Arteta is a useless Arsenal manager according to recent comments, despite finishing second

We have the best squad in The World – or do we?

It seems to me the fact, we “only” finished second have given new life to critics of Arteta on Just Arsenal.

Over the past month, I have noticed the following faults by or with Arteta:

  • He is an unqualified rookie
  • He is a cheap copy of Guardiola
  • He is a cheque book manager
  • He is a “yes” man
  • He picks the team based on favouritism and not on which players will do the best job
  • He uses one dimensional and stubborn tactics
  • He can’t figure out how to rotate players
  • He is poor at handling players (man management)
  • He makes endless mistakes in the transfermarket along with Edu
  • He has even been called “a fraud”

I probably haven’t managed to get it all included, but the picture is pretty clear. He is generally useless.

So I have spent a few weeks trying to figure out, how on earth we managed to have the best PL season since The Invincibles?. How we managed to be the only team challenging Europe´s best team in our own league, and how we managed to leave teams like Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs way back in our wake?

I can only see one logical explanation. We must have the absolutely best squad of all teams. I mean, not only have our players by themselves, and despite our manager´s lack of ability, played the most exciting football and won the points fair and square, they have done it without being able to play with the best team. What an unbelieveable achievement.

And it gets even better. Because, if we have left out players that could have done better jobs, it means not only our most played 12-13 players are the best in the league, we have also had players on the bench, who are even better.

In reality, it seems the full logical conclusion must be, we really don’t need to add new players in the transfer window. We really only need to get rid of the useless manager, who must have harmed our efforts to no end, and if we replace him with someone who doesn’t get in the way of our best squad in the World, we will soon need a much bigger trophy cabinet.

I have applied for the (soon to be vacant) manager position, and I have clearly underlined, I will not interfere with anything the players want in training, they can pick their own team, and I promise to sit quietly on the bench for the entire game in every match. I will actually do it for only around £ 2-3 m. a year, and I am ready to start anytime.

What do you think, will I get the job? Fancy a bet?

Unfortunately, I am not so confident.

I rather think the above picture is way off the mark.

The way I see it, Arteta, the management and Edu are all working very well according to their plan of how to build a team to compete with the clubs, that have much, much bigger pockets than we have.

When Man City and Chelsea around 20 years ago had an influx of money allowing them to buy 2-3 top players, for every 1 player, we could buy, it was inevitable that it would turn them into big clubs, that would challenge us and Man U, as we were dominating at the time.

In fact, we didn’t challenge for the PL title for the past 15 years, untill this season. I think, some contentment and complacency set in with the big achievemnet to make the top 4 every season for many years. After all, how could we expect to win the league, when others were outspending us year after year?.

For me that picture changed, when Liverpool managed to build a team that could challenge, and they did it despite spending less than we were at the time. Adding to the frustration was the fac, that Spurs also overtook us in the league, also while spending much less than us. We simply no longer were getting the best out of what was possible.

When Liverpool were able to spend less and still build a competitive team, they simply had a better plan.

I think it was pretty clear, Wenger no longer had a plan that could make us competitive and his time was up. Maybe it was before, he was let go, but that is another discussion. Maybe Emery had a good plan, but somehow it all derailed, an he also had to be sacked, when were lieing in 13-14’th halfway into his second season.

We are currently on a very good course thanks to our manager and the rest of the hierarchy. They have assmbled a young and very talented team, who are developing under Arteta¨s skillfull management. They are of course not a group of all the absolutely best players in the World, but they sure are improving step by step as a team, and they nearly went all the way already last season.

I am afraid that is the qualified conclusion the owners have made. Unfortunately, it is also a conclusion, which doesn’t quite go along well with some on JA, and I might have to forget about the managers job.

Anders Sørensen

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  1. Yes, your right!. One of Arteta’s problem is that he doesn’t sense danger, even if he does he wouldn’t do the needful. For example most of our problem at the end of the immediate past season matches were from Zinchenko’s position. He wouldn’t substitute(Zinchenko) when he should have, before you know we would draw or loose a game we should have won easily.

    1. I like your input. Most of our weakness was the left side of the play when OZ was asked to manage it. Had it been spotted momentarily that he was struggling, I bet you Arsenal would have not moved from the pole position.

    2. I bet the match Tierney played you saw the use of zichenco?? The manager knows what he wants and he’s doing it, it’s best to trust in him rather than put in blames

  2. Very funny post…. But am sure u already know what u are going to get from the comment section, they will tell u Arteta spend more than mancity and Chelsea combined

  3. It cannot be denied that Arsenal improved and achieved most since 2017 under Arteta in 2022/23 Season. But the manager would do better if he becomes adopts rotation of players and more flexible tactics than clinging to one dimensional and stubborn tactics.

    1. But he did rotate a lot in other competitons than the PL. But when players from outside the 12-13 players, that played so well in the PL, came into the team, we couldn’t keep the same level.
      Do you really think, he isn’t aware of the benefits of rortating, if you actually have the players to do it?

