Arteta hints that Tomiyasu could replace Tavares instead of Cedric against West Ham

Arsenal have definitely not been so good defensively since both Tomiyasu and Tierney were both missing from the starting line-up. Although Cedric adequately covered for Tomi, the sight of Nuno Tavares starting a game is usually enough for some Gooners to break into a sweat.

But now we have the good news that Tomi is back to fitness. A cameo performance against Man United, and a full week’s training behind him has made us hopeful that he should be able to finally get his third game of 2022 behind him.

Tomi’s versatlity is well-known and, let’s all admit it, most of us would much prefer to see Tomi return in place of Tavares rather than Cedric! So this thinking must be the reason why Arteta was asked about how strong Tomi was with his left foot. The boss told “Well, when we follow the player and we identify him as one of the candidates, obviously it one of the things that I came across and it gives you a lot of solutions. Not only because he can use both feet, but he can play right centre-back, left centre-back, he can play left-back so that gives you enormous variability and it’s the way they’ve been raised and coached since a really young age, that’s what he says, so for him, left and right is the same.”

Well that is great news as far as I’m concerned, so now I am praying that Arteta is prepared to use the Japanese international in place of Tavares tomorrow.

What do you think?

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  1. Would be a massive call.
    First game after injury and plays at LB?
    There must be safer options.
    Tomi White Gabriel
    Elneny Xhaka Saka
    ESR Odegaard Martinelli

    1. Id suggest almost ANYTHING and certainly including TOMI as either FB , with Cedric ooposite him ,is MASSIVELY ” a safer option” than playing the alarmingly unsafe TAVARES AS FULLBACK .
      To be clear, I do think Tavares has talent but just NOT as a defender. That is already obvious

      Personally, I could not stand another Bellerin; good going forward but no first clue about how to defend, though still, and stupidly, played as RB.

  2. I’ve always said he has a strong left foot as well as an excellent right, so it could work, though I personally thought Tavares had a good game last week.

  3. 3-4-3 will be the best line up to keep WHU at bay and still get em smashed with tomi-white-gabriel at cb,saka and tavares at wing back,elneny and xhaka as dm pair then martinelli and esr on the flanks with nketiah up top.

  4. Strange seeing he started off our win against Man Utd ,yes he is suspect at defending at times ,but he’s a raw talent that will get better as he ages ,and you have to remember his confidence as been knocked with the way he was treated in 2 matches this season ,before that no one was batting an eyelid about Tierney coming back when Tavares was keeping him out of the team ,I for one really like the lad ,I said last season I would like to see him move into the middle and that still stands .

  5. I dont think Tavares was that bad against United. That said, starting Tomi as LB immediately after a long injury lay off is a bit risky. I would prefer to start Tomi on the right and Cedric on the left if at all Tavares has to be benched or go with a back 3 if Tavares plays.

  6. Don’t know why am sensing a minimum of four goals in this match.

    Am a nervous wreck when it comes to Tavares, something tells me this is the perfect game to give Pepe a run in, but maybe that’s why am not the gaffer.

    1. Only “maybe”?

      I rather think there will be many other reasons too why you AND not any of us armchair fans on JA either, ARE NOT MANAGING OUR CLUB.
      One wonderful reason is that we already have a fine and “going places with Arsenal manager” at the helm.

  7. Tomi should play the left back and let Cedric remain at the right back. Timi will work better with Martinelli and Nketeah at the Center Forward. There will be a balance on both sides, namely that Tomi/Martinelli
    On the Left Flank AND Cadric/Saka On the Right Flank . Then Nketeah/SmithRowe/Odegaard at the Central Attack.
    I can assure you that you will see a Drilling Attacking
    Force against West Harm on Sunday.

  8. Actually, some goals have come between Gabriel and Tavares who is always late on the attacker like last Saturday against MU with Ronaldo slipping off in between them and easily chipping the ball into the net. That same scenario also happened against Crystal Palace.
    Tavares still has a lot to learn.

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