“Arteta is boring with this thing of being choosy!!!” Arsenal fans react to Martinelli’s continued absence

Gabriel Martinelli was one of the best players at Arsenal last season as the Brazilian appeared from the unknown to save the Gunners in several games.

He was still relevant when the Gunners replaced Unai Emery with Mikel Arteta, however, he suffered an injury towards the end of the campaign that kept him out for a long time.

He has returned to fitness and was part of the first team late last year, however, he has found chances very few to come by in this second half of the campaign.

The Brazilian is a fan favourite and some of them have been wondering why he has disappeared from the first-team plans of the manager in recent games.

Because he is fit, fans and journalist would want to know why he hasn’t been playing.

Ahead of Arsenal’s Europa League game against Olympiacos, Arteta was asked about the attacker’s continued absence and he insisted that Martinelli is fit and doing everything right.

The club posted his response on Twitter and some fans reacted,

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  1. I just don’t get why is Arteta treating those young talents relessly and covering the lapses of the senior players, he just has favouritism and big ego. Imagine sidelining a young Guendouzi who we definitely need, and not trusting Saliba for a single minute and now the Gabi treatment it is really sad. When Willian is doing fcuk all but keep getting starts.

    1. Imagine being a complete douchebag bragging about who has more money when you lost the game, being rightly reprimanded by your coach and NOT BOTHER apologising for your stupid behaviour.

  2. If Martinelli doesn’t make an appearance on Thursday then perhaps it becomes a more serious question.

    Up 3-1 with 3 away goals there is no excuse not to play Martinelli. Saka definitely needs time off, Pepe needs some sharpening as well.

    Martinelli needs minutes, and finally getting a tune out of Pepe; it would be grotesque to favor a 32 year with no future with the club.

    Willian should be used when Saka or Martinelli hit a rough patch, NOT as a first choice sub. We really lost steam when he came on the pitch, and there was a noticeable drop in intensity.

  3. With Saka needing a rest, and ESR needing a rest too, it’s time to give Martinelli a start. Starting Willian is clearly silly and he is like .5 of a player. Arteta needs to trust Martinelli and start him. Some aspects of Arteta’s strategy are worrying.

  4. Let’s not forget that he came back from injury and broke down again, and our historical problems with injuries. None of us know exactly what is going on at the moment, but if Arteta is being overly cautious, one could understand.

    The problem is, he’s being too cautious. At least give Martinelli 10 minutes here and there. Hopefully he gets some minutes this week in Europe.

  5. somewhat baffling statement…isn’t this what he said regarding Eddie before the Burnley match…certainly don’t want to lose this player, as I think he’s got something special about him…I’ve been concerned about this situation since he was taken out at half against ManU for supposedly “tactical” reasons, then replaced by the defensive juggernaut Willian

    1. how is eddie good. some of you fans are emotional. you don’t observe things based on stats

      1. trying actually reading something before you comment…I don’t rate Eddie, I was just saying that these comments by Arteta have been said before, towards Eddie, so they’re likely just lip service and not a real indication of his true feelings about Martinelli

  6. I do worry about his misled belief in our youngsters. Once it was holding Bellerin and chambers, then maitland-niles, and Willock, then Martinelli and Nketiah. So should Saka and smith-rowe be worried? He has also bombed out Saliba and mavropanos. 9 quality youngsters currently on the bench or out on loan?

    The wagebill has not shrunk it has just been replaced with Aubameyang, Willian and Luiz.

  7. Am concerned by the moaning done by Arsenal fans without even taking some time to figure out what is happening

    Arteta knows what he is doing. He has done it with Rowe, Pepe, Holding and Saka. He has improved Xhaka bar some individual mistakes from him

    Gabby was injured for almost an year, so Arteta is just easing him slowly.

    if Arteta really hated Gabby are some people are, then why did he play him against big teams this season?

    Let us be patient without complaining a lot

    And for those saying Willian is doing nothing, please tell me you were annoyed when he came to the club

  8. What is wrong with matinelli? Nothing!. But what is the point when you have the skills and energy and you don’t have the experience to finish? He has to step up his game in the final third. Secondly, Em’s, auba, Williams maybe pepe and saka on that left wing are better and ahead of him so, he has to wait for that chance to play or take a change of position; right now he is even working on his shooting. The coach knows best, he is with them 24/7 and not a matter of being choosey that is also the problem with balogun. Matt is just 19 with plenty of years ahead of him. So, please.

  9. See, Arteta is not the only one being cautious with Martinelli. The whole Arsenal hierarchy are. They see him as a player that can save them millions in the market as a replacement for the ageing and soon to depart Aubameyang.
    So, they don’t wanna mess that up with rushing him to play for few short-term goals which they can do without right now.
    Arsenal as a club has a bigger plan for Martinelli alongside ESR and Saka in the future Arsenal forward.
    Hopefully injuries don’t scupper that plan.

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