Arteta is the best candidate that fits Gazidis’ vision of Arsenal

Is Arteta The Right Man To Replace Wenger?

After years of speculation and fans calling for Wenger to be sacked, the Arsenal management finally decided to fulfill their wishes. Wenger is leaving Arsenal after 22 years which were more or less successful. Arsenal has had a wild ride under Wenger’s tenure – they might have been the favorites on live sports betting sites early on, but in the last decade, the results have faltered. Apart from three FA Cup wins (2014, 2015, 2017), the team has failed to win a Premier League title since the 02-03 season when they went unbeaten for the whole season. The lack of major trophies has made many fans grow frustrated with Wenger, leading to his resignation (or was he sacked?)

As soon as Wenger announced he’s stepping down from his post, speculation about his successor ran wild. In the past few weeks, there have been rumors of many big names taking over Arsenal, with Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri allegedly the favorite. However, Allegri has since denied these rumors and confirmed he’s staying at Juventus for the next season. This has opened the door for potential new coaches and two former Arsenal players are now leading the pack.

According to Mike Phelan, former Manchester United assistant manager and Sky Sports pundit, Mikel Arteta has emerged as a favorite. Many experts are giving Arteta a nod over another former Arsenal player, Patrick Vieira. Both had successful careers at the club in the past and are now enjoying success as coaches too. Vieira is the head coach of the American club New York City, while Arteta is serving as an assistant coach in Manchester City under Pep Guardiola. Granted, that’s not exactly the ideal resume for the Arsenal job, but Arteta has been praised by Guardiola and many other coaches for his tactical knowledge.

During his years at Arsenal, Arteta was a leader on the pitch who made everyone better. He was a smart footballer with a deep understanding of the game who never let his teammates down. According to experts, he is the best heir to Wenger’s throne and will definitely preserve the Arsenal way of playing. Fans may want a manager with a higher profile, but Arteta also fits the vision of Arsenal chief Ivan Gazidis, who’s not afraid of bold moves and wants a head coach who will fit right into Arsenal’s new managerial structure. The new Arsenal head coach will have complete freedom of picking his own staff, as most of Arsenal’s backroom staff have left with Wenger at the end of the season.

No matter who sits on the throne, there’s definitely much work to be done. Arsenal needs to improve their style of play and close the tactical gaps, and it seems that Arteta is the perfect man for the job. His deep understanding of tactics and his calm style of play combined with his leadership may finally bring joy to Arsenal fans just like they deserve after so many years in the wilderness of the Top Four!.


Updated: May 22, 2018 — 1:02 pm


  1. between him and Unai I would rather him 100℅

  2. Merci Arsene across the belly/prove you lost already

    Given that Arsenal only want a coach to train and prepare players and not a manager I don’t see what’s wrong with appointing him. Bigger names won’t want to be coaches only and end up in a Wenger situation where there is more politics and sabotage than focus on the football pitch

    1. How can Lego hair command respect of players with the calibre of aubameyang an ozil when he has done f all in the game .
      He has to deal with more than 20 personalities as well as coach them .

      People like allegri do it all .
      Arteta is Spanish Gareth southgate another puppet who will work with a budget not seen since my last venture into poundland

      1. What did SAF do to command the respect from players?
        SAF didn’t win trophy after trophy for international recognition…
        Yet he was one of the best managers ever to grace the English leagues.

        The real problem is how the players who know him do not fully trust him, Ozil has played with him and said if he gets the job then he will demand talks, that is down to knowing the guy and not looking at his trophy cabinet as a player.

        OMG… the stupid is everywhere today o.O

        1. Ur one to talk . One of the very people to laugh at the idea of klopp to arsenal.
          Saf had done alot in Scottish league before joining man u including European honours . So before he stepped in the door he was a man who demanded respect

          Do your research
          Stupidity is contagious it seems

  3. Arteta.Enough said about our clubs ambition.

    1. Agree 110 percent

      Fans on here laughing at jurgen klopp coming here from Dortmund to replace wenger
      Now get arteta ……irony

  4. Because he is calm and will say YES to everything they want.

  5. Yes as one can be manipulated to ensure the continued financial success

  6. How insane someone can be to think Arteta is better choice for great-again-Arsenal, than Unai Emery, who won with Sevilla 3 EU cups in a row and have a good experience with PSG?

