Arteta gets Covid for second time as virus spreads through Premier League

The latest figures for the amount of Premier League players that are positive for Covid-19 has been found to be over 100 for the first time ever. And the latest victim is the Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta, as reported by the official Arsenal website, and he not able to be at our game against Manchester City if the fixture still goes ahead.

The Spaniard was one of the earliest football-related victims of the virus back in March 2020, and it was the following week that the Premier League was suspended in a bid to arrest the spread of the disease.

Now 21 months later, the UK is now having record numbers of positive cases amongst it’s citizens, although it is being assumed that the new Omicron variant is not expected to have as much serious consequences compared to the earlier figures.

But it is still spreading at a more rapid rate amongst sportsmen as well as the general public it is looking like our club could be playing to empty stadiums again very soon, or at least with much-reduced numbers of fans at the Emirates.

There are already restrictions in place to stop unvaccinated fans coming into stadiums, but now the government is urging everyone to get the third ‘booster jab’ to increase protection against Omicron, with the Prime Minister stating that 90% of intensive care patients have not had the booster. “I’m sorry to say this, but the overwhelming majority of people who are currently ending up in intensive care in our hospitals are people who are not boosted,” Johnson told the Standard.
“I’ve talked to doctors who say the numbers are running up to 90% of people in intensive care.”

“The Omicron variant continues to cause real problems, you’re seeing cases rising in hospitals, but it is obviously milder than the Delta variant.”

The Premier League are already seeing wholesale disruption to the fixture list, so is it only just a matter of time before the EPL is suspended completely, which is what happened the last time Arteta was tested as positive?

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  1. Declan says:

    Get well soon boss.

  2. Adajim says:

    I wish him speedy recovery.
    It’s really bad luck for us really.
    The boss is sick and will miss training sections and meetings, hopefully Tomi recover on time and maybe the players can motivate themselves and the assistant coach


    Ugandans we wish you quick recovery for the best of our team.God bless you Manager.


    We have atough game ahead of news day dear gunners and pray for manager and the team at all.

  5. fairfan says:

    Best wishes to the gaffer and indeed everyone with covid and their loved ones. Just how serious is the situation? Depends on who is telling the story I suppose.The general belief is that Omicron though not as dangerous as delta and the earlier variants is so contagious even masks and social distancing can not stop it. It would appear that it might be too late to do anything. “Apparently” those who are vaccinated are mostly able to recover at home but the unvaccinated “may” overwhelm the hospital system. So what does the league do? How, why and when should/will a decision be made. I do not know but I am sure the league will be fair and responsible. I am erstwhile preparing myself for a break of some length just in case.

    1. jon fox says:

      fairfan Good luck with being “sure the league will be fair and responsible”!
      I am sure they will not be, assuming you speak of the Premier League. Ever since the PREM WAS BORN IN 1992, MAKING MONEY HAS COME WAY BEFORE FAIRNESS. I am surprised you have never noticed. I have !

  6. Dan kit says:

    The problem with the booster program for me was that being 41 my jab was booked for today as this was the 6 month wait they talked about but when they halved that at the beginning of December I couldn’t get a booking date ,this was the closest .
    Low and behold I get a positive test on Xmas day (2nd time ) and now cannot get my booster today as have been stuck in my sitting room for the last 4days and probably for the next 4 ,the point I’m getting at is it’s all well the government talking about the boosters but when it was rushed and hurried in millions like myself had no chance to get them done .
    Anyway hope Arteta makes a full recovery and seeing he’s already had it his body should be way more equipped than before .

    1. SueP says:

      Very sorry to hear that Dan kit
      I wish you well

      1. Dan kit says:

        Thanks sue 👍

    2. Sue says:

      Well I know what you’ll be doing on Friday, Dan – Cobra Kai season 4 drops!!
      Get well soon 🙂

      1. Dan kit says:

        Thought it was out today sue 😂
        Oh well 2 days to go 👍

        1. Declan says:

          You get well too Dan kit. The way things are going I’ll be contacted to get my 4th jab soon!

          1. Dan kit says:


    3. Alanball08 says:

      Get well Mr K
      The last 18 to 20 months the whole world has been turned upside down

      1. Dan kit says:

        Don’t worry I haven’t forgot the bet
        I’ll get Adpat to send me his PayPal and he can then verify that I payed .
        TBF Im glad I lost as it means we are playing better and it’s going to a good cause anyway .
        Now I belive ken also said he would take part

    4. weeble says:

      Hope you are feeling well. Had after Thanksgiving and it wasn’t bad just slept a lot.

    5. jon fox says:

      Bad luck DAN. Rotten business, I agree. Sincerely hope it works out for you VERY soon now.

      MY WIFE AND I WERE BOTH BOOSTED A MONTH AGO AND SINCE HAVE CAUGHT AND RECOVERED FROM OMICRON. During my illness ,which was akin to a mild flu, I twice tested negative in lateral flow tests, even though I just knew I had Covid.
      A PCR confirmed what I knew, so I no longer trust lateral flow tests as being reliable enough, needless to say.

      In any case, as of today no more LFT are available! Quelle surprise! Not!

