Arteta discusses the summer window and is full of praise for the Kroenkes – “they are fully committed”

Their have been some tough times for Arsenal fans since the Kroenkes came to the club, but in recent times we certainly can’t deny that they have backed Arteta and Edu and trusted them to take the Gunners back to where they belong in the top tier of European football.

Everything started to come together after the Kroenkes gained full control of Arsenal and Edu and Arteta were put in place to execute their long term ‘process’ for success, and right now it looks like we are further ahead that any of us would have believed at the end of last season.

This is what Arteta had to say on Kroenkes stewardship: ‘It took some time to position themselves where they wanted, in terms of how much of the club they own and how much they could decide and how much they could really benefit the club in the way they believe is the right way to take it,’ Arteta said.

‘I believe they were really patient in exactly the right way. Now they have shown they are fully committed, they have big ambitions and they are fully behind the club to give everything they can to make it successful.

‘I am convinced the owners will continue to do everything they can to make us very successful and continue to invest in the club in the right way.’

Obviously the next step will be continue our squad building this summer, to gain even more quality players for our assault on the Champions League, but Arteta insists they won’t be just buying expensive players without being careful and prudent.

‘When it is necessary for the right profile of players and we can afford it, it will make sense,’ Arteta told ESPN.

‘But only if it is the right profile, the right price and we can afford it without damaging ourselves.

‘That’s a really, really thin line and I think we have to have a lot of discipline as well.’

Well I for one certainly have faith in Arteta and Edu to bring in the right players for Arsenal. They have had astounding success with transfers (except for the occasional Willian) since they started ‘the process’

Long may it continue!

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  1. If we can sign Vlahovic/ Raphinha and extend Saliba’s/ Saka’s contracts, I think we’ll win EPL and UCL next season

    1. Both strikers turned us down and as per the Boss, if they do not want to be here, Period! We’ve had enough conmen over here (do not wish to mention them or else the 885 club would be hurt) Saka & Saliba, there is a high probability they will stay here.
      After being conned for so many years, the owners knew they finally had a honest, sincere, dedicated, passionate, hardworking, knowledgeable, ex professional AFC player as the manager, so they supported him. They are not billionaires without a reason.

      1. I agree that we should only sign players who really want to play for us, but Vlahovic’s and Rahinha’s abilities are probably the best in their positions

    2. Have u seen Vlahovic this season , I am do happy we miss out on him and same goes for raphinha over hyped player. There are better cheaper options available who would love to come to us.

      1. I was just impressed by their performances in World Cup and their stats this season are good

  2. After many years of calling out BOTH Kronkes , for lack of real interest in Arsenal, I have ON BALANCE only, come round to the opinion that Josh actually does show NOW, a real liking for our club.

    I stop short of comparing his liking of AFC to all OUR collective devotion and addiction.

    But as an older man with a deep understanding of how family ties work, I see that Stan is, seemingly, allowing Josh a large degree of decision making , financially speaking.

    I see little evidence that Stan has any real affection for AFC, but I do not doubt that Stan IS devoted to Josh and it is THIS factor, IMO, that explains the increasing Kroenkes allowance to MA and Edu, to spend on players.

    1. But to be honest, why should Kroenke a businessman have any real affection for Arsenal? The guy is a £multi billionaire that made his money outside of Arsenal. Arsenal is just another one of his many many business ventures.

      To me as long as he provides the required assistance and backing to Arteta and Arsenal then I don’t care about any real affections. Arsenal like any other multi billionaire corporation is just a business entity to its owners, players and all that make money out of it. We the fans are the only ones that don’t benefit from it financially, but instead we benefit from it psychologically and emotionally. It provides us with that sense of community, sense of bragging, sense of belonging, contributes to our purpose in life, acts as a Stress reliever on top of also acting as a Stress provider. Lol

      But for owners it’s about bragging rights about their own riches to their fellow billionaire friends on top of trying to make as much money as possible..

      1. Goonster I never said that he should. I said only that he did not. However, I still ague that ANY owne who owns a huge worldwide club who does it only for money, is not the owner we ought to .

