Arteta hoping to persuade City star to join with midfield role offered

Mikel Arteta is claimed to be keen to work with Oleksandr Zinchenko, and will offer him a return to midfield in order to persuade him to leave Manchester City.

The Ukraine international joined the Citzens as a CM, the role he continues to operate in for his country, but has found the majority of his playing time at left-back under Pep Gurdiola.

Zinchenko made just 15 PL appearance this season, with Joao Cancelo and Kyle Walker favoured for the full-back roles this term, and you would think that he would be open to considering a move if he could be guaranteed more playing time, while Arteta is claimed in The Mirror to be hoping to lure him away with the offer of a return to his former role.

The Gunners return to plying European football for next season is likely to mean that we will be looking to add numbers to the squad, having trimmed it down for last season. It also remains to be seen which players will end up leaving the club in the coming window.

There is definitely a player in Zinchenko, and at 25 years-old he should match our transfer policy depending on the price we would be willing to pay of course.


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  1. Would be a decent signing but not for a midfield role, hopefully if we do buy him it’s to compete with Tierney for Leftback position.

    1. @EastLDN Gooner
      It would also be a plus to have such a versatile player in the ranks. IJS

  2. We seem to be after quite a few man city players wonder why that is 🤔
    We give them money to get better players and we get their cast offs .

    1. When did we hire a City cast off?
      The mug paid 42M for a RM cast off, 40M + for a Lyon cast off, 30M for a Valentia cast off, 16M for a Deportivo cast off, 16M for a Southampton kid years ago. Except Auba, all his costly signings were a rip off our funds.
      Mikel’s signings are value additions. And he is changing the dressing room culture, that is something money cannot buy.
      Relax PAL, our club is in a very safe pair of hands. Hands with a Midas Touch, I wish to add.

      1. @Loose Cannon
        I see you drank the kool aide. Even added extra sugar to sweeten over that bitter aftertaste called the truth…

  3. Does Arsenal really have a transfer plan? I don’t think so, because it’s the same old way of doing things that we are seeing from incompetent Edu. Just look at Aston Villa so far, they have identified their targets and have swiftly acquired them. They have signed Boubacar Kamara (free) and Diego Carlos while Edu is yet to address the main need of the team, which is a quality striker that can score goals (20 plus per season). Players like Nkunku, Nunez, Gakpo and Moussa Diaby should be marquee priority signings. Goals win you matches, not possession. Arsenal needs some quality attacking forward and midfielder. It’s really frustrating to be an Arsenal fan especially during the transfer window. Hope Edu takes a leaf from Aston Villa as to how transfers must be done, Having identified your target, get the deal done swiftly. Too much of Edu’s jittering and poor negotiations skills will fall Arsenal again.

    1. Transfer hasnt even started and u are already complain…….. How do u know we haven’t Identify our target?

    2. Really? They signed a player they already had on loan, a free transfer and a 29 year old centre back because their’s is crocked for the start of the season. Nothing remarkable! I notice you haven’t mention our signings🤔

  4. @Wayne It seems you forgot so quickly how this same Aston Villa were signing players up and down last summer, they even wrestle Buendia from our hands, A list players most times takes long negotiations to wrap up bcos they are very important players to their respective teams. So chill………

    Being the first in the market doesn’t guarantee that you the best deals, with all their signing last summer they could not even challenge.

    1. @Sam Pedro
      A-list players want to play for and A-list club playing CL football. At the moment, we don’t fit the bill…IJS

  5. City is not selling Oleksandr Zinchenko. Changed the game when he came on against Aston Villa. City isnt that stupid..

  6. Would be a bad move for City. He’s the best fullback cover in the league. Haven’t seen him in midfield for club in ages tho. idk about that….

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