Arteta happy that the Arsenal project has been a success this season

Ahead of Arsenal’s final game of the season against Everton, Mikel Arteta has given the fans a recap of his thoughts on Arsenal’s 2021/22 campaign. The Spaniard has led his young team back into the Top Five and won a place in Europe next season, despite the inexperienced and extremely thin squad, especially after letting a whole host of players leave during the January transfer window.

The Spaniard had nothing but praise for the improvement in the team, the spirit and togetherness of everyone at the club, and surely it is the hope for future success is one of the reasons that this sport has grown to be a fan favourite over the years. Arteta obviously is happy that this season has panned out the way he was hoping. He said to the media yesterday: “I think it’s been a long journey again and a very challenging one this season, but I think that we have come a long way as a club and as a team. I think we have transformed the energy, the vibe and expectation of this football club again.

“We’ve done it together, showing incredible unity between the staff, the players, everybody in the club, and especially with our people, which has been incredibly supportive throughout the season, especially in difficult moments.”

Arteta then went on to say that he had predicted the success of “the project” this season, and that now the club has the vision of even more improvement in the future and is happy that everyone at the club is on board and believes they are going in the right direction. “And now I can sense that we have the hope and expectations to move this club to the place that it deserves. We’ve done it the way we predicted with the project we set a year ago. With a lot of young players, with the senior players helping and with our crowds again in our stadium and with a real sense of connection around the place.”

It would appear that Arteta’s target this season was to get the Gunners back into Europe, and although we may miss out on the Champions League, everyone will have an eye on Tottenham’s game against Norwich and will be cheering on the Canaries, but whatever happens he be having a busy summer to make the neccesary additions to make next season even more successful. “So we are back in Europe.” the Boss continued. “We don’t know where, it will be decided. Hopefully, it will be Champions League. I believe that we’re going to do what we have to do. We are going to be cheering for Norwich to do what they can do, for sure, and after that, we want to take the club to the next level.”

“That’s the ambition. In order to do that we have a very clear plan again, how we want to do it and execute it, and there are no secrets. We need resources and we need to increase the quality and the depth of the squad as long we maintain in the same way who we are as a club and the people that we have next to us.”

So he has definitely promised us another exciting transfer window ahead of us, and is obviously convinced that we will be greatly improved in the next campaign.

I am inclined to agree with him. What do you think?

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  1. Yes, qualifying for Europe was the plan. We have done. Doubtful it will be CL (unless we have a miracle). Firstly, lets see if we win our game tomorrow. If we don’t the we still have European football at least. But, It is in the way we have lost our most important game recently that are cause for concern. It may be “job done” in term of top six but our soft underbelly has and still is an issue. To some degree he is lucky that other teams have faltered (Manure, Leicester and West Ham etc.) because our position could be much lower in the table. Sixty-six points total (possibly 69) is not a great total and shows little progress compared to previous seasons.

  2. Yes, we’ve made a good progress. I bet next season’s target is either a top four finish or EL trophy

    1. And if we fail to deliver either of them then at least do you agree that Arteta should be sacked?

        1. Gai I don’t agree. Great managers are coming to EPL and all of them won’t make top4 the competition becomes more difficult next season. Liverpool, ManCity and Chelsea wont rest. NewCastle and ManU will spend and improve their team and Spuds if Conte is there won’t fold their hands. The narratives will change when the season starts. I bet if Arteta gets to Europa league final and is with Top5 he won’t be sacked. Especially when other big coaches position are considered

          1. Yes Silva, I heard the fifth best EPL team next season will get a UCL ticket. So I also predict he won’t get sacked as long as we remain in top five, although I expect the fourth place

            His fate could depend on the availability of the high profile managers as well. If he doesn’t show any progress and Tuchel becomes available by the end of next season, I think Kroenke would consider to replace him

    2. @GAI
      To be honest on the grand scheme of things I think we have not made that much progress.. We are still weak mentally and have lost about 13 games etc. Bottled 4th place at the finish line etc…
      We need absolutely more than that..

      1. Goonster, we finished fifth with the youngest squad in EPL, considering the problems

    3. It would be tough to jump over manure and Newcastle, who will strengthen enough to make the top 5 impossible to reach.

      Kroenke doesn’t splash the cash and top 5 will be splash the cash-only VIP area.

      Also, scum with Conte will stay on top of Arsenal next season.

      I expect 7th and everything better than that is a sign that someone around Arsenal has underperformed.

  3. That’s part of the problem at this club an owner and manager who are happy with mediocrity,bigging himself up for failings and turning them into this pathetic progress talk unfortunately that rubs off onto the fans and as we are now seeing a part of the fan base lap it all up without actually seeing where this club as found itself .
    I’ll stick to my own standards as I’ve always done and will not listen to a man who likes his own voice alittle to much.
    Obviously I’m not one to know what next season as in store but i have not much hope with this management team in charge .

