Arteta has ‘revenge’ in his mind and admits temptation to ‘change everything’

Mikel Arteta admits that he wanted ‘revenge’ after the painful 3-0 loss to Aston Villa before the international break, and admits to the temptation to ‘change everything’ after such results.

The Gunners have actually lost three of our last four Premier League fixtures, and will be looking to put that behind them come the weekend when they travel to Leeds.

The Arsenal fanbase is not one to keep quiet, and pundits spend their fair share of time questioning the happenings at the Emirates, and many have called for certain changes to happen, including a number wanting to see Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang given a central role to end his mini-drought.

The Gabon international only has one PL goal, which came from the penalty spot at Old Trafford, since the opening weekend of the season, and while he had no issues scoring from wide positions last term, a number of people are keen to see him moved centrally.

The manager isn’t looking to make drastic changes however, despite the natural urge after such a loss.

Arteta told beIN Sports (via the Standard): “I think you are always tempted after a bad result to change everything you do.

“And I think that’s a really bad temptation because a lot of things are working and it’s really clear on the things that we want to improve on, and how we’re going to.

“The reality is the last game left a really bad taste and the way we lost against Villa with the performance. I just wanted a game right the next morning!

“You want to take revenge straight away. Now it is time to think, to reflect, to be critical about the things you can improve.”

Will the team turn things around without the need for a big change? Is it natural for teams to endure blips, and come out of them without panicking?


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  1. YES Patrick it is natural for teams and managers not to panic but it is NOT natural for the sizeable minority of hasty reactionary fans, as this site shows only too well and too sadly!

    Quite seriously and soberly, I have long regarded many of those who consider themselves to be fans, to be in fact harming our club by bringing unwanted and rather immature extra pressure on our team that it does not need, nor appreciate.

    I could easily name these constant critics but there is no need, as all sensible and wise fans who are regulars on here know precisely who I refer too! A true fan supports the club not constantly criticises all the time.

    I realise all teams are prone to critics among their fans but some are so intent on spouting their fury that they seem not to care how much they damage the club they profess to “care”(ahem , cough, cough”!!) about.

  2. Hope to see a formation change and drop the 3-4-3 hybrid nonsense. Also be nice to see Arteta take off the handbrake and allow the players a bit of freedom, especially in attack.
    IMHO the buildup and attack is too scripted and slow, and our creativity issue may be solved by giving the players some freedom. More movement without the ball instead of the static passing that has consumed our buildup the last couple matches.
    A little more flair and freedom can’t hurt at this point, and it would not be the ugly and unsightly football we have seen of late. Put a little more Wenger into the football tactics and a little less Emery for a change.

  3. Pep took two seasons and a lot of money behind him,Kloop took three seasons so Afc fans have to be patiant with Edu and Arteta they have done great so far.
    Next season the deadwood like Ozil,Mustafi,Kalasniac,Guendouzi(The Ozil gang)and more wil go and is there a fan out there who wont punch the air to celebrate a huge relief at Afc finally getting rid of these pretend footballers who have let us down for years.
    Ozil alone gets 22 million a year in wages,Arteta has won the FA Cup,transformed the attitude at Afc,brought in Gabriel and Partey to world class players,given the youngsters Saka,Nelson,Willock a chance which encourages others,changed flops behind the scenes.
    Arteta and Edu have done much in a short period of time,lets support these guys cos they are passionate,talented men who love Afc and dont pretend like Ozil who says he loves Afc but wouldnt even take a wage cut like everyone else when asked,he is full of shit and more and more people and beginning to see that.

  4. It’s true for what u said but as for
    Our team, the problem is the strikes
    And the more important is the creative midfielder like Ozil . infact Ozil must be back for the team to get confident
    Infact Arteta should put everything aside and bring back Ozil
    We complaining about Ozil but up to date we are still talking on Ozil but he is still not playing

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