      1. How long were we in those other comps Anders?

        How many players did we purchase that were on loan or sub-par?

        Answer those 2 questions HONESTLY and you’ll realise that it was self inflicted.

        1. PJ-SA
          That we weren’t look in those competions actually underlines my point. As son as we got outside the first choice, we couldn’t perform at the same level, so why risk it in the PL? Don’t forget, early in the season, we were only looking to make Top 4, and that was probably the priority beyond everything else.

          I haven’t counted, how many players, we have bought, that so far haven’t lived up to expectations. But as I see it, I can’t find any club in the “Big 6”, that haven’t made many transfer mistakes, and in comparison with Chelsea and Man U, we have done miles better the past 2-3 seasons, I think.

  4. Arteta is not useless, in fact far from it, we are work in progress that has made considerable strides.

    The gaffer needs to improve his management skills, but I know he would have learned a great deal from the recent concluded campaign.

    Wenger was a great servant who had lost his mojo midway his tenure , I just love the Frenchman.Emery is a great coach but lack venom on his previous stint, he’s already better this time around and he will be there to complicate the top the next campaign.

  5. Good stuff Anders.Arteta has made numerous errors of judgement during his relatively brief period at the helm of a ship that was creaking when he took over, and whilst the recruitment of certain players has left me bemused,he has instilled spirit to a young squad which has responded well to his urgings by finishing second to arguably the best Club side on the Planet.For that he deserves great credit.Tactically he seems rather obsessed with making his “inverted” full back policy work, when in real terms, the defensive flaws it has shown up are there for anyone with a knowledge of the game to see.Certain fans have suggested that his preferred system took us to the brink of glory, whereas, I take the view that it cost us dearly at the business end of the season.But hey, he has done well and, most importantly he will hopefully improve with maturity and become a great Manager.

    1. Ateta is a great coach
      him and edu should buy the right and qualified players so as to boost the squad
      they should stop loosing top quality players in the market to other higher bidders

    2. Grandad, I am sure Arteta has also made mistakes.
      Is there a manager, who doesn’t, I wonder.
      But as I see it, Arteta and Edu and doing a great job in asembling and developing a team.
      I think last season was a huge success and great progress. For me the reason, we couldn’t go all the way, was almost natural. Right from the beginning of the season, we had a nucleus of 12-13 players, who could play at an extremely high level in the league, but as soon as Arteta was rotating, which he did do in other competions, it was apparent, we couldn’t play anywhere near the same level.
      I actually think, he did the right thing to keep going with the same squad to make sure, we stayed top for as long as we did.

      1. You’ve acknowledge that Arteta has made some mistakes. But whenever one points out any if those mistakes, he is labelled “Anti Arteta” or “not a true fan”. That’s mu annoyance.
        And I completely disagree with your last paragraph. Any manager who doesn’t plan for fatigue or injuries is either joking or plainly stubborn. How about bringing in some players when we’re cruising at the tail end of games just to keep them from rusting. Then you expect same players to perform magic when called upon after how many months.
        Players will surely get fatigued at some point. That’s why there is a bench.

        1. I don’t agree with the “lack of rotation theory”.
          As pointed out, we did rotate in other competitions, and the result was an obvious drop in quality. Should he then have rotated early on also in the PL? I don’t think so.
          Should he have done it late on in the PL, when there was no hint, we could keep up the needed level with fringe players?
          Very doubtful and only based on hindsight.

          Any manager, or rather any human being, makes mistakes. I have no problem with people trying to point out specific mistakes.
          But I do think the general personal attacks like “rookie”, “yes-man”, “stubborn” etc. etc. are uncalled for and very often coming from people, who are indeed predisposed in their opinion.

          1. @ Anders
            Wrong again
            The rotation at the other competition are not because of the bench but because our coach and first 11 too don’t put much effort to it cos they are all out for the EPL to make Top 4.

            Like i said earlier, when Saka got injured, Nelson was the best player on the pitch. When Jesus got injure Nketiah was making name for himself, before the worldcup, Tierney started andplayed full 90mins against Brentford, Aston Villa and played 61mins against Fulham, this are tough opponents and yet Tierney still played and we won all, which means, noting is wrong with this players and they can play there part, but why not given time to give the 11 players some rest. let say Nelson started 5 more games to give Saka a rest, do you know what that 5 games rest will do for Saka?

          2. if the subs are not good enough whose fault is that?because bar a couple of players,the rest are players signed or retained by MA.i truly believe that rotation is a weakness of his.the perfect example is Trossard,the guy was on fire(7 goals/1 assists in 7 games) who made way for a returning Jesus.if as he claimed MA picks up players based on their form then Trossard’s didn’t warrant to be benched.what about Jorginho another buy from MA?it was pretty obvious that TP needed a rest,the guy was no longer able to track back, again it took him ages to make the change.people are saying that the manager is learning from his mistakes but if I’m not mistaken,a similar thing happened the season if MA doesn’t rotate much next season, whose fault will it be then?

