Arteta is now looking to offload this leading Arsenal player

Todofichajes claims Mikel Arteta is fed up with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and the manager is now looking to offload the struggling striker.

Auba earns the most money at Arsenal and he is expected to show that on the pitch.

However, he was anonymous as Manchester United beat the Gunners 3-2 last night.

Arsenal’s goals were scored by Emile Smith Rowe and Martin Odegaard, while Aubameyang struggled to influence the game in any capacity.

His performance in that fixture is the type that gets you sold, and the report claims Arteta has told the club to sell him and make room for a better replacement to join.

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Clearly, Arteta can only be patient enough for so long and it seems the Arsenal boss has run out of it.

We cannot blame him because Auba’s performance is holding the club back as it is being rebuilt.

Fans expect some attacking reinforcements in the summer and a top striker could easily bench him.

Since the club is more important than an individual player, he has to leave, but can we find a buyer willing to pay his current wages?

At 32, the Gabonese star is clearly on his last big contract and we might be stuck with him for the rest of his deal.

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  1. We’re stuck with him. I really hoped with his pace he was the right player to start yesterday. He was mot. Time to fins him a spot on the pine.

  2. classic” wag the dog” nonsense that has been peddled more than once since MA’s arrival at the club…of course, Auba is going to need to be replaced at some point, as he will never be signed to an extension, but to think that he’s actually the one holding us back and not the manager’s naivety, tactically-speaking, is almost laughable…anybody who thinks that by simply omitting Auba from the selection process that this will invariably lead to a more visually-appealing and/or offensively aggressive brand of football is on glue

    once again, this campaign against Auba makes some sense, as he’s not lighting it up, he’s on a massive contract and he’s certainly not getting any younger, but please keep in mind that he didn’t offer himself said contract, make any decisions involving the largely negative tactics over the past 18+ months and/or lie about his age before MA pushed for his reupping…so before you get too caught up in this pro-Arteta/anti-Auba narrative, please make note of the fact that the latter has provided us with far better football than the former, on a comparative basis…as such, it would have been far more difficult to replace Auba’s contributions than those of our present manager’s

    1. TRVL, A “campaign against Auba?” OR a realiistic view of a vastly overpaid player who is under working and who seems to have lost all motivation!

      I know which one I AND REALISTIC FANS -which includes almost all comments on JA of these last weeks, thinks is correct!!

      1. obviously it comes as no surprise to me that you would believe that your “flavour of the week” response was more “realistic” than my take on the situation…it’s clear that we have two vastly different definitions of the word “realistic”, in that, according to you, it somehow makes infinitely more sense to point the finger of blame squarely in the direction of someone who’s been shoehorned into a totally counter-intuitive tactical scheme, than towards the very person who not only birthed this misguided plan, but then continually selected the individual whom you have deemed as useless…good luck with that

  3. It seems Auba is next in line to face the Arteta guillotine. It would be much better for the club if Arteta walks the plank. PM would be very good in the role of interim manager.

  4. Continuing to play Auba after his dismal failure including a missed penalty, is a statement of Arteta’s poor management.

  5. Arsenal should not haven given Aubameyang that last contract. When will they ever learn. It was Ozil , then Willian, now Aubameyang and next Lacazette. Nothing is forever, and Arsenal must learn when it’s the time to move players on. I sincerely hope that Arsenal will not offer Lacazette a new contract. In the January transfer window, Arsenal must invest in young quality Striker like Vlahovic, Isak or David, and a goal assist and scoring creative attacking midfielder like Nkunku. That’s the major areas Arsenal needs to strengthen to win games. The best line of defense is your offense. Playing good by creating chances and not scoring does nothing to the opponent that plays badly. It takes one mistake, then they score and get the points .Goals matter always,even, more so than possession. Aubameyang needs to spend some time on bench until he regain full fitness and confidence. Martinelli and Bolagun must be given more minutes, as they are the future of the club. Experience is gained from playing games consistently. Aubameyang is no longer motivated = 350,000 pounds weekly , just like Ozil.

    1. If Auba didnt sign the new contract, he would have left on a free transfer this season with Laca

      Heaps of fans were calling him to sign da thing…

  6. I have on many occasions said Arsenal needs two real strikers. Killer instinct strikers who are strong with the stamina to run for 90 minutes and who can fight for the ball.
    Without two top strikers, Arsenal can’t compete with Manchester City, Chelsey, Liverpool and Man-U.

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