Arteta expects his young Arsenal team to take “another leap” with summer investment

Despite many Arsenal fans not giving any credit to Mikel Arteta, despite bringing in half a team of unnkown younsters last summer, and somehow guiding them into the fight for the Top Four spot, the fact is that him and his half-baked team have worked wonders this season.

If we can win again tomorrow against our local rivals West Ham, we are most definitely in the driving seat again, unless Tottenham can pull off another miracle by beating Liverpool at Anfield next week.

Arteta himself is very happy with the way the team has developed, and cannot help but praise them and fully expects the youngsters to improve even further next season, with a few new additions in the coming transfer window.

The boss made it clear at the end of last summer that we were only half-way through our rebuilding project, and we should see a lot more progress ahead of the next campaign. “I think the team has made a great leap at the level of identity, game, style, clarity… And obviously, the ability that has given us to be able to repeat line-ups, the power to repeat the system and the power to repeat movements, dynamics, structures that we want, has made it easier for us, it has given us a lot of fluidity and security”, explains the Spanish coach on DAZN’s podcast (translated by Google).

LONDON, ENGLAND – APRIL 23: Mikel Arteta, Manager of Arsenal gives their team instructions during the Premier League match between Arsenal and Manchester United at Emirates Stadium on April 23, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images)

“They have shown that they have the ability to win games and be decisive, and they have done so in a very consistent way for many games, ”

“You have to be very careful because the jump is very big. You have to protect them for when other moments come, also be there.

“That connection that we have made with all the employees from within, with the players in the sense of belonging, of clarity, of idea … People have turned to the team, they have felt what the team transmits, they feel identified with the young people, with the model. That is what is going to give us a lot of strength, it is going to give us an advantage to have to take another leap, that we already know where it is going and that it is going to require investment and time again.”

Well, it certainly looks like Stan Kroenke is backing Arteta and Edu’s “project” to take us back to the top table in England and Europe, and I for one am extremely excited about what we can achieve next season.

Aren’t we all?

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Video – Mikel Arteta Full pre-game press conference ahead of West Ham

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      1. Jon what about you leave him alone for now?he clearly stated that it was his first time posting a comment and your reaction is not very welcoming.

      2. This exactly why “Pain in the Arsenal” and “Arseblog news” is better

        Again no disrespect to the articles all of them are personal opinion exploring different topics with different ideology and POV which I really like reading

        But the comment section has a couple of individuals who are so toxic, lacking basic decency and respect for a fellow human

    1. You are Welcome,but i’m urging you to say no to players and manager abuse such as clueless,mediocre,bang average,OJT and the likes.keep supporting to catalyse the process,come on you gooner.

    2. You are now “officially” welcome to the JA family and in the future,don’t hesitate to comment!!

    1. Welcome llori. European football is pretty much done, what comp is still to be decided. All crossed for the CL but if its EL then its an improvement. Some fans here don’t live in the real world. We are years away and millions away from city and pool. But we are improving under arteta. Times have changed from our glory years. You can’t do what we did in the 90’s without a fantastic, best in the business manager. Or millions upon millions to spend. So we are doing it the Arsenal way and building slowely, its the only way we can. Get in to Europe attract higher quality players and kick on again. I believe we will be a force in 2/3 years. You have to have patience gooners.

  1. But we still need one more DM to support partey and a goal scorering machine I repeat again a goal scorering machine to be able to complete the process.

  2. With so many teams owned by billionaires or a country, it’s increasingly difficult to compete for the CL let alone win the league.

    Football needs a shake-up.

  3. Gotta love the man, Arteta.
    Personally wish him and the young guns the very best.
    I wish Arsenal fans would always remember that we are Arsenal, classy, stylish, wise-(read that last word again)-and foresighted pacesetters.
    No more whinings please.
    Could the glory hunters please go back to their clubs an leave us alone.
    Rebuilding anything as priceless as the Arsenal football team takes time and not just one or two seasons.