            1. It is of course the managers responsibility to assemble a team with the strongest bench possible.
              We are in a very promising proces, where we are developing and adding young players to make a team strong enough to compete for the PL title again. We came close, much closer tan anyone expected, and my opinion is, we need a few more players of the same standard as the preferred 12-13 players.
              Then we can truly rotate and also be strong towards the end of the season.

      2. Anders
        I believe the 12-13 players you’re talking about is Tomiyasu and Turner cos we already have 11 on the pitch.

        That’s is where you got it wrong.
        Saying Arteta should rotate doesn’t mean in other competition only.
        Saka played the Fa Cup, Carabao and Europa, so is Martinelli, yet we have players like Nelson, Marquinhos.

        There are matches Saka shouldn’t have started this season or even substituted after 2:0 or 3:0 for Nelson to get playing time but it wasn’t done. If Saka did not have injury during the match which Nelson scored 2 goals, will you know he can produce such result? Which means players like that can join the 13 players to make it 14. Zinc can sit out some matches for Tierney for Arteta to tweak his tactics like Pep did(do you know how many times Stone played as a midfielder?) makng 15 players. Zinc can even play Xhaka’s position to give Xhaka a rest.
        don’t really like Nketiah but he shoulder the burden of Jesus when people think we will collapse and he carried all through till Trossard came around and till Jesus came back, making 16
        Now move to January
        Trossard was benched immediately Jesus is fit and since Jesus got back to the 11, we never win a single match till he was reinstated back to the 11 against Chelsea. Why bench Trossard all of a sudden because of Jesus? what are you telling the next player you want to sign as bench players? That no chance of competing with your 11? making 17.
        This added 6 players were not rotated well and they can give you a very good performance like the our first 11.

        Nelson (not to Saka’s level but will give you a strong result and his perfomance say so.)
        Nketiah (nothing to say cos he proved he can replaced Jesus, not with all team work but with goals.)
        Tierney ( even better than Zinc defensively and would have change the situation at Liverpool at 2-1. more reason Arteta changed Zinc against Newcastle very early in the match to avoid repeat of liverpool. as a starter, he only lost 1 match against Brighton and only has 6 starts.
        He started almost all the Europa game and was benched against Sporting and we lost. with good rotation, our LB position won’t have be a problem.)
        Trossard (This is a guy who is giving us a good performance since is arriver but was discarded against Liverpool for Jesus. A guy who scored Hattrick against same Liverpool played only 10 mins against them?
        If you think that is good management skill, then i don’t know what to say to you.

        So that is 6 added players who can give good performance when needed and they proof it when given the chance.
        Tomiyasu ( He wasn’t even given enough time for rotation. He was available for 25 matches and only started 5 games and played 1 45mins, the remaining appearance was 1mins, 4mns, 11mins. Thou we can say maybe Arteta is trying to manage his injury.)
        ESR and Kiwior wasn’t mentioned cos Arteta might have his own good reason for not using them.

        But if he had used this 6 players properly, we would have a better season. Do you think Nelson will do worst than Saka ending of the season performance? or Tierney do Zinc?

        Who knows if Trossard was demoralized at the end of the season because of been bench without losing form?

        1. @bobs
          To be honest, I am not sure I completely understand your comment.
          But do you think Arteta should have rotated in the PL, when the consequences of rotating in the other competions showed a huge drop in quality?
          I am sure, in hindsight one can say about lost games, we should have used other players. But could anyone truly have seen that before the games?

          1. Anders
            Do you believe we played the other competition with the same passion as the EPL?
            Teams focus diff on one competition than the other. Man City was super dope in the CL but wasn’t super good in the league, they are just lucky to win the league.
            Madrid put passion to CL than the league.

            So last season Arsenal are more concern about making Top 4 than winning the Europa but when the chance of winning the League surface, they couldn’t care less about the Europa. So it wasn’t because of the rotation, is because of the passion put in it.
            That’s is where your answer lies

            1. I believe we started the season with the primary goal to get back into the Champions League.
              In the Europa League group games, we could rest some players and others a chance with the possible intention of also making that competiton a high priority, if it we needed it to get into the Champions League.
              As it turned out, our unbelieveable start to the PL probably took everybody by surprise, including Arteta and the team, and I think it was the right thing to do to keep on playing our strongest possible line-up in the PL for as long as possible. It secured us our main goal.
              Had we started rotating much earlier, we would probably have won much fewer points in the first 30 games, and we would never have challenged for the title. That is what I believe.

          2. Which games did we lose because of players from the bench? We went out of all competitions playing the first 11

            1. Not correct. You need to check the Europa League games, we played, and the point is not only the results, it is the fact our performances were in general several levels below the PL.

