Arteta is working wonders, but he still needs to be backed

Arsenal must back Arteta by Konstantin Mitov

Well lovely Arsenal people, it’s a good day! We’ve taken revenge on Liverpool! I wanted to let the emotions of the league encounter settle in before I write something here, but since we played them now twice here’s what I take away from those games.

We’re still miles behind their A team. Sure Mane could’ve been sent off in the third minute, but Liverpool is a team built in 5 years that won everything and they outplayed us.

But unlike last year, this time it felt like we competed. We went there with a game plan and for a brief moment it worked. We took the lead, but then old habits hit us, and even though we went down we had the chance to come back and we missed it.

The cup game was entirely different. Still we managed to keep a clean sheet and dismiss Liverpool on penalties. It doesn’t mean we’ve caught up to them as Monday showed, but it’s an achievement nonetheless.

Top 4 should be our primary target, but the cups can be massively important as competition is heavy and the trophies aren’t many. We face City next and those kind of games can boost the morale of the team.

I was happy with Gabriel again. I’m not sure why we didn’t play him on Monday, but the guy looks like exactly what’s been missing in our defense.

The other standout performance was Leno for me and he really needed that. A lot was said about selling our better keeper in Martinez and you can’t deny he was in better shape, but Leno needed game time after his injury and he looked solid.

This was another good decision from Arteta who is really doing wonders with what he’s got. This is a team which finished 8th and barely has any signings with the Arteta stamp on them.

The board must simply back him! Our squad lacks balance. We ship our best striker on the wing, to have Lacca in the middle and while I love Alex, he should’ve given us an equalizer on Monday.

There’s an obvious problem with our midfield too. We hardly dominate games, because we lack the energy and forward thinking. Xhaka is the rock in our midfield, but he lacks pace and doesn’t offer much moving up the pitch.

I like what I see from Elneny, but I don’t think he is the answer. Imagine Partey as the foundation of our midfield? A dynamic, strong player with pace and the ability to hold the ball, who has worked with one of the best managers in Simeone.

We’re moving on Torreira and with Guendouzi and Ozil practically stuck to rot here, our midfield is short on bodies. I like Ceballos who is our most dynamic player and he’s a loan signing. We want Aouar, but whether well get him is another story.

Truth is we don’t have a lot of money, and we’re unwilling to do what we did with Pepe. Lyon may want 54 million, but with the window shutting soon and club’s cash stripped I can see how 40 million in these times could be better than nothing.

There is no guarantee he’ll be the creative answer we are all looking for, but the supply to our front 3 hasn’t been great. The squad often suffers from having too many players in the same position needing to be moved elsewhere (like Auba) in order to fill our “best” 11, even though this may not be the system our manager wants to play.

In an ideal world we would like to move on some players before we buy, but I fear Sokratis’ deal will fall off and Kolasinac was played again, when he is a major candidate to be moved on in my eyes.

Still, there are 3 more days till October 5th and I do expect at least one or two more players to leave, and I pray and hope we get Aouar done as unless a miracle happens we’re never getting both him and Partey.

I just wish the Kroenke’s realise the need for our manager to be backed. Under Mikel Arteta we have installed a system that players can buy into and develop. It comes down to the money now. Please Arsenal, back the guy and we can be on our way back to the CL!



  1. The progress is there for everyone to see. Whether or not we will have a successful season largely depends on what happens in the last few days of the transfer window. Lets hope we can sign a couple midfielders!

    1. Why is no one talking about Zhaka performance nowadays…. The guy is so awful and lazy… Our midfield is so 🤦🤦🤦

      1. @Tobi
        To be sincere, that guy did really well yesterday, considering the super over the top through balls he released to Pepper and “Padlock”. I think he did well. Need I say our style of play, I mean Arteta’s style, allows us to be dominated. Don’t blame this on Xhaka.

      2. have you watch the games?

        this guy is playing well….

        finding fault on a player who played well?

    2. No wonder that twat got the sack for paying £72 million for Pepe now we are struggling to buy players mind you we always wait till the last minute somethings never change at Arsenal

  2. Though Arteta’s tactics may be working at the moment, but it is a negative football approach,this is what Mourinho is criticized for.
    We are winning games, but our football is becoming boring and we are currently the 2nd or 3rd team with least shots on target in the Epl

    1. There great entertainment in that football and Arteta is a man we missed!
      However, why that entertainment invisible? It is because it needs to be unlocked, fill that midfield well, then you will marvel with Arteta’s ball!
      It is still the answer to inadequate shots, why? Because there is no supply to the front from the midfield!