    1. Merci Arsene across the belly/prove you lost already

      Erm he didn’t have a good experience with PSG. He won because domestically his team and more to spend. In CL he was pathetic.

      1. But he won 3 consecutive europa leagues with sevilla.

        Money is not everything in the Ucl.
        coaches such as laurent blanc have also failed to win ucl at psg.

      2. Just go back to his days while at Seville he did it in short period of time time than wenger at arsenal for over 2 decade i am glad this coach thing is almost over so can concetrate in bringing in new players

  7. It sounds like Gazidis and co want a puppet that won’t cause any fuss in charge of the team, not an actual professional manager with experience.

    Even excluding the priciest options like Enrique with his stupid wage demands and 200M transfer fund requirements, this is pure lunacy when quite a few excellent candidates are accessible on the market and could work with the financial constraints.

    I liked Arteta the player and respect the man but he really should be a non-starter at this critical time for the club’s future.

    1. While i have always been against Brenda coming as our manager i think he would be a better option than Artetta because he has experience of managing in the EPL and has just won another treble with Celtic. Artetta has zero experience as a manager and while he has been assistant to Pep there is no guarantee he would succeed as a manager as the Buck always stops at number 1 Would you let someone who has no experience of electricity re wire your home ? Exactly so why would anyone without the relevant experience manage our beloved Arsenal ?

  8. Wish the post had more points to support this argument. So many questions on how Arteta fits in and WHAT EXACTLY is Ivan’s vision?

    I guess we will get the info once the appointment is made because this might be the biggest story in sports apart from the world cup this coming month.

    We have very few players heading to the world cup, get the Manager or Coach appointment made; recruit / sale players early and let the work start. We need longer and more intense preseason training as compared to the top 5 if we are really serious because the kind of slow, weak, no b*lls football we witnessed last season should not be repeated.

  9. I would take unai emery over arteta.

    i like emery.

    at sevilla he developed guys such as jordi alba,juan mata
    at psg we saw kurzawa,munier,g ceslo.

    however according to reports several players such as neymar complained of his over reliance on videos.

    but i don’t imagine arteta would fare better at arsenal
    than unai emery.

    unai is also a cool guy.
    no fuss.
    a gentleman like wenger.

  10. Unbeaten was 03-04. Gazidis might be looking for someone he can control. Nothing else.

  11. “According to experts he (Arteta) is the best heir…”
    What experts would they be?

    Quite a few players are questioning his appointment are are most likely off. They know Arteta well, I’d consider them “experts” as well.

    Please let it be Emery before Arteta. Hearing Arteta wants more control over money and player transfers than what Arsenal are offering. Hopefully enough to keep him away.

    Fans wanted new manager to pick up where Wenger left off. Feels more like starting over than carrying on with Arteta. Can we also be at least accurate and honest about Arteta as a player? He was decent midfielder, and rubbish DM at his end. Remember all the side and back passes? Poor positioning, lack of pace, no steel or grit?
    He shouted and pointed a lot, but defense left much to be desired.

    What’s Arteta’s greatest accomplishment? What successes to hang his hat on?

    If Arteta is so qualified, why aren’t Everton interested? Or West Ham? Swansea need a manager. NO ONE ELSE even interviewing or considering Arteta!!!

    97% of all clubs not interested in Arteta managing.

    The 3%
    1. Man City want him to remain; 2nd asst COACH NOT ASST MANAGER!
    2. Spuds want him as ASST MANAGER
    3. Arsenal want him as manager.

    I’ll go with the “experts” in the 97% that passed Arteta over. Many of those clubs can’t afford to gamble with risky appointment of inexperienced manager.

    Ask yourself why Arsenal are not only so willing, but actually eager about Arteta’s appointment?
    Simple; power and control for Ivan Gazidis.

    1. What did Wenger achieve as a player?
      SAF didn’t get out of Scotland as a player.
      Jose Mourinho failed as a footballer and soon focused on coaching over being a player…

      Please do not dumb yourself down by making a claim that a poor footballer must make a poor manager, I do not want to defend Arteta but ignorant claims like this can support Arteta in getting the job.

