Arteta – I’ve invested “every drop of energy” and am in “deep pain”

Mikel Arteta is obviously suffering from the loss to Villarreal and losing Arsenal’s last chance to get back into the Champions League next season, and he has had a heart-rendering interview on ESPN.

He has been telling us how much he has put into the job, and rueing the fact that it could easily have ended up 1-0 to Arsenal last night and everything would have been markedly different this morning.

But it simply didn’t happen and now he is doing some soul-searching. This is what he had to say: “I understand [fans’] concerns because when you are out of the Champions League for five years it is not just a casualty, it’s a trend,”

“There are facts to support that trend. So, there are things to change, that’s for sure because you no one is going to accept that at this football club. I am not going to accept that and the fans are not going to accept that. So we all have to push together to achieve something very different.”

“They are things to analyse more internally, I am sorry. We have done that. There are things that we cannot discuss here. I take full responsibility for my part, for sure, since I arrived here what I have tried to do, giving my life, my best ability, investing every drop of energy that I have emotionally to support everything that has been going around with my knowledge, with staff, with all the players that are trying to contribute with all the club to give our best.

“But so far it has not been enough and this when the question mark comes, why it is not enough? Is it just a thing? Is it the manager? Is it other stuff? What is it? And then this is football. Last night that ball goes in we win 1-0. You are in the final and it is a different world. But today that world doesn’t look very nice.”

“What I felt last night was a deep pain because the moment the club is in at the moment, with everything it has been through over the last months, I had a feeling that if we could take the team to the final, it could be a great turning point,”

“I felt that responsibility and I was so eager to achieve that because I knew it could be a defining moment. Not being able to achieve it, has been really tough personally obviously. I know that we have disappointed a lot of people as well, and that really hurts because we want to give the best to everybody but one thing I made clear is that to do what we want to do, I have no doubts that we are going to achieve it. If not, I wouldn’t be sat here.”

So Arteta is obviously taking things hard, but he obviously still believes that he can still make us successful in the future. I have no idea how he thinks he is going to do it, but I’m not going to kick him while he’s down. He has to face his demons and work out what exactly went wrong (again?) and let us all hope he can come up with a solution to our current pains….

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  1. Good ebening!Just leave,we’re tired already of the endless excuses just to mak inexpeience and incompetence.Time to go,nothing to see here…

  2. No one is saying he has not been honest about his job, he just not have what it takes at the moment to manage a big club. Thank you Arteta but time to go bro.

      1. Arsenal is a small team, a big team can’t tolerate this kind of mediocrity, a big team can’t test a Coach, a big team can’t fail to buy big players even from small teams like Aston villa

      1. “Problem” is that winning fa cup maybe made him think he was a genius. I remember when someone suggested Mourinho about arrête being a top young manager and Mourinho rightly could not entirely agree.

    1. @Yuri
      I’m pretty sure this is a turning point for him. I think he’s gonna come good and put us back up there, where we belong…👍🏿

      1. You are still supporting Arteta? I really cannot believe that you are a real fan! There is nothing on the pitch to support Arteta and to back him! Getting him was a big mistake and many great managers were available at the time!

          1. I hope you’re right NY Gunner because I don’t think he is going anywhere. My two cents is that right now Arteta is not even an average manager but he has the potential to be a great one with time. Whether that’s with us is uncertain. He needs to show a lot of growth and learning from tough lessons like last night – something he hasn’t done to date

      2. He have been beaten home and away by Liverpool, Aston Villa, Man City, Wolves and Everton meaning that he lost 30 points to only 5 teams, this can’t be tolerated by a big team, may be we need to agree that we are a small team pretending to be a big team, have you seen Man United protest? They have a good squad than ours, they are given transfer funds by their owner but they still protest against him, how about us Arsenal fans? We can’t protest for our club as if Kroenke is the only richman in the world, if he leaves us we will get relagated, we have a premiership team mindset. PERIOD

  3. Can you imagine this crrrrappy team was considered for permanent membership in so called Super League?(and Bayern Munich not?).OMG,we live atrocious times…(glad “ the good ebening guy” reinstated the painful reality)

  4. I believe that Arteta has invested a lot of energy into the job. But he has favoured some players over others and he has a streak of stubbornness:Willian vs Smith for starters. With this mindset, I cannot envision ANY success going forward.

  5. Ateta unlike Emery has been able to delay his demise through his English language proficiency. So Arteta right now is seriously pleading for his job, his career and his livelihood.
    And he has good reason to be desperate as two consecutive 8th place finishes is damning.
    There is no improvement no revival no clear vision no structure no direction no process to speak of.
    As the late Claude from ATV would say It’s time to go.

    1. Hi Wyoming.

      Strange isn’t it.

      Unai was interviewed at our place, and got given the job.

      He spoke – he got the job.

      Presumably Emery didn’t present in Swahili ?

      So the language thing doesn’t wash with me.

      We were quick enough to pull the trigger on the man that has just done us over 2 legs.

      So “Good Ebening” – people can take the *iss all they like.

      Makes you wonder doesn’t it ?

        1. Great – so he could have gone down the Bielsa route with us.

          Instead the man had something about him.

          If our lot couldn’t understand Unai Emery they’re even thicker than I thought.

  6. can this rookie manager pack his bags and leave. he was supposed to start in the lower leagues or championship… his signings tells it all……Willian, Cedric, that other guy the keeper of Iceland, Mari and extension for Luiz. His game plan is too rigid, his insistence with positional discipline while having a good crop of young energetic lads like Saka, ESR, Martinelli and Saliba, his arrogance……”its painful that Ozil and Saliba were left out of both Europa and EPL squad” while according some lots of gametime to the useless Willian and the guy from Real madrid who runs in the ground like a headless chicken(imagine a second loan deal). I wonder what exactly did he learn from Guardiola.

  7. Enