Arteta is certainly pulling out all the stops to topple Man City next season…

Arteta’s Arsenal team last season ignited a spark of brilliance, performing at a high level they hadn’t done in years. He and his boys may have failed to win the league, but their fighting spirit and never-say-die attitude won our hearts. The 2022–23 PL story would have been perfect had they won the league, but unfortunately, they didn’t, the PL title eluded their grasp, slipping away in the final stretch as Man City surged.

Clearly, the Citizens’ quality and huge squad won the day; fortunately, Arteta is already addressing that, the fact that he is taking advantage of the summer transfer window confirms so. With the signings he’s completing — Havertz, Rice, Timber, plus another top midfielder — you can’t convince me he’s not bridging the quality gap between his team and Manchester City.

With quality added to the squad Arteta had last season, Gooners can be confident Arteta will be able to use certain players. The Spaniard can start being ruthless and bench underperformers and rotate his squad now and again withour reducing the quality on the pitch.

The transfer arrivals this summer have come early, so it will be easy for the squad to integrate and continue being a family, as Havertz describes it.

Ultimately, the threat of missed chances looms as the Gunners plot their future trajectory. However, this defeat can spur the team to reconsider its tactics and increase its efforts by motivating a shift.

The Gunners can reclaim their proper position among football’s elite teams, and they will do so through the shrewd signings they’re making, a strong bench and unrelenting resolve.

Arteta is certainly going all out to challenge Man City, and he has the determination to succeed!


Sam P

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  1. If we buy the above but sell Xhaka and parteywe have improved our starting 11 but our squad depth wont have improved

    1. Got a feeling Partey May stay – he had exceptional 6-8 months up to around March, during that time he was among top DMs in the league. Keeping him for rotation is important to keep Rice Fresh as am not sure Junighno will be enough

  2. I’m just surprised that Arsenal haven’t bought a stronger specialist CF till now, despite having watched the struggles of their diminutive CFs last season

    1. I am yet to understand why Havertz is badly needed. But I guess Arteta wants to use him as CF against certain opposition who would use their physicality against our diminutive attackers. Interestingly Havertz is not a physical player. Arteta has his own ideas anyway it doesn’t seem he will buy a CF

      1. I think so. Havertz doesn’t seem to be as strong as Osimhen, but he’s certainly better than Jesus in that aspect

        Germany have also been using him as their false-nine against Poland and Colombia

        1. But where we we going to find this prolific Striker?
          How much money have we got? That Osimhen guy everyone keeps going on about would cost about £150-£180 million I keep hearing. Who is going to provide such money? May be our fanbase can start a “GoFundMe” account to raise some cash for Osimhen.

          1. The new CF doesn’t have to be prolific, but he should be able to work as hard as Jesus did and provide better hold-up play

            I wanted Sorloth to join us, because he could give us those physical aspects, work with Odegaard to press the opposition and be willing to play second fiddle to Jesus

            Basically, an affordable super-sub who could offer something different when we can’t break the opposition’s defense

      2. Havertz was attacking midfielder before turning into forward and its been clear that Arteta wants to clear the burden from striker to score the goals. His focus is to add fire power from all around and using striker more as creater and make run to create space so other could exploit and score. Basically he wants to have midfielders with attacking instinct. So Havartz fit into this. He may be used in place of Odeguard, may provide cover for Saka, central forward role or may be he is brought to replace Xhaka. Only Arteta knows the curious case of Havertz, bit whatever is the case let’s hope it would turn out to be success.

    2. Honestly. If ARSENAL fails to sign a striker. A traditional NO 9, they won’t go far in the league. From the look of things, a striker is not their wishlist obviously and I find it really bizzare. You may say goals are not the problem in the team, but let’s know that, there are times u will have to rely on a striker to give u that game-changing goal. We don’t have a clinical striker. Gabriel Jesus is a great guy & improves the overall play, but the guy is a total waste in the role he plays. He is a winger not a striker. He should be competing with Marinelli for that role

      1. Maybe Arteta will instruct Havertz to drop down from the CF position as a decoy, to open the space for Jesus or Martinelli who could cut inside and shoot from the left wing

        I’d also prefer Arsenal buy a specialist CF as an alternative to Jesus and Balogun. Hopefully they will sign one after selling some players

      2. Arsenal won’t go far in the league if they fail to sign a No9?
        Can you please tell me Today’s Euro Million winning numbers? You seem to have a crystal ball that can predict the future.

