Arteta, Flam and Rosicky deserve a rousing send off from Arsenal fans

Saying Goodbye to Arsenal Players this Sunday!

Arsenal play their final game of the season this Sunday against relegated Aston Villa at home. In a game that Arsenal should definitely win (not jinxing it), it will be a chance to say goodbye to some of Arsenal’s current long serving players.

Manager Arsene Wenger has said that we could be saying goodbye to three Arsenal stars on Sunday with Arteta, Rosicky and Flamini all likely to leave the club. Wenger stated in a press conference: “Mikel Arteta has been a great leader. All these players we have a decision to make: do they continue as a player or become a coach?

“Tomas Rosicky has been here for 10 years, Flamini has been a leader on and off the pitch. One or two of them could play on Sunday.”

Club captain Mikel Arteta could feature for the Gunners in which will see Arsenal fans say goodbye for his excellent contributions over the last few years. Arteta’s earlier years at the club brought some very good memories, but recently fans have not seen much of the midfielder. A £10 million buy from Everton saw Arteta become a pivotal player in our midfield and although he may not seem like the calibre of player we would like to attract now, back in 2011, he was celebrated as being a player who would add something special to our midfield. Arteta has gone on to make over 100 Premier League appearances for the Gunners and has been our club captain since Thomas Vermaelen left for Barcelona. Although Arteta has spent a lot of his time injured or not in the squad, especially these last two seasons, his presence has been ever consistent off the pitch, as he concentrates on pairing his coaching badges with his current club captaincy duties. There have been rumours Arteta may be off to Manchester City as a coach, and apparently Tottenham are keen as well, whilst Arsenal do not seem too concerned on taking Arteta on as a coach. This surprises me but I guess we will have to see where our captain ends up next season.

Tomas Rosicky signed for the Gunners from Dortmund back in 2006 and looked to be a promising creative player for the club. Injuries have largely ruined in the majority of his time in North London, however we have seen some magical moments under our ‘Little Mozart’. Rosicky is due the utmost support for his time at the club and deserves a good send off if we get the chance to see him play this Sunday.

Flamini is a character who although may not always be in favour of the fans, is a loyal servant to the club and has put his heart on the line for Arsenal on more than one occasion. Prone to making errors and picking up a booking, Flamini can tear the hair out of Arsenal fans on occasion, but his commitment and passion for Arsenal football club needs to be respected and I’m sure Wenger will give him a run out on Sunday.

As Wenger stated all three players are expected to leave the club this summer as their contracts run out. One or two may get to play for the Arsenal one final time this Sunday and my guesses could be Flamini and Rosicky. Arteta may not be fit enough to captain the side but I’m sure he will be on the pitch at the end with the rest of the boys.


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  1. ……..

    Only two of them should stay next season

  2. I’m sure they’ll get a decent reception/send off. Arteta might remain as a coach, Id be glad enough of that. Petty we didn’t get to Rosicky this season, I think he could still do a job for some club willing to play him sparingly. If they can stay patient enough, he’ll give his new club a master class performance or two.

  3. I’d like to see Arteta join the coaching staff. I think he was made captain of Arsenal not necessarily because of his leadership qualities, (he never seemed vocal enough on the pitch to be captain for me) but rather because he is very smart and reads the game very well.

    Also, I’ve seen rumours that Pep wants to make him a part of his own coaching staff at City, and we cant let another of our own go to help them win things can we?

    And I really hope Rosicky gets to play on sunday. Despite not playing much these last few years, I always liked him a lot as an Arsenal player.

  4. Of the trio,Rosicky is my favourite player, a joy to watch and always smiling….

    I wish them well after their Arsenal life,,thanks for the memories….

  5. No time for being sentimental, we need to field our strongest team against Villa and only if we have a comfortable lead during the last 10 – 15 minutes should the leaving trio be given some game time.

    There’s nothing wrong with them walking out on to the pitch at full- time and waving goodbye! ? … what? ? …
    You are sentimental for players who have not contributed anything to the team for years, yet they were still paid weekly sums that you probably won’t even earn in a year,
    But you have no sentiments for the old deluded one? ?

    Think about that for a second! ? ? ?

    1. You are spot on, the job is not done yet. Man city kick off at the same time as us, if they win and we lose it is CL qualifiers for us. That means disrupted pre-season and difficult games when some of our players could still be at the euros.

      Aston villa may be in dire straights but they have nothing to lose, we have a lot to lose. We need our strongest squad, fully motivated from kick off to final whistle and no slip ups.

      Sentimentality can come after we have won or drawn, not before.

  6. I hope Wenger signs good players to take over the great #7…


  7. Flam loves Arsenal, and will always be a legend after those two goals against the Spuds!

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