Arteta insists Arsenal should have won the Premier League last season

Mikel Arteta insists that Arsenal should have won the Premier League last season, and the statistics support his claim.

Arsenal has challenged for the Premier League title in back-to-back seasons, and last term was the closest they have come to being the champions of England.

They took the title race to the final game of the season, but ultimately lost the title to Manchester City.

Both fans and neutrals can see that Arsenal is getting closer to becoming the champions of England, and that could happen this season.

However, Arteta believes they did all they could and should have been champions last term.

He said, as quoted by Mirror Football:

“When you are analytical and you gather all the stats over the past 11 months in the Premier League we should have won it. That’s what the stats say, the reality is we didn’t, so that is something that is there that we haven’t managed as well as Man City or the clubs in the past.

“I think we understand where those margins are. We’ve been really consistent in the last 24 months in terms of performance and the elite levels we want to hit, but those margins are super small.”

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We did more than enough to be champions last season, which shows we need to be perfect to win the league.

This season offers us a new chance and we need to strive to be better than we were in the last campaign.


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  1. Arteta and the Gunners 25 man team squad he will build for next season’s campaign. SHOULD strive harder than ever before to win their 5 Epl opening season matches.
    Ars vs Wolves,, A Villa vs Ars, Ars vs Brighton, Totts cs Ars and Man City vs Ars.
    Win all those 5 matches as a start to their 2024-2025 Epl seacon campaign.
    And continuing building wins on the 5 wins id they won them.
    I think the Gunners will be strongly placed to win the title next season. Than they were when Man City won it off them with 2 points above them in the final table.

  2. We must go one better this coming season. No more near-success syndrome.
    COYG! Can’t wait for the season to start already

  3. “When you are analytical and you gather all the stats over the past 11 months in the Premier League we should have won It “
    WTF his he talking about .
    When the normal person with 4 brain cells can work out why we didn’t win mathematics,surely the person getting paid 9 million a year could atleast have courage to admit it too .
    Biggest load of bollocks I’ve read from
    Mr Ego ,just spend another 500 million ,oh wait .

    1. I don’t get you, Dan. Must everyone say what you want to hear? What wrong has Arteta done here? It is a fact that the previous season Man city won the title with 89 points which we obtained this season but still fell short! Isn’t a manager free to give an opinion?

        1. If we did win and the stats would show that we were poor in every department compared to the team who came 2nd, you and a few others here would be the first ones here to bring up the stats to the people ‘s face and claim, “we shouldn’t have won it, it was merely lucky”

  4. Admn Martin “and the statistics backs his claim” really?

    I think it’s time for a break until the season start.

  5. I cannot see, for the life of me, what MA has said that is controversial and/or wrong.

    We bottled it two seasons ago, when city were hanging on by the skin of their teeth, relying only onThe Arsenal to implode and we obliged… doesn’t matter what the reason was, we just did!!

    Last season, we broke records left right and centre and took city115 to the very last game of the season.
    Look at the stats and you will see that what MA is saying is true – he is saying that we need to know why we didn’t win the PL, after such a dominant season… and we all should back him in his FINAL phase five season of winning trophies!!

  6. The stats never lie, I do understand understand what Arteta is trying to say. But also I would like to see the stats he’s talking about and compare them to Man City. For example at times you can have the best stats in a match, dominate, create more chances but still lose.

    With all that said, I think the learning(building) phase is over now he should deliver this season no excuses. He’s been afforded the best patience available, Morinho once said Arsenal( big club) is a dream job for every manager you can go many seasons without winning anything and still the owners won’t question you much. It was a jab to Wenger, but I think he did have a point.

  7. That should be pretty obvious to anyone, but then again there is the fine margin factor, that extra percentage that needs to be managed well in order to get over the line unscathed. The “getting over it” aspect of the interview got me and i love Mikel’s response, because i share his sentiments and i’m yet to get over it and never will until we beat them and any other challengers to the title over and over and over again. COYG!

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