  3. This one could have legs, I know signing Tchouameni seems far fetched when you consider the business Arsenal already intending to complete, But a midfield trio of Declan Rice, Odegaard and Tchouameni makes a great deal of football sense to me.

    A loan with an obligation would not be only practical but a master stroke if you ask me

    1. GS, NO it cannot have legs.

      It is plainly a fantasy and not remotely on the cards.
      Sticking to reality and avoiding fantasy, is my motto.

      1. Jon fox
        Are you saying a loan with an obligation is not possible?

        Are you saying with absolute certainty Arsenal has not toyed with idea of acquiring the service of Tchouameni?

        Are you saying Tchouameni is just Gunsmoke fantasy ?

      2. But a lot of us thought that spending £100 million plus on Rice would be a fantasy. And when City came in we all thought it would be a fantasy thinking about getting him.

        It’s not like we are talking about signing Messi or C.Ronaldo in their prime. Signing players is possible and probable. It’s not like asking a human to grow wing or a dead human raising from the dead. 😊

    2. Where is Havertz in your scenario that we just spent a fortune on? He’s not a striker or a winger so will be interesting to see how you envision this?

      1. PS-SA
        In my opinion Havertz place is to play behind a striker in a 4 2 3 1 formation or rotate with Odegaard.

        One of his biggest trait is holding up play with his back towards goal, a striker dream to feeds off.

  4. I really hope MA is also learning to coach the fringe players. I haven’t seen 1 fringe player in his time improve, if they need coaching they don’t seem to matter in the bigger picture.

    It’s one of the main reasons we struggle to sell almost anyone for decent cash. He’s great with a massive cheque book, what happens if the money dries up for a season or 2?

    1. Perhaps these fringe players can’t get any better – hence the fringe bit. Do you think PJ-SA that Arteta has improved Saka or White? Odegaard has bloomed under him and Xhaka had a storming season.

      My view of the selling side of things has been the impact of Covid and the grim reality that a lot of the surplus players were not high calibre or were almost past it. Kolasinac and Sokratis spring to mind

  5. What elite manager is good without a chequebook?
    If you want to compete at the Top you have to spend big.

  6. Some fans here are pathological whiners. Seriously we are having a huge start to the transfer window, paying the big bucks, targets who are more than willing to join us and here we have people whining about our selling which is pretty much. Can’t help but be negative.

  7. I do think the article has a few holes in it. It was tactics, that lost us the EL against Emery and an inferior team. It was tactics that lost us 4th to an inferior team, Spuds. It was tactics or lack of when changes were needed under pressure that lost us 1st place to a better team, with a better manager. Arteta did a brilliant job last season getting us to second but did and awful job of trying to win the league, when we should have from a position of strength. Arteta doesn’t do squads, changes, rotation, he needs too. Arteta doesn’t do plan b or change tactics, he needs to. We can have the best squad in the league but unless he has learnt or changed, the results will be the same. When the pressure is on, that is where managers earn their corn. We had good players sat twiddling their thumbs on the bench at the end of this season and it was down to Arteta being far too rigid and trusting players who let him down and not trusting players who MAY have made a difference. We are getting players, we are spending money, we need to be a lot lot cleverer how we yse them, to actually win something.

  8. Some say buying Rice, Havertz and Timber but selling Xhaka, Partey and Nketiah won’t improve our squad depth. I do agree but the manager could have thought about morale and atmosphere around the squad if existing first team players can’t get games. Euro 2024 and Afcon 2024 will be on the players mind. Considering their age, they might prefer to play. I’m sure Mikel Arteta will have the best interest for club first in mind. Let’s see what happens.

  9. Will would the new looking Arsenals trio midfielders comprising of Havertz, Odegaard and Rice starting. And Partey as a strong option to Rice. But if he stays, be strong enough to push Arsenal to have an unbeaten run Epl summer campaign next season, and top the table commandingly?
    I think if Arteta allows Xhaka to go this summer. Him and Edu would need to bring in a very strong midfielder options who can be strong options to Havertz and Odegaard in the team’s midfield.
    For this reason, I am courting Arteta and Edu to consider the possibility of Arsenal signing the top quality duo of Tchouameni and Lavia this summer. And have Arsenal signed the pair for he Arteta’s Arsenal team this summer.

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