“Arteta is thinking exactly the same as Mourinho” reckons former Gunner

Paul Merson has compared Mikel Arteta to Jose Mourinho and says the difference between the two is that Mourinho has won more trophies in his career.

The managers are coaching struggling North London sides in this campaign.

They both started the season hoping to end it inside the top four.

Arsenal is far from achieving that target, while Spurs are also not doing themselves any favours with their inconsistent performances.

One key difference between both managers is that Arteta accepts all the blame when his players perform poorly, but Mourinho blames them publicly.

Merson says that differentiates both of them, however, their thinking is the same and says Mourinho has just won more trophies.

He said on Sky Sports: ‘When they get beat and he comes out and takes the blame, he’s just doing the opposite to what Jose Mourinho does when he criticises his player, but Arteta is thinking exactly the same as Mourinho. 

‘Mourinho just says it and the difference is one manager has been around for a long time and he’s won everything in the game.”

Arteta bought himself time by winning the FA Cup, if the Spaniard’s team fails to win the Europa League and will not play in Europe next season, then questions will be asked of his methods.

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  1. And of course Paul Merson has a long and illustrious coaching career that he can look back on so we should all pay attention to his wise words….

  2. It’s not about Paul Merson. It’s about Arteta who has failed to keep a United team. Imagine what would have happened if he made the substations with 25-30 minutes left? This is poor game management, and he keeps making the same mistakes – inconsistent team selection and game management.

    1. We lost the game in the first half because the pace was too slow. We need to play fast one touch football. We seem to start at walking pace making the game boring. The substitutions were made to late. I could make a lot of observations but neither Manager or players care so no point! I have supported Arsenal for many years but now don’t admit it to anyone they are such a shambles.

  3. Arteta came to Arsenal prematurely, he not ready for such high profile job yet. I’ve always backed him but he’s evidently not capable of taking us forward.
    I think he should be shown the door if the board want to move forward

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