Arteta is convinced that he has the full backing of the Arsenal Board

If there is one thing that Arsenal fans are continually worrying about is whether Mikel Arteta will be supported by the Arsenal owners to make the changes neccesary to bring the Gunners back up to the levels achieved in the past, and to seriously challenge for top honours again.

Now with the transfer window approaching, Arteta has been questioned on whether he feels confident that that the Board, which includes Josh Kroenke, has the same objectives as himself.

It would appear that he has no qualms at all, and here are a few quotes from today’s press conference regarding his relationship with the higher management. “I think if I’ve been something, it’s honest.” Arteta told “Probably once I was too honest. So if I cannot see something or I have doubts, I will say it. Now I have no doubts. It’s so clear and it’s a very clear statement from the ownership, very clear direction from the ownership, very clear direction with what we want to do. There’s zero question marks there.”

The boss also stated that he feels like an artist trying to create a masterpiece, and he feels the club has the same potential and ambition. “I’m not saying that! I love to create, there are a lot of good things that we’ve done since we changed many things but there is still a lot to do. A lot to catchup, but our potential is incredible because I can see the ambition from the club and when we have that type of ambition, we have an incredible margin to achieve what we want.”

So, Arteta is feeling very positive about the future with the support of the Arsenal Board, and as fans, I guess we can only wait and see if he is right by waiting to see what happens in this transfer window, which is probably our most crucial window for many, many years…


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  1. Why did you even bother writing a piece about this? He has shown since the ESL fiasco that he is the Kronkes mouth-piece. His “to know them is to love them” attitude is deluded.

    1. Well you go slagging off your boss in public, and see if you’re still in a job by morning!

      1. If my boss was as “incompetent” over a sustained period of time as Stan has been, I would have resigned, not hanging on kissing his a**e!

        1. But why take the job the first place then? If you already knew what your potential new boss was like.

          1. The very question! Arteta played at the club, he was aware of the set-up and I’m sure the financial limitations of working with the Kronkes. I can only guess he was confident he could be successful and work within the current set-up. I have left a few jobs in my time because I didn’t see eye-to-eye with the boss. Maybe MA is more diplomatic than I am?

        2. Also, I find it very interesting how you’re beating Arteta with this brush, yet any other manager would do the same! In fact, please find me examples of manager’s publicly slating their bosses, if it’s so common and moral as you say.

          1. I don’t recall them slagging their bosses off, although I could be wrong. Maybe you can provide their quotes?

            Let’s also not forgot that those two have a lot more clout than most, thus allowing them way more freedom in what they say.

    2. I have finally come to terms with the fact that MA will be our manager next season so I’m hoping that he has learnt from his mistakes and that the Kroenkes are really going to back him up this summer in order for us to have a very good transfer window with a lot of outs and ins!🤞

  2. Well it means we are not only going to struggle next season but few more seasons ahead as even if the club sack Arteta after next season we will be left with his signings which the next managers will put his all effort in clearing. Based on what these two signed before I am not confident they won’t do same again paying over the odds for avg players or recruiting more to the old age home called Arsenal run my Edu.

  3. I don’t think Kroenke will give him more than 30 M for transfer budget, so he’ll likely need to rely on the player sales

    1. with club will give more than 50m….

      even City didnt spend big last summer window

      we have been spending 300m for the last 3 years

      1. I beg to differ
        Kane will go for 100+m
        Both Manchester club’s and Chelsea will no doubt spend heavy ,I wouldnt believe everything you read about covid hitting transfer budgets .

  4. Arteta creative? He is the least creative footballer or manager I have seen. More lip-synch to con you, deceive you. Dont be gullible, don’t buy it.

    1. Sean you didn’t watch the presser no?i had to laugh when he was describing himself”i am a very creative person i constantly want to create things i can’t stop myself..”the guy thinks he is some kind of Picasso or Michelangelo!😂

  5. The protest has definitely sent a clear and strong message to board I think we will sign about three more players this window

  6. What does “full backing” actually mean in the REAL world, I ask myself. Then I supply the obvious answer which is this: It means one who cares and loves the club and the sport his club plays. It means being in close and regular touch with the fans. It means using his vast personal fortune to properly help the club import real top quality players in substantial numbers.

    Being one of lifes total realists I then ask myself will the current owner change tack so completely from the last decade plus, when he has done the exact opposite of these necessary things.

    And again as a realist, I SCOFF AT AND SCORN MYSELF for even being so thick and plain daft as to consider whether he will change tack!
    Of course he will not! What he will do is continue to lie, to provide peanuts and pretend he cares. He aims to continue fooling the many naive non realists on JA and among our worldwide fan base.

