Arteta full of praise for our fans but I’m just glad Arsenal put the Burnley bullies in their place

I think that Mikel Arteta and the Arsenal players went into today’s game at Burnley with just one aim – “Come away with three points or die trying”, and I am proud to say that they did the job admirably, just like they did last week.

Turf Moor is a very intimidating venue, as the very loyal away fans were well aware and were reminded of at the end of the game.

But Arteta had nothing but praise for Arsenal’s travelling away fans, who gave the team support right through the game. “I’d just like to show them gratitude,” Arteta told “To come all the way here and support the team like they did, I think the players wanted to show again their appreciation.

“They were fantastic. They have been fantastic and we need them.

“We need them alongside the team because they are a big part of our team.”

Also Burnley were very clear that they were going to make life hard for our players even before a ball was kicked, and I am sure the Burnley fans took all that on board and tried to emulate the attitude of their heroes on the pitch.

I dread to think how the fans felt as they left the ground with all the hosility from Burnley following them everywhere but we should be proud that our loyal fans stood their ground and supported the team all the way.

In my mind, fans like Burnley’s and their agressive team would be better off down in the Championship, as they don’t have skills that should grace an elite League like the Premiership.

I’m not normally anti any of our opponents but I am building up an extreme dislike of violence being used as a tactic on the pitch or in the stands…

Darren N


  1. I was at the game today with my “friend” Jane from Blackpool.
    So Jane had a very very good friend Susan who lives in Blackpool but comes from Burnley. Did you know Burnley people are known as “Millfolk”? It’s reference to their industrial heritage.
    This has now come through to their football team. They are a bunch of cloggers better off working in a mill than trying to impersonate a professional footballer.
    Susan – your correct. “Millfolk”they are.
    Jane- thanks for the drive to Burnley and I hope you loved the scarf

  2. Valid article Darren. Whilst I appeciate that things aren’t always easy financially for less fashionable teams, most of them attempt to play in the right way regardless – teams like Norwich and Southampton spring to mind. Dyche encourages his teams to rough up the opposition, but is the biggest moaner around when anybody so much as blinks at his own team. Annoys me that Burnley and Dyche are romanticised by some as being a “grass roots of football” team. Not for 20 years theyre not. Like Charles Hughes, who advocated coaching the long ball game at the FA thay are dinosaurs doing more harm than good to our game, and should be seen as such.

  3. Firstly, a very good three points, with a solid defence and hardworking midfield – didn’t AMN sparkle when he came on?
    This is the kind of performance, not attacking, but giving 100% for the shirt, that we’ve been waiting for – well done to all concerned.

    What frightens me, is the way the referees are now letting obvious fouls go unpenalised, in order to keep the game flowing.
    How many times have we seen clubs like Stoke, West Brom, Bolton and now Burnley get away with this kind of football, under the pretext of “playing to their strengths”?
    Ramsey, Eduardo and Diaby were all Arsenal players who were given career ending challenges, using this outdated, moronic saying.

    I know it’s a physical and contact game, but when will our referees learn to control a game properly?
    AND when will the pundits and media start calling them out – players need protecting!!!

    1. Agree, ken, it is the official’s responsibility to set the standard as to drawing the line between physicality and illegal thuggery. Even Alex Ferguson sent his Manchester United (with all their resources) to kick Arsenal, because they couldn’t match them toe to toe playing football.
      At least the bulk of the Arsenal players toughed it out for the 1-0 win. Tierney, Aubameyang, Saka and ESR need to get back in form quickly. Pepe should have had an assist and he and Pepe must get better service to bring them into play. Like you said the substitutions of Lokonga and AMN were good and both will push for a start.

    2. Yeah, all day long I am for instantly punishing dangerous fouls. Epl should stop that mindset, it’s not the only league in football. It’s affiliated to Uefa and Fifa. Other leagues are not having reckless refereeing as England. The refereeing of Leicester Vs Napoli shows how fouling are punished beyond England, and all those leagues are giving England a run for their money.

