Arteta hints that Ozil was not fit enough to play against Man City

There is no player that divides Arsenal fans more than our very expensive German midfielder Mesut Ozil, and he is back in the spotlight again after not even making Mikel Arteta’s squad to face Man City on Wednesday.

Our Spanish boss had also admitted that he didn’t think David Luiz was in a good place before the game, but the Brazilian was at least included and Arteta was forced to bring him on to replace the injured Mari, and we know how that went!

But Ozil was nowhere to be seen at all, and Arteta had no choice but to face the questions from journalists about his omission ahead of tomorrows game at Brighton. “I have been very open with Mesut from day one,” Arteta told the Independent.

“Since I joined I thought that he was fit and he was willing and he wanted to perform at the level he can do.

“He has played every game with me I think. So that it is. The moment I see that he is ready again to do that, I will treat him like anybody else.

“I think I have been more than fair with him and I think he has responded in many games the way I want. That’s it.

“A lot has happened to him in the last few weeks and I have to respect the timing of every player that needs sometimes a little bit of time.

“It has been difficult preparation the last two months to get players ready, and again I am the first one that wants Mesut at the best and I want to put him on the best when he can give his best.”

I’mnot sure what Arteta means when he says “a lot has happened to him in the last few weeks”, but the implication is that Ozil is nowhere near the fitness required to play any game time, never mind a whole 90 minutes. Are we going to see the same thing that happened under Emery, with Ozil being left out in the cold and the boss having to face endless questions about the reasons why?

I sincerely hope not, it was bad for morale the first time around, and we need everyone’s heads to be in a good place right now…


  1. We have to invest in the midfield. The creative side. That was the difference btw us and man city. They have two strikers. We have four strikers(Martinelli, Lacazette, Aubameyang, Nketiah)

    We should sell Aubameyang to PSG or Real Madrid(if he is not signing the contract) and Lacazette to Athletico.

    Then get in skillful wingers and all action midfielders at the peak of their game.. Asensio, Leroy Sane, Nabil Fekir, Thomas Partey.

    And a premier league defender like Lewis Dunk

    Bellerin. Dunk Saliba. Thierney

    Partey. Saka

    Asensio. Pepe. Fekil


    Midfield holds the key

    We have 4 strikers presntly. Sell the two who are stalling on contracts. Invest heavily on the midfield. Nketiah and Martinelli are enough for next season.

    We need goal scoring midfielders.
    Ozil should be eased out of the team. A super sub at most.

    Move Pepe to the Number 10 role.

      1. But he is stalling on his contract. at some point, we have to sell these players to fund the required move. Pepe is more skillful. Playing him in the middle will make him more involved in the box. He will draw a lot of fouls. he is a better finisher and more composed than Laca. Laca rushes his decisions at times. Pepe is the key in the midfield. For us to get that creative spark in midfield. we have to invest heavily. and we must sell our players like Lacazette and Aubameyang to raise the money.

        Against City, Mahrez and Sterling kept pegging our Right backs. very good dribblers, opening us up at will. intelligent movement.
        It makes no sense playing Aubameyang on the flanks just to accommodate Nketiah or Lacazette against top teams. there will always be a disconnect btw midfield and attack.

        Asensio, Fekir, Leroy Sane are all ball players who are comfortable with the ball. good skill sets. Our midfield is simply not good enough.
        That is the truth. I dont rate Guendouzi High. He is not in ready for a team like arsenal. we need to get back to the required standard by signing these top players. Arteta is a young coach. This is his first managerial experience. He needs very top signings to work with.

    1. I somehow agree with you that we should sell and invest in the midfield, but your analysis of positioning is questionable. Im sure you have noticed already under both Emery and Arteta that young Saka struggles when deployed in the middle of the field and excels only wide, not to mention that he is threat offensively but defensively blunt, now how will he form a shield to protect the defense especially if Partey may still needs to adjust to the rhythm of English premiership. OMG pepe at #10… how will transitions be possible when he is the one who holds onto the ball with step overs and useless turnings… even Willock may be better to say the least. but we really need to get rid of the dead wood like mustafi, xhaka, luiz, ozil, lacca, socratis

      1. Thanks Dino.

        I just wish the club can realize where the problem is: The midfield.
        As for Pepe, the guy needs some talking to really. we invested a huge amount of money on him. the coach should have a drill on him. he needs to change his game. Pepe has good finishing and composure on the ball. in the middle, he will draw fouls and can move with the ball. reason i also want us to get asensio, Fekil.

        I am tired of seeing Guendouzi and Xhaka combinations in midfield. we need goals from midfield.

        We cant win trophies with this setup. Top 4 is also difficult under this setting.

        Midfield overhaul is the key.

        Chelsea with Ziyech and Timo Werner. 2 quality investments

        It has to be this summer we do this clear out. trim down the squad and get quality midfielders in. No more prospects. we need quality.

  2. Arteta is not obliged to explain why Ozil is not in the starting line-up because the guy failed to show his character in big games for the last 3yrs. Ozil doesn’t deserve to be Arsenal player.

    1. And i agree with you. But we fans have to push the board to invest in top players. We are going down into mediocrity. We once had a midfield of Fabregas, Nasri, Song, Arshavin and Rosicky. we defeated Man City in an FA cup semi final some years back. See the gulf in quality now. They scored 3 against us at home and 3 away. We need quality signings.

      Players to be sold : Luiz, Mustafi, Mhkytaryan, Elneny, AMN, Socratis, Lacazette, Aubameyang, Guendouzi, Ozil

      In: Asensio, Fekil, Thomas Partey, Lewis Dunk, Leroy Sane

      Loan out: Willock

      Next season team

      Defenders: Holding, Saliba, Chambers, Dunk, Bellerin, Tierney, Kolasinac, Mari
      Defensive Midfield: Thomas Partey, Torrera
      Central Midfield: Xhaka, Saka, Ceballos
      Attacking Midfield: Asensio, Pepe, Fekir, Leroy Sane, Reis Nelson, Smith Rowe
      Strikers: Martinelli, Nketiah(Man City have two strikers and are better than us)

      We need a complete overhaul.

      Aubameyang and Lacazette sales should fund the moves for the midfielders we need.

      It is a shame that a club as big as arsenal is 3 or 4 points behind Wolves and Sheffield United with 9 games to go.

      We have gone to new heights of mediocrity

        1. lol. You are correct. I really missed those days. Alexander Hleb. full of tricks. Arshavin scored 4 goals in a match against Liverpool. The good olds days. Nasri dancing his way thru packed defence. We had quality midfield then. Cazorla,
          What we have now in midfield is a joke. side way passing. midfielders scared of moving the ball forward. no one taking shots from midfield. loosing the ball so easily. No midfielder who can dribble from defense to the attack. it is a shame.

          This club has seen better days.

        2. very true but not correct, he didn’t play in the same teamsheet as Fabregas, Nasri. Asharvin. that’s why Skills 1000 did not mention him

  3. I totally disagree with you in regard to three players, which are: Gouendouzi, Maitland-Niles, and Lacazette. These are pure athletes who might have had a day two bad days. These three, dont deserve to be sold

  4. To be the highest earner in the club and stealing a living from us for his contribution and be deemed not fit to start is an absolute disgrace. And that is what he is, a disgrace.

      1. Sue, whatever the reason for his absence, it is not the first, wont be the last time and its indicative of the culture and attitude that is running through this club. We are a shadow of the club we were and players like Ozil and the like, who are comfortable taking their wages for minimum effort is shameful. But you will still get people stick up for him, when he is the root problem of our comfortable attitude. We are not and wont be the same club again.

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