Arteta growing frustrated with bosses failure to act in transfer market

Mikel Arteta is claimed to be growing frustrated with the Arsenal chiefs who are failing to act on his wishes in the transfer market, and is fearing that he will miss out on his key targets.

Gabriel Jesus is one who he is keen to see come in to replace Alexandre Lacazette, who will leave the club in the coming weeks to join former club Lyon on a free transfer, but there is a growing interest in the Man City star, and Arteta is not happy with his bosses failings to act fast.

The DailyMail claims that every deal this summer has to be signed off the the American owners, a decision which has meant that there is a delay, and that is now seeing us falling behind in the race to sign certain players.

It does seem strange that we have appeared to be close to certain deals, but with us not having got them over the line as of yet. Eddie Nketiah’s contract could well be one, as well as Gabriel Jesus.

It will be frustrating if we end up missing out on Gabriel, but there are alternatives out there who are more prolific than the Brazilian. It doesn’t bode well if the owners have changed their stance on transfers however, and it doesn’t tell me that we are likely to have much of a budget available if the club is being so strict with their stance at present.

We can just hope that everything can be sorted quickly in order for us to have our full playing squad together for pre-season so he can get back to the job in hand, but we could well be at risk of a fallout between our manager and the club if things aren’t smoothed out soon.

Could the bosses have tied Arteta down to a new deal knowing that they were set to come to a disagreement during the transfer window?

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  1. Stop reading the dailymail…. As if they are in the room with them. They know gooners are impatience so they winding you up …. Just chill… apart from City , no one has anniunce any major signings !

    1. It’s not only gooners that are impatient.
      We are no different to all the other club fans.

  2. Surely no one is nieve enough to think that the owner only decided to check over every transfer deal since MA arrived?

    I believe that’s why we missed out on the deal for Griezmann after he had been told that AW wanted him, only for Gazidis and Kronkie to procrastinate and ensure (paraphrasing the words of the player himself) that he would never play for our club.
    It’s in his autobiography, if anyone wants to check it out.

    1. Ken, they (KS&E) couldnt organize a rock fight between Celtic and Rangers supporters in Glasgow. There track record has minimal success since they have had control. He who hesitates is lost in the transfer business.

  3. Arsenal are always slow in the market and we ain’t gonna see anything tangible over the course of this month! They will start acting in a hurry next month and only get the left overs! Nunez was a target but they started to think if he is any better or if he will adapt to the Premier league and boy, we have missed! Same to jesus! Chelsea are in the mix and just look a deal being agreed soon.

  4. Dickerson? You know this about Nunez cos you was in the meeting right? eh?

    speculation speculations speculations

  5. First, there were reports of a limited transfer budget, and now growing frustrations – early signs of a rift or deep division at the highest levels of the club, right at the start of the transfer window. It seems we are about to “BOTTLE IT” again.

  6. on a day where the prevailing narratives had little to do with potential recruitment targets and far more to do with growing concerns involving our ability to get business done, let alone in a timely fashion, I must admit it’s left me with a rather queasy feeling

    now, of course, these could be baseless rumours that are being propagated solely to agitate an already anxious and somewhat divided fanbase, but surely “they” must know that we’re all too familiar with this “patterned” behaviour, as we rarely go big game hunting and succeed and we certainly aren’t known for acting in an expeditious manner

    even so, it’s a bit disconcerting considering all the lip service being offered up following both our winter window cock-up and our subsequent end of the season dumpster fire, which left us on the outside looking in

    sadly, even this sort of orchestrated organizational doublespeak isn’t an unfamiliar refrain, as we witnessed time and time again during Wenger’s post-Highbury phase, as there was always a rather sustained PR push in the days leading up to renewal season, which was usually followed by a whole lot of fu** all

    so what does one logically gleen from the day’s events? well, on the positive side of things, it’s still early days, so this could turn out to be much ado about nothing, but my experienced “fan” brain tells me that this could quite easily turn into another same old, same old shit show….hopefully that’s just my Arsenal muscle memory kicking in, as I would be GD pissed if our TW kitty is a fraction of last season’s, especially considering how much of it was spent

    1. Indeed! Could be a case of “Same s*it, different toilet!”. Been here so many times before. 🙄🤔

  7. Its common knowledge that the Kroenkes have to sanction every transfer. And as we have seen, dither and delay doesn’t only apply to Boris Johnson.

