Arteta has impressively helped Arsenal to save almost half of their annual salary from last season

Mikel Arteta has been ruthless in offloading ineffective top earners at Arsenal since he became the club’s manager.

The Spaniard wants to make the club great again, and he wants the players with the right attitude to be on his team.

The likes of Mesut Ozil, Willian and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang have left the club under him after failing to make an impact under the former midfielder.

These three players were earning huge money at the club and their departure has significantly lowered the Gunners’ wages.

Auba is the last of them to leave the club and the Gabon star’s departure means Thomas Partey is now the highest earner at the Emirates.

The Ghanaian is one of the key players at the club now, and he still has the time to justify his huge earnings.

Capology computes the wages of several clubs and says Arsenal’s current annual salary is £94,854,000.

However, it was £118,540,000 in the 2019/2020 season when Arteta first became the club’s manager and £156,550,000 in the 2020/2021 season.

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This further shows that Arteta is truly rebuilding the club, and the owners would be delighted by his actions.

It also means Arsenal now has more than enough space on their wage bill to offer a competitive salary to their transfer targets when the window reopens.

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  1. Ozil got paid off to sum of his total contract, Willian did the right thing and we had to pay Aubameyang to go. Firstly i doubt this was down to Arteta and i doubt we saved any money in the process. This isn’t Artetas issue anyway and the club have not saved any money as such, just got rid of them.

    1. It was down to Arteta to get rid of Ozil, Kolasinac and Co who were only for the money.

      You cannot bring in or take out a player without Arteta saying yes so I really don’t understand your drift

      Paying them off is better than letting them hang around and cause discipline issues.

      This summer will bring forth a further clean up.
      1. Get rid Cedric and bring a younger player as an understudy to Tommi
      2. Elneny should be off, not Arsenal quality
      3. Mari, Bellerin and the rest on loan except Saliba should be offloaded

      1. Havyn, the article says Arteta has saved us money, HOW HAS PAYING OZIL ALL HIS WAGES IN FULL, PAYING AUBA TO LEAVE A REPORTED 10 MIL SAVED US MONEY. And no i dont think it was Arteta anyway who got rid of them, it would be Edu and Vinai, rhat is their job.

  2. That’s great if any fan actually gives 2 fcks about the money side of things .
    Proper fans care more about the football side though .
    Artetas win rate at this moment in time reads
    52% which is what Im interested in ,and if im not mistaken is pretty poor .
    I stand by my opinion that he is the worst manager to rock up at our club since 1988,stats back me up .

      1. That’s great @Greco you feel that way .

        Unfortunately I have standards buddy so I can not agree with you .
        But good for you mate 👍

        1. Standards? 8-2? 6-0? Maybe a mix of tennis sets for a football match. Nice one Dan. Now please don’t tell me we played in UCL, etc, etc we got 10M contribution fee but spent over 1 billion in wages. Was the fella a professor of economics or a professor of e con? Agree we needed a top class football manager not a failed economics professor, my hope was Erik ten Hag, but Mikel was my next best choice as the rest all humpty dumpty, all sitting on the wall and had/waiting for a great fall . Allegiri, Poch, Conte, Benitez, Rodgers, Mou.

      2. @Greco
        Are you Arteta’s brother or relatives? The best thing happened who you claimed breaks all the negative record. As Dan kit said, his win rate 52 % tells who he really is.

        1. @Benjamin, Arteta hasn’t broken all the negative records. If you knew the history of the club then you would know that the 1912/13 seasons record is far worse.

          1. That we have to go far back into 1912/13 to pick worse seasons and records than Artetas shows how far we’ve fallen. And that he’s still in a job at Arsenal is reflection of how low our standards have become as a club and fans

            1. Ok, how about the 74/75 season when we finished 16th ? Or the following season when we finished 17th ? Or the 86/87 season when we never won a league match for 10 games, scoring only 2 goals ?

              The Arsenal have a history of giving managers time. The none JCL’s amongst our fanbase have patience.

    1. Hi Dan kit
      I care about the health of the club as a whole so when that is sorted I expect to be royally entertained and winning trophies for the foreseeable.

