on Wednesday and now and early kick-off on Saturday and you said he should not complain
      Tell me which other clubs has had games scheduled this way.

      1. Many other clubs have in fact, if you check well. We’ve been enjoying the luxury of playing 1 game a week for over a month now even when opponents we’ve beaten or passed on the table have played more. He shouldn’t be complaining. It’s time for us to play more games.

      2. Have you checked the schedule? Or are you wanting us to? Personally I cannot be bothered, there were days when footballers were playing 75 matches a season, they were getting £100 a week smoking 40 fags a day and drinking 10 pints a night. I used to go out on a Saturday do 10 pints, 8 rum n cokes, 6 shots and 4 jagerbombs. Then get up 4 hours later, curl a corner in or smash home a 25 yard free kick. Then I had to pay my dues to the referee and club. Why these people complain, I just don’t know

  15. There is a reason why I love reading every printed article in this column, the writers are brave, some take no prisoners, but they are mostly selfish, want to see Arsenal win every game.

    In a few minutes time we play the most important game of the season, we must win at all cost, maybe am selfish too

    1. If wanting your team to win every game they play is selfish Gunsmoke count me in

      Enjoy the game today mate

        1. Me too Gunner, I thought it was a very impressive team performance against a Villa team who are a lot better than we made them look yesterday

          Plenty of good signs that we can stay in the Top 4 battle if we can carry on playing like this

  16. They also stream football in Africa too Dan, with cable network TVs like Supersports etc. But I felt it weird too that Arteta would complain of the fixtures after Liverpool beat us having played 6 games more than us since we last played them. It’s congested quite alright, but he’s the last person that should be complaining. We’ve played opponents who played shorter than us and beaten them, there were no complaints there. Suppose we won at Liverpool, I don’t think he would have complained either.

  17. I can’t you Dan Smith anymore. Its gotten so bad that I recognise your handwriting from the very first letter of your article. Why do you take every opportunity to bash your club. Give it a break please

  18. Like i knew it’s Dan Smith who wrote this article b4 Even seeing d name. It seems u really don’t like Arteta at all

  19. It’s am Embarrassing for you to think that Arteta trying to get us more breathing space to rest and prepare well for matches which will propel the team to better performance and great result makes u angry.
    Watch it mate before u consume ur self in this Arteta hatred all in the name of having more articles on this site, when Arteta becomes successful all u will be doing is scanning for all kind of negativitys to justify all u have wrote about him.

  20. when I heard him say that, I laughed and became sorry for our club. this is to tell you how low we have fallen. arteta as our player was used to playing two times sometimes three in a week. he should give these young boys the club’s orientation & principle. for you to play for arsenal, you must be ready for busy schedules.

    1. Perhaps it’s a problem to you but not a problem to me and I have been supporting this club for 50 years. We must have the most pathetic fan base in the Premier League, making problems out og nothing 🤣

  21. embarrasing?

    I don’t get the essence of this article. There is a fact, some truth in his complaint. Whats you motive for this article?

    This game could have been scheduled on a Sunday. its like playing a champions league match on wednesday and then kicking off on saturday..that is oiling up fixtures.
    Arteta’s complaint is legit.

    you should understand he isn’t asking for much, only that it shouldn’t be an early kickoff fixture.
    Don’t lecture no one about this club being great and all that… come to think of it, being a great club also means when you spot some foul play, against you, you don’t keep shut. no one should take you for a ride all cos you want to play great club.

    call em out.

    we’ve always wanted a manager with balls.

  22. The only embarrassment here is Dan Smith for putting up a stupid article like this on a matchday.
    Dan Smith did you think about only Arsenal having a premier league game this Saturday, so why not fix it by 3pm instead of 12:30pm after we played on Wednesday late kick off?
    You said we have been lucky for playing 1 game per week, so why didn’t the FA fix up these outstanding games in those weeks we were playing less games than others?
    Why now?

    Every post isn’t about traffic, try to be reasonable Dan Smith!

    1. Would 3pm have made so much difference to 12.30pm? What I know is as a supporter, many more hours on the lash and home in time for a Saturday night out.

  23. ISEE MUCH CREDENCE IN TWO COMPLETELTY OPPOSING SIDES IN THIS DEBATE. I accept that life in this age is far more generally pampered than back in the day, even as recently(speaking as a 70yearold fan) from relatively recent days ol Tony Adams and Co. As players and most of us too, if we are being HONEST with ourselves, have become accustomed to a far physically easier life than way back when, it is no more than being consistent with this pampered age we ALL live in, that MA will try to argue against two games intwo and a half days. His job is to protect AFC from any disadvatage whther only perceived or actual.

    That is ONE POINT OF VIEW and I see much sense in it, given the context I deliberately gave, above.
    HOWEVER, I instinctively object to the overpampering that footballers (and WE ALL have got used to) and while I do NOT find MA actions embarrassing, as DAN does, I do feel that in fairness to all teams , that we have had a far easier time in games played than all our mainrivals and in fairness, I accept that we just have to get on with it and that no further MA complaints will alter this reality.

    I would add that mature folk with much life experience can and often do see many sides to any debate but, as ever, social media manages to polarise opinion , even from those such as I, WHO OUGHT TO KNOW BETTER. SIGH!!


  24. Which manager doesn’t complain about fixture congestion? What is this one saying???
    You just wanted to rant right? If you did not get Arteta’s point, you can just be quiet.

  25. We’ve got Super Mik Arteta, he knows exactly what we need, Kieran at the back, Gabi in attack, Arsenal on the way to Champions League! ❤️ COYG

    1. I love the new Arteta song, brings positive energy to all involved with Arsenal FC. Our environment have been negative and very toxic. I believe in positive energy, it will give us an extra gear and lots of power to reach the next level ❤️ COYG

  26. No I cannot imagine Adams Dixon, winterburn etc moaning about fixture pile up. They did not sacked if they didn’t perform. Managers today get sacked, more frequent. The pressure is on them massively and they get interviewed and questioned more than ever. I don’t recall George Graham ever being on TV, sure Wenger did, but he never saw anything! Now it’s totally different, the managers are scrutinised, they have 20 odd cameras on them even during a game. How can anyone compare Arteta with the managers of days gone by? And certainly not the players.

    1. I don’t understand why we are using energy on this issue. We are creating problems out of nothing

  27. For something different, just one time, I’d like to see you write something positive about Arsenal.

    Would make a nice change from all the negativity!!! That is all.

  28. “A squad devoid of leadership ”
    I’m curious Dan, do you really believe we have no leaders in this current team whatsoever?

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