Arteta extremely impressed with Bukayo Saka’s attitude

Arsenal are famed for bringing youngsters through the academy into the first team and this season has seen more than a few graduates being pitched into the squad. Although their impact has been variable, the one that seems to have been used more than most is Bukayo Saka, with 11 starts and another 5 coming off the bench.

The 18 year-old is really a wing forward, and has even bagged two goals in the Europa League, but has recently been used as a wing-back to cover for injuries, and it seems he has impressed our new coach, Mikel Arteta, with his adaptability as well as his skills. “He’s learning that you are able to adapt and that you are able to sacrifice for the team, and [you learn that you] don’t use excuses,” Arteta said on

“If you are moved, to say ‘OK, now if I do not play good, I have the right excuse because this is not my position’. It’s the complete opposite, try to learn, try to pick things up straight away and try to be more productive for the team, and I think he [Saka] has done it really, really well.

“Those game moments, you have to read them and when you play more games and you become more mature, you start to make better decisions all the time because you can sniff where the danger is, depending on the result, how many minutes are played and what happened in the last two actions. And we have to help him to do that.

“I love working with young players,” Arteta continued. “The last few years I worked with so many of them and it’s so fulfilling when they are willing and they ask the right questions, and they want more and they are eager to learn.

“It’s incredible because when that [development] really happens, afterwards, for them, it’s very inspirational.”

Well the new boss certainly has a lot of youngsters to work with now that he is at Arsenal, but it would appear that Bukayo Saka is the one that has impressed Arteta the most in his first week at the club…


  1. Ability is one thing, attitude, discipline, filtering advice and taking notice of the good advice and hard work are critical. It sounds like Saka is on the right path.

    1. Arteta’s praise is with reason: we lost that game against United because Saka was ball watching…

      So, when the coach is saying something, he has said something to the player. Fortunately it seems Saka is has responded.

      Same with the aerial attack, that was non-existent. Arteta is trying to create with practice on set pieces.

      We need more with the strikers doing more in the air.

      Long way to go…

  2. Looks like “if you’re good enough, you’re old enough” is true afterall!

    He should not be overplayed though. You don’t want him burnt out at the business end of the season.

  3. Arteta has done so much in the space of 3games. Chelsea we just couldn’t hang on, deserved at least a point then Utd we did just that… we learned quickly and that’s down to Mikel being hard on them and them actually understanding him.

    What he did with the players after the game shows what it means to him this club, that rubs off on the players and the way its looking in such a short time the players have bought into his philosophy.

    I was skeptical about Arteta maybe he might just know what he is doing, fair play to him I was wrong as he has us looking we are hungry and that’s been missing for too many years now. I applaud him already.

    A respectable position in the league table seems fair enough comsodering the state he inherited, plus if we can play like that in the EL there is no reason we cant win it this season.

    1. MR was AW’s captain. So why the doubt?

      What the team still needs is proper cover at the back and the middle.

      There is a need for an aerial attack… Wenger teams that won were good in the air. So many items to still fix.

  4. Firstly,Happy new year to all Gooners and I hope you all had a nice Xmas,Well what a start for Mikel,the signs of a change were there in the Chelsea game and then more of the same last night only better.
    These players are finally putting in a shift and it looks like they are enjoying playing for him,even Luiz and Sokratis looked solid and dependable for a change,and what a difference in Ozil,fantastic well done Mikel and lets get ourselves back up that table,god knows what Emery was trying to achieve but thank god the board acted when they did.Arteta has publicly stated what he thinks of Saka and hopefully he will develope under him,he is certainly heading in the right direction.

  5. I agree with you jj but he cannot sort everything overnight,we will have to be patient,I still feel that some of the current group are not good enough and i am sure Arteta knows where he needs to strengthen and what players he needs to off load between now and next season.

  6. Arteta has impressed me but the jury will still be out for a while.

    I’ll give him to the end of the season.

    Hopefully he will continue to impress

    Anyway, beating United always feels good

  7. I believe in Arteta to turn things around……the players are beginning to shed that past gloom….we only need a couple more wins to bring their confidence back…..I believe….

    1. He’s waiting for Arteta to fail, so that he can pounce again with his Emery crap. Long may you wait, cos MA ain’t failing.
      The players believe in him. They’ve bought into his ideas. You could see Luiz, fighting. Even Xhaka no longer looks slow. Ozil is a changed player.
      They’re working on their fitness levels. The moment they hit it, we’ll see high pressing games, for 90mins.
      We’re on 27points, with 17games to go. Is anyone here still worried about relegation? Certainly not me.

      Happy new year Gooners!

    2. I remember him in one post saying that he had already seen the new year in 13 hours ahead of GMT, so on that reckoning he may be tucked up in bed

    3. He fell into a coma watching videos of Arsenal while Emery was manager.
      Even @agu”I’ve got my tongue stuck up Emery’s arse” ment couldn’t stay awake watching that garbage

  8. Morning Transfer Window Lickers!

    To me the perfect day is when we win and Spuds lose……………yesterday was the best day of the decade!

    So glad for Captain Black, he was always my choice years ago!…………..I may be more nutty than the contents of a squirrels rectum, but I know my stuff!……………Mikel`s only problem will be Kroenke , but if anyone can make average to good players better then it is someone with Mikel`s obvious passion, intelligence and man management.
    With hindsight it was probably better that Mikel did spend the extra 18 months under Guardiola whilst the greasy haired vampire sucked the blood out of our team.

    1. Le Coq, now that Emery is no longer head coach, can we please move on, support Arteta and stop the denigration of a man who coached Arsenal to 5th place and the Europa League final?

  9. Our Board made the wrong decision when they appointed Emery, but there is no need to be disrespectful towards him on a personal basis.

    1. But the fans (including me) were thinking that he had no experience. But not, the Board were on the verge of appointing him.
      The Board saw what we couldn’t but we took them to be unserious.

  10. Everybody has been playing awesome for Arsenal, since Arteta took charge. The positives were obvious in spite of our loss in the last game, except for those that intentionally turn a blind eye. Nelson needs to up his game though, but he’s also playing for the team, supporting the full back behind him. Am I saying this too soon?….. WE HAVE OUR ARSENAL BACK!! 😀😀. COYG!…. onwards and upwards.

  11. Saka has great potential and he is really growing into game – will be good to have more cover so that he can sit a bit and maybe even play in his “good” position. Talk about taking advantage of opportunity – to the point of turning oneself into a fullback!

    I was very happy to see him come on in the second half as I was really scared that Kolasinac was going to be sent off and he did well. While Kolasinac is better going forward – he can be really good – he scares me in our own end – we have a few of those guys who will just stick feet in, grab and pull.

    1. was just looking at and they have Saka listed as an Academy midfielder, may need an update!

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