    1. It’s not only the manager and owner but good number of fans as well who have taken liking to mediocrity. Funny how Arteta’s failure is painted as success and false hope of something big is happening next year is handed as lollipop by some fans here season after season.

    2. DK
      What are your own standards for Arsenal right bow?
      What did you think Arsenal should achieve this season looking at our squad and comparing it to Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea who won major titles in the past couple of years?

  4. Well I won’t say the season was a success, cos we played just once a week, having exited major cups pretty early and failed to reinforce by January.

    However I guess our failure to invest night be a blessing in disguise this window….I mean I was shocked getting to know we actually submitted €90m for Napoli’s Osimhen but Napoli turned the other was insisting on 110m (per napoli_report), what a marque signing that will be with pressure that goes with it on the 23 year old Nigerian hitman.

    Sure no 20 plus per season striker goes for less than 60m, but we can recruit Jesus and perhabs Dybala who is a free agent and still have some change on that figure

  5. If arsenal secure 5th next season, it means luck is on their part. Other clubs will straighten their squares too. If he continue to get his tactics wrong for not only for big games but for winnable games, we might end up further down. He may get the right player but he must know how to make best out of them.

    1. What makes you think that other Teams will improves and strengthen while we will just get worse or stagnant?
      What kind of childish logic / reasoning are you using here?

  6. Can we stop talking about the Tottenham Norwich game? Its pointless as they are goiñg to win

  7. As Ken quoted Arteta in a previous article about Arteta himself not seeing 5th as an achievement.

    Yet some selling that narrative as if The Arsenal is back.

    Emery improved on Wenger’s finishing spot and qualified for Europa yet I don’t recall this much praise of “progress.”

    I’ve always kept the standard expressed by the club about top 4 finishes before Arteta took over.

    Rigid and inflexible, I would not disagree, but that’s the point isn’t it? When less is acceptable then you’re likely to get less.

    spuds standards and expectations are higher than ours, they’re on their 3rd manager this year, changed until they got it right.

    Think about that for a second, spuds standards and expectations are higher than ours.

    Gone from “forever in our shadow” to celebrating 5th while spuds sit 4th.

    Who’s to blame for this being too widely accepted? This is what happens when you lower standards and too many people accept it.

    1. Who is saying that Arteta finishing 5th is an achievement?
      And who is celebrating finishing 5th?
      You have stated it yourself that Arteta himself does not think finishing 5th is an achievement.
      I sense a bit of juvenile strawman arguing here..

      What I keep hearing is that Arteta has made a bit of progress from his last 2 finishes (8th and 8th). I am yet to see anyone celebrating finishing 5th, everyone is mostly disappointed, deflated and somber.
      The difference is that some have applied their maturity by accepting our fate for this season, they’ve moved on to getting themselves mentally and psychologically ready for the summer and next season. They don’t see the point in continually crying over spilled milk. While others are still grieving and feeling sorry for themselves hoping for a delusional miracle (Getting Arteta fired before next season). How long are some going to keep throwing this tantrum for? Arteta is here until at least the start of next season. The board seem to be happy with him and his (Process / progress) at the moment, hence why they awarded him with a new contract. People need to take a step back, calm down their emotions and feelings regarding Arteta for now. The guy is still being backed by the owners. People need to take some time off these social media platforms, cut down on the hours you engage. Don’t have to comment in each and every article posted.. Enjoy real life outside of constant football talk. It helps. ( I know Admin Pat will not appreciate my suggestion) 😊

      And why should Arsenal try to emulate Spurs way of running a football club? Since when has the spurs standard become the golden standard for us all to try and emulate?
      Do you know how many managers Spurs have gone through since 1996 when wenger first arrived? I bet you they have hired and fired at the very least 20 managers in this time. The best they have ever achieved is a Carling cup in 2008 and about four Top 4 finishes in all that..
      Only Chelsea can rival Spurs when it comes to hiring and firing mamagers..

      We retained wenger for about 25 years, I think Arsenal still wanr to try this “Be patient with the manager” kind of thing after realising they did not give Emery enough backing.. They seem to want to try that long term wenger strategy again hoping it turns out much stable than hiring and firing managers every season..

      My opinion of course…

  8. If we get jesus, do we will have a stronger strikeforce than this season when we had auba? I dont think so.

    1. But auba was terrible for us – doesn’t matter if he was capable of better, he was consistently terrible for us. Any competent striker would be an improvement, and I’m sure that includes jesus

  9. Pat, I am afraid I cannot agree with you; I do not think we have progressed at all.

    Emery was sacked in mid-season so it would not be fair to judge him on his last season. Who is to say we would not have finished in the Europa places then, had he continued, perhaps even the CL, and that our standing when he was sacked at the time was just a mid season blip? Furthermore, other managers have taken over midseason, Howe and Conte at Newcastle to cite just 2 examples, and have improved their sides immeasurably but with Arteta at the helm we ended up WORSE than when Emery was in charge.

