Arteta full of praise for ‘great example’ Xhaka

Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta has hailed the praises of Granit Xhaka in his most recent press conference.

The midfielder had a tough time at the turn of the year, and was even believed to be considering leaving the club in the winter window, but the Spanish boss persuaded him to stay put.

Xhaka has since reemerged as a key player for Arsenal, and the manager has moved to praise his character and effort.

When asked at the Arsenal press conference whether Granit Xhaka had overcome his difficulties, Arteta replied:”Absolutely. He’s a player whose commitment goes beyond anything normal. He leaves every drop of blood on that football pitch every day and he does the same in training.

“For me, he’s a great example to any other team-mate, the way he looks after himself and lives his profession.

“I’m really happy that we could convince him to stay, give him another opportunity, learn from the mistake that he made and as well appreciate the player and the person that we have at the club, and support them.

“When someone has a difficult moment, we are right behind them. We can give them another chance.”

While Xhaka has improved under the new coach and his attitude and effort is worth noting, I still don’t rate him as being good enough to build the midfield around, and talk of a move for Thomas Partey will surely see the Swiss international either benched or sold ahead of the new campaign.

Would Xhaka get in the starting line-up of any other top six side? Would Partey and Xhaka be able to play together in midfield?


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  1. I disagree with Robert.
    If Xhaka will keep being this player he is under Arteta I’ll gladly keep him.
    I’ve not been his greatest fan, and this isn’t eve cause he got a goal last night, this is just me being unbiased and without sentiments.
    Xhaka seems like the sort of player we need under Arteta. Let your dislikes, let his past mistakes cover up the truth in your eyes, but the fact remains with my eyes I’ve seen him play improved massively under Arteta both performance wise and statistically.
    Ignore it if you want, Xhaka and Saka both share a telepathic bond on the pitch.
    We questioned why Wenger spent that amount on him, I did too, but maybe… Just maybe this is what Wenger saw in him and Xhaka’s meant to fulfill his prime under Arteta.
    Like I’ve always stressed for years now, Xhaka was never a ball winning midfielder, that’s what we’ve been craving.
    I’d love to see him play alongside Partey.
    They could form our very own Fernandinho-Gundogan midfield pair

  2. I just dont rate xhaka, he isnt good enough to get us anywhere near where we want to be. The longer he is around, the longer we will linger. Substandard player, who is part of our mediocre form for the past 4 years.

    1. I think you are wrong Reggie, everyone knows Henderson is an average midfielder but when paired with a good player we all see what he offers, and Xhaka is way better than Hendenson, Xhaka and Partey combination will be so sweet that every team will fair us.

      1. Exactly… I don’t get why people keep thinking every team needs Xavi-Iniesta or Modric-Kroos at the base of midfield.

        I bet people would jump at the chance to sign Arthur from Barca, but because he doesn’t work well with De Jong, he’s getting swapped for Pjanic.
        You found the perfect example, Henderson is a poor player when compared to Xhaka, but look what he turned out to be under Klopp’s midfield.
        People just want to discredit Xhaka no matter what.
        Not his biggest fan, but going by his performances under Arteta, he’s what we need. Just need to get his partner right

      2. Henderson is a far far better player than xhaka, Henderson does a job and he does it well. Xhaka cant tackle, is rash, cant dictate games, far from it and is part of our problems. How you can rate Henderson in a par with xhaka is ridiculous. Next time watch Henderson and watch how he fills spaces and protects the players behind him, he isnt rash either. I want success for Arsenal and we wont get it with mediocrity, which xhaka brings, he isnt a top six player, in fact i would have any of the midfield of the present top 6 than xhaka.

        1. I’ll take Xhaka over Henderson in a heartbeat…… I bet you’d love Xhaka if he was playing in Liverpool’s team. Henderson just happens to be in team where all the members combine well together. I’ve watched him for seasons, he’s an average player, as pointed out by Lenohappy. I do agree that Xhaka is kind of average too, but in my opinion, he’s better than Henderson.