      1. Dan kit says:

        3 LFT all positive before my PCR which also came back positive,also took another LFT this Morning and still showing positive.
        Symptoms for me this time are just a cough and slight chills which seem to have gone now but cough still remains .

        1. Joe. S says:

          Get well Dan, and fingers crossed to everyone else. It’s a shambles out there with governments everywhere making it up as they go along. I’m in a safe bubble that is Japan at the moment but hoping to fly back home to Sydney in less than three weeks, where the virus is out of control. And you too Micheal, get well soon. Remember it’s only a game.

  7. Harold. Gun. says:

    Greetings, from cape Town, South Africa, boss, recover spoon as the lads need you now. Wishing you well

  8. NY_Gunner says:

    Wishing a speedy recovery…

  9. jakes Mradu says:

    with your boosters please also eat immune boosting foods… helps…..also virus cannot exist over 75° C…water boils at 100°C and steam is also 100°C…..inhaling steam 3-4 times a day also helps…some people add cloves to the boiling water but I don’t know why…..all the best to Arteta.. players and everyone…….take care

    1. FootballisTrivial says:

      None of this is scientific advice. Please nobody follow this.

      1. Jakes Mradu says:

        I don’t mean don’t take the vaccine…by all means please do….if anything can bring some comfort to somebody… why not…..

  10. Matthew says:

    Perhaps Arteta is looking for an excuse to escape the criticisms/blames he will get when we get trashed by city on New year day(just saying),however,get well soon if you have covid Arteta.

    1. Twig says:

      Are you an Arsenal fan at all?

      1. Matthew says:

        I think i’m a much better fan than you twig,because i rarely see you make a comment or give an opinion here.

        1. Blaze says:

          You have a dull*** and dirty***brain
          sensible*** person will not say thus

          Admin comment…. Edited and you are banned

          1. Eddie says:

            I’m sure his comment is very dumb, but you just made yourself look way more dumb by mentioning Africam
            What does being African has to do with the stupidity of someone?
            You are aware this is racism?
            It’s just a couple of days to 2022 and you’re still being racists?
            AdPat have you seen this comment?

          2. Admin Pat says:


  11. Matthew says:

    It seems most of you are desperate to have the league suspended again because of covid,i believe no real football fan would be angling for the suspension of the game that get most of us excited every weekend&some midweeks,i even saw jon fox suggest in other article that Afcon be postponed due to covid-19…personally i loathe any idea that has to do with the suggestion of football being stopped.

  12. Stephanie says:

    Wishing MA a full recovery

  13. Dino says:

    Blaze you couldn’t at least hide your shallow and stupid b**t of a mind. What does being an African have to do with not being “normal and sensible”. Perhaps uou suffer from grandeur delusions of schizophrenia or you simply an ass

  14. Wolf says:

    It’s a conspiracy to stop us winning hauling City in and winning the league.

    Darn government.

    You know what. Damn the covid we’re playing good football and I like it!

  15. Matthew says:

    I made my comment as an Arsenal fan&not an African…if am not mistaken,Africa is home to more than a billion people,so if you want to talk to me,talk to me direct&stop disrespecting our lovely continent.

    1. Admin Pat says:

      Forget him. He is banned…

      1. Matthew says:

        Thanks admin for at least recognising this as my personal opinion&not a comment to offend anyone.

  16. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Admini Pat.
    Good evening. I can’t see ny comment posting anymore that was my responce to your topic article posting on Arteta’s Covid-19 illness. Which I submitted and I saw it published on the site. Please, what’s the reason for deleting it?

    1. Admin Pat says:

      I prefer to limit discussion to football rather than religion. Apologies but that’s my policy….

  17. John0711 says:

    He should have had his jabs
    Oh he did !
    Errr he should wear a mask
    Oh he does !!

  18. Quantic Dream says:

    Just seen Liverpool want SAKA! 🥺

    1. Adiva says:

      It will be easier if they get the whole Arsenal FC. Those dumb ass ridicule us and made us world laughingstock when we wanted Suarez and now want to get our player. What are they smoking at Anfield. Keep safe everyone

      1. Quantic Dream says:

        You are right! Payback is inorder. we should quote them £300M fee.

  19. Kobin says:

    Okay. No-one is unsellable, they should give us Salah, Mane and One hundred million plus one pounds and we will talk

  20. jon fox says:

    Does anyone think we should now take the legal steps to make vaccination for all mandatory, to save wider society?

    I am still, with reluctance against doing this, but I can see it creeping nearer by degrees, whatever I personally may think.
    More and more fully vacced and boosted folk are now prohibited from freely living their daily lives as normal, because of the refusal of the selfish conspiracy believers who won’t get jabbed, which as we know includes many Prem players.

    Who else on here besides me can clearly see a major nationwide and even international social conflict coming down the track between the jabbed and the wilfully unjabbed?!!
    This conflict between the two sides will accelerate rapidly IF Boris Johnson orders a lockdown or near lockdown for society, as MAY yet happen if the NHS becomes in danger.

    It is bound to worsen social cohesion UNLESS it becomes mandatory and therein lies the dilemma, as It will also make things even worse IF it becomes law.

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