Arteta is certain that Kroenke will back him this summer

Mikel Arteta is in the middle of a massive rebuild at Arsenal, and after having cleared out a lot of Arsenal’s unwanted players in January, he is now setting his sights on the summer transfer window. “The squad needs changing.” Arteta told SkySports.

“There were already a lot of changes in December, something that has not been done in years, but it tells us where we were. Things are going to have to change and the owners are going to back it up.”

So that sounds like he is convinced that Kroenke will be bankrolling the next set of changes, so he is definitely not expecting to be removed from his post by the owners. In fact, despite Arsenal having their worst season for a quarter of a century, he appears to be extremely proud of the job that him and Edu have done since his appointment as coach.

“Time is catching up right now,” he said. “It’s a trend, it’s years now that this has been happening. If the distance and the margins with the rest become too big, then it’s almost impossible to do it.

“We are still on time, and we have put some very strong pillars and foundations in the last few months to do what we have to do.”

“We know what has been going on inside here for the last 18 months,”

“We know. We only know, the ones that are here. How we have built that is incredible.”

Considering the awful week Arteta and the players have just had, he is sounding remarkably upbeat about the future. He obviously blieves in the process, so maybe us fans should relax and see if his promises are fulfilled this summer before calling for his head again….


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    1. Managers tell us nothing.
      Arsene Wenger told us nothing in any of his 3000 interviews over 20 years.
      “Things are going to have to change and the owners are going to back it up.”
      Like what?
      Give us some details.
      Is it recruiting?
      Is it recruiting locally or overseas?
      I’s it the type of players.
      Is it in contracts?
      Is it in tactics?
      “we have put some very strong pillars and foundations in the last few months to do what we have to do.”
      So what are these very strong pillars and foundations and why then did we go out early from the Carabao and FA Cups? Why did we fail to score at home v VillaReal with the most expensive strike force in the land?
      Why are we 9 th place if we have such strong foundations?
      ‘But only we insiders can see all the amazing success we are achieving with this squad’
      Mikel and Edu are seeing things now😊
      Who do you want to get rid of in the summer and why?
      Who are you looking to buy and why?
      Noting useful like that.
      Just trotted out sound bites for the masses from the script writers.
      Beat WBA and it will be ‘we are back’ the pillars and foundations are finally working.
      So according to MA Arsenal is on the cusp of the glory days just a couple of signings away from greatness.
      Trust the process keep the faith and give us more time

  1. If Arteta is staying then he has got to be fighting and finishing in the Top 4 next season.
    Aything less than that he should expect a hostile environment from us all. The fans being allowed back into the stadium will be a new challenge for him.

  2. It wouldn’t surprise me if we had a good window tbh. Kroenke knows if he wants to keep control and stay relevant we need to invest. I think alot of the squad will be sold as well. Runnarson, Bellerin, Luiz, Holding,Mavrapanos,Niles,Willock,Torriera,Guendouzi,Nkietah,Nelson and Lacazette should 100% be moved on. Abameyang,Willian and Pepe could also be moved on but I doubt we would find suitors. With no European football there is no need for a 25 man squad. Next season
    Aaron’s Saliba Forfane Tierney
    Partey Bissoma
    Saka Aouar Saint Maximim

    Ryan, Mari, ,Gabriel, Cedric, Chambers, Xhaka,Renato Sanchez, Azeez, Smith Rowe, Pepe, Balogun and Martinelli making up the squad.

    1. Its better you stick to Fifa21

      with that kind of squad and Covid financial crisis…..300m has to be spent

      It is also a new spine/backbone of the team

      that will also take a season or two for the new players to gel and adapt……

      1. Exactly.
        It’s not championship manager. How many of these players are for sale, at a reasonable cost or most importantly want to be sold to a non europe club.

    2. You think we are gonna sign Raya, Aaron’s,Forfana,Bissouma,Aouar, Saint Maximim,Lukaku
      It’s okay to be optimistic but let’s be realistic !!

