Arteta has done a fantastic job – Now it’s time for Edu to do his….

Over to you Edu By Vivek Julka

 What a season we are having, eight points clear at the top of the table. The Premier League is ours to throw away now.

Mikel Arteta has done a fantastic job as Arsenal manager, and has proved his doubters (me included) wrong and has shown he is one of the best managers in the league.

Arteta is doing his job, now Edu has to do his. We don’t want to be sitting here in May not having the Premier League in our hands and wishing we had improved the squad in January.

We have done extremely well and looking at that bench yesterday, Arteta has overachieved with the squad. But we now have to finish the job.

Edu needs to back Arteta in the remaining days in the transfer window.

In my opinion, we dodged a bullet by not signing Mykhailo Mudryk especially for that price of £100 million.

It seemed like I was one of the few fans who did not want him at all. He has only played in a weak league, yes, he did score a few times in the Champions League this season. But how does it justify that price tag?

Edu should look at cheaper and better options who will instantly hit the ground running. Players such as Leandro Trossard and Wilfred Zaha are better alternatives as they both are Premier League proven.

Also, they do not have long remaining on their contracts so the price will be cheaper compared to what they are usually worth. Trossard has just recently fallen out favour with Brighton so there could be a potential deal there.

Another option could be Marcus Thuram, he is one of the top scorers in the Bundesliga and is reportedly wanting a move away from Germany as his contract is nearly up. He can play anywhere across the front three and gives us a different option to Gabriel Jesus.

A centre midfielder is also needed in case if Thomas Partey gets injured again. Either one of Youri Tielemans or Moises Caicedo would be great additions.

The only potential downfall of our season will be the lack of squad depth, so Edu must make sure this does not happen by investing in the squad this month.

Let’s keep this momentum up and hopefully by May we are Premier League Champions.


If you guys have any other players who you think would be good additions, leave them in the comments.


Come on you Gunners.

Vivek Julka


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  1. “It seemed like I was one of the few fans who did not want him at all”

    I don’t know what you were reading, but it seemed to be about 60-80% of people posting on JA didn’t want him, the reasons you quoted have all been expressed by people here over the last few weeks (even when the total bid was £60m).

    Also – you won’t buy cover for Partey by buying Tielemans.

    In the end, a club can only buy what’s available. And they should always look at the price and the player’s character and commitment to the Arsenal cause, which is what Arsenal has done recently in walking away from a few possible deals we’ve saved ourselves a bunch of problems which we used to have in the past.

    I think Edu has done a great job over the last 2-3 years at least, people seem to forget the positives whenever things don’t go as the club or the fan wants.

    1. Agree 100 % IDKWIC and the most important thing to remember is that it’s MA who decides what players he wants, not Edu.
      By the way, we actually did bid £100,000,000 for Mudryk and it was only the structure of the deal that swung it chelsea’s way.
      I wanted Mudryk at the club, but not at that price, so I’m a happy Gooner!!

  2. Edu is doing great. Much better than what Arsenal fans are thinking of. You just cannot satisfy an addict enough. Be patience and enjoy the ride instead.

  3. Arsenal in contact with leverkusen over Diaby .
    Same price range as Murdyk
    Seems we are still going after a winger .

  4. Not only you. Me also. I was never sure of unproven epl player for that huge amount. Well, the key word there is, let Edu do his job to avoid “if we had known” in May. There good and cheap players that will be great additions to our squad. Is there anyone on JA who can pass on our messages to Edu and Arteta so that they can know what and how fans are feeling.

  5. I’m one of Edu’s supporters on here, but truth be said, he’s still learning. There are deals we should’ve either wrapped up or moved on from but held on hope for far too long and ended up ruining things. I believe five days is enough to know if there’s a deal to be had. City’s Txiki Mujika has perfected this art. He quickly walked away from the cucurella deal when he realized he’s about to be rinsed. Read Shakter CEO’s comments today and asked myself how the F Edu missed on such simple clues. With Boehly hanging around coupled with our “disrespect” for Shakhtar we didnt stand a chance there. That said I think he’ll be fine, just needs to be crafty at times!

    1. Exactly 💯 When the CEO was mouthing how he was about to be on the phone with Arsenal, l knew the dude was looking for someone else to get into a bidding war.

      Talk about double standards and claiming how the player was being tapped up 😡

    1. Hope won’t fix our almost guaranteed niggles and knocks that’ll last 2-4 weeks. There’s too many fixtures for a very limited squad. This is our chance, if we fluff it then someone has to be relieved of their responsibilities regardless of my feelings towards them. This window is more important than summer IMHO.

  6. Honestly I didn’t mind we signing Mudryk but I was a nervous wreck when we keep trying to match the Ukrainians asking price, happy that saga is behind us now.

    On practical terms I just can’t see him being more effective than a season Saha atleast for the first six months.

    If we are not signing Kvaratskhelia for the long term now, we should either sign Saha or Tossard, for the immediate short term then try to get adequate back up for Partey, its CRUNCHE TIME now so we must act

    Declan Rice
    Ruben Neves

    1. I agree Smoke! For the title run we need proven talent that can contribute immediately for rotation, seeing games out or injury cover. Trossard at forward and Neves in MF would be good business indeed. We can return to the “project” with young talent in the summer, but focus on the rest of this season first

  7. Trossard is 28 years old, so we could still offer him a 5 years contract with bonuses based on productivity to boost his work rate. When his stamina decreases a few years later, Martinelli and Nelson will be at their prime ages

    The problem is his conflict with Zerbi and Brighton, which might’ve put Arteta and Arsenal off

    As for Zaha, I don’t think he’ll work as hard as Martinelli, due to his age

    I heard Thuram is heading to Stamford Bridge. Based on his performance in World Cup, his playing style looks more similar to Aubameyang’s and Gakpo’s, instead of Martinelli’s or Saint-Maximin’s

    1. @GAI you want us to give a FIVE YR DEAL to a 28 yr old? Come on bro! In a year’s time that’s another 30 yr old on 180k cruising around london in a forged carbon fiber SVJ! When did we become a Mutual Fund?

      1. I didn’t realize we had offered him £180k a week on a five year deal.
        Jumping the gun again, just like the Mudryk signing?

        By the way, age is just a number, ask Wrighty and DB what I mean

      2. We gave Partey a 5-year contract when he was 27

        We could offer Trossard a contract with bonuses based on his his work rate and numbers in the field, to avoid laziness

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