      1. Kroenke doesn’t have any interest in Arsenal team, he is a Penny pincher with them. He is only speculating with the worth of the Arsenal, when the team raise the amount that he wants, he is going to sell

      2. Salute you lady! The commenters out here wanted us to go the Portsmouth way, paying high wages, no output on the pitch, no new fans added, no added income, no valuable sponsors, just play their useless players irrespective of the results and then blame Stan. We were fed lies for over a decade that there were no funds, how did Mikel get to spend 150M in one summer? Lies exposed!

        1. Lol LC. I’m from Portsmouth and I know where you are coming from. Living through that was like throwing a massive party knowing full well that tomorrow you would be declared bankrupt – a “guilty pleasure” on an industrial scale!
          And yes – it’s a total myth that there was no investment. The Kroenke’s took full control only in 2018 and within reason Arteta at least has been given funds since then. That Arteta/Edu initially spent unwisely is down to them more than the Board. I get Dan Kit’s laissez faire attitude to money, but you run a club like Barcelona and eventually you end up where Barcelona are now. And that was the path we were following until recently.

    2. @Dan kit

      “That’s great if any fan actually gives 2 fcks about the money side of things .
      Proper fans care more about the football side though .”

      Whilst I kind of agree with you, especially about the football side, I think the money issue really came into our thinking a lot under the Wenger/Gazidis era because we were wasting hundreds of millions, which could have better spent.

      We had an insane wage bill, yet a bang average squad. We constantly let high valued players walk away for nothing.

      I have also read many of your comments and for quite some time, and you do seem to have an agenda against Arteta. Even when we win, and perform well, you always seem to find a negative.

      Everyone is entitled to there opinion, but you say so many things that are just repetitive, boring, negative, and plainly untrue (which we see with the win stats, especially with context applied, Graham and Wenger inheriting far better players, and club not in a mess).

      Carry on with your opinions, but enough with the misinformation and disinformation, and be humble enough to apologize when you get caught out.

      1. Ah yes if all else fails bring out the silly little agenda comment .
        Thanks for telling me I can carry on with my opinions buddy 👍
        A few Articles and you think you run the site .
        As for being negative maybe you need to actually read what I write not what you think I’ve written .

      2. Under Arteta, high valued players in Auba, niles, martinez, saliba and guendouzi to name a few have walked away for nothing and we’ve also signed high valued flops like mari, Willian to Name a few so I really don’t get the point of going to the wenger/gazidis years when Arteta is no different, did wenger also give Auba is lucrative new contract before letting him go for nothing. Also forgetting the fact that players play really well but suddenly start to flop after meeting Arteta. Also Arteta gave the calamitous xhaka a new and improved contract. When next you decide to write to counter someone who speaks truth, facts and reality, think about it properly

        1. Speaking about truth, facts and reality…
          Of all this high valued players that you mentioned only Auba walked away for nothing. Martinez was sold for more then double of his value then he was valued six months before his sale and we got Ramsdale for more or less same amount of money so no problem there. The rest of the players are still contracted to Arsenal, they are on loan.
          Now to flops that you mentioned. Mari didn’t cost a lot and Willian was signed for free. But let’s just put that fact aside, name one club or manager that didn’t buy flops.
          Now to players that start to flops when meeting Arteta. Are Ramsdale, Tomi, White, Gabriel, Tierney, Saka, ESR, Ode floping?
          And about Xhaka, if he didn’t sign a new contract then Arteta would be guilty for leting him go for free and now he is guilty for signing him to a new contract 🤷

          1. Unfortunately KSTYX
            Jonbo is just another fan talking about stitting on the fence regarding Arteta but quite clearly is trying to push his views on us with his never ending Arteta arse licking articles .
            As you can see they then get personal with the insults because some of us aren’t sheep ,then the silly Agenda word comes up .

            1. Comparing Arteta running Arsenal to an abuser is the lowest of the low and you should be ashamed of yourself. Does your hatred know no bounds?