  3. Not that sure Mikel……Altough we indeed have good” fondations” (a relatively good team….)the end product seems nowhere near what needed….The club hired you to stop this damn “trend” Mikel……


  4. To be fair to him there as been massive changes at the club since he arrived ,he came in when the club was at its lowest and as moved players on which he thought we disruptive to the way he wanted to manage the team .
    But he was backed last summer ,partey who everyone was saying was one of the best CM in world football and Gabriel who again again a lot of people was raving about add to that Willian who was still at a good lvl at Chelsea and that is a good core of players for one window.
    For me the problem lies in the awful football we have witnessed ,that has nothing to do with personal that is down to the manager ,Thursday for example,needing a win and it looked like we was playing for a draw ,then it dawned on him and he stuck 6-7 forwards on which is fine but there was no plan to his madness ,he literally looked lost .
    I have idea that hat kind of football I’m watching ,I would imagine we stick 3 past West Brom tonight but there again we could easily concede 3 .
    Bland boring football will never get you fans but bland boring football without the result you have no chance .
    Do the right thing Arteta and resign because it’s worrying if he still as command for next season .

  5. ” A project has its phases and I am telling you we are in a much better position today to be where we want to be very soon, if we do what we have to do. But we have to be ruthless.”

    The ultimate test of patience – the “project” word.

    The phases seem to have been / be ;

    1) Assess

    2) Clear Out (1st phase of this phase ;-))

    3) Invest in squad

    Meanwhile THIRTY ONE points off the pace, and only the Europa conference league a possibility !!!!!!!!!

    However, as I’ve posted repeatedly Mikel Arteta will retain his post right now.

    1. Wrong. They haven’t cleared they’ve replaced.
      The likes of Ozil sokratis Mustaphi Kolasinac Going one out.
      The likes of Willian Luiz Mari and Cedric coming in.

      He’s swapped shit for Shit

      Edus other signings include Torreira Guendouzi and Saliba… no way they should give him more money to waste

  6. Who’s ready to buy this rubbish? I hope you fans in The UK, will give them hell once you are allowed back in the stadiums.

    1. What we need to do if Arteta is retained is to support the club and players more. We don’t need to make the stadium hell for them. If we do that we’ll all continue to suffer disappointments.. COYG!!!!!

  7. Get this fraud out of the club.What does Arteta know about rebuilding as he built even a pub team before,he was an average midfielder and peps assistant.I guess pep has another assistant we can get him as our new Pep.We were told he Arteta was the one who helped pep and sometimes decided team tacts lol. We wasted 18 months with a manager doing the same thing and expecting different results (madness).He said Arsenal has not been able to compete with big clubs for the last 5yrs I guess Villarreal is also a big club! Some simpletons here said we need huge investment and Kreonke out,they always reminded us that we will win the europa league therefore the League position not a priority.That Arteta has luck for trophies I read that here before the semifinals from the deluded ones.I guess some if they were Villarreal fans would be saying we need a sugar daddy ownerand spend big to beat teams like arsenal.We need a top experienced manager to instill discipline and confidence otherwise soon or later the arsenal brand will dimish.Cant believe at this point in the season we have nothing to play for and we will be watching a pointless game today while other teams are fighting for something.

    1. LD, I wouldn’t trust Arteta to rebuild the local under 12’s. As for the Board, their knowledge of football is exemplified by the fact that Arteta is still employed at Arsenal.

    2. “Cant believe at this point in the season we have nothing to play for and we will be watching a pointless game today while other teams are fighting for something.”

      First time this is happening since I started following Arsenal.

  8. “There were already a lot of changes in December, something that has not been done in years”.

    This pure lies. There is basically no summer that players do not leave or arrive. Besides, in 2017/2018 season, Arsenal transfered out 16 and in 5 first team players. This was just in one season (summer and winter windows). The so called clear out in January is grossly exaggerated.