  4. Hopefully Arteta will address the lack of goals in the team.. It feels as if the more Arteta’s vision take shape, the weaker we get attacking wise.

    1. Listen , we paid 14 a ton of money to solve our problem. Just like all these overpaid slackers who had it good prior, who Now can’t indulge in their own fantasy’s Xkaka in point have been put on notice

      Leno hasn’t won anything with arsenal we won the FA cup with Martinez in goals remember? He thinks that he’s no1 he should play like a no1 it’s sickening how the media has tried to divide our club by making arteta look like he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Leno need to grow up and stop pouting. Wenga football is-dead, Arteta ball is come long live the King!

      Arteta is our manager and a damn good footballer we was our captain and wenga trusted him. He’s good pals with metsaker. I was utterly ashamed of our supporters when they surrounded our manager such children should not be part of our fan base, just like the wenger our brigade they should be supporting spurs it’s a disgrace, we have to support our manager, he will be better for it, he loves this club and he will be a better manager that gaurdiola I promise.

  5. Goal difference 2-9 in 5 games, 2 hard fought wins with the other bottom half teams… in my wiev we win cause we have better players in each spot, we dont have a team. Arteta manage midfield tactics but fail in defence and mostly in the attacking tactics imo..

    Glad we got the points, think we gonna need em. Hope im wrong but cant see Arteta as a long term succés for us, he lacks man managing skill aswell…

    1. So what exactly did he do wrong? Wasn’t the team selection exactly what we hoped for? When ESR was through on goal, was it Arteta that told him to side foot the ball instead of pitting his foot through it? If he had changed any of the personnel in the team, you still would have complained. Who is he man managing that is wrong? Saliba? Guendozi? Did they play for is yesterday? What exactly did he do wrong? The team did absolutely well. I’m sure you complained when he signed Tomiyasu. I’m sure you hated Ramsdale’s signing. But they are doing well. Let’s get off our high horse and realize that we are building from scratch. The Arsenal we used to know is gone and this is what we have now. We won’t buy 100m pound players. We will build from the Academy. We won’t pay bogus wages. This is where we are and it is what it is. So if you won’t support the team and appreciate good articles, then pls just……

    2. Arteta’s tactics were spot on, his instructions during the game to tweak things were spot on, his substitutions were spot on. From this display it looks like the players are all on board with him and fighting for him.

      Unless your a fan that believes what the pundits and the media have had to say all summer, which is always Arsenal in crisis. This was the Second game these players have had together since getting them back from Covid and injuries and the Euros, we haven’t conceded a goal and won 2 games. We’re 4 wins in 5 if we beat Wimbledon Wednesday and so far 8 goals scored 5 conceded in the last 4. The first 3 games including the Champions and champions elect, we were 9 players away from our strongest 11. This team would easily beat Brentford in that first game and we has Leno, Laca, Lokonga and Tavares on the bench.

      I too like David don’t get your point other than looking for any fault you can find in Arteta. Like some impatient fans always talking crap on here. Just because he’s not a massive name manager they crave. You know one of those mangers we can’t afford, doesn’t want to have to do things like developing players and a squad. Instead preferring to have 100’s of millions already in the squad and spending the same themselves.

      Good luck with that and if that’s what you want go support Chelsea

      1. “Instead preferring to have 100’s of millions already in the squad and spending the same themselves.”
        Our squad is worth 400 million plus
        And Arteta as just spent 150 mill
        Stop talking crap and belittling other fans because their opinions differs from yours