  6. I think the transfer window is extremely frustrating- unless it’s just the media hoping to enrage Arsenal fans for clicks, which is driving this. I mean, why are we selling Balogun, one of the most desirable players, for 35m when it doesn’t appear that other team would even sell their club mascot for that?

    1. Gmv8
      If we are selling for a ridiculous fee like 35 mill, its probably because the people doing the negotiating at Arsenal are incompetent.
      Even if we had an endless list of strikers which we don’t, no team in their right mind would sell one of the biggest prospects in Europe.

  7. Arsenal shot themselves in the foot.There is not a better time to win the EPL than last season.
    Most of our rivals like Liverpool,Chelsea, Tottenham and Man United were below par.
    I partly blame Arteta for lack of tactical sense.
    Poor selection of the squad and poor substitutions when the need arose.
    Under rating teams like Southampton,by fielding mediocre players like Fabio Vieira whilst benching Trossard.

  8. Why is Partey leaving and what is harvetz going to add to us?

    We know what was needed before summer. A right back, defensive midfielder, cover for saka, and a striker are least of our priorities. But now, you hear of Cancelo, et Al. So annoying.

  9. Arteta had the youngest squad in the division, barely any squad depth, and was hit by big injuries as well. Yet despite all that, he managed to push City almost all the way.

    A City team that just did the treble, and has now won 5 out of the last 6 league titles. A City team, that is the best we’ve ever seen in English football. Coached by a manager who managed to overhaul a 15pt deficit from Klopp’s Liverpool, despite Klopp being vastly more experienced than Arteta and having a far better team at his disposal.

    I am not saying Arteta is faultless, but this narrative that we bottled it, simply does not stack up against the facts. City are unbelievable, and we had key injuries.

    1. I do agree Jen with almost everything you wrote. The bottling it bit does bother me as I felt that maybe the term is a bit strong, but I did think we came close to that.
      City with the years they have of big money signings and a tip top manager did have an edge but I just didn’t think we would lose out on crucial points to West Ham and Southampton.

      1. The main reason we didn’t bottle it was because despite our lead, it was a slender one considering how many games were left to play, and who we were up against. If Utd and Newcastle caught us instead of City, then yes, we would have bottled it.

        The two results you mentioned were terrible, but I would blame more on the players than Arteta. Party, Gabriel, and Saka all messed up nig time against West Ham, and then it was Ramsdale and Party again against Southampton. These weren’t just mistakes, but huge ones!

        Also, we had Nketiah as our main striker for a large chunk of the season, and Saliba then misses the final third of the season, and we couldn’t even use White at CB as Tomiyasu was also injured. I can’t remember City having any major injuries, and even if they had done, they have insane depth of quality in the squad.

        That reply was also to PJ-SA.

        1. So you will only believe it had Newcastle who was fighting the relegation last season caught us or Man U who was below us last season?
          Why do people think Man City has the best performance in Epl this year? ( because they win the treble?) For the past 6 years, this season has been there 2nd worst season points for winning the league 17/18 with 100, 18/19 with 98, 20/21 with 86 (which is the worst point they win the league with), last year with 93 and this concluded season with 89, which makes it 2nd worst. So why do you think they are so special in the league this year?

          Man City challenged us for the league but we lost it. Man City won the game without playing football and having an outstanding to play.

          Leceister was fighting relegation and won the league the following season. which means we can win the league if managed properly.

          You said, we have an injury and that is why we couldn’t make it too?
          Are you trying to say, Liverpool, Chelsea and Man U would have been higher above us without injury? cos the last time i checked, none of Chelsea players completed the season without injury and have of Liverpool squad are out injured and Man suffered many injury to there key players than us.
          there best player spend time on the treatment table than both Odegaard and Saka, there best defender was out of the season like our own defender, there best midfielder was on and off with suspension.

          So what happened last year when we bottled our Top 4 too? Or we don’t bottle it also because Man U and Newcastle did not caught up with us?
          Bring up another excuse but we bottled it and there is no other way to put it.

          1. What on earth was that garbage? City aren’t anything special? So they didn’t win like 11 straight league games to pile the pressure on? And how many other teams can do that exactly?

            And I loathe this lame excuse that injuries don’t count. So that would mean that Nketiah is more or less the same standard as Jesus and the same for Holding/Kiwior coming in for Saliba. Absolutely ridiculous!

            If Haaland had missed something like 4 months of the season, that would have had some impact. Not as much as other clubs, as City have such depth, but still it would have been harder for them.

      2. The crucial points wasn’t West Ham and Southamption (4p), it was Brighton and Nottingham (6p). Gunners lost with 5, I’m sure you know that. Round 36 and 37 ruined the season 2022/23.

    2. Did we surrender the 1st position because of City winning their games or because we couldn’t win easy games at the tail end? Fact is we bottled it.