    Theo Walcott
    Olivier Giroud
    Alexi Sanchez
    Oxlade Chamberlain
    Gabriel Paulista
    Kieran Gibbs
    Francis Coquelin
    Mathew Debuchy
    Lucas Perez
    Joel Campbell
    Emiliano Martinez
    Wojciech Szczesny
    Chuba Akpom
    Jeff Reine Adelaide
    Carl Jenkinson
    Yaya Sanogo

    Alexander Lacazette
    Pierre Aubameyang
    Henrik Mkhitaryan
    Sead Kolasinac
    Konstantinos Mavropanos

  9. The biggest rebuilding this club has ever faced and its at the hands of 2 guys with literally zero past experience in the matters, Edu and Arteta.

    This will end in tears.

  10. Villareal were lucky not to be conceded, after Smith-Rowe’s sitter and our other shots that hit their posts. Lady luck doesn’t smile on us this season, but Arteta and Edu would likely be able to fix it in the summer transfer window

    If we can sell Aubameyang, Lacazette and Nketiah, we will have enough money to buy a more imposing target man like Paul Onuachu and Odsonne Edouard. Arteta should be more pragmatic next season, because we can’t always score from open play

    Wenger had Giroud that often saved his arse as a substitute, so Arteta has got to find similar towering CF who’s willing to sit on the bench

    1. GAI, give it up! Arsenal were lucky in the first leg of the semi final, where they should have conceded 4 goals with better finishing by Villarreal and were gifted a soft penalty.
      Over the two legs, as one would expect, the luck evened itself out.
      If Arsenal had been good enough, they wouldn’t need luck. If’s, could of’s and maybes don’t win football games.

      1. Agree with Ozzie ,Villarreal should have put that tie to bed in the first leg ,without that luckily penalty they should have been out of site ,remember how he played with a false nine something we have never seen him do in our most important match of our recent history .
        It was pre school managing and the second leg wasn’t much better either ,one shot of target ,the stats don’t lie I’m afraid .

      2. Arsenal were awakened and dominated the game after being conceded by two goals, hence Villareal were forced to foul Saka

        1. But we still lost and have European football for the first time in 26 years ,but I do hope saka recovers from all the fouls and is fit for the start of next season .

        2. Look at the shots on target this season for every game! Luck has nothing to do with it! We are not performing well enough. Arsenal are badly managed. Full stop.

          1. Shots on target stats don’t tell the whole story of a game

            For example, our last EL match at the Emirates. Villareal were lucky not to be conceded, after Smith-Rowe’s sitter and our other shots that hit their posts

  11. Sometimes I just can’t figure out what Arteta learnt from pep. Is our coach truely trained by pep, the board should send him back for retraining. Infact Arteta learnt nothing from pep may be it is a plot by city to make us non competitive by blinding our board to believe that once Arteta is trained by pep is a good coach. Wake up from your slumber arsenal board

  12. Like most Arsenal fans I truly was excited when Arteta joined. I really wished and hoped he’d do well. I got skeptical with the William saliba situation, I was even more troubled with the guendozi decision. Then the persistence to keep playing William and Pepe when they continue to offer very little threat in games. I thought why not give Nelson a try. Nothing more dangerous then a young hungry player trying to make his name. His persistence in playing ceballos when he unfortunately let the side down 2,3,4 games in a row. His refusal to play martenilli when at times he’s performed really well and looked very dangerous for us. His continued omission of Balogun. We’ve struggled to score all season, why not change it up and give these young players a real chance to make there name. Our strikers are struggling so give the young players coming through a go, there was nothing to lose. Well he didn’t and we lost big time. Like many fans I’m mad, upset and I’ve had enough of this bollocks. He needs to go! The team plays poorly, have played poorly all season and we should have easily beat Villarreal over the two legs It’s time for change! Arteta and the Kronke have to go. There may not be a better time then now and as supporters of this great club we need to come together and try to make this happen. I agree with others in that past that have commented here that to the Kronkes the club is just a business. It’s not about the passion to them. If we are to believe that ek is truly interested in buying the club we need to figure out a way of supporting and making this happen!!! Any ideas? Another petition (online so globally fans around the world can have there say)? Have Grandad run around the Emirates stadium wearing only a sandwich board asking the Kronkes to sell up?

