Arteta: “I could sense the energy and how much we wanted it”

Arsenal spank Chelsea 3-1 in the big London Derby. What a brilliant way to pull yourself out of a slump, and to prove to all the naysayers that Arsenal were doing the right thing by sticking with Arteta.

Just like in the FA cup Final, Arsenal went into the game as long outsiders and yet again Arteta got the better of his fellow rookie Frank Lampard.

The boss was forced to make changes, but the youngsters he brought into the team played their socks off and will surely be playing a lot more often in the future, but Arteta took the opportunity to praise the whole squad, even those not playing. Arteta told “Well, I think it’s down to everybody because the senior players as well contributed in a different way, some on the pitch and some outside.

“Right when we were coming in on the bus I could sense the energy and how much we wanted it, it doesn’t get any better than to be playing the in the Premier League on Boxing Day in a London derby. I said that today we had to take this opportunity now to put some of the performances in the past where we didn’t have the results into everything, we needed a big performance to win against this team and we need the three points, and I think the boys, right from the beginning, did really well.”

It is the first happy after-game press conference we have seen in a long time, and long may it continue. Hopefully we should go into our next game against Brighton with a lot more confidence, and Arteta is well aware of how important this win was. He continued: “It’s a really important week for us. As I mentioned before, some of the performances haven’t been enough to win football matches and that is something difficult to handle over time.

“We needed the points, that is for sure, and today we have done it against one of the best teams in the league in a really convincing way. That shows that we are able to do it when we are at our best, can we do it every three days? That is the question mark to which we have to respond over the next week. But today we needed a lift, that confidence that we can come away from games with the points and the boys are delighted and I am really happy for them and of course for our fans, because there have been some difficult weeks.”

We all remember the euphoria we got from beating Man United, but then we had to wait two whole months to get to our next win. Surely that won’t happen again now will it?


  1. Yup, this result provides much needed positivity, but the real test will be the next few games. Consistency is needed.
    At the very least some of the younger players finally got their chance in a big game and showed they can handle it, so hopefully they’ll be utilised.

    1. Davi
      It has been very hard to be behind Arteta as I have when certain things have gone wrong but last night, whether by design or luck, the penny dropped. You rightly say that the acid test will be the so called easier games that follow and the younger contingent not being fazed at all, so fingers and toes crossed for that consistency

  2. Yesterday,ESR played what LACA usually does of cutting off passing links to the middle,GABI reminded of sanchez when he used to press the defenders and make dangereous runs into the box,hopefully arteta can adjust in his tactics

    1. I have always said it that Aouar is not all that better than ESR. He had a great game yesterday along with GM and Saka.
      Our future looks bright with the youngsters at our disposal.

  3. What we seen is what made us such an attractive brand.

    A mix of top experimented players and young talents taught how to play the Arsenal way and bringing that extra energy making in up for lack of experience. They add fearless and fighting spirit as they are eager and hungry for the opportunity to play in first team; they give absolutely everything.

    They play the Arsenal way and it really showed, speed, attacking, pressing without ball, running opponent down.

    It is no way for any opponent to cop with this mix, we were forced to do so to pay for stadium, supposedly not able to buy and compete on transfer market.

    Ended up with this top notch academy and youth development policy which helped us to stay in top4 so long. Not able to sign that extra top player as Suarez or Kanté did not allowed to compete for title and keep us up in top4 while Chelsea and Reds went above us.

    Not an easy task to manage at Arsenal, top coaches come with demands we can’t cope with or we would have one.

    We can be happy for this win but not reassured at all.

    As many, most or all of us; we can’t be, but wondering, scared to see Arteta go back to his ridiculous formation consisting in laying names on sheet starting by Luiz, Willian and ceballos.

    Once he is forced to not play Luiz world sees difference with Holding instead or any of our CB does best.

    He couldnt pay Willian, if he did, who sits?

    Martinelli or Laca. Saka drops in middle means Rowe is out, or Xhaka.

    He was forced to not play some players he would usually do; that is precisely why this is a great feeling & win but not reassuring as well.

    We got to keep wonder if he will stick to it or go back; done it when Luiz injured and brought him back, same goes for Willian.

    Lampard wish was to see his two reject lined up and ruin our chances again. He didn’t how to respond nor cope!

  4. He tends to run to the wings to create an overload and a triangle wc is good in ball pocession unlike some of our other players

  5. Lacazette had his best game of the season, energised by his three young “amigos” who brought mobility to a front line that was difficult to pin down.Compare this to the predictability of Pepe and Willian who are so easy to mark.Just what we do with this costly duo, I do not know, but one thing for sure, neither should start against Brighton whether they are available or not.On the subject of availability, is Nelson injured?

  6. Good game.

    Was pleased to see some fresh blood especially ESR who I have been screaming out for game time for ages.

    I dont know what made arteta give him a chance finally but it worked. The creativity and link up play was better. However lets call a spade a spade. We only got 1 (lucky) goals from open play

    Saka scored a beauty. Weather he ment it or not only he knows but the other 2 goals. 1 was a gifted penalty and the other was again a beautiful free kick by xaka.

    I am still for from convinced about xaka and think he is at best a squad player. He he some moments of class yesterday but also made some very poor challenges. I dont know how he has walked straight back into the team.

    I hate to sound negative but I want to see this consistently and I also want to see more goals from opened player before I praise and commend aftata tbh.

    For me it has taken too long to start playing the youngsters and I see no man management with pepe who needs a arm and some guidance.

    1 performance is not gonnanchange my mind.

    Well done though

  7. Well, it’s a great feeling to win. Hope MA has seen something in this particular formation. I think the senior players can perform too, provided they move like today. Willian is honestly not a static player, I too dislike him now, but he was probably the best player in the PL during the restart. So I think he can adapt to this tactic more easily, but due to his advanced age we should not start him against high pressing opposition. I think the wing combination that we got in this game is perfect, the midfield needs a few tweaks but we do have a good bunch of players. Some outgoings in January and Emi Buendia coming in hopefully would lift the squad even more. Then we can debate whether MO gets in the squad, whether Sok gets in the squad, whether William gets in the squad. Then in the summer, evaluate Matteo, Dinos, and Lucas performances and see whether to sell or keep. Personally, for me, they can do really well in a stable team. LT and TP can lock down the midfield, MG can transition into a good ball progressor, while KM can become an absolute beast of a CB. Or we can sell them for impressive sums on the back of their good performances. But preferably keep as signing someone entirely new to the league may take acclimatizing time again.

    1. Oh, I forgot. We have some impressive youth players out on loan too. So evaluating them is a top priority too. And MA might look at AMN and try to get him more in the team, like as a destroyer or as a floating Wingback maybe. Cheers and congratulations to everyone for the win.

  8. M.A has started getting it right
    The 4231 formation is the way to go for us.It gives the required balance to the team and allows for some fluid attacks.
    Player selection is still my point of concern because Arteta has gotten it so wrong for so long.
    I hope he sticks Saka upfront&not as a wing back anymore.
    Also when Partey returns he should move Xhaka further forward as that’s the only way we can get something from him.Martinelli is a must starter &unless we get another C.F then Lacca &Auba share that role interchangeably.Going forward,I hope to see very little of Nketiah,Ceballos,Willian & Pepe in the EPL.

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