Arteta feels Saliba needs to forget last season and start again

After working so hard to sign him, it seems as though he is not yet ready to be part of the Arsenal first team.

Sky Sports has reported that Arsenal could be looking to send Saliba out on loan again for this season as he doesn’t seem to be part of Arteta’s immediate plans.

After paying £30million to sign the highly rated defender from Saint Etienne last year he only joined up with Arsenal this summer after it was agreed that he would stay on loan with Saint Etienne. And seeing as he did not feature in the Carabao Cup win over Liverpool on Thursday night it seems more and more likely that he will be on the way out for this season on another loan spell..

It comes as Arteta speaking to Sky Sports after the win against Liverpool midweek said that he feels that William needs to go out and gain some more experience:

“He had a year last year where Arsenal loaned him to St Etienne and that was a transition year for him. For many reasons, that wasn’t the transition year that he needed because he had a lot of injuries, some personal injuries and also with COVID and the French league getting cancelled, he didn’t have that year. He needs that year of transition and we are trying to make the right decisions for him to give him the best transitional year for him to have the player we want in our future.”

It would be a shame to send him back out on loan without giving him a chance to show what he is capable of, but as we have been doing so far, we have to trust the Arteta process and if he comes back an even better player, than I am sure we won’t be complaining. Gooners?

Shenel Osman


  1. No please just give him a bit game time so he adapt is a good guy that’s why he joined our arsenal we love to see him in first xi start

  2. From what I’ve read, Saliba has had a tough time. Fulham might be ok – he’d be kept busy at least and stay in London too.

    1. Everyone keeps ignoring that fact, ther read the place Arteta said he’s been through personal injuries but no on seems to care, it’s all about him playing and not about ho
      w he’s been coping for the last months

      1. Eddie
        I did say he’d had a rough time especially with the passing of his Mum. My joke about Fulham unfortunately misfired

        1. Yea I read that, my comment wasn’t even aimed at you.
          I think a loan back to France would be best for him, as long as there’s no pressure on him to be a Van Djik like our fanbase expected

      2. Interesting point about his personal problems Eddie – does it remind you of another players situation and how the fans are not the least bit interested in their problems – just how much they earn?
        No names no pack drill, just a thought for us all to consider, as it could be one of a few players couldn’t it?

  3. “…Highbury bore me, Richmond and Kew
    Undid me…”
    In the hands of Arteta and Edu everything becomes dust. Poor William, your dream of Asn’l turned out to be just that – a dream. Let him go to Leeds, or Fulham, and become a starplayer.
    Arteta is really a strange character. That jesuit priest… Ruthless when it isn’t necessary, to weak when he must be hard. Another Ignatius of Loyola.
    Champions League in three years will rather be Championship in three years.

      1. I’m sorry, Val, but I can’t see anything to be positive about in this matter. But I promise you not to visit this depressing site of gossip and slander after the 5th. Before the transfer window closes – I jump.

        1. Don’t you think you’re setting yourself up for a season of misery? I mean like if all you choose to see is the negatives then you’d be stuck complaining every match day and you’d pretty be less excited bout the club. It’s not as if the rest of don’t see the failings of the club, we do but we can’t all complain every day can we?

        2. Jump where? off the top of a tall building?

          No seriously though, I really don’t think you understand anything regarding this young man at all.

          We bought him for the future, that was made quite clear when we signed him last season. He was never going to go straight into the starting line up, regardless of who the manager would be this season.

          The idea from our side to loan him back was to give him more opportunities to gain more experience last season.
          It didnt really go to to plan for the club or the player in regards to his development, he played 12 games, Covid happened and the French FA cancelled the season back in March, he also had alot of injuries and he lost his mum.

          He’s 19 – 19!!!!

          There isn’t many CB’s that would be straight into the back line of a club the size of Arsenal at that age. HE has alot of potential, that is obvious but in football terms now, he’s still a rookie.

          I’m pretty sure that he would have been loaned out this season anyway to a EPL team to gain that extra experience playing in a league that he hasn’t played in.

          I can tell you one thing, Ligue 1 is NOTHING on the premier league in terms of how tough it is to play in and any professional player who has played on both will say the same thing.

