Arteta insists he is ‘sad for the fans’ who were ‘incredible’

Mikel Arteta admits that he felt badly for the Arsenal fans after yesterday’s defeat, insisting that they were ‘incredible’ on the day as Chelsea clinched the victory.

The Gunners were beaten 2-0 by Chelsea at the Emirates Stadium yesterday, with the Blues scoring inside the opening 15 minutes before adding a second 20 minutes later.

This was far from the ideal way to mark the return of a full-capacity Emirates crowd, nor was it was the fans deserved after supporting our side throughout the match, and Mikel Arteta admits that it was far from the spectacle that they had envisaged for the fanbase.

“It’s another defeat, the second one of the season which is really tough to take,” the manager admitted after full-time(via “Chelsea deserved to win, I think they were the better side overall. We had moments at the start of the first half and at the beginning of the second half.

“After conceding the goal they started to manage the game exactly how they wanted. When we had them in good areas and without the ball with our press they still managed to come out with the incredible quality that they have. They showed in moments why they are the champions of the Champions League.

“What I liked about the team is that at 2-0 they never gave up, they tried right up to 90 minutes. With our limitations, because at the moment we are missing eight or nine players.

“I’m sad, sad for the fans because we really wanted to give them something special today. Even though we know the circumstances we have with the team at the moment, and not being able to do that and enjoy this moment with them is sad.”

Arteta went onto add that the fans were ‘incredible’ throughout their return to the stadium, and really tried to get behind the team.

“It was incredible, I think they really tried, they really wanted to push the team,” Arteta stated. “Right from the beginning they were right behind them. At the end in the second half they were trying to push us and give us energy that we needed. And of course there is disappointment, we are here to win football matches, and we can’t expect anything different.”

It was far from the desired result, but the fans deserve credit for their input yesterday, and the fans could well be able to play a part in our resurgence, as the team certainly needs an extra push at present, while some fortune on the injury front would definitely be welcomed also.

Can the fans play a key role in helping Arsenal get their season going?


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      1. You keep defending MA, Admin Pat but we still had a squad worth more that four times the amount of Brentford on the pitch when we played them. None of the players ever looked like they were even bothered by a loss. Just happy to get a wage!

        Even against Chelsea it was obvious that any discussions about tactics and formation went out of the window. A reoccurring theme that has been with us since MA took over. It’s like no one listens to him. Maybe they dont?

        1. Arguments based on comparisions between teams’ financial values are just lazy.

          A well motivated team can beat any team by just doing the basics right.

          An example is Eintracht Frankfurt(worth over 200 million euros) was beaten by a team worth 1 million euros a few weeks ago.

  1. I thought the players looked lively up until Chelsea’s 1st goal. Afterwards, you saw a real difference and drop in their play.

    We had gaps all over the pitch, players failed to backup and cover each other, and everything from us was only coming from the wings.

    Same poor attack plan, no in game adjustments, and offered nothing new in the 2nd half.

    Arteta HASto change tactics, play to players strengths rather than fit square pegs in round holes.

    Mari clearly isn’t working out, looked awful again; no leadership in the back line, and offers little to nothing. Cost £11 million, be lucky to see a dingy farthing for any transfer.

    1. We’ve seen that so many thing tho haven’t we Durand? Going as far back as towards Wenger’s latter years. When opposition scores, heads drop, players lose motivation, and cave in. We need the players to be mentally stronger, that can’t all be on the coach. I think some of this comes down to culture of the club too. As long as Arsenal act like they are not serious about winning, there will be players that shrug off defeats and dont care like they should.

      1. Lack of leadership sums all that up; is Arteta fearful of a strong captain who is quick with a boot to the backside?

        Arteta would probably look to sell PV if he was captain of this squad.

  2. My six year old grandson scored a hat trick yesterday maybe he could show our players how to score 😂⚽️⚽️⚽️

  3. What does he expects from the fans? The fans will definitely support the team! What we are saying is Arteta does not have what it takes to lead Arsenal to the promised Land. The sooner we get a better Coach the better for the team!

  4. “Can the fans play a key role in helping Arsenal get their season going?”

    Sure. If truly caring fans like Daniel Elk & co can order a couple of million jerseys from our Arsenal online store within the next couple of days, maybe Edu, Arteta & co can have a few more millions for bringing in a couple more players to get our season getting back on track.

    Or Daniel Elk can strike a deal with the club (he so loves and cares) tomorrow to pay a hundred million a year to have his “Spotify” brand displayed on the socks the players wear.

    just saying…

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