          1. Wow, i really cant believe that Arsenal fans are saying xhaka over Henderson. Im sure Liverpool fans aren’t begging for it, in fact i know two that definitely aren’t, they dont rate xhaka at all.

  3. Interesting to see, not only how he is responding under MA, but also how he looks as if he is enjoying himself, along with the rest of the squad.

    Could it be that he is allowed to play his natural game, without the pressure of those fans who have been so negative?

    We used to support our players, no matter how they were playing, but that has changed.

    Two examples :
    Xhaka receiving vile abuse when he was substituted and had the “nerve” to respond in kind.
    Mustafi being booed and sworn at before he even entered the pitch, when coming on as substitute in the pre season Emirates Cup.

    The toxic atmosphere was bad enough as a supporter, what it must be like for players is impossible to imagine.

    No wonder we have struggled at home, The Emirates and Highbury used to be a place that our players loved to play at, now it seems they are scared to have the ball at their feet and get rid of it asap.

    They also read what is being said on the Internet, as Bellerin was quick to condemn the awful tirade of abuse directed at him by some of our fans.

    Perhaps these fans should read and digest what Mikel Arteta has said about Xhaka and then start supporting him and the rest of the squad – now watch these fans state their supreme right to do exactly what they want, as they have paid their money – yet fail to see what harm they are doing to individual players and the club… being absolutely horrified and hurt when they receive the same treatment.

    If you give it out, prepare and accept to get it back.

    1. Ken, you kept telling us that Arteta rated Ozil because he plays him and us thickos didn’t know what we were on about. Where is he now?

      1. Reggie, I have never called anyone “Thicko” as you put it and Ozil is where Mikel Arteta thinks he should be at present, just as he thinks Xhaka is a great player…. and there is the problem Reggie.
        You seem to think that I believe that because I defend Ozil when he is the scapegoat for any ills that the club suffers, I put him above the club.

        SO WRONG my friend – what I defend is the player ( be it Ozil. Xhaka, Mustafi. Bellerin.) against those who are so intent on destroying a player, they accuse said player with blinkers on for all our ills.

        If MA decides to let Ozil go, he will have my support – if he decides to keep him, will he have yours?

        1. Ken, you said Ozil is a great player, where is he. I suggest that xhaka will go the same way as ozil, down the pan because neither are good enough, its just taking Arteta longer to find out than most of us. But of course Arteta new Ozil was worth his place in the team according to you, as you informed us we didn’t know what Arteta knows. And i didn’t say you called us/ me a thicko, i just made out we were thickos because we didn’t know what Arteta knew. Lol

          1. So, when Arteta selected Ozil, it was because he wanted him in the team at that time – he was vindicated for that decision as we were unbeaten in every game he selected him for, yet the trolls kept questioning Artetas decision.

            Whatever happened during the coronavirus interlude Arteta decided not to select him and hasn’t done since – I have no issue with either of the scenarios, because I believe and want Mikel Arteta to succeed.
            Look how fans who do not like Ozil reacted to those two scenarios and see the difference.

            Now you are doing exactly the same with Xhaka, despite what MA says and what we saw.

            It is your right to say what you think, just as it is my right to give my views and defend players (whoever they are) when fans decide to dump on an individual.

            It seems you agree with Artetas decisions when it suits your views, but crucify the guy he has publically praised for his commitment and performance, because you disagree.

            I asked you how committed you are to backing MA, with my final question and note you haven’t answered it.

            It seems that those who accuse fans who like Ozil, are not putting the club, ie Arteta, first – in actual fact, those who decry any of the players that Arteta sees as good enough to play in his team are the ones who are not supporting him… so care to answer the question?

            Just to remind you, if Arteta sold Ozil tomorrow, I would support him 100% along with any other player – would you support the club in the same way?

          2. No Ken you are the one who makes Artetas view suit their argument, as you did many times to a lot of people about Ozil and now you are using that old trick again. I don’t, my view is my view.

          3. Okay Reggie, let’s forget Ozil then… what about Xhaka?

            If MA decides to make Xhaka captain again and offers him a contract extension, would you support his decision?

