Arteta has plans in place for the January transfer window

Arsenal fans have been saying all year that Mikel Arteta needs to have a complete clearout of the Arsenal squad and bring in his own signings that can play according to his tactics.

The summer window didn’t quite work to plan, although Gabriel and Partey were two welcome additions, but as for clearing out the unwanted squad members it was a bit of a disaster.

We can only hope that this January is better, and according to Arteta, the Gunners are fully prepared to set things in motion as soon as the window opens. The boss told Goal: “The planning is done, what we want to do in January and in the summer,”

“Sometimes you can do it, sometimes not depending on a lot of factors. Edu is dealing with that at the moment and I’m focused with all the games, we don’t have much time to spend energy now on that because it’s very clear what we want to do.

“My job is to make the most out of this squad, the players that we have. We know what we want to do and we will try to execute it knowing that the actual context, market and what we’ve been through makes it’s difficult.”

Right now, Arteta is finding it very difficult to “get the most out of this squad”, and if he doesn’t get them playing like a team again soon, he may not even be around to fulfil his January plans, never mind the summer.

All us fans can do is get behind him and hope that Arteta finally gets a bit of the luck he needs…

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    1. Players out Xhaka, Lacca, Mustafi,Ozil,Bellerin this transfer market, four players in that could make a difference, Milot Raschia attack midfielder/striker, Emi Buendia creative midfielder, Boubakary Soumare, Max Arrons right back to replace Hector. Do able finance wise replacing those listed, these are all real hungry players that go for it. Would improve squad morale straight away. If ever Arsenal have ever needed to spend in January nows the time, interesting thing is these bought together would be near Pepe’s value 🤔🤔. Soumare paired with Partey and Buendia, now that’s a proper prem midfield. If Arsenal are serious they need to spend, and clear the deadwood.

  1. “My job is to make the most out of this squad, the players that we have”

    Don’t just say it Arteta. Do it!

    You have made the team worse than it should be. You turned a mid table team into a relegation zone team. Wake up or get out

  2. What are Artetas tactics that the new squad will play to that the present squad is failing to adapt to?

    All we need is 3 energetic midfielders.

    I keep saying we do not have speed in the team,
    and since we do not have such fast and energetic mid, In the meantime he should go back to the 3-5-3 formation for big six matches and even the rest of the EPL teams. Its better to draw than to keep on loosing all matches.
    The Tots are defending and counter attacking some times they win and some times they loose. Arsenal is loosing all games. This is pathetic.
    He can change formations once he has an energetic team.

    Look at our wingers, so weak and uncommitted, they dont bother to cover Tierney and Bellarine when they go forward to help in attack. We become so exposed to counter attacks, Remember the Tots second goal, You can not blame the right back who had just crossed to Auba who could not control the ball and it quickly was send to Kane then Song.
    Where was our mid, Where was Arteta to shout a player back, Where was the Silent Leno to shout defenders back.
    Leno should Shout out. He can not think he is Mr. Spider man to stop all shots.

    May be Arteta should get a note book like Jose and write down the mistakes for later review sessions with the team.

    1. What tactics? Neither here nor there tactics? Confuse everyone tactics?

      Tell me anyone, what are Arteta’s tactics? One year on and I still don’t know. Anybody knows?

  3. So Arteta admits that his job is to get the best out of the squad. So why has he not succeeded in maximizing the talent in this extremely expensive squad? What were the plans he made last summer and why have they not worked so far? Who are the players he wants to leave the club.? Why is Ozil not playing? Why is Saliba not playing? Why are Auba and Laca not scoring? Why are we devoid of mid field creativity? What exactly is the process?

  4. Very pathetic that we find ourselves in this situation. Arteta’s is the cause of his predicament, bcos of sentiments. He plays players that aren’t giving him results week in and out , and never gives young players chance or integrate them into EPL team. Saliba, Smith Rowe, Balogun, etc

  5. Seasons greetings to all you AFC lovers who are enduring pain like me.

    Right now, MA sacking question apart (where my view is clear: Reluctantly give him till Jan), the enthusiasm of watching AFC is being drained out of me. I have been watching them since 1979.

    Only thing that would make me watch are the youngsters who at least put in a shift. At least they care like us.

    There are some simple basics that are wrong in
    communication. Strikers have to demand the ball being put into selected corridors of uncertainty. Where is that? Holding midfielders have to demand that the full backs get back or say that we will cover you if you go forward. Where is that? Wingers should state we will cover defensively if the full back goes forward. Where is that?

    More than players I want Ian Wright to bring attacking enthusiasm and either Tony Adams or Martin Keown to get them back to defensive organisation.

    Over to all you AFC lovers who are the only people I like as I find this disjointed team hard to like.

  6. Yes that’s fair enough us getting behind him.. but he hasn’t exactly helped himself has he? Team selections, tactics, substitutions, zero trust in some… you get the gist.. hopefully once this is sorted out we can begin an upward curve! Preferably before May 😉

  7. ~Everyone in the footballing world knows you can’t get much done in January. It would be insane for anyone to believe things will be that much different come February? One or two players could happen. Lots of change is bad anyway. The team can actually be worse with too much change. MA needs time, yes. But when I see the lack of progression over the months I do have my reservations about almost half the squad working with MA. I like MA and I want to give him time. How much time can we give him if it is still not working in March and we are indeed still near/in the relegation zone?

  8. AdPat, I would request your own personal views on either keeping or sacking MA. You write quite often but will argue a case for or against any question, just in order to provoke dicussion and I as a truth seeker, wish to know your own PERSONAL opinion on this question, if you will please.

    1. Further to the above – and I note even Grandad says well done. But well done to what? You very cleverly write and give SOME, the impression that what you argue for is what you believe.

      But as a keen observer of words and human nature, what I notice is that you never give an unambiguous statement, in your articles, of what YOU PERSONALLY believe. Nothing in this article says that you actually personally believe in what you argue for. DOES IT! CARE TO TELL US ALL THEN PLEASE?

  9. It would be interesting to know if these transfer plans take account of the new restrictions on UK travel.

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