Arteta gives reason why he is sure he has the support of club owners

Mikel Arteta has always maintained that he has the full backing of Arsenal’s owners and the Spaniard has now revealed that the signing of Thomas Partey is proof to that.

Arsenal left it late in their bid to sign the Ghanaian midfielder, but they completed the transfer on the final day of the transfer window.

The former Atletico Madrid man joins them as one of the best midfielders in Europe and he is expected to make the Gunners even stronger.

Speaking ahead of his team’s match against Manchester City, Arteta boasted that signing the midfielder is proof that the club’s owners see the good work that is being done at the club.

He claimed that the owners simply backed their words with action in that case and that he will still have trusted them even if they didn’t land Partey.

Arteta said as quoted by Standard Sports: “It is good that sometimes words are not enough.

“I think you asked me the day before or two days before [the transfer window shut] if I felt we had the backing and the right connections with the ownership, if they were involved and willing to do as much as possible to help the squad. I said yes and that I was very, very convinced about that.

“Even if that [signing Partey] wouldn’t have happened, I would have still said the same thing. But they showed this time, with big funds, they are really committed.”

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  1. Please do not fall into the trap of taking as gospel truth, all publicly issued statements likethis one. Think properly first about the reason it was issued . I do not blame MA one bit, quite the contrary. But when we are told a multi billionaire is caring about our club, aka his investment, but chooses not to shell out for Aoure who was much wanted by MA, then that gives the lie to this statement being true. Doesn’t it!!

    1. Your so correct Jon, but unlike your support for MA, you always blamed AW when he said the same kind of thing and actually accused him of lying to the fans.
      Wasn’t it said that AW was just a mouthpiece for the owner and was a “YES MAN?”

      Still the same billionaire owner and I’m not disputing your sensible view regarding kronkie of course, just the, seemingly, double standards with regards to this topic.

  2. Personally I believe it was well planned right from starting of transfer window that 1 player will be funded by owners and rest of business has to be funded by club by raising funds from player sales. Also any deal for Partey earlier by tigring release clause would have potentially increased the price of other potential buys hence planned for last.
    Had we sold some players early in season and got Aouar earlier in season, Partey would have happened earlier.

    @Jon fox …. It’s contradiction to say that it’s his business that’s owner is inventing in (and not a sign of support) and then criticise him for not invest more from his pocket. If it’s just his business then it’s his concern how much he is investing or not investing …….why criticise (if it’s just his business only)?
    If he takes money out of club ….criticise.
    If he does not take money out or invest … Criticise.
    If he provide funds…..criticise (for not providing more funds).

    My strong belief is that Arsenal issues are not funds but senior management who had been taking decisions on day to day running of clubs. Most billionaire owners manage business from distance and rely on advise from their trusted employees to take right decision for club. It’s the senior management at club which identify players to buy….. Not owner who identify players to buy. They suggest players, benefits of buy on field and commercially and try convince owners to give go ahead and owners either agree or disagree. Right player selection at right price and age critical for building team….
    Arsenal’s issue has been poor senior management (owners are guilty of trusting wrong people though).
    Just like Liverpool….. Arsenal could have managed their buys better ….. Look n compare net spend of both teams of last 6-7 years. Then other example is of ManU who have significantly over spent Arsenal in last 6-7 years and are still a joke on pitch. Throwing money at problems don’t give success on pitch, right planning and execution does.

    Hope Edu/Arteta will bring some more sharpness to our business and in future, spend less on players above 30 in age while building a team of throughly commited, talented, young and hungry for success professionals and a coach who is equally hungry for success. Only then we can win a major trophy which we all want.

  3. Agree completely AJ. The Club owners do not have the technical acumen or time to go through technical details to decide which players are good or bad, which players in what position would benefit the Club greatly etc. They rely on trusted employees to make the decisions for them. Part of the downfall of Arsenal over the years has been the management or lack of it. Also I feel if some more players were sold/sent on loan, the Aouar deal would also have beeen completed this summer. Anyway thanks to the owners for giving us Partey.

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