Arteta fears for more COVID trouble when players travel soon

Mikel Arteta has expressed his fears over football players travelling for international duty soon, in the midst of a spike in covid19 infections.

Players will be expected to join up with their national teams next month for a few international matches despite the rising cases of covid19 around the world.

The Premier League has been very careful with the handling of the virus and they have kept most of their players and staff safe so far.

But when the competition is suspended for the international games, the guidelines that the Premier League has put together to protect their players can only help so far.

Arteta who caught the virus back in March admitted that the Government, Premier League, and club’s plan to keep everyone safe has been working.

But when players travel to their different continents, the club will only expect and hope that their players will stick to the safety guidelines.

Arteta said via Sun Sports: “We have much more information right now than we had many months ago when that happened.

“The bubbles that the Premier League, the clubs and the Government have been able to create to try to keep everybody as safe as possible are working really, really well.

“But we all know that the issue is still there.

“It is not going away and we have to keep the same approach and be always very careful, very conservative and try to maintain this business because it is really important in many, many aspects.

“We are lucky in our profession that we have found a way. Not many professions can say that.

“Let’s respect that and try to keep going in the best possible way.

“Obviously when everyone has to fly away to very different countries, I think at the moment it’s a little bit of an experience.

“We don’t know what the outcome is. We want to believe that they are going to follow a lot of things that are implemented and working well so fingers crossed we don’t get any bad news.”

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