  10. That word “useless” is derogatory. And I think it’s not applicable to the Arsenal manager in person and personality of Mikel Arteta in all ramifications of his Arsenal managerial career. Since he took over the reigns of power as the Gunners boss in Dec 2019.
    For, he has revamped the failing team which he inherited by offloading the none Arsenal quality and selfishly motivated players and the illdiscipline ones in the team. As he has gradually been rebuilding his Arsenal team in his own image. And having the club to sign some new top quality players for his team.
    A progressive situation that has yelled positively for the club last season in the Epl. When the Gunners almost but nearly does not kill a bird win the title. But eventually finished as runners up. Which thus saw them qualified for next season’s Ucl after having missed out on it for the past 6 seasons.
    This coming next season, Arsenal is highly expected to mount a very serious long lasting challenge for the quadrupled of title wins.
    This will follow after the club have revamped the ranks of their team with the doings of signing some new top quality established and up coming players.
    Probably Declan Rice, Kai Harvest, Timber and Lavia.
    Which will be great if Arsenal complete those 4 new top quality signings this summer. And hopefully they will.

  11. I do somewhat get your opinion but I think you are failing to understand the critics as they are all different points from different people, I would say there is not a single person who said all of the above criticism and I don’t get why people should not be allowed to be open about the positives and negatives about players or managers, I mean that’s what makes us fans and humans no? Everyone sees/forms other positives/negatives from the manager and has a bit differing opinions so it’s a pretty unfair article as you make the critics out to be extremist with nothing but only criticism with lumping it all together.. but that’s far from the truth, IMO its the opposite there are more Arteta supporters who don’t let anybody say anything bad about arteta than arteta opposers (they are really not arteta opposers as they want arsenal to be succesful and for that they point out the mistakes of arteta in their point of view) who have nothing good to say about arteta

    Personally i was against Arteta till the middle of 21/22 season but then i switched to neutral as it was plain to see that the players gave all for him but there were still mistakes being made and after this season I am a pro Arteta but he still makes mistakes (but which manager doesn’t) but I think its the arteta lovers who cannot let any negatives said about him without attacking the fans who are making the problem bigger than it really is

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment in full.
      But I don’t claim anyone have said it all, but if you follow the debates, you will actually see quite a few people agree on several of the points.
      I agree everybody is entitled to an opinion, but it is also an opinion to point out the lack of logic.
      Could we really have had the season we had, if Arteta used onedimensional and stubborn tactics?
      Could we really have had the season we had, if he actually picked the team based on favouritism and not the best team?
      Have we really had the season, we had, with a “rookie” manager, with the inexperience that is entailed?
      Could we really have had the season we had, if Arteta is poor at man management?
      Have we really assembled the team we have, with Arteta and Edu being so poor?

      I don’t think so.

      Is Arteta faultless? Of course not.
      But logic tells me, he is doing an amazing job so far. How else could we have been competing with Man C for the title? Please tell me.

      1. No problem, its an interesting topic which was also on my mind for long, why people seem to hate on eachother (from both sides) because of the manager, thanks to you too for answering in depth, I think without open discussion it is possible to reach an understanding of eachothers opinions where we fans can agree to disagree respectfully

        Yeah i agree with you that not all opinions have to be respected as there are stupid opinions lacking in logic, I made another in depth comment to the points you made in the article commenting my opinions to them, and I agree fully that he made an amazing job this season and won me fully over but I also do think that we bottled but thats not solely his fault

    2. Maybe you are not aware of Anders to ask that question. I have been saying the same thing everyday here and you have put it way better than I do.

      @Anders @Goonster @SueP @David @Loose Canon @Jon Fox

      That is the list.

      Contrary to what they might say they are extremist who won’t let anything negative said against Arteta.

      I still don’t understand why. I don’t know if they know why either.

      1. Goonster is the worst of them because he lies about other posters. Just yesterday he accused me of being anti Arteta up to now when replying to my post where I said Arteta is instrumental to our future success!

        1. about lying about other posters, maybe cos Reggie complained about that and i remember you telling him he lied about you commenting about Emery when you’re not even on JA platform then.

      2. Of course HH
        Just like you and Arsene Wenger
        You will say he made mistakes but fail to have noticed that I have said the same about Arteta as well. Pot and kettle spring to mind
        It’s a real shame that you can’t accept that maybe only one contributor on this site thinks Arteta is still flawless. You need to get over it as I don’t make a point of reminding you of your devotion to AW. I just accept that it’s your opinion

        1. Still none among you have answered me why do you leap to defense of Arteta everytime he is criticized. I have asked a lot but no one has attempted an answer.

          Why to use your words not just leave it as someone’s opinion?

          1. I don’t see many, if any, who “always” leap to defend Arteta.
            But I do see some very reasonable people not accepting and the general unfounded personal attacks on Arteta.
            Give us some qualified specific points instead of rubbish like a “yes man”, ” a fraud”, “stubborn”
            etc. etc.