        If you do not love your club, you are unlikely to have long lasting success. That truism is obvious, at least to me.
        BTW, why on EARTH DO YOU USE THAT LAUGHING EMOJI, which appears to laugh at all you write, thus rendering it as laughable? Surely you did not intend THAT impression to be conveyed?

        1. @Jon
          I am a very smiley person in real life. Mostly smiling and I try to not let life stress me out too much. It’s not worth it.
          I prefer to have more lighthearted / rational conversations other than shouting matches.

          Everyone has their own personality. I use smiley emojis as they reflect my real life personality. It might not come off at that when I am commenting on here or any other social media but that’s me. These social medias bring out the worst communication skills of all of us to be honest.

          So I like using Emojis / smileys. On the other hand you also have a different personality to mine as you seem to have become very combative, provocative and very dismissive of people that you don’t agree with.

          I do emoji’s and you do combative / provocative. Aint life beautiful, diverse and interesting Jon? 😊

          1. Goonster I am glad to hear that you are a smiley person in real life. I DO NOT DOUBT IT!

            i am also a happy, well contented person when away from my passion Arsenal, on JA.
            JA is, like social media generally, full of folk who tell lies, avoid truths and show little real intelligence .
            I am, in real life, quite different from the image of me that some hold on JA. A very false and misleading image in fact.

            I spend much of my time singing, as I have done ever since my teens, when I first realised I had been blessed with a special singing voice.

            Singing , even when merely practicing, keeps one happy and grounded. it is impossible to feel low when singing and I do this so constantly that it has become my natural way of being.

            Glad there are at least two of us who are happy persons on JA.
            I do though confess to not understanding what most emojis are meant to mean. I never use them and that is only because they do not convey, properly and precisely to others, what I wish to say.

            Your use of that smiley face and my inability to see why you used it and, more importantly, EXACTLY what it meant, explains my feelings towards emojis.

            NO HARM MEANT, and each to their own!

            1. @jon
              I tell you. Social Media is very dangerous if one does not regulate themselves. I used to waste so much time since 2010 on social media, arguing about everything (Politics, Religion, Science, Conspiracies, Football (Messi better Than Ronaldo. Arsenal is plays the best footy. Wenger is the Best etc). I then realised that these social media platforms were taking over my sanity. They were turning me into a very argumentative, angry and grumpy person that I am not. So in 2015 I deleted my Facebook, Instagram, stopped commenting onto the online Dailymail, The Sun and Telegraph comment sectons etc. Refused to ever open up a twitter account. YouTube I am addicted to, so couldn’t bring myself to delet it. Lol

              When I come on JA I mostly just read comments without commenting a lot. I pick and choose what to comment on.

              Theee measures have helped my mental and psychological health a lot. Social media brings the worst out of all of us.

              And about the Emoji’s. I think it’s a generational thing. I am a so callee Millennial. So I came of age in early 2000’s when this technical trajectory started ro take off, (Emails, Instant messengers, mobile phone Texting, Social media platforms popping up Right, Left and Centre. So Emoji’s have been a big part of it. And I am a very smiley individual in real life. So the smiling emoji has a certain appeal to me. 🤗

        2. @Jon
          I used to think like that back in the day. Owner should love and have passion for their £multi billion corporations etc. I also had to learn the hard on about this same situation when it came to players. Back in the day (days of innocence) we used to believe in Player loyalty, players having love and passion for their clubs. Haven’t we learnt the hard way on that too? The likes of Vieira, Henry, Cesc, RVP, Adebayor, Hleb, Nasri, Alexis Sanchez etc engineering moves away from Arsenal made me grow up fast. The you had the likes of Ozil, Auba, that thought they were too celebrity for Arteta and Arsenal. Causing discontent and bringing the club into disrepute.

          Ever since the Henry, Cesc and RVP sagas I decided my connections players from then was going to be transactional. Took my emotional attachments out of the picture. I will support the players if they are at Arsenal and are putting in the effort. The moment they start playing mind games then I want them out. Football is now purely transactional (players go where the money is).