          Most people who are up in arms about this hasnt even seen the kid play and take everything on what is printed in the papers or what they read online. A large % of fans here havent even been to an Arsenal game in their life let alone a premier league game.
          Instead they watch highlights! HIGHLIGHTS!
          What the hell can you tell about a player or game based on a 4 min highlight reel???? sod all i tell you. Its like basing your opinions off of a youtube video that has a players ENTIRE best moments on a 10 min clip that spans 5 seasons.
          I mean come on, its like watching a start wars trailer that has all the best bits in a 30 sec clip and you expect it to be the best movie ever but when you watch the fall movie you fall asleep half way through.

          Now I’ve played the game professionally. I was a coach at a league 1 side for 30 years after i retired due to injury .
          I’ve supported the mighty Arsenal all my life and live 500yrds away from The Emirates, so when someone like you talks so much waffle that birdseye are looking over their shoulders it really does Vex me.

          I really do hope more people like you stay away from this site in the future because most of us have life experience’s to be able to look at things in a realistic view, not pessimistic. Instead of screaming views that are so absurd its stupid.

          1. Val, what a reply to such a negative post/person.
            Would love to read your views/thoughts on the AW article and how you view him from our club’s perspective.
            sounds as if you lived the dream – good on you!!!

            1. Thanks Ken

              I’ll give it a look tomorrow, now its time to open the Whisky and get my old legs to bed soon

  4. Robert,your unjustifiable ranting is becoming a bore.Have you ever thought of seeking professional help?

  5. Lyon have apparently informed the French media that Houssem Aouar and Memphis Depay will stay at the club. I’m not disappointed after I saw Squawka comparison of Aouar’s/ Ceballos’/ Xhaka;s/ Guendouzi’s/ Torreira’s last season stats:

    Ceballos was the best with the highest touches, ball recoveries, assists, chances created, passes attempted, tackles made, take-on success percentage and interception stats, despite playing in less games. If Lyon want 50 M for Houssem Aouar, we could have bought Ceballos for 30 M and have extra 20 M to buy someone else

    1. Bouhafsi just personally reported the same thing.. Arsenal wanna disgrace me😥😥
      I’ve boasted everywhere😭😭😂😂
      Now I need to hide my head in shame😭
      I’m staying positive though, till Monday👌

      1. Looking at the stats, it’s apparent that Aouar played as CAM behind a striker last season. Whereas Ceballos only played twice as no 10 and played as deep-lying playmaker afterwards

        My point is why gamble on some central midfielders in a peasant league like Ligue 1, when we could have bought a highly skillful and versatile midfielders who we’ve been testing in two seasons

  6. Arteta sucks. After telling us that every player has a clean slate but the opposite is what we are seeing. Saliba and Gabriel Maghalles should be sold. We don’t need Auorar. What do we need Partey for. Our defence should be Socratis, Holding and Kolasinac.

    1. Buying a new player is always a gamble. Thomas Partey could be our new Patrick Vieira, but he could also be the next Xhaka, Moussa Sissoko, Renato Sanches, Corentin Tolisso, Tanguy Ndombele and Max Meyer

      Those powerful box-to-box CMs were more promising than Partey, but they flop at their new clubs. My point is why gamble on some central midfielders from a peasant league like Ligue 1, when we could have bought a highly skillful and versatile midfielders who we’ve been testing in two seasons

  7. Fabrizio from 50 yaaaaaaaards😭😭😭😭

    “OL board have stopped negotiations with Arsenal for Houssem Aouar.

    #AFC made clear they won’t pay €50m + add ons [€60m total] asked by Aulas and OL told to Arsenal that the deal is over.

    No Juventus, PSG or Real Madrid on last 2 days. Arsenal was the only chance. ⛔️ #Aouar”

    Who next? Partey? Let me start apologizing to everyone I gave hope😥😥.
    Identify yourselves let me apologize.
    I have shame😭😭

      1. Sue why did he do it? I’m about to see Plane rentals tonight blow the roof with a #KroenkeOut banner tomorrow flying over the Emirates or another We care do you?😂😂

      1. If you tell me that again.. I’ll stab you in the neck😭😭😭
        David Ornstein once said Arsenal had backup plans for Aouar, now I’m wondering who… It better not be fücking Jorginho!!
        Man don’t tell me anything can still happen before Monday, all of my positivism from the start of the window for this season just went off

            1. I don’t want De Bruyne’s love child either, wouldn’t surprise me though… desperate measures….

              1. Sue I know this is silly😂😂but what if all of these were made up so in the end it comes out Arsenal will pay that £40M +10M add-ons Kieron said was a done deal??
                Call me crazy I know😂😂