          2. HH
            It’s such a non issue but it’s you who has the problem with opinion not me in this instance as I have made it clear that I accept yours

          3. I have a theory …..
            Most were negative towards Mr Wenger so now feel to admit that we regressed since he left ( apart from this season ) would be a sign of weakness so have to defend Arteta no matter what
            For example compare reactions to Arsenal finishing second under Mr Wenger comapared to Arteta . In reality both times mentally we were not strong enough .
            Compare the greif Theo Walcott and Giroud got comapared to Eddie Nketiah ?
            Wenger’s wrong for extending Ozil’s contract but lets give a pay rise to Reiss Nelson !
            Wenger was scrutinised for how many players allowed to run down contracts but Arteta is praised for ripping up contracts and paying players to sit at home
            Wenger was mocked for mostly only finishing 4th
            Arteta has managed that once in his three full seasons as manager

            1. Not in my case Dan. I didn’t add my two bobs worth back then
              His last couple of years were not his finest but that doesn’t alter the fact that Wenger’s contributions were fantastic and he deserved the accolades. But it’s ok to slavishly keep going on about his superior record to the yes man? We are in the here and now. New ish broom and all that. Different times

              1. Yes if Wenger got slated for only finishing 4th we can’t then praise 5th
                I’m with you on last season though Arteta did a great job

            2. Wow, comparing 2 managers that finished 2nd but failing to mention that one was a seasoned manager and the other is still learning. At least the present manager never blamed the fans for not winning the league, unlike the seasoned manager.

              Ahh Giroud, the player that failed to score for what was it, 3 months in that season that we finished 2nd.

              Ozil and Nelson. One was allowed to have 2 mid season breaks (to spend New Year with his family in Gelsenkirchen and then in February in Turkey to spend time with his then girlfriend), while the other went out on loan, came back and wants to fight for his place, and has now been offered a new contract with a wage rise that is just under 6 times the wage Ozil was on.

              It’s better for the spirit of the club to terminate the contracts of those players rather than have those players consistently breaking the clubs rules/disrespecting the Head Coach.

              One claimed finishing in the top four was a trophy more worthy than the domestic Cups. The other hasn’t and has had to rebuild the squad.

              1. Giroud managed more then 5 League goals though ?
                And Ozil should be on higher wages then Nelson as he’s a superior player

                1. Giroud was a seasoned international. Who said Ozil shouldn’t have been on more money than Nelson ?

          4. Could it be because no one accepts your premise as being true!

            It is false, and thats why few take you seriously.

      3. I can stand in for Jon Fox cos he’s the only Arteta fan that i know who criticize Arteta when it matters. Love to say the same for Suep but has more soft spot for Arteta.
        And Goonster, i think is just more about supporting the current coach with everything he got. Not like me who support the current coach but always points out his mistake( thou won’t change him for any coach for now).

        1. Getting a touch personal there bobs about my soft spot😉
          I have criticised Arteta but I find his good points outweigh the bad

          1. 😁😁
            Maybe soft spot is too much but don’t know which word to use.
            But i do know you criticize Arteta sometimes.

        2. bobs What do you mean by “stand in”? That normally means to take someones place? So are you saying that about me, or not? You may choose to agree with me, but agreeing is NOT the same as standing in. Just to let you know.

          I have never tried to claim MA as being perfect and have often pointed out his faults AND mistakes in the transfer rmarket, both for ins and outs, as I DID ON ANOTHER THREAD WITHIN THE LAST HOUR.

          But I also defend him against many of the vicious falsehoods that some write about him .

          I say those fans are well wide of the mark, out of touch with reality and also, SOME of them, STILL hanker after Wenger and Ozil, which are both further reasons WHY they are well out of touch with reality.

  12. The same folks were happy with the “Top Four Trophee hehehe”, they find a second place atrocious. Plastic fans exposed.
    Would Pep rotate if he had the quality of Holding, Elneny, Nelson, ESR just returning from long term injury? Ode was not a hit during the loan season, so is Viera. The lad needs time to adapt to the EPL. Trossad joined in Jan and did his bit perfectly well. What an astute signing by Mikel!
    Partey is 30 and getting swayed at times, better to move him when he has value. Injury prone, The S’ton lad is a decent replacement, and will improve when guided by one of the games finest coaches. That’s the vision and hallmark of a prudent coach.
    Kai is a multi utility player, makes sense hiring him if his wages and fee is right. Mikel at his brainy best.
    Folks were crying when Bissouma joined Spurs and what an average signing that turned out to be. Caedado could fall in that one season wonder, not worth the transfer fee. Well done Mikel to walk away.

    1. So if Arteta eventually paid 90 M for him, it is weldone Arteta for getting a gem that will be sold for 150M in future right?

      So every player Arteta bought is a gem but anyone he walk away from are average?
      That’s good.