      Person A: “The fans do not like Arteta, what shall we do?!?!?!?”
      Gazidis: “The fans know nothing like Jon Snow, ignore them, they think a poor footballer is guaranteed to make a poor manager, how stupid can they be?”

      1. Firstly, your premise (and others too) is wrong. Arteta was NOT a poor player, far from it. True, he was not a great player either but he was an international for Spain, though not often. Comparisons with Fergie, Wenger and Mourinho are not relevant , simply BECAUSE each of these had managerial experience before managing in England and Arteta has not, So those comparisons are invalid. It is certainly true that the majority of highly successful managers were not great players and most not even very good, though all have previously played at some level, even Wenger and Mourinho, though both were very poor players by comparison with most. Fergie was far better and had Scottish caps at a time when Scotland still had a decent team. I realise your own post was in answer to another and one which had a few holes but mostly spoke truth. But to refute an untruth you would be well advised to stick to facts to support your own opinions. It is not whether or not Arteta wil ,one day, be a good or poor manager, Rather, it is that as yet , he has NEVER managed at any level. And theirin lies the problem. It is a huge gamble to appoint a complete managerial novice to a huge club and almost all fans, about “97%” as was rightly said, recognise that.

        1. 👍

      2. Midkemma my comment was more than just Arteta as a player. Perhaps you should read again and understand.
        1st paragraph referred to his teammates who knew him as a person and “leader.”
        2. Questioned Arteta’s wanting more control with no experience
        3. Here I mentinoed him as plyer
        4. Questioned his accomplishments and experience
        5. Mentioned no one else wanted him as manger, only as asst coach or asst manager.

        I won’t call you names or question your intelligence, merely encourage you to read my original post again and think in context as you go.

        One love Arsenal FC

    2. Maybe hanging up his boots was his greatest achievment

  12. Jardim would be my choice now, he has had to put up with Monaco doing transfer business and leaving him to pick up the pieces… Proven to do well without full transfer control.

    The real issue appears to be Gazidis, he needs to at least allow the next manager to have some say in the progression of AFC, allow the next manager/coach have pride in AFC because he has been involved.

    Not saying full control but Gazidis should take the back seat and Sven needs to work with the head coach on who we sign, we can’t just buy random players and hope they will combine well enough in specific tactics applied by the head coach/next manager. Sven isn’t a mind reader so guess what Sven… Back the f**k down and talk to the guy who will be applying tactics to the team. Will his signings actually fit the tactic desired by head coach?

    AFC could have made a big push for Sarri and accept that we will need to spend some money and get some players he knows and he has helped to develop… Koulibaly and Jorginho are 2 that come to mind. Sven can look for future players and I am sure that a top manager like Sarri or Enrique or Jardim would greatly appreciate an expert to help them get the best gems for the tactics they employ.

    This whole thing stinks of Gazidis being too scared to let any power fall into the next managers hands to the point where Gazidis will harm AFC more than he already has.


    Seriously, he thinks a player who didn’t have the full support of the team will make a good head coach… We all know how players can drop tools if unhappy at the manager(head coach), just look at how Chavski played under Jose when they wasn’t happy with him.

    Every season that Gazidis is CEO will be one more season we need to watch Arsenal recover from.

    1. Jesus u really dislike him don’t u ?
      Your an iob

      I personally think he has done alot for this club
      An has brought in real change aswell as some great staff….bar arteta gulp

      Agree about sarri an jardim

    2. Jardim would be great if he speaks English and has been my preferred option all along.

      We will not get a serious manager if he gets no influence over transfer policy.

      To take the risk out of this situation the board should have first signed an experienced manager. It would have been a lot easier to accept a huge gamble like Arteta after an experienced manager failed.

      This whole situation is so poorly managed, it is a bad joke.

      Think what it says if Arteta turns us down.