    1. Pco
      Everything you write here is 100% right. Trouble is the Zeitgeist of the modern era is lies. Johnson, Putin, Trump, Arteta, Kroenke. We are in the era of fake news and lies. Arteta is an incompetent, negligent manager, proven by factual stats, yet many gullible supporters think he is the Messiah. Arteta will and can take Arsenal further down. He will waste good money after bad as in the Willian fiasco. Arteta must leave….to save Arsenal.

        1. Thanks for the clarity Rashid. While recently I agree with very little gotanidea has said here I embrace him as an Arsenal supporter! Yes at times he appear trollish seeming to disagree with what most see as problematic or good for the club, maybe playing devil’s advocate other times. It’s good to have someone expressing different views, not always going with what most think or feel and It allows for us to pauses consider, dismiss or take on board.
          Maybe he is being realistic knowing that Arteta will probably stay on for at least the end of the year and depending on how we’ve played and our league standing come Christmas that’s when the board will act. Anyway just remember we’re in this together and there will be better days ahead…

          1. I think that Gotanidea is an Arteta apologist to the core. He wants to see Arteta’s new ideas next season FFS!

  13. Mikel Arteta: A talking head for Kroenke Sports & Entertainment and the Kroenkes.
    The first transfer and contract cancellation should be Arteta. The rebuild can’t be entrusted to him and Edu (Brazilian and Chelsea Retirement Home Facilitator).

  14. Most of wenger’s squads weren’t that good he made his players look better and got the best out of them arteta should just go and coach Granada or osasuna…it’s his level not arsenal.

    1. I see him in Sheffield Wednesday, trying to bring them back to Championship.

    2. You are being disrespectful to these teams. He should start with Wycombe or Wednesday.

  15. So basically Arteta is a checkbook manager if anything at all. Brought in 7 players he handpicked and we’re worse than last year.

    Wanted £60 million Auoar, still shopping for CB’s despite having 6 on the books; 2 of which he’s never even given an opportunity to play.

    He played under Wenger and assisted Pep, yet only learned arrogance. Do you see anything Wenger-ish or Pep-ish in Arteta ball?

    It looks like Pulis to me, languid, tempid, morose, and some of the worst football I’ve ever seen.

    Ask yourself this:
    Is it Arteta’s instructions or players?

    Xhaka a boss in Swiss midfield, Auba over 200 career goals, Partey top midfielder for years, Willian decent for years at Chelsea, even our players on loan are better away from Arteta’s influence.

    The evidence is all around us if you only open your eyes to see it.

    1. Durand I agree with you, let’s agree, arteta is not arsenal material at all.. we need to a top level manager but for our style and culture of football we need the Ajax coach, sarri, Rogers or bielsa….

    2. @Durand- but that’s the issue is it not? It’s staring everyone in the face. The league table does not lie. We are a Top 6 squad (minimum) managed by a clueless novice and we have become a mid-table side because of it. Other than the progress of Saka, the emergence of ESR and the potential of Balogun, there is nothing in this season to be proud of.
      With no European games nr t season our squad will be playing far fewer games so there are no excuses. Less injuries. Less tiredness. Less travel.
      I’ve no doubt now Arteta will be in charge next season, which is a decision that will I believe come back on is very early into the season.
      Let’s see how good a “Coach” this novice really is. He has mastered the spin in his press conferences, let’s actually see if he is capable of doing the job he was brought in to do. WIN FOOTBALL MATCHES

      1. Actually maybe a blessing in disguise. Arteta only has to manage 1 match a week.

        1. Will he continue to cut and chop his lineup every week or pick his best 11?

        2. No need to spend a fortune in the Summer, let the rube improve the squad his has, bring in Bissuma and RB, and backup LB.

        3. That way he can earn the right to bolster squad for European football.
        4. A pile of cash for a new manager to bring in players.

        We’ll see if he’s a manager or merely a 2 1/2 year regressive mistake.

        Only a fool would give a failed manager a pile of money to spend.

        Besides, imagine denying Wenger funds only to give a rube tons of cash and with no European football.