      The only problem with Arsenal currently is the selfish ownership!

    2. It least someone is seeing what am seeing. Make no mistakes about it, if the likes of Partey or Soumare and the likes of Aouar or benrahma don’t come in before the season ends, i will tell you categorically we will not smell top 4. Because Arteta may be too rigid to show dynamism in his approach to matches by switching player positions. By switching player positions I mean, playing Willian in the middle No10 instead of the wing, Pepe playing from the left instead of the right and Aubamayang playing as the No 9 instead of from the left, or Lacazette playing from midfield of from the right wing instead of No9. This is called dynamism and you will be shocked to see better performances from these players in these positions.

    3. If we win…you complain.
      If we loss…you complain.
      When we get a result , seems people even complain on how we went about about it.

  3. Yep Konstantin, We need to be behind him, but more importantly Kroenke needs to back him with funds. As sole owner Kroenke decides. The board are just a shambolic group with very little leverage. I have a genuine fear that Kroenke backs nothing but his LA project. If we don’t get Aouar or Partey we could literally have one of the worst midfields in the PL. I hope that we could at least have enough money for Boubakary Soumaré who wants to play for US. We missed out on Ibrahim Sangaré who’s move to PSV surprised everybody. We struggled for years with a poor defence. It looks now that we have an even worse midfield and have just moved our worries from the defense to the midfield. What a joke Kroenke is.

    1. Mr Kroenke don’t understand football. He is American. He think football should be played with the hands! His dream is to win the Super bowl with LA Rams, but he never will. American football is one of the most obscure athletic activities on this planet. Only played on top level in the US of A. And on this grotesque little sport does Mr Kroenke spend his (or his wife’s) money. Yes, grotesque, is the word. He don’t understand that it is no glory and pride to be won in such a small competition as
      in the NFL.
      At the same time he owns one of the greatest real football teams and don’t spend a buck to make that team a winner – a winner of glory and pride. Poor Mr Kroenke.
      Once QB Bobby Layne put a curse on his team Detroit Lions for selling him after an injury. Lions shall not win a play off game in 50 years, was his prophecy. That curse did last for more than 50 years. I think there is a curse to be put even on LA Rams. They will never win the title as long as the Kroenke family is in charge. Or at least not as long as they owns the Asn’l. With a QB like Jared Goff there is hardly any risk. Kroenkes will stay losers. Goff appeared in the final the season before last, and didn’t scored a point in the whole match! It’s the worst QB performance ever in Super bowl history. And that guy did the Kroenkes offered a billion contract (after that brilliant performance). Great, Mr Kroenke. I wonder if sports is your thing.
      Sell Asn’l, Mr Kroenke, and you will be free from the curse. From Russia with Love.

      1. Robert

        Kroenke is a bad egg. He is cursed and the curse shadows us.
        We have suddenly got a good defence, but at the same time we now have the most uncreative midfield in Arsenal history.

        1. How usmanov left his shares 4 kreonke is a myth. I really feel sad 4 this great football club, when we had a lot of cash, Wenger didn’t want 2 buy players. Now that we have a coach that knows the problem of the team, we don’t have money him cos of an Owner that doesn’t care about the club.. Buy players or we go the Liverpool route which is building a perfect squad in 4 – 5 years

  4. Cup games are simply different from the league in terms of preparation, setup, etc.

    With the league, there’s simply no way of finishing in top 4 with such tactics.

    Yes Arteta needs to be backed but how sure are you that his formation, team selection, or approach to games will change?

    He’s bought Saliba, Gabriel, Willian and all are still playing bit-part roles with even better players like Cedric, Ceballos, Pepe also being taken through the same.

    I think I have a reason to have my doubts…..

  5. Kroenke will give the manager no help at all. The old Directors will remember that they could have sold out to Usmanov – who is in the same bracket as Abramovich.