          So I am same with owners (look at this Super League debacle), Stan, The Glazers, Henry (Liverpool) etc were all for it until all Top 4 fanbases revolted against the idea. These owner are £Multi Billionaires for a reason. They are ruthless business people that didn’t buy up all these English clubs just to have fun. These are business investment hence why the Glazers and Henry are looking to sell up both United and Liverpool as we speak. I can’t remember the last time that Sheikh Mansoor of The UAE attended a single City game since 2010. When does MBS (Saudi Arabian King) plan visit Newcastle?

          Again, Stan has made his £Billions away from Arsenal. He has how many different sports franchises the North America and Arsenal? He has other businesses around the world, so he definitely can’t have all this passion for all of them. They are just his businesses. Money money.

          Look at David Dein, Fiszman, Nina etc. They all sold to the highest bidder. These are business people so I don’t try to look for emotional love for Arsenal anymore, same with players. It’s a Give and Take attitude with me nowadays. As long as a player, manager or owner is giving their all for Arsenal then I will support them. If they are not then would want them out..👍

          1. Goonster Ah! A fellow realist and all the better for being one.
            Your thoughts sum up entirely my own many decades long view of what I, as a hard bitten life realist, have known since my early adult days a half a century ago. To my mind it is so obvious that it should not – even though it does – need saying.

            Those players do not know we even exist and it is only , for me anyway, because they wear the shirt of the CLUB and TEAM we all love , that we support them. My personal view is that back when aged five, I began supporting AFC but, not any particular player, at first.

            In stages, as I learned from father and grandfather of the days back in Woolwich and of the great 1930s onwards, I began to have a liking for our past greats.

            When I began regularly attending in 1958, our team was devoid of any real stars( possibly just JACK KELSEY) and TBH I found that healthy, as football has always been and always will be, a team game, where individuals are subordinate to the team.
            It is hard for me to like ANY player to the extent that I LOVE THE TEAM AND CLUB.

            I am pleased that is so, too! IMO, it is as it should be!

  3. It’s very obvious that the Kronkies have changed their attitude towards what they wanted from their investment into The Arsenal.
    There were decisions made that, I as a supporter of the club, found deeply distressing and bore no resemblance with the history of our club.

    The turning point for me, was the way that Josh met a section of our fan base and explained their strategy… and then kept their word by backing Mikel Arteta 100%, despite the fact that many mistakes were made.

    I wonder what would have happened, if they had listened to Arsene Wenger and gave MA the position when AW left?

    I feel that, with the owners and manager that we have now, our club will become the force it was before and, in my opinion, the main reason for that is the backing of the Kronkie family.
    MA and Edu have used thar backing since the signings of Jesus and Zinchenko to perfection and our future looks rosy – Onwards and Upwards as one of our own supporters delights in saying!!

  4. I think they have criticised a lot for right reasons but I don’t think for last 2-3 seasons they have been rightly judged when they provided the club with transfer kitty. I think praise should be given where its due and that is specially for josh who we have seen in amazon series, has taken interest in club and got involved as we demended an owner should be. I like what I have seen from Josh , he has my support and hopefully of many Arsenal fans as well now.

  5. What I will never understand is the refusal of fans to understand that Stan wasn’t Pumping his money into the club because he wasn’t sole owner.
    Since the year he bought Arsenal fully and became full owner, he’s invested massively into the club.
    Yet fans keep making this look like he only started recently to invest.

  6. This our giant Arsenal Football Club from the point of us Gooners. Is under the control of 7 billionaire and millIonaire men as the hierarchy bosses of Arsenal FC.
    Stan and John as co-chair, Lewis as vice chair?, Mr Harris as director, Mr Venkatesham as CEO, Mikel Arteta as the Gunners boss or manager overseeing the team and Edu Gasper as the club’s technical director incharhge of rerecruitment at the club.

  7. Too early to change my mind regarding the level of the Kroenkes commitment to Arsenal. Will see what happens beyond this season. I think their long term business plan for Arsenal is another shot at some kind of super league where their investment can really pay dividends.

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