Arteta is building one big happy family at Arsenal, and the boys listen to the boss

Rob Holding has revealed a significant change implemented by Mikel Arteta at Arsenal. With the aim of revitalizing Arsenal’s former glories, the decision-makers at the club took a gamble on an inexperienced Arteta, encouraging him to transition from his assistant coach role under Pep Guardiola to the prominent position at Emirates Stadium.

The initial phase was challenging, but Arteta secured an FA Cup victory in his early months. Following successive 8th-place finishes in the Premier League during 2020 and 2021, the Spaniard’s fortunes began to turn around. He guided the club back into contention for a top 4 spot in 2022, narrowly missing out and finishing 5th. Subsequently, he propelled the team into a title race in 2023, though he ultimately ended up as the runner-up to Manchester City.

Having been part of the Emirates setup since 2016 and having experienced coaching from three different managers – Arsene Wenger, Unai Emery, and now Arteta – Rob Holding is well-versed in the varied coaching styles employed at the North London club. Holding acknowledges that, in his opinion, Arteta stands out as the finest coach he has worked under.

During an appearance on the Timbsy YouTube channel, the defender shared, “There’s loads of information… everyone knows this is what we want, what the manager wants us to play like… we know that the ball is going to go there, so we can be in position for the next situation… there’s like a harmony when it flows right… you’ve got to do it his way, and everyone has that willingness to do it that way as well.”

It’s evident from Holding’s perspective that Arteta’s methodology has genuinely revolutionized Arsenal’s approach to playing, competing, and team dynamics. He also highlights Arteta’s commendable effort in accommodating players’ families, a practice he finds beautiful and unusual across many other clubs.

As he elaborated, “this is another thing that Arteta’s big on, is including the family.”

And that is exactly what Arteta is building at the Emirates, one big happy family. Ans as the old saying goes; The family that plays together, stays together!

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  1. I doubt Holding is happy, because he rarely plays. I didn’t see him in the last footage of Arsenal’s YouTube channel

    Hopefully he will still be around, because Timber won’t be available for several months

    1. The fact that Holding is still at Arsenal,should tell you that he doesn’t seem to mind too much barely playing.somehow no one accuses him of stealing a living, unlike former players who were in a similar situation.

  2. Usually you will only see real unity when the team is not performing well. Are you saying Tierney, Nelson, ESR, etc are happy

  3. Trust is built over time, by consistently doing what you say you are going to do and treating all team members fairly.
    When communicating with team members. Its important to praise in public and criticize in private, building an effective winning team is never an accident.

    Rob holding is probably the longest member of the playing team, who else is better able tell it as it is?

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