Arteta insists his side know how to ‘play to beat’ Aston Villa

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta insists his side know how to beat Aston Villa on Friday.

The Gunners have some questionable form at present, having dropped points in both of their most recent two fixtures, and will be keen to get back to winning ways.

We started the season with three straight defeats, before winning the next three, and could well go onto draw the following three to complete the set.

The manager insists his side know exactly what is needed to take all three points from the upcoming fixture however.

“We play at home. We know the type of game we need to play to beat them, and our focus is only that,” he said.

“If we play 4-3-3 the way we played the first 20 minutes [against Crystal Palace], we win the games, but if we start to play the way we played the following 20 minutes, it doesn’t work, because again, that is a transition game and we don’t have the players to do that when we play in that formation.

“The play in the last 20 minutes is something that we haven’t done a lot as well, but it worked because we generated what we wanted. We have to be flexible and we have to play players in their strengths and when they are not playing.

“It is a test [against Villa] and they have shown how difficult they can be against us, because we haven’t got the results that we wanted against them recently. So we know they have improved their squad, the way they have played a lot in the last few seasons they are showing a lot of ambition the way they are recruiting as well, and it will be a difficult game for sure.”

We’ve seen both Crystal Palace and Brighton dictate their fixtures with us in recent weeks, with both pressing us high and limiting our time and space on the ball, and as Arsenal FC, this simply isn’t acceptable.

When Arteta says he knows how to beat Villa, he must mean that we need to be dictating things and dominating the pace of the game, but I’m struggling to find confidence in a win at present.

If Arsenal play to their strengths would Villa be powerless to stop us from winning?


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    1. Yes, but we’ve only played convincingly well in one of those. If you don’t consider the performances, negative results will catch up to you sooner or later

  1. How often does Arteta play to the strength of his team? more likely another square peg in round hole tactical approach.

  2. the problem with arteta is that he talks too much and do a little. EPL is not theory. it’s all about practical. forget about your favorite players and play those that merits their position.
    win or loose, artetaout.

  3. We shouldnt be playing the silly one man midfield. AMN should partner Partey int the midfield, sad though we will be missing the influence of Xhaka.

  4. Less talking more actions please!

    I do believe we have all the qualities to beat any team but we need better coaching Mr.MA!

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