  13. And my take on the faults you mentioned:
    – He is an unqualified rookie:
    He was an unqualified rookie, who IMO should not have been appointed as we should not appoint rookies, but now he is neither a rookie nor unqualified, he is good, he should be kept, but he is also has not proved to be one of the best managers who some of his fans make him to be

    He is a cheap copy of Guardiola:
    – I dont think that he somewhat is but that makes sense as their view of football is probably similar and guardiola is just better so everybody who is similar to guardiola will automatically be a cheap copy as their is no equivalent copy of guardiola.. sadly

    – He is a cheque book manager:
    almost everybody succesful is a cheque book manager so that criticism should not even be said nowadays anymore

    – He is a “yes” man:
    he is definitely not a yes man, and thats what i like and sometimes hate about him, as he seems a bit too stubborn but one probably has to be a bit stubborn to be succesful, I think Potter was a yes man

    – He picks the team based on favouritism and not on which players will do the best job:
    Somewhat he surely picks the players he thinks will win him the game, but I do think that he doesn’t trust the players he didn’t sign enough (sometimes)

    – He uses one dimensional and stubborn tactics:
    i dont agree i dont know if there are many top managers who have a lot of Plan B/C etc.

    – He can’t figure out how to rotate players:
    He should have rotated a bit more, when players were off-form but I dont think it would have changed much

    He is poor at handling players (man management)
    – That’s surely not his selling point or his strongest point, there are managers who are really good at man management, like carlo ancelotti etc., but arteta is not one of them IMO

    – He makes endless mistakes in the transfermarket along with Edu
    No he doesn’t he makes some mistakes and some success like everybody

    He has even been called “a fraud”:
    – he is not

  14. While I enjoyed the writeup, I think some of the “accusations and criticisms” you listed as some having against Arteta are spot on. Hardly anyone (even on JA) wants him out, and certainly not me. The team has improved but that doesn’t mean he’s above criticism. The annoyance is that whenever one criticizes Arteta on any issue, someone will always leap to his defense even when Arteta himself has admitted he made a mistake in that area. A prime example is the Saliba situation. It seems he should never be criticised for anything and if you do, you will be labelled “Anti Arteta” or it will be said that you’re not a fan.
    And for the records, any manager who continues to play underperforming players costing the team points while others rot away on the bench is clearly showing favouritism

    1. Yeah I agree fully, I think our opinions align a lot, IMO both sides should try to defuse the “fight” as its getting tedious to always read the same fight on here every day and try to agree to disagree if its not getting anywhere

    2. So we have achieved, what we did last season, with teams, that weren’t our strongest possible line-up, because Areteta would rather field a weaker team with his favourites?
      Do you truly believe that?

      We must have been absolutely amazing in other areas to make up for that handicap. Do you know, what those areas are?

      1. We could maybe have achieved more if the underperforming players at the end were switched out, like Zinchenko, Partey etc. Its not that he would rather field out weaker sides its that he favours the players he himself bought and needs a lot of convincing to start players he didnt buy, thats a weakness of arteta IMO if he had bought Tierney or Saliba they would have started more or earlier and if Willian had already been here when he came, I dont think he would have started that many games

        1. That is hypothetical in the extreme.

          Either way, every manger will surely buy the players he believes in and then also tend to pick them. Buying players and not believing in them, doesn’t add up.

          1. Then you just started watching football if you think managers don’t buy players and stop believing in them in there first training with the player

            1. Of course managers also lose belief in some players, they have bought.
              Next time, leave out silly comments like your first sentence.

      2. It’s about benching underperforming players. And why was Trossard benched for Jesus? Even while Jesus was underperforming, he kept on starting games while Trossard sits on the bench. Believe it or not, it’s part of the reason we capitulated. Guardiola and Mourinho have one thing in common which I’ve noticed…you will never get into their team because they like you. Only your performance will speak for you

    1. Exactly, couldn’t agree more.
      The usual way to do things, have not given us even a title challenge in 15 years.
      So thank God for the current regime and their ambitious and audacious plan to buulod a new youn team 😉

    1. Agree.
      It’s a pretty good piece. Also interesting to see how he has engaged with those who have certain blinkered perspectives, and those who have had an anti-Arteta agenda (of course some of them are now denying this).

              1. Literally the worst comeback I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing D+ for effort though .off to bed now ,maybe next time you can actually offend me then I’ll be impressed ,until then buddy 😉

  15. Well written and refreshing!
    Childish at best to get a reaction ,I see it’s the same group applauding such drivel ,not surprising really .

  16. He uses one dimensional and stubborn tactics
    He can’t figure out how to rotate players

    These two are right, but he is a young manager. What we should look at is whether he improves in this areas or not.

    1. So we managed to be the only team challenging City and finish “miles” ahead of Utd., Spurs, Pool and Chelsea with one dimensional and stubborn tactics and a team which could have done even better with rotation?
      What are the reasons for the success then?
      Best squad in the World?

