Arteta has brought the Good Vibrations back to Arsenal

Good Vibrations are back! by YankeeGooner

There is an old Beach Boys song called “Good Vibrations,” and that is exactly what all of us Gooners are feeling about this club right now.

Mikel Arteta has brought a new sense of hope to AFC, and for me, I know it is not false hope. He is, and this is, the real deal!

I mean, come on, even Shkodran Mustafi is getting good press. If that doesn’t say something about the good vibrations surrounding this team, then I don’t know what will!

Since Arteta became our manager, he has won 23 of a possible 36 points. His record…6 wins, 5 draws, and 1 defeat.

He has shown who is the boss. Just ask Matteo Guendouzi. He has brought some players back from the dead. Just ask Mesut Ozil, Dani Ceballos, Lucas Torreira, Granit Xhaka and Mustafi. Arteta does not allow anyone to just mail it in! You snooze, you lose. Period.

With that said, this team is also learning how to put teams away (Newcastle United), and how to gut out the tough games (Olympiacos and Everton). Can we find enough in the tank to claim a top 4 (or maybe top 5) finish in the Premier League? I think that is a very tall order, however, successes in the Europa League and the FA Cup both offer hope for European football next season. It is obvious the boss will take these competitions very seriously. Look at Thursday’s squad. Even Bernd Leno and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang were in the starting XI. That speaks volumes about his desire to win the Europa League.

It is so good to both read and write about the positives surrounding the Arsenal Football Club these days. Man, it got really hard to deal with so much negativity through the first 5 months of this season. Now, I don’t mean to be naive, I know things can go south at any moment, but for now my dear Gooner friends, let’s stay positive, and direct all good vibrations toward north London!


Cheers. Gunner1953

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  1. Mustafi, how brilliant was that guy. I would like to see his tackles and block stats since new year. He was fantastic.

    Found himself at CB and covering RB most of 2nd half, where was Bellerin. Tbh I thought I missed a sub and Mustafi was pushed wide.

    Leno was good and saved us just wow.

    Saka needs a rest he looked knackered.

  2. @admin
    Can you provide an article with Mustafi stats since Arteta took over, would be really interesting to see.

  3. Cellebos reminded me of Santi yesterday, his ability to keep the ball and get out of tough situations was really good.
    Think he brings Ozil to life as well.

    Would like to see Cellebos with torreira and not Xhaka though for a game.

    1. I would rather like to see Saka with Ceballos in midfield – how’s that for an idea. Tierney at LB. Torreira does not have the vision that is needed in that position, neither Guendouzi.

  4. I’ve said this before. We had a management problem, not a player problem.

    We kept having the same issues with players season after season.
    Scapegoats got changed here and there, but the management stayed the same.

    I’m glad Arteta has come in with a different approach.
    Now we can actually weed out the players who don’t fit the system, now that we actually have a system .

  5. This guy MA is making us eat our words, i was dead against Ozil up until recently but now the guy puts me in stitches when i see him trying to defend, i’m happy Ozil is really trying hard to defend and that’s all we wanted to see him do, i was also thinking if we lost Auba it wouldn’t be so bad a thing but the guy got his act together and if any of you remember couple of weeks ago i was moaning about him not using his head to score and what dose he do put me to shame and scores two goals with his head just about everyone has raised their game and now its up to the owners Stan to support MA in the transfer marked this summer and get Auba, Saka, and Ceballos so sign new contracts

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