Arteta insists Wenger can come back to Arsenal when he wants

Mikel Arteta has again reiterated his stance that Arsene Wenger is welcomed at Arsenal whenever he wants to come.

The former manager is an important figure in the club’s recent history after helping them to win multiple silverware and managing them for two decades.

He signed Arteta to the club when the current gaffer was still playing as a midfielder.

The Spaniard is now overseeing an overhaul of the club’s playing squad and helping them to become a top side again.

Wenger’s departure in 2018 was kind of expected though the Frenchman didn’t expect to leave the way he did.

He has not returned to the Emirates since then, but Arteta wants him to come back to the club.

Once again, he extended an open invitation to his former boss, saying, as quoted by The Daily Mail:

‘I would love to [see him back]. I think he has explained it. I think he has every window, every door, in this football club open whenever he is ready. 

‘Whenever he feels it is the right moment to do it. He knows that from my side, he knows that from many other people at the football club. 

‘Hopefully that will happen soon because it will inspire and a lot of people would be so happy to see him back.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Wenger played an important role in our success in the 90s and 2000s, and he deserves a place in the club if he wants.

The former manager must feel bad that he was forced our and we probably need to give him more time to think about returning to the club.

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  1. I respect wenger for staying away as far as possible from the club right now.
    Let him be supporting from far away.
    The man went through a lot doing the past years from the fans, and I can’t imagine if things goes wrong again, he will face the same faith for being associated with the club and all.

  2. Probably difficult to return when for 22 years he had so much decision making power, steered the ship for 2 decades.

    Now, he would return for what? Give advice in advisory role? Use his influence as a scout or evaluating talent?

    The club is moving in a different direction now, his players are all but gone, and even the culture is different than under his tenure several years ago.

    I personally think Wenger still has a lot to offer football; however not at a managerial level, but perhaps as a director or someone on the board. Perhaps not something Wenger envisions for himself, or ownership sees as a possibility for the club.

    His time as a manager has passed I believe, but doesn’t mean such a talented and passionate man gets tossed in the bin or sidelined.

    1. I agree ! So much to offer but not in any team related capacity. I doubt very much though he wil ever accept any offer to come back in any capacity and, for his sake, it is probably wise. His wisdom in the board room and as a sounding board though WOULD be priceless.


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