  17. Excellent sarcasm and also a piece full of logical thinking, Suggesting that such a “terrible manager” as MA, who has got our team to a narrow second behind the treble winners and undoubted best squad and team in Europe, show my logical mind that MA is among the very best managers around.

    That so many have and IMO will ALWAYS HAVE a widely noticed anti MA agenda, is plain to see.

    Most of those whoi have consistently refused to have MA at all, ARE STILL hero worshippers of Wenger and most of them of Ozil too.

    “Out of touch with all reality” does not even begin to describe that weird ilk, who almost daily, infest this site with their usual nonsense. Sigh!

  18. I wonder if any of those anti Arteta fans have ever wished that he would become Ill so he would leave 😉

  19. followed arsenal 60 years sorry to you glory hunters who believe arteta is a yes man!!!! get a life follow cheque book man city, cheque book chelsea we won the double through frugal spending and team work with belief if you can not handle it do one!!!!!

  20. It is an interesting article and judging by the number[and the length]of posts it has achieved it’s target. Personally, I do not believe I have ever criticised MA simply because I take the view that he is trying to do the best he can in, perhaps, the toughest league anywhere. Money aside(and it’s a lot) it has to be one of the most thankless jobs in the world. A hero this week a loser the next. If I was Arteta I’d wish we had finished 4th. because to be judged a success next season he has to either win the EPL or finish in the top 4 plus a trophy. He knows that if he doesn’t at least retain a Champion’s League place next year might be his last with the club.

    1. Good points.
      I think the hierarchy has laid an ambitious plan to try and establish Arsenal as a real force by developing own talent and bying primarily young and talented players. All to be developed into a strong team under the guidance of Arteta.
      So far the plan is working very well.
      But if it breaks down, there will of course need to be change. Exactly where that point is, is hard to say.

  21. Are there any real gooner fans in these comments? we moved from highbury the emirates was approved we retained wengers services, we spent little even searched the basement for players. wenger braught some great players started a revoloution in sports fitness extending players careers. the same people persicuting arteta are the same people who ousted wenger!!!!! cant you see your nebativity is poison stay away from the club we do not need your vile support. i aint gonna say believe in the process, we are a young team going places. if you want a cheque book league like Real Madrid barcelona who monopolise la liga, go support city man utd like the rest of their southern fanbase like chelsea who have inflated the prices of players through their blatant disregard Boley !!!!!and will to buy success, where would city be without arab fraudulent doings chelsea thrived on oligarch money Arsenal fans we come from north london london is red like our blood. arteta needs your support

  22. Thanks for a brilliant post and for the good mornings laughs. I really dig your sense of humor, Anders.

    And the fact that so many “clever intellectuals” in here did not even understand you wrote the first part of your post completely tongue-in-cheek makes me crack up even more 🙂

    I mean, c´mon, how is it even possible some could miss the bloody obvious after you literally called your own “bluff” later on in your post is totally beyond me 🙂 Hilarious!

    This is what you wrote after the first part and I quote:

    ” I rather think the above picture is way off the mark.

    The way I see it, Arteta, the management and Edu are all working very well according to their plan of how to build a team to compete with the clubs, that have much, much bigger pockets than we have…”

    All in all, I can only conclude some people did not bother reading through your post, some have trouble with English language or reading comprehension – or something of the sort… How else can you explain some of the “brightest” comments in here..?

    Anyway, thanks again, Anders. Keep your touch and keep them posts coming 😉

  23. I do enjoy a good piece of satire and sarcasm first thing in the morning. I think it is evident that Arteta is a gifted coach and overachieved last season, due possibly to the fact that Chelsea, Liverpool, Man Utd underachieved. However, what cannot be ignored that his coaching abilities and inversely matched with his, at present, limited in-game tactics and recruitment policies. He’s a great coach and should absolutely remain in his position, and hopefully with time can improve on the areas where he falls short and maybe bring great success to the club once again.

  24. On reading this article I intended to reply that it’s mostly distance “supporters” and those who’ve never even been to a real football match that make these types of anti-Arteta comments, but then I got to the bottom and saw who it was written by, and made a quick reverse😏.
    Best article in quite some time Anders, and I hope Vivek is reading it.

    1. JAX the word “only” in quote marks in Anders’ very first line showed me that what was to follow in his first part was clearly irony and a statement of what those he knows better than , were falely claiming.
      Observation is a real life asset esp,when keenly used.

      1. Yeah jon, I hope he becomes a regular JustArsenal writer. We could do with some alternative input.

        1. Jax, Id put it this way; we need some input with REAL INTELLECT behind it.

          Anders would fit that description admirably.

  25. Great reading Anders, I appreciate very much your «pen». You and some others with perspective is making JA a nice place to be. COYG

  26. Yes zinchenko is a play maker but he is preferably a midfielder. Tierney tightens the position very well .Zinchenko height is another reason why he should be in midfield and not defence. He did really well during the beginning days of the season sha

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