        1. Besides, Saliba, Willock, Guendouzi, Mavroporas, Balogun, and Nelson are like new signings right?

          If they are fool enough to keep him, he’ll probably get sacked in December when we’re between 9th and 12th place.

  16. Let us continue lingering around.,..

    I’ve told you guys multiple times that if you see MAURIZIO SARRI going to Spurs, we can effectively wave goodbye to European football for good.

    Instead of getting him now, I can’t believe these guys have further hope for this Arteta guy.

    Trusting him with more money, be certain he’s going to;
    Recruit more GABRIELS and XHAKAS who have ABSOLUTELY ZERO football.

  17. What I have liked so far is that in interviews MA has told it as he sees it. No AW lies like “I did not see it” which so insulted our fan intelligence.

    BUT, BUT, BUT, I have changed my mind from previously backing Arteta and seeing him as a potentially top manager, (though sometime in the future, WHEN he has learned the art of managing properly). I still see top personal qualities in him as a man.

    BUT only fools will never change their mind when a mounting supply of evidence proves them wrong! I now see I was too hopeful and too patient. In the meantime though, the team is, at best, standing still and a series of puzzling and silly managerial decisions are holding us back. I was willing to wait too long and now see I was wrong.

    I did likewise about five years ago with Ozil, when his regular ongoing laziness and sheer lack of effort changed me from being his huge fan to wanting him out.

    We all make mistakes but the diehards who wil never admit it, carry on banging their heads against the wall, so to speak. I personally call such folk “Trumpites,” as only THEY refuse to see the plain truth!

    I will not do that and so will now join those who wish MA to leave, though I will not say soon here forcefully , simply because I do NOT see Kroenke sacking him anytime this side of next year at least, for financial reasons only.

    However, for ANY chance of real improvement we need substantial funds spent this summer, not just sticking plasters and IMO that will not be forthcoming. More loans and freebies both in and out and that will only carry on as now, at best! So I do not envisage such real improvement that would (and still MIGHT) keep MA here longer term.


    1. Jon I applaud you my friend.

      You supported Arteta fully, backed him when things got ugly, but after analyzing the situation and considering 18 months of evidence in front of you, changed your mind.

      MAYBE Arteta will be good one day, but we cannot afford to sponsor a rookie getting his training wheels.

      That is why I read your comments and consider the points you make. In the end, reality always wins out when the facade is stripped away.

      You often mention reality, and glad to see you agree. It should always be what is best for the club, above a player, a manager, even an owner.

      No one doubted you love Arsenal, and it’s that very love that determined Arteta has to go.

      Would you agree that Edu should also go as well? Vinai also removed?

      1. Thanks a lot Durand . I WOULD like Vinai out as he is not a proper football man, merely an administrator.


        But I do sense some real thought, among his mistakes A curates egg then so far but ID GIVE HIM ANOTHER SEASON AND THEN REVIEW IT. What we badly need in the coaching staff are some names who are Arenal through and through, such as Dennis, Keown, Seaman, Dixon, etc.


  18. Emi Buendía better than Houssem Aouar. Way better than Sander Berge.
    We need to sign Emi Buendía.

  19. Arteta could not motivate anyone. That is his undoing. A serious failing…which won’t change….it’s his character.

    1. That’s likely because the players don’t buy into his shit approach to the game.

  20. All I got from his PR BS that he’s so good at is that he can’t own up to his mistakes.

    He is personally responsible for the results against Villareal.

    Also, to say you couldn’t do better than 8th-10th with THIS squad is a sign of an incapable manager.

    I’d prioritize his sacking right up there with the chasing out of the kse.

    His arrogance will be the making of Arsenal.

  21. Yeah he will, with no Europe, pandemic and the terrific showing by Mr Arteta he has no reason not to spend millions in summer. Another one of Arteta’s brain fart, very clear from Arsenal management though they will try to bid for players no world class player will come because we are shxt no Europe or bug name manager to attract players so they will turn around and say to fans we tried but players went to other clubs.

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