  3. first and foremost, what a misleading title, but oh so predictable coming from those who will take every opportunity to fluff-up our present manager with no regard for the very facts they themselves supplied…it’s called simple math, surely your phone must have a calculator app

    regardless, this will mean functionally nothing if we aren’t given similar-type funds to replenish the squad or if any monies that are given aren’t spent wisely, which has been an all-too-common refrain for quite some time

    I still believe that not spending whatsoever in the last window was another short-sighted decision by this administrative duo, much like the Willian acquisition, but only time will tell

    unfortunately if this proves to be our undoing, there will almost undoubtedly be long-term ramifications, as we can ill-afford to be the team who chose penny-pinching over putting ourselves in the best position possible to secure a CL invite

  4. This proves the point, Arteta was hired not for his managerial prowess, but rather to cut cost for the benefit Stan Kroenke.

    The real truth behind this misleading headline is that this club is in deep trouble. The net effect of Arteta’s short reign is to strip the club of value (money and players).

    Adding fuel to the fire, we have lost one of our most stable and reliable source of money – Europe. And except for our young players Saka, ESR, Saka, Martinelli, the entire squad is essentially worthless, or more politely, has no trade value.

    If we fail to get top 4 this season, all our young prospects will become sitting ducks for our rivals.
    This is what fans need to worry about.

    1. RF, it’s an even tougher pill to swallow when you hear sports talk cable pundits discussing the Rams narrative moving forward, after going all in to win this year…very well-informed insiders are constantly saying that they feel this team will compete moving forward because they have an owner who’s flush with cash and willing to spend big to win again…it’s just mind-boggling considering the longtime “self-sufficient” narrative that has been stuffed down our collective throats

      one can only hope that now that he’s had a glimpse of what is on offer when one invests for the purposes of competing for trophies that this encourages him to have a rethink about the financial strategy overseas…to further bolster this notion, there’s also talk about how he’s willing to invest heavily, come the trade deadline, so that his Avalanche franchise can make a serious run for the Stanley Cup…I’m not convinced that this will translate into some major investment here come the summer, especially considering the underwhelming January window, but I’m a tad more hopeful today than I was this time last year

      1. I agree with you TRVL4ever. Kroenke’s focus for the next few years will be settling their One-Billion Dollar NFL fine. We will just have to find new sources to fund new players. Let’s hope the Reds are really serious about their reported 100M offer for Saka.

        1. actual the other owners are covering the cost of the lawsuit, as that was part of the deal that was made with Kroenke due to the massive monetary windfall that they will collectively cash in on by having a team in the LA market, with a “destination” stadium to boot…the LA market is second only to the NY market from a revenue generating standpoint, so they will all make some serious bank within the next couple of years from the increased cable rights and advertising dollars

      2. This is considering that Kroenke has to pay almost 900 million dollars to Saint Louis’ city for ilegal Transfer of the Rams to Los Angeles. Kroenke owes too mucho to Arsenal team

  5. An another thing, I don’t think Arteta is our best option to manage of our dear Arsenal. We nerd a manager like Klopp, Naggelsmann or Conti ( no Pochettino ).

  6. So let me get this straight….whenever something good happens it’s because of Arteta but the moment something bad happens it’s not Arteta, it’s other factors like attitudes?

    Can’t have it both ways you hypocrites.

    1. It is the same thing with Arteta out fans, whenever something bad happens it’s his fault and when something good happens he doesn’t get the credit so hypocrites on both sides.

      1. That’s not true. Something went our way when we won away at wolves but the realists in us still weren’t impressed because we know we’re not consistent with Arteta, neither are we seeing good football. We know for a fact we’re not going anywhere with Arteta in charge, we’re just bidding our time waiting for when it all goes to sh** again and the rest of u wake up and smell the coffee

        1. What are you Nostradamus that you know for a fact…
          We are not consistent because we have the youngest squad in the league. That is what you get with so many young players, inconsistency. And almost half of them in the first 11 are playing for Arsenal for only six months.
          And I am not Arteta in or out. But he is our manager so I want him to succeed and that will be until we get a new manager. So instead of constantly trying to bash our manager you should try and support him and our beloved club. We are in a good position in the league with youngest squad so give Mikel a break until the end of the season and see where will we finish.
          And back to the point of my comment and first sentence of your reply, yes it is true, you are hypocrites because you never give Arteta credit for anything even if he deserves it.

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