    2. His attitude after the event is superb especially since his discussion with MA, I dont know if some fans are too blind or egoistic to admit people changes, probably to score some cheap credit they hope those players they labelled ‘not good enough ‘ commit one error or the other. As a fans, my hope is for all our ‘deadwood ‘ to get back to life if possible, and our find right tactic that works for everyone, am not supporting arsenal to be a troll or abuser of Ozil, Xhaka or mustaffi, in fact I will be happy if all of them rediscover their prime form.
      I think Xhaka is more vocal than AUBA, probably a more vocal leader, frustration made him loss the handban but his commitment and focus since, has been excellent, I hope Guendozi can be humbled and learn from that

      1. Adajim,
        Well said and that should be the thoughts of all Gooners.

        Not taking every opportunity to try and demean them, what good does that do the club?

    1. Sue, “it’s only” Sheffield United 😄😄😄
      I wonder what Maureen will come out with?

      1. 😂😂 I can’t wait to hear it, Ken, that is if he does agree to an interview 🤣🤣

        1. Blames VAR obviously.
          I so love football..
          The same Sheffield some fans were disappointed we didn’t play well even though we won, just humbled the great Bottleham

  4. Xhaka deserves to be arsenal captain, am not talking about his performance on the field but his composure, behavior, maturity on/off the pitch. All this we are lacking in that team. I think it’s time for us to get over this critics and support our players.

  5. The era of Anceloti, wenger van gaal, mouriho has gone, football has revolved past them, the new era of solkjer, Lampard, viera, xavi, Arteta is almost here, am happy we buy straight into the future, hopefully we give our own enough support or else another club might be the one to enjoy this labor of ours, I mean fans should be patient with Arteta, give him 2yrs for this rebuilding process he innitiated

  6. My God! I heard someone said Xhaka is better than Henderson. Xhaka can’t play under pressure, once you have pace and you come running at him,. A red card is around the corner. Does not tackle, looses possession easily in Dangerous areas, can’t sprint. Henderson is above him in all these areas, he’s also a great leader. I will take Henderson all day long. Besides, Xhaka won’t get into Liverpool team.

  7. Xhaka over Henderson anyday. Xhaka as a special skillset. Sad thing is just like Ozil he needs a helper.

  8. Xhaka is the master of back passes. He might have played one good game, but he doesn’t deserve to be in Arsenal team

  9. Food for thought with statistics from Arsenals website.

    Xhaka playes on avarage 19,7 forward passes per 90 minutes played. He playes on avarage 9,6 passes backwards per 90 minutes. 88,2 passing accuracy.

    Mezut Özil, Özil makes on avarage 10,9 forward passes per 90 minutes played. Özil plays on avarage 13,5 passes backwards per 90 minutes played. 88,3 passing accuracy.

    Ceballos makes on avarage 15,2 forward passes per 90 minutes played. Ceballos playes 10,6 passes backwards per 90 minutes played. 88,1 passing accuracy.

    Guendouzi makes on avarage 16,7 forward passes per 90 minutes played. Guendouzi makes on avarage 8,3 passes backwars per 90 minutes played. 88,4 passing accuracy.

    And another thing to consider with backwards passes is how well the forward players move of the ball. Many times a backward pass is forced due to lack of passing alternatives further up the field due to forwards not making themselves available.

    1. Thank you for that. Your last paragraph was needed to least show fans like Reggie why players make back passes.
      I wonder why fans think all passes should be forward, I mean should they pass the ball to opponents when there are no passing option forward? At times I ask myself do fans even watch Kroos play? Did they watch Xavi at all?
      Thanks once again for that last paragraph and your point in general.

  10. This is the Truth here.

    Xhaka is truly an average player but he can be an excellent player if the team is superb.

    Now, what you need to understand is that Xhaka is a born leader. Xhaka is highly needed in our dressing room for good 2 years.. While luiz is needed for just one year.

    On field, xhaka is average.
    Off field, xhaka is superb.

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