“Arteta is constantly being judged solely on the quality of his work” Pundit compares Arteta to Solskjaer

Jamie Carragher says Mikel Arteta and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer are judged differently at their present clubs.

The former Liverpool defender has seen Arteta go from being on the verge of being sacked because of his team’s poor form to becoming one of the most secure managers in England.

OGS has one of the most valuable squads in the Premier League at Manchester United, but his team is underperforming.

At other clubs, he would have been sacked by now, and Carragher believes he is being treated differently because he has a history with the club.

By contract, Arteta is keeping his job because his team is performing well now and he doesn’t have deep roots at Arsenal as Solskjaer has at United.

Carragher wrote in the Telegraph: “To me, when Arteta was offered the Arsenal job his connection to the club was secondary to him being mentored by (Pep) Guardiola at Manchester City.

“First and foremost, he is seen as a modern coach who understands how the game is evolving rather than someone steeped in the Arsenal tradition.

“That is more important than any emotional attachment to a former player because Arteta is constantly being judged solely on the quality of his work.

“(That’s) opposed to Solskjaer who – and I mean this with the greatest respect – has been given more time than others would have been given results and performances because he is loved so much by the supporters.”

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Arteta would be happy with this explanation because it shows that he is doing a good job at Arsenal.

The Spaniard has had to prove constantly that he is the man to take Arsenal to the next level.

Critics quickly used his inexperience against him when things went wrong. He will hope his team keeps making progress until they win more trophies to boost his managerial CV.

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  1. what does Carragher Smoke ??? Arteta is moulding this new Arsenal into what Wenger once had ! So for carragher to say Arteta isnt caring about memories etc etc that is utter Toilet !!
    Wasnt it him only a few weeks ago saying with scholes that everyone laughs at Arsenal !! lol 😂Pundit lol

  2. one other thing Arsenal make and blood youth and again under Arteta, Its the same ! Its the Arsenal way always has been and always will be !! See Arteta is bringing us our Arsenal back… So carragher wrong again !! pundit lol 😂

    1. Don’t jump the hype train yet.. Wait till the end of the season please.. We are not even close to bringing our beloved arsenal back.

  3. Arsenal are always slagged off thanks to Wenger over staying his welcome.Emery fell victim to it and Arteta is getting the same. Check out the pundits that do all the slagging off and you will not go to far past man utd and liverpool. Arsenal have never got the luxery that both those clubs get…. oh but we are in transition man utd 8 years and liverpool 30 years. it took Klopp 4 years to sort pool from never never land to one premiership in 30 years… now pool fans forget the last 30 years. Ole behind the wheel have to give him time more time needs time. Emery no time Arteta already getting pundits knives in the back, sickening though it is Merson and Smith have been in the enemies corner all this time. well fcuk them all lets stay behind Arteta. give him a break give him a chance give him our respect. COYG

  4. What is carra on about?? So arteta being the captain of arsenal doesn’t count as deep routes in the club? Absolute clown… artetas last game In an arsenal shirt he said I will be back as manager one day… arsenal through and through

  5. Carragher is right.

    Thierry or Pires would have been treated differently if they was in charge and things were not all going good.

    1. Agree Dandy. Solskjaer is a United legend, whereas Arteta is an ex-player, There’s a huge difference in fan patience between the two.
      Solskjaer has had much more cash injected throughout – Arteta’s first serious investment came only 3-4 months ago.
      And I can’t agree with Carl that Arteta is moulding Arsenal into Wenger II – absolute rubbish!

  6. The talk of sacking Managers is far too cheap and led by these ex players who are paid to antagonise the viewing public, fans or otherwise and then come out with some old nonsense to “justify” it

    If Arsenal lose to Liverpool today the talk will probably come back, if we then don’t beat Newcastle at home it certainly will be back, it’s ridiculous

    It’s equally ridiculous that Nuno was sacked by Spurs by the guy that had employed him only a few months before, Nuno was Manager of the month in August, not as good in September or October so had to go because the guy that employed him made a mistake

    Steve Bruce, Dean Smith, the guys at Watford and Norwich the same, ridiculous, 5 out of 20 (25 percent!, a quarter!) Premier League Mangers sacked within three months of the season starting when seemingly they were good enough to manage their respective Clubs, there will probably be more in December, where does it stop, half?, maybe the much talked about top 6, if your team isn’t in the top 6 by the January transfer window you’re toast, it’s become too easy, it only costs the Clubs money, so what?, plenty more where that came from

    Ollie gets the sack nonsense every other week because his team results are up and down, lose to Liverpool, “sack him”, beat Spurs the other guy gets sacked, lose to City “sack him”

    Both Mikel and Ollie are doing OK and need to complete this season no matter what, if then the respective Boards feel they need to make a change OK, use the summer as a Manager transfer window if you like but hands off during a season, get on with it, help them do better, work harder yourself

    It’s become a most unpleasant norm in my humble opinion as a football supporter

    Here endeth the rant

    1. FF, While I do have sympathy for your general point about so many managers being unfairly sacked far too soon and before they have had proper chance to show their managerial skills, I DISAGREE ON SOLSKJAER.

      I feel that by using his name, you weaken your general argument.
      His squad is SO top class and has real depth but is MASSIVELY underperforming, by any rationality, so if I were a United fan(God forbid!!) I’d be unhappy that he was STILL manager.

      PS: I do not see that you giving strong and passionately held opinions is even approaching a “rant”. Just your op-inion and without opinions this site would be meaningless.

  7. Two separate points. Firstly, I much agree with CARRAGHER about the way both managers are treated by their respective fans, in general.
    Solskjaer, with THAT squad, which is fullof top class players and has depth too, is underperforming massively and, like most Gooners and most non United fans everywhere, I am keen for him to remain there in order to prevent a better manager making the most of a great squad.

    Secondly, I ask for the third time, exactly what or who – meaning actual names – constitutes the “Just Arsenal Opinion” headline that seems to appear whenever an admin writes?
    After all, we have long known that as individuals, quite naturally, the admins have and will disagree with each other from time to time.
    So how can they claim to ALL have the same opinion, under that misleading “JA OPINION”!!

    I really wish one of them would have the care and decency to answer this question, as I for just one “mere fan” do not care to be fooled by misleading strap lines much longer.

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