                1. It’s a nice thought, Eddie…there’s still time, can’t help feeling crushed right now… oh and Torreira passed his medical 🤪

  8. I was right. Arsenal transfer window was another failure. Heads need to roll. Without any competition, Arsenal could not land their primary target, Houssem Aouar. The opportunities surprisingly came to get rid of all the fringe players, but,very poor negotiations have led to all of them remaining at club. Was this a sabotage by crooked Edu and the corrupt board? Arteta should seriously consider his options and leave Arsenal in it’s mess. Firstly, a look at the players signed, Pablo Mari, on loan ,played only 2 premier league games, got injured, did not look good enough defensively against Manchester city, but given 4 years contract. Poor decision. Cedric Spares, came in the squad injured on loan, never played a game, but, given a four year contract on a free transfer, Bad decision. Willian, was not needed, because Arsenal is overstocked with younger promising players in his position. Young talents must be given game time to gain experience. One good game from him and now what. Again, although, we got him on a free transfer, his age,wages and length of contract, is not a progressive move. He presence stunches the growth of Nelson, Saka and Pepe. The combined salaries of Mari,Soares and Willian could help Arteta land Aouar or Partey. The one good thing that came out of this transfer is Gabriel. I hope Arsenal can make the top four, but, chances are slim, because of weak midfield.

  9. Some people claim that we should just pay Lyon what they want.

    Have they forgotten that we just grossly overpaid for Pepe last year and to some extent, Laca a few years ago?

    Do they not remember that our recent big-money signings from Ligue 1, like Laca and Pepe, have not gone on to become the great players we thought they would be?

    When we overpay, we are just depriving ourselves of funds that could be used to sign other much-needed players.

    I’m not saying don’t sign players who are unproven at the highest level. I’m saying don’t assume that we will always get what we pay for. Understand the risks involved and pay an amount that commensurates to the risks we are undertaking. Don’t simply be pushed around by the seller

  10. Probably now Jorginho incoming, and the club trying to convince Arsenal how great he is.
    Hate to think so negative, but we too often settle for less, and get stuck for next several years. Pick your examples from our roster. Arsenal know what the prices are, but mostly window shop and talk.

    1. Two months ago I suggested Doucoure of Watford whether or not the rumours concerning Partey were true or not.For 20m he must be the best buy Everton has made in years.Our failure to act on Doucoure who was consistently good in a very average side,leaves me frustrated as to me he was a cut above our current group of central midfielders.

  11. Arteta’s believe is more on experience than capabilities. Seliba, Gouendouzi, Martinelli, and Nelson gonna find it hard to be compete equally with experienced players. Look at Lampard, he finished in top4, but using players of the same age bracket. It’s all about what the coach believes in

  12. We won’t see him play under MA and even if he stays he will be benched as MA seems not interested in playing old regime signings…sad but it’s there for everyone to see. He prefers William over Pepe, Nkeitiah over Martenelli and now looks like Saliba is not wanted either. If he was not in a good place emotionally and away from family as some of us claim then why are we not sending him back on loan to the club he came from instead of sending him on loan to some other french club. He will be in different city away from his family if that is reason as some sighted then moving to completely different city is same as moving to a London because distance between London and his home town is not much, he can travel every weekend. I feel propel are now making excuses for MA and the board. We signed a defender who did not play football for long time as well like Saliba and he came from same league same country but he was thrown in straight away so that can not be used as a reason to not even give him a small cameo since the season started. With a team who has elneny, Xhaka, Luiz, holding and Bellerin as starters won’t get us any where …who are we lying to?? We will another FA cup maybe or this time carlling cup finish in top 6 back to UEFA cup again next season while the fans will put this failure on board for not signing quality players but forget a out the crap we have signed with Edu and MA incharge. When you give extension to quality like Luiz not even in his prime I would have him in any team, over the hill avg over the hill player like Willian who’s best ever return in season was 8 assist and 8 goals, Cedric who spent more time in treatment room then on the pitch in his loan spell which was suppose to be used as trial same goes for Mari a world class defender who in his prime played for a team in Brazil and did nothing on loan again as he was injured. But then we are Arsenal we like to waste money on such players, give them absurd contracts, run old age home, run as health insurance company for signing and paying injured players….after all this we cry every season for wage bill and dead wood.

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