    Let’s all rally behind Arteta and the team, no matter the cost. We are ARSENAL, we are loyal and stand with our own.
    We waited 9 (nine)years for Arsene Wenger during the trophyless years and Arteta has just 2years under his belt,
    and particularly at a time when English football even four(4) years ago compared to the present already seems some light years apart.
    Let’s love our team, let’s love our manager, let’s love our club. And love, my people…, is “PATIENT”.

    Its Arsenal until the day I depart this earth.
    Peace to you all.

    1. Gifto, A most welcome, mature and wise post, among the many hotheaded and immature anti MA posts which so disgrace this site.

  4. We need the right summer spending to improve more next season.

    If we can sign G. Jesus, Gakpo, Bissouma, a new L.B, and bring back Saliba they would improve us tremendously.

    A line up like this would be ideal –


    Gakpo. Odegaard. Saka.

    Bissouma. Partey.

    Tierney. Gabriel. Saliba. Tomiyasu.


    1. If Jesus ends up playing for us and doesn’t score enough,fans will crucify him for sure.

  5. A very tidy war chest could take us really close come the end of next season,

    If the gaffer wrestles top four from the Spuds with their world class manager Conte.
    Finished above Man u with their mighty and far superior assemble squad.
    And finish above the clever old fox David Moyes, who have got the hammers punching above their belt

    Arteta will not only have force his self in the conversation of Manager of the season, but he would have demonstrated to us faithfuls that he has earned that right to fight with the big boys

  6. Welcome illori,

    Well I will be making a submission outside the thread…

    Well I think club football needs a bit of shake up or regulating in terms of spening cap, player valuation etc ….

    I mean Barca had placed a billion euro on gavi, pedri and Ansu fati each…..what’s that, guess what….in less than twenty years from now, if the inflation continues, a footballer player will be sold for a billion euro and club most likely would be spending half a billion in a single transfer window.

    I mean there should be a restriction in place to restric clubs from signing too many elite/top players in a window or fielding……measures have to be put in place to balance the gap between the Bayern of this world that seems to be feeding off other domestic clubs in Bundesliga of their key players.


    1. Mishael, How welcome to see a very perceptive, though sadly rare, brain who can clearly SEE the destructive WAGES path top level footbalL has been on for decades, with it’s ludicrously overpaid players, the grasping agents and the corrupt authorities who care nothing about we fans.

      FANS ARE THE LIFEBLOOD OF THE GAME, WHICH CANNOT AND WOULD NOT SURVIVE LONG WITHOUT US. Yet we are taken for a morally “criminal” financial ride by the greedy players,agents and the crazy financial sysyem.

      Something HAS to change or ordinary fans will no longer be able to attend matches and then football will die!


      We need far more perceptive and determined fans to stand against this disgraceful financial tyranny done to ALL fans by ALL top players, managers etc. And worse of all by the corrupt authorities FIFA, UEFA and the TV sports package companies too.

      In truth Mishael, very many agree with us but far too few have the courage to speak out.

      Well done !

  7. The transfer market is a serious worry,with its overpriced fodder, but I can’t see a solution. I am against a salary cap, US style or even here in Australia’s football codes where it’s mostly forged through creative accounting. I am also against a draft because clubs with proper scouting and youth systems should be rewarded rather than penalised. I am not against a dynasty if it is founded on strong management and business acumen. In Australia as in the US clubs have to release a certain number of their players every season in order to create a rotating order as to who will win the next championship. I hope that it never happens in Europe.

  8. Yes, it certainly seems to be the case, that owners and management have agreed a plan, which they will stick to.
    No matter if we make top 4 or not, I’ll bet Arteta will still be in charge and backed by the owner to strengthen our squad.

    1. Anders, if we finish in the top four, MA will have earnt the right to be backed up.

      Then we will really see what his football philosophy is all about, as the owner should be able to back him even further, what with the guaranteed CL money and all that brings.

      Good to see another Gooner on JA!!!!

      1. Ken, there are probably many opinions on what MA need to achieve to earn the right.
        I strongly believe, we will finish 4’th or 5’th, and to me, it is 50/50 as it stands before today’s games.
        But I also believe, if we were to finish 5’th or even 6’th the owners will keep Arteta and back him with new investments in players before the next season.

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