Arteta gives his opinion on the rejection of five subs in England

Mikel Arteta has voiced his opinion on the issue of substitutes after the Premier League voted for a return to three substitutes at the start of this season.

Five substitutes were introduced into football during the restart of leagues across Europe in July.

The Premier League also adopted the five subs rule at the time, however, at the start of this new season, some teams began to kick against the rule and wanted things to return to normal.

The Premier League then put it to a vote and the clubs voted in favour of a return to three substitutes per game.

Other European leagues have maintained the five subs rule and even UEFA uses it in their club competitions.

With games in the Premier League and other domestic competitions coming thick and fast, Arteta has voiced his concern for the spate of injuries that will now be seen because of players getting overworked.

“I would strongly support [five changes in England],” he said via

“We are here to give the best possible show. We need the players.

“They are the most important part of that. We have to protect them. It goes on and on and on.

“We’re going to have some really bad news with players that we are not respecting.”

“It’s not a coincidence, the percentage rate of muscular injuries,” Arteta added. “Intensity is not going to go down, the level of demands, the quality.

“Every match will be so competitive. Players will get injured.”

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  1. No surprise at any top club manager wanting five subs. To be expected.

    But I am against it, as it unfairly aids the top clubs with deeper squads, while disadvantaging the lower clubs. It is VITAL to think of the WHOLE Prem, not just our club.

    1. Rubbish. Everyone else is doing it in Europe, and the Prem being the most competitive league in the world, the more they rotate the players the better. There are no easy games in the PREM, deeper squad No? maybe stronger. Remember every other club is doing it in Europe, that puts us at a disadvantage. Your reasoning doesn’t make sense at all

  2. It has been noticeable that injuries have increased this season but I’ve no idea if this has been as a result of the covid situation with some players being absent due to that as well.
    I’m not sure about 5 changes during a normal season though. Perhaps a study could determine what’s best for player health and fitness

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