        1. You are so right Dan, these puppets praise the novice for struggling to score aginat the bottom 2 in the epl. I have always said, we have a team and looks even more this season (currently) BUT again the novices tactics just plainly restricts the players, they all walk up the pitch with no individuality, hit a roadblock, they go back instead of trying to go around.
          Look at the players, no moving to create space, only flashes of creativity all due to the novice.
          His substitutions are still a joke. Like that idiot west ham manager who got a subbed player to take a last min penalty, the novice works on emotions, the worst performing players and an on the day off form who should have been taken off were left on … pea and saka.
          I accept ANY Arsenal win, i criticise tactics which leave me wondering whether we can win UNLIKE the good ole days when a draw or loss against thesr teams was more a shock

      2. Good fight, and definetly Lucky.
        But way too slow the pasning, nearly no runs. Why is our game always so slow, the ball, almost stopping on the halfway, slowly and sleepy football. This way we will never be able to take controle of any game, but be depending on the mersy of the opponent, and on the defence having a very good day.
        Im realy not convinced, but realy hoping this somehow is a very small step in the right direction. A better team would have eaten us alive yesterday.

        1. Yeah that’s an issue for me too, in the final third we don’t seem to move the ball quick enough. A few times yesterday we made the right decision but the accuracy and intensity was lacking on the final ball. I’m putting it down to match sharpness. At least 8 of the starting 11 are not up to match fitness and the team needs to gel too

  6. Tonny what is your point here? What wrong did Arteta do? We need to stop the unnecessary criticism when it is not called for. May I reiterate that Arteta is still a young manager who needs our support not disparagement!

    1. I guess u can count winning by only 1 goal, not able to score from open play, same attempts and same attempts on goal as Burnley.

      Supper happy about 3point and back to back win. Positives….. new additions this season seems to be good but and making team better. Defence seems to be improving presently, though too early days. Ødegaard seems to be consistent and will improve midfield along with Partey (if he stays free) and Sambi.

      What we need to improve is scoring goals.
      Saka seems to worn out after euro. Tierney, Pepe and ESR still not in full form. Auba completely lost. If we get these players back to playing their last season levels, we will be good.

      Though concerned about teams performance this season, overall hiring strategy seems to be good. Another 3-4 additions with aim to upgrade playing 11 will be great

  7. Well said, teams like this have no place at the top table of the English league just like Stoke and their back where the deserve and belong. I can’t believe that some of our idiotic negative fan base wanted that neandertholic cry baby Dyche as our manager. 3 games 3 Xhaka type challenges no red card for Burnley. How the hell have they gone 109 games without a red card is strange and worrying.

    I have to praise the match officials on the game Saturday they did well. Dyche was confused and crying about not getting a pen, idiot. Ramsdale won the ball and the attacker dived, well done to the refs giving the correct decision. The only thing that was missing was a yellow for simulation trying to con the ref, the gk hardly touched him.

    What made me laugh was Barnes buying a soft free kick in the first half from Gabriel. All game he was pushing, kicking and throwing his elbows about. Then falls on the floor like a fairy when Gabriel out muscled him. Dyche got his tactics wrong we got ours right. It impressed me how the boys stuck to their game and didnt get dragged down to the Burnley level.

    This is the second game this group of players have played together and signs are good. I’m looking forward to seeing what they will look like being together for 6 months. Unfortunately due to covid, the Euros and injuries we having to have our pre season now. But we’ll done Arsenal, let’s get some youngsters and fringe players in against Wimbledon. Get the win which will make it 4 wins in our last 5 then onto The Spuds Sunday making it 5 from 6 and putting us level on pts with them.


  8. Kudos to the fans!

    OT: what happened to Mr. “Spend-some-money!” a.k.a Hafiz Rahman? Only JustArsenal veterans will remember him 😂 He would have been so happy with the spending right now.

  9. Did you go to the game. Did you see a group of Arsenal fans march around the ground before the game singing Burnley’s a shitehouse We want to go home. Did you see the group of away fans taunting the Burnley fans as they left the ground ? Think you are looking through very Red glasses.!!!

  10. Completely agree with the article. Violence in all its forms should be banned from football and hooligans have no place in football. We should be all proud of our fellow Arsenal fans who were great and stood their ground.

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