    Arteta is very media savvy (i’ll give him that) and knows how to manipulate a narrative to suit HIS agenda. If teflon-Mikel is ever sacked he could always go into the propaganda business!

    The Arteta script reads as follows: everything at Arsenal was rotten, it would need root and branch change, and he would need time to sort the problems left to him by Emery – a vastly more experienced coach (the hidden agenda being that as a rookie he would need time to learn the job!).

    I know “we would have” and “what if” is counter-factual history, and speculative, but the point is that the true baseline as a measure of our progress is the Europa final we lost. Since then we have just about scraped along, trodden water, which for a club of our pedigree and in the context of our spend, is not acceptable.

    Mikel Arteta talks the talk but I am not persuaded he walks the walk (and we haven’t even mentioned his/Edu’s disastrous management of transfers and player sales).

    To conclude, rather than give Arteta a new contract, we should have waited until the end of the season before determining whether we really had made progress. To say we have “overachieved” is disingenuous, frankly laughable.

  10. I am totally happy with what is going on with the club i love and i believe europa is the best competition for the kids to participate next year

    1. Imagine, some people think 5th position is progress.When we should be aiming to challenge for honours which is where we should be.

  11. The question I would ask is if we were competing in Europe and had longer runs in the domestic cups, would we have finished where we are now in the EPL?. I find it strange that Arteta thinks it was a successful season maybe he was assuming it was because of the pay rise and extension of his contact? Imo? We haven’t progressed for years now and frankly I am not confident that the current clutch of players are good enough to progress any further – not a single world class player nor a real leader among them. We just will not attract quality players without CL football but there is still a slim chance of that occuring tomorrow!!

    Next season will be a lot tougher for us with European football and most probably with Thurs/Sunday games to consider plus other teams strengthening their squads. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t see us in the top 4.

  12. Which project is Arteta talking about? What is Arteta planning to win for Arsenal that Arsenal have never won before? Leicester came from championship and won EPL without any special project and they still remain up there. Arsenal have been a top team in the EPL for many years. Arteta came and met a team that won two trophies for him by winning Manchester City and Chelsea within six months of his appointment and he scattered the team. What a an unprogressive project is Arteta embarking upon? Please the fans should think twice. Arsenal was doing well before January transfer window that all managers use to seize the opportunity of January transfer window to consolidate but Arteta used the January transfer window to sell half of his regular players without any plan to replace them. Anyone buying into Arteta’s project is leaving in fools paradise. Arteta does not have any plan to qualify for any European competition. He is evil. The injuries and suspensions that is inevitable in the second half of the season can never allow less than seventeen players to achieve anything and he knows that. This is why he is surprise to even see Arsenal qualify for anything European competition because it is never in his plan. It is high time Arteta is shown the way.

  13. They will beat Everton today but it won’t prove anything. Sometimes I wonder about these articles. Does Arteta really believe he has made progress? And if the new signings were so good why the need for four or five new signings. A lot of unnecessary self promotion. The true believers will ride the Arteta train indefinitely while some of us will continue shaking our heads in disbelief.

  14. The club obviously improved this season not only on points but on the overall approach to the game. If they had a proper striker throughout the season, they might have even finished 3rd. Not having one was part of the project, though.

    Also, there’s no available manager in the market now, that would do a better job than Arteta. Either way, KSE would never bring a Conte because such a gaffer has actual footballing ambitions.

    A Conte-like coach would get depressed and would underperform, once he realizes he works at the Walmart of football.

    Arteta is a good coach and a yesman with 0% footballing ambitions and that’s why he’s perfect for Arsenal. But honestly, perfect. The pathetic averageness of Arsenal doesn’t bother him and he can perform at the peak of his performance.

    Now about the project. I think it actually has been successful. They brought in sellable young players into the squad, they have excellent coaches that will improve some of these youngsters’ stats and boost their value. Once they reach their projected peak performance, off they go.

    The players I expect to make a great return of investment for KSE as soon as the 2024 summer transfer window:

    • Saka
    • Tierney
    • ESR
    • Odegaard
    • Lokonga
    • Ramsdale

    To all of you who hope any of these boys will stay past the 2023/2024 season, you still don’t understand what the project is. The project is to turn the Arsenal football club into a footballer farm that sometimes makes the top 6.

    The sooner we can be at peace with that, the sooner we’ll be able to enjoy bang-average seasons for as long as KSE owns Arsenal.

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