Arteta insists Arsenal need to “try to improve every single game”

Arsenal are heading into a very tough League game against Leicester which could see us rise up the table with a win, but a defeat will plunge us back into mid-table mediocrity for another few weeks.

But we do have some impetus after going 8 games unbeaten, and we had one of our better games against Aston Villa last week, and Mikel Arteta is hoping to see a repeat performance but even better. He told “I was really pleased with the performance, with the energy that we had, we every intention from the first minute to do what we believed could hurt Villa and we continued like that throughout the game so it’s another step. That game is gone and now the full focus is just on Leicester.”

His young team has done very well considering how long they have been playing together, and Arteta knows that they still need to improve improve every single game they play. He continued: “We go game by game and try to improve every single game. Try to keep the spirit and perspective in the right place and when things are not working and the same when things are getting better.

“There is still a lot of things to improve and we know that we don’t want to be where we are still. We want to be the best and to do that there are a lot of things that have to get better.

I think in every department we can get better. The use of the ball, the understanding of the game, how we manage situations, how we deal with moments of pressure. In everything, in every department, I think we have a lot of improvements to make but there are some basics that we are doing much better which helps a lot to win football matches.”

We cannot underestimate the importance of this game to gauge if we can really compete against teams that expect to finish in the Top Six this season. We have been very steadily getting results, but now we need to prove we can do it away against other ambitious sides, like Leicester…

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Really looking forward to the game tomorrow, as much as i dont think Arteta is the man to take us into too top4, i still have hope. Tomorrow will not prove too much but it will give indications as to if we are able to beat a very competitive team, in form like Leicester, ready for bigger tests to come. We did beat them there last season, so good vibes, with better players tomorrow.

  2. Arteta is right, areas can get better. He just left off substitutions, man management, tactics, and style of play.

    I’m sure I’ll get comments, but don’t care. We’re midtable still, and don’t look near challenging for the top 4. Remember when that used to be the standard, the bear minimum? Let’s see how things stand in December.

  3. Our midfield will be the difference tomorrow, Arteta will have to play a physically strong midfield gain at the likes of Ndidi, Tielemans and Bakare,

    I just hope the gunners turn up with amour piercing bullets.

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