Arteta insists Arsenal should be aiming for more than just Top Four

The players must surely be in agreement with Arteta’s top four finish comments. By Sylvester Kwentua

Okay friends! The day we have all been waiting for is here and in a matter of hours, our game against Liverpool will begin.
Enough has been written and said about the Liverpool game and I am not going to write again about how Arsenal can win, rather what I want to talk about here, is the charge Arteta gave his boys.
According to a report by the Sun, when Arteta was asked about the top four ambition of his team, he spoke more about finishing the season above the top four spot.

Arteta said: “For me it is positive when people speak about getting into the top four. It means there is excitement and that people want to push us.

“But this club is about being the best, not even about being fourth. That history has to be there all the time, giving us the drive and mentality to achieve the biggest targets.” Arteta began.

This is just the plain truth! In a big club like Arsenal, winning trophies, especially the EPL, should always be our goal.

I know we have had bad seasons in the past, but the players are starting to rewrite history, and the best way to announce the team, is by winning at the very least, a trophy this season. This is just what the team should be thinking about.

Arteta also spoke about the mentality an Arsenal player should always possess, which is key.

“If you don’t have that mentality (of achieving the biggest targets),  you cannot play for this club. The level of expectation always has to be the highest” Arteta asserted.

If as a footballer, you find yourself playing for a big club like Arsenal, then you must play for Arsenal with the mentality of doing great things for the club’s badge you represent.

Enough has  been said by Arteta, the players should now rise up and show they are in agreement with their manager’s opinions. Feels so good to be a Gooner right now, ain’t it?

We are Arsenal and proud.

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