    It’s only day 2 of the transfer window but I can’t help feeling this summer like others will be protracted and we will see players linked with Arsenal going elsewhere.

    If we don’t at least get a decent striker/CM and a few backup/squad players the heat will quite rightly be turned up on Stan and Josh. And quite rightly too, their indecision in January led to a threadbare squad in the second half of the season and ultimately the collapse that denied us CL football.

  8. Rediculous article and similar to many more we are reading. Only the gullible will be took in by all the crap we are being fed. We are not in for 99.9% of what you read.

    1. And yet, Reggie, no one would be surprised though! I do agree also though that we should be a bit more patient as many swists, turns, delays and fabrication are very likely..

    2. @Reggie
      RealTalk…We’re a struggling team with a rookie coach. Nobody wants to play for us. People out here posting”Get Gnabry, Jesus, Nunez, Bissouma and we’re sorted”…Lmbao

  9. We are traditionally piss poor in the transfer market. We wait too long t get our top targets and miss out on them and we can’t sell our good players for decent money.

    This has been going on since the Wenger days when we would often buy the leftovers during the final days of the transfer window.

    I won’t mention names, but there are PL clubs that have already signed key players.

    For me, a top club has their number one targets ready long before the window opens and moves swiftly to bring them in.

    If Arteta is not angry, I am.

    1. Please name names. Apart from Man City, Villa and Spurs getting out of the gate early (and Spurs on horses that are one race away from the glue factory), I can’t think of any clubs who have made key signings.

      But my memory isn’t what it used to be so please name names.

    2. No we are not.
      When we had David Dein supporting Arsene Wenger we acted quickly to bring in the likes of Vieira, Overmars, Anelka and Henry.
      Its only under Kroenke have things become so slow. Having said that the window has only been open since yesterday….

  10. Arsenal will always be Arsenal when it comes to transfers in the window period. I’m just not confident with Arsenal owners and management.

  11. It would be disappointing if this were true. I really hope it’s not, because it will show that they don’t take the team, the supporters serious. We want to be competitive next season and without reinforcement that would not happen. Unless they want the Manager to fail.

  12. How you all think that at team that intentionally streamlined its squad size with a view towards bolstering in the summer is dilly-dallying on day 2 of the transfer window.
    A lot goes into signing players, you bunch been playing football manager too long. This is real life. it is not that easy. sometimes it fast, cos of circumstances.
    unless you bunch just want us to throw money at players and teams cos we need a certain player they have. Later you all cry of how terrible we are at negotiations and how it is the board that allowed teams bully us at negotiations. we have to be smart, they know we need the players but do we show desperations? Have we not really learnt?

    1. Perhaps people’s frustrations stem from the comments made from Edu and Arteta.

      1. Back in January even they said they had players in mind, and weren’t going to bring in anyone just to make up numbers.

      2. Edu said months ago their transfer list of players was complete and ready. They have identified players and possible alternatives months ago according to quotes from Edu.

      3. Choking away CL perhaps altered things, but competent management would have accounted for that in their list of alternative players.

      4. Then again we are talking about Edu, Arteta, and Arsenal and they never have a plan B.

      In the next week or 2 we should see some movement by Arsenal, according to Edu’s list, Arteta, Josh and his “ambition” talk.

      Likely we’ll get
      “have to move players out first”,
      and old chestnut “we’ll get players who improve the team” and
      “Saliba like new signing”

      Expect PR spin, waffling, procrastinating, same as always, that culture won’t change.

      We’re not the Rams after all, sign 34 yr old QB to 4 year 140 million deal, of defensive player to a 3 year 95 million deal.

      Arsenal is self-sustaining after all, and KSE ONLY franchise in youth movement “project” or “process”, or whatever buzzword of the day. All is well, manager just got 8 million a year extension to sell it to fans.

      1. @Durand
        Your last sentence summed it all up. “All is well, manager just got 8million a year extension to sell it to the fans”…

  13. Though to an extent I take the Mail story with a large pinch of salt, it cannot be denied that our club- under Kroenkes ownership and right back to his start – has constantly been left at the start when transfers are needed.

    So then, not one extreme nor the other, but the truth is somewhere in between.

    What would be of massive benefit, would be IF we ever got an owner who either knew or even cared about the first thing in football. Sigh!
    When a manager is charged with spending an owners money as MA is, it is unfair to blame MA for the tardiness which we have suffered for MANY, MANY years already!

    You know I am right, IF you are fair minded!!

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