    IF he truly cared he would bite Daniel Ek’s hand off to accept his bid. Poisonous snakes do not stop being poisonous . The only way to stop their poison is to kill them. As we live in a legal world, our “killing” of Kroenke can not be literally true. We need to force him out. HOW we do this though is another subject altogether but it involves a financial “killing” and in that quest, this pandemic is our ally!

    1. jon, being Australian and being used to being around venomous (not “poisoness”) snakes, I know that the best way to avoid being bitten, is to leave them alone and not try to kill them. They have a purpose in life to keep vermin, particularly rodents under control.
      That is why the venomous snake fraternity is deeply insulted to be considered in the same light as those species of parasitic rat like vermin Stan Kroenke and son.
      They feel that you might, following consideration, issue them an apology, please.

      1. Ozzie, I stand rightly humiliated and deeply sorry that I have insulted the venomous snake fraternity by outrageously and unjustly comparing them to the KROENKES.

        I would also point out that you too have insulted a worthy species; NAMELY THE PARASITIC RAT FRATERNITY.

        1. Fair enough jon, I too tender my apology!
          It’s very difficult to find a species that would accept the Kroenkes as members.

  7. King Farteta and the seven KSE dwarfs of the round table is a sad, sad story. But Kronk is 74 this summer, he will not live forever. Of course you shouldn’t wish for another persons death – and I don’t – I only want something to happen to Kronk that turn him a nice and decent human being. Maybe if one of his other losing teams, LA Rams, win the Superbowl… And if that shall be a reality he must buy Tom Brady as QB and Tom will cost Kronk as much as Arsenal.

      1. I love it myself. But I must admit that I stole FARTETA from “Ahmad73”. He made me laugh.

  8. Don’t fall for this guys.
    Saw at that Man City owner will be flying City fans to Portugal for the finals; after bankrolling this team to the extent they nearly broke FFP rules, with the whole pandemic he is still flying City fans, now that is full support, and until i see similar from KSE am not changing my mind on them.

    Let us cripple finances and force him out, don’t buy marchandise, don’t buy tickets to go and watch crap footbal, it will be painful but not as heartbroken as we were that night against Villareal.

    1. Like Jon you identify the only way he’ll leave, if he starts losing money. God forbid but relegation might just do the trick?

  9. Full backing, objectives, clear vision etc they don’t mean anything if he cannot get the team to produce results.

  10. Football managers are masters of spin
    Wins are down to great management and superb players.
    Losses are caused by cheating opponents and blind match officials.
    Out of all the cups and 9th in the league despite expensive signings this manager nonetheless exudes confidence claiming everything is fine in the land of the Gooner.
    “Our brilliant season was down to our great management and superb players. It is clear, really clear, totally clear we have achieved all our goals this season. In fact a lot more.
    The board are ecstatic and our shared ambition in unison is as wide as the Universe as we achieve footballing synergy creating a footballing masterpiece with strokes from the coaches artistic brush which guarantees trophies and riches will deluge this club for the next 50 years.
    Have faith be patient and trust the process. Cross my heart hope to die
    so help me God .
    Your loving coach manager and artistic genius in waiting
    Mikel Angelo Picasso Monet Artista”

    1. Artists 😂

      With the season we had its better he stop talking and let his actions do it for him. Where does the art and masterpieces come from with these results?

  11. There can be no doubt that there will be a fair number of changes made to the Arsenal Squad during the course of oncoming Transfer Window.
    For the most part it doesn’t really matter whether or not they are sanctioned by Arteta.
    If he stays then Arsenal will continue to struggle and will continue to play a brand of football that is tepid,uninspiring and largely unsuccessful….)That is…if you measure success by means of relative league position.)
    Arteta has now proved beyond doubt that he is not suited to the job in hand.He needs to be removed ASAP…and if this means that those fans who are finally allowed into the ground on Sunday spend the match (a game which serves no other purpose other than to complete a dreadful Season) demonstrating against both the Management and the Owners…then so be it!…
    Arteta has to go before this team can move forward and a Manager or Coach who is worthy of such a description…aided and abetted by decent coaching staff….needs to be brought in to replace this charlatan.

      1. That’s twice you’ve made me laugh in a short period of time. My boss starting to think I enjoy work???

        1. Someone here talking about relegation as a needed punishment for the club to make a real change posible, and wasn’t it what Farteta said to the top class signing Willian last summer. But the stupid guy thought he said “Champions League in three years”. What he actually said was “Championship in three years”. Maybe he will reach his goal, Farteta. He have made a promising start.

          1. Hans, don’t encourage Kroenke, as he is already casting envious eyes on the money Norwich City has made from relegation to and promotion from the Championship. The problem is the Championship is a “street fight” and to win promotion you need players with street fighting mentality, something missing in pampered over paid Arsenal players.

  12. Arteta is a good orator ! It’s very easy to continue to talk but we have not seen positive changes and improvement only talk, talk, talk….

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