  6. Arsenal are the other team that are interested in taking Dembele on a season long loan with an obligation to buy, with the fee in the region of €60m. If they can’t get the France international they will go for Wilfred Zaha. #AFC #BarcelonaSC #CPFC

    Really???!!! 😳
    News on TP and HA…. where is it??!! Oh come on!! 🙏

    1. Sue, Arsenal need steel and creativity in midfield and Arsenal keeps being connected to “shiny” new forwards.
      Arsenal will probably spend more on someone like Dembele, when we have Martinelli to come back, players like Nheketia and Balogun, who struggle for a start for the forward line to waste away due to lack of service from midfield.
      Vinai and Edu have stated that Arsenal don’t have to sell to buy, yet with only 3 days to go in the transfer window, no midfielders.
      EPL clubs have spent over £1 billion, and Arsenal have spent a nett spend of £4 million – Willian free, Gabriel £24 million, Ceballos on loan and Martinez sold for £20 million.
      I am still waiting to be “very excited”.

  7. Your suggestion that Auba is more effective in the middle is not supported by the facts.In his career with Dortmund he rarely figured as a conventional centre forward as he does not have the technical skill to hold on to the ball under pressure and link play.He has been highly successful running through the left channel so why on earth should we move him into a more conjested area?As for our midfield problems, we had more possession last night because we flooded that area on the back of playing two centre backs rather than three.Kolasinac, who did not play badly like some fans suggest, was used more of less as a conventional left back.The change in system helped us all round and I hope we have seen the last of the defensive 3-4-3 set up.

    1. Good comment. While Auba is massively better than Walcott, he often suffers from similar problems when playing through the middle (where Auba is “just” good while Theo was downright horrible).

    2. Grandad: Good point on Auba. It is also strange that some want to switch Lacazette to the wing and Pepe to the middle. If these players struggle in their favorite position, why will they perform any better away from it?

      1. In my opinion Pepe was a waste of £72 million he don’t seem a EPL player to me I hope he proves me wrong

    3. 👍 👍 👍
      Without an upgrade in midfield Arsenal, even with Arteta at his best, will struggle for sixth, in my opinion.

  8. Read there Saliba going to Rennes on loan?? What’s up with that?

    Sokratis’ deal has fell through so stuck with him along with Mustafi & Ozil who all are in the last year of their deals. Elneny & Matteo also still here with no signs of leaving.

    All we have brought in is Gabriel for £27m & Willian free! Cabellos, Cedric & Mari were here last year and were cheap options to retain.

    No Aouer he will be for PSG on a loan to permant deal next summer for £50m & Partey would be mad to come to us from Atheltico but I dont see us spending £45m on him.

    Tbh I’m a little bit worried as this squad may be able to get Top4 but thatll be a battle with the rest & will probably go down to last day of season of we stay the distance with this team.

    ConManStan strikes again.

    1. They will kill this young talented man if they send him back to France. Like something you bought and not find satisfactory. How brutal can your get?! Okey, Arteta didn’t bought WS, and he obviously don’t like him. And Arteta is a XXX jesuit priest, he can be cruel as H… if a player fall out of favor (there are examples). But don’t send him back to France. Try to show little talent for psychology. Find a decent English team for him. In EPL or at least Championship. Have a Heart, Tetty!

      1. If Saliba is in fact experiencing
        personal issues and has voiced
        such concerns to MA what is the
        point keeping him with the 1st
        team or loaning him out to an
        EPL or Championship side?

        The 19 yr old kid is understandably
        home sick and needs a support
        structure off the pitch to enable
        him to concentrate fully on his
        futbol. HE ISNT GETTING THAT IN
        NL @ the moment and a return
        home to France might be exactly
        what the young man needs.

        A preoccupied, disinterested WS
        is no better than Holding, Mari, or
        Mustafi anyway.

        1. ACE, you are right; Saliba is a young man of 19, has had a disrupted last season due to Covid19 and injury playing few games, lost his mother this year and still has to learn English, so he is in a vulnerable state. He has signed a five year contract, so he can be loaned back to a French club to further develop and sort out his personal issues. When he returns Arsenal will reap the benefits.

    2. u expect 19yo saliba to play?

      saliba is bette off going out on a loan and play regular football to improve and gain experience

  9. You’re all saying “back the manager, give him funds”
    we’re just as bad at moving people on!
    Ozil is a self-inflicted wound way back in 2018, the people responsible have since left. But there should be no excuse for only selling one player during this window. Then again it must be our training ground. We crock a player every season, no other “big” club does that

    1. There was a suggestion on the radio this morning that it will be difficult to shift surplus players due to COVID. Lack of transfer fees, no salary improvement were all reasons cited. Sit tight and wind down the remainder of the contract in luxury in the EPL

      1. SueP, despite the above EPL clubs have spent over £1 billion.
        3 days to go and Arsenal has a nett spend of £4 million!
        “Be very excited.”