  13. 1.emery cv is better that arteta’s but I want arteta personally given that there is potential.
    2.arteta can start something good at afc hence his given good players.
    3.even b4 psg kick a ball they already won the league be realistic.
    4.going against mourinho with arteta I actually wud feel confident.
    5.he has his own way of playing and I’m sure pep showed him a few tricks.
    6.I saw we RAPP this deal up,get our signings before the world cup hence a defensive mid after the world cup and go in2 pre-season with a fit squad and with a plan.
    7.NEXT season I’ll be optimistic coyg

    1. I will have Arteta over wenger any time

  14. Okay whatever. Get on with it then

  15. This is getting really boring now. All these rumours & names flying about. Surely they’ve agreed on someone by now, so just announce it!! All my excitement has left the building……

    1. We love the drama sue .
      Corrie eastenders bit of colney aswell


      1. Well when you put it like that Muff…. 😄

  16. Assuming that is is to be Arteta, as we must by now, there are a number of positives to be grateful for. Firstly, the club will no longer be run as the personal feifdom of an autocratic and outdated manager and this must surely allow a greater array of talents to have influence. In order to benefit to it’s best, though, it is imperative all are singing from the same hymnsheet and this MUST be down to the new manager. It seems that a largely new medical team will be in place and the one who now leave are unlikely to be mourned, putting it extremely mildly, by us fans. Our sickroom was a national and long lasting joke! We already appear to have a proper and well functioning scouting network to replace the one who brought in so many duds and most of us are thrilled by this. There are fledgeling but definite signs that those in charge TRULY recognise the need for a real and predominently young defence, with hopefully some REAL physical power. If I never see Mustafi and Bellerin again in our shirt I will be thrilled. I can’t wait for both these walking mistakes to exit the club, which even by itself, MUST improve the defence since neither can then play again. On the downside, it is hard to imagine top players being lured by the “thrill ” of being coached by Arteta, though our name itself plus the lure of London and England will mitigate this, to an extent. So it really is the end of an era and the start of a new one. I am just about managing to convince myself that with the tight fisted Kroenke holding the pursestrings, who ever we might have had, in an ideal world would fac ethe same money problems that Arteta will certainly face. He will also be given every chance by our crowd, BUT not for the long time given to Wenger. BY NO MEANS! The crowds full attendance and devotion will depend to a large extent on whether or not the team and squad are showing FULL motivation under the new set up. IF they do, all will be well and the manager given time to make his mark. No one expects miracles , after all, and this will reduce pressure on him. BUT, IF the same old excuses ring out and the defence, especially, shows no signs of improvement by say Christmas, then watch the howls of protest and fan action take hold. To hit the ground running , not necessarily winning but trying 100% week in , week out, will, IMO decide how our future lies. PERSONALLY, I HAVE HUGE DOUBTS ABOUT THE WISDOM OF APPOINTING A MANAGERIAL NOVICE, but we are where we are and at least Wenger has FINALLY gone!

    1. You might wish he had stayed.
      Lets give it a year and we will see if the problems could truly be laid at the feet of Wenger..

      1. We don’t need another year to know that. We have known it for MANY years past. Wenger has been the main source of all our problems and the entire problem we have had not a decent defence since Gilberto left.

  17. I wish people would stop talking about the likes of Allegri.
    Allegri is a top manager who could go to Real or Bayern if the opportunity came.
    Arsenal are NOT a top team.
    They have no money.
    Wenger and those two donkeys Sven Mislingaclue and Raul whatshisname have seen to that.
    Allegri to Arsenal makes me laugh….
    We would be VERY fortunate to get Arteta who would be leaving a top club.
    Fat Sam or Pardew are our level…

  18. admin what on earth is going on in this blog?slaging of wenger he is gone and now slaging artater and he is not even apointed yet.

    1. I think most fans dislike Arteta, it’s prob not only in this forum but outside as well.


  19. Rumors are having it that Arteta wants more control over transfer policies and co, which is making me have (more) belief in him, and will be full of respect for him if he backs off on that.
    How a coach should have no say on transfers and yet is wholly responsible for whatever outcome (most esp when things go wrong), honestly I still just can’t fathom.
    Maybe I’m the one not getting this one thing right, and will appreciate an explanation on it.

    1. I had not , at least not do far, heard these rumours. I have no reason to doubt you and am heartened by what you say. Any manager worth his salt will want control of transfers. Otherwise we might as well just appoint a coach……. oh , what’s that you say ? We are just about to? Oh God! No proper manager?

    2. All of you were getting excited when Milinstant and Raul were brought in talking bla bla bla about how Wenger would not have control over transfers anymore. Now you are complaining again that managers don’t want to join Arsenal for same reasons. Be careful what you wish for.