  10. Lets all hope, Eddie who has been going on for ages that the
    Partey and Aouar deals are done….. is correct!!
    Not looking good but fingers crossed 🤞

    1. According to his source Aurora should have been signed two weeks ago. His source seems to be not credible.

        1. All he mentioned was personal terms have been agreed two weeks ago.. Transfer fees problem is between both clubs..
          Once that is sorted, there’s no hindrance to Aouar coming.
          Same thing as with Man utd and Sancho.. Personal terms and agent fees have been agreed weeks ago.. Whats left is fees between both clubs if they really want to do business.

          So chill with the Eddie attacks

  11. Going back to a back four was clever from Arteta as he seemingly learned his lesson from monday as we were outplayed and outnumbred in the middle….

    1. I can bet its not gonna happen..
      Still going to be the usual Auba Laca Willian.
      But hopefully with a 3man midfield and not 2.. Preferably with Ceballos included for creativity.
      Pepe is as useless as Kreonke’s wallet

      1. I know he is just a shiti mane but then what has Willian done ….we got robbed by Edu…Willian is just another shiti Salah.

  12. It’s heartbreaking to see the ‘broke’ Spuds making quality signings and for us to struggle to get the one player we need. Our board cannot do anything because Arsenal are “Sole Owner” and that is Kroenke. We cannot become ‘The Arsenal’ again because Kroenke hasn’t the faintest bit of interest. So sad to see us penny pinching and raiding the Piggy Bank to try to get the player we need. It’s heartbreaking. So far Willian on a free, Mr Iceland 1 mill, and Gabriel 27 mill. Losing Torreira and Guendouzi leaves us with NO midfield.

    1. Sean, Vinai and Edu come out and publicly state that Arsenal don’t need to sell to buy. 3 days to go and a nett spend of £4 million.
      Look at how much Arsenal has spent in the last 5 seasons, so Kroenke shouldn’t be expected to put good money after bad. The problem is the lying muppets he employs.
      Arteta will soon have to make a choice, if he is not backed in the transfer market, he has to make a statement and move on.

  13. He did a great job last season but strangely this season I feel he is struggling even the matches we won, we were not convencing. Didn’t UE had same issue at the club first season he was good second season he won few starting matches then he lost it completely. I hope I am wrong but I see same pattern here. How you win is also as important as winning because it tells you what is to come. No matter how much excuses fans can make…u need to win ugly some times, result is what counts, we beat Liverpool does not matter if they are penalties blah blah blah point is we were second best in all the last four matches twice against Liverpool, against licester and even against West ham at home. So this shows we need to sign quality players in squad which MA wants not what Edu and board want. Apart from Martenelli signing all other Edu signings have been useless, again you can blame Raul for this but then edu was part of the team so it can’t be Raul by him self. Looking at we have brought in since Raul left injured Mari, avg Cedric, over aged Willian..I don’t think Edu is the man for the job when it comes to transfer.

    1. If there is no money to spend, then there is not very much anyone can do. Post Wenger significant sums have been spent on players like Papa, Torreira, Pepe, and Saliba among others. The former two do not even feature in the future plans, Pepe is increasingly looking like Gervinho 2.0, and Saliba is unsettled. If you add Guendouzi to the list of inactive players, then that’s close to 150M not well spent. For a club that seems to be broke, go figure.

  14. I keep saying if Ozil can work himself to our bench then a 20/30min stint when we are winning or needing to get back into a game would suit everyone.

    Can he accept this role? It’s not that he will say he has anything to prove but he has fans and employers to convince he wants to succeed still at arsenal (in whatever shape or form).

    Auour would excite arsenal fans as much as arsenal players. One area we lack creativity is through the middle. And want I mean by lack (because we have Ozil yes) is someone who can slot back in when we need to defend and attack when we do. KDB is the explain for any young player.
    Lyon have and always will talk alot (or shall I say their president) to inflate their prices but truth is, they cant and wouldn’t stop a player who wants to kick on. Saying that, you cant inflate the price on a player who’s stats have been ok.
    – let’s not kid ourselves, hes no superstar or world beater. If so we would be behind many clubs in his signature.

    Leno gets alot of stick and I am not too sure if it’s because he never reached the potential of neuer replacement but neuer is the best in the world and so that would knock anyone confidence, hes done well to continue his career at a top club like arsenal. He will repay the faith as we saw this week.

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