    3. That’s not true arsenal board realized is going to be arteta out all over again and decided to go with the most experience manager and i think Gazidis is right you cant have a manager decide everything by himself even if he happens to be wrong on other aspects and wenger was a very good experience of that – now we gonna have madrid/barca model where more people are going to be involved taking this club forward.

  20. I just can’t contain my excitement for when Arteta coaches his team to play that beautiful side ways adding game he was so adept at. That and him clipping on his red and white Lego Hair for the 1st game of the season.

    Allegri is coming to save us (don’t tell me has committed to Juve as he has done nothing but say what he should say whilst still paid as their manager). His brilliance as a technical strategist is only matched by his teeth.

  21. looking for a manager

    Apparently Arteta has rejected us because he wants more control over transfers !!!! we don’t want another dictator , we want someone who can coach the players , Arteta hasn’t even managed a club before , now he wants more control !!!! he is being ridiculous .

  22. So, the Times newspaper has reported that Arteta has accepted the position (21/5).

    This means that Arsenal will hover around the relegation zone from august – December.

    Then, in January, Arteta will be sacked and Wenger will be brought in to save the situation and catapult Arsenal to mid table safety.

    What’s the point of signing Arteta when Arsenal are going to fire him in December?

    The board needs to go. What can we do? Do fans in football seats matter anymore?

  23. It’s all an indication of a club in sporting decline but still financially viable … This seems to be in line with kroenke’s record … I would have been excited if Enrique had been named or even jardim or tuchel … the issue with arteta is the money as I always appreciated him as a footballer and have no doubt he has learnt something from pep regardless of his title … But arteta plus 50m equals mid table stuff … Arteta plus 150m who knows could make for an interesting season …

  24. Unai Emery is joint favourite to land Arsenal job as Arteta wants assurances over transfers.. what gives Emery an advantage is he has worked in a similar environment to Arsenal’s new structure.. all from sky sports and Emery himself has been in London being interviewed by the club that was confirmed earlier.. Emery for me 3 Europa league’s is no mean feat.

  25. “BREAKING: Arsenal to appoint Unai Emery as new manager. Thorough process produced 46yo Spaniard as unanimous choice. Available after leaving #PSG (1 Lg1 title, 4 cups), previously Sevilla (3 EL wins), not fluent English. Announcement + press conference likely later this week #AFC”

    David Ornstein, BBC

  26. Emery has been appointed.
    Just broken on BBC news…
    Good pedigree.
    Three europa trophies
    French league and 4 cups.
    Only 46 years old…

    1. He is an arsenal model small budget and do wonders when he used to coach seville

  27. If Emery is coming then he has to appoint Arteta as no2, then Arteta is next to take over if all goes pair shaped. 3 Europa Leagues is no small feature either, in a row with the same set up as we have on a tight budget. He could be good for us but i dont look at psg as they are going to be favourites for the french treble each season but he did do it this past season so who knows…. hes a winner no doubt! Add artetas hair & flair management skills & we could be set! Knows the club all too well to help Emery settle in also which always helps.

    Manager: Emery
    Assistant – Arteta (Skills, Passing, CM knowledge)

    Youth Coach – Per Mertersaker
    CF Coach/Youth Coach assistant – Henry
    GK Coach – Jens Lehmann
    DF Coach – Sol Campbell (always wanted to)

    Bring this lot in as a start & Emerys staff along with it, plus a few players;
    GK – Leno
    CBs – Soyucu & Sokratis
    DM – Fabinho
    RW – Mahrez

    Leno > Ospina (Sold) Cech (No2)
    Soyucu > Mustafi (Sold) Mavra (Steps up)
    Sokratis > Per (retiring) Koss (Inj, BackUp)

    Fabinho > Elneny & Niles (BackUp)

    Mahrez > Welbz & Iwobi (Backup)

    Leno, Cech
    Bellerin, Chambers (New RB in Jan)
    Sokratis, Soyucu, Mavropanas, Boss, Holding
    Monreal, Kolasnic
    Fabinho, Elneny, Niles
    Ozil, Miki
    Welbz, Mahrez, Iwobi
    Auba, Laca

    24 Man Squad with a few others coming from the Academy. We still need more buy January & Next summer will make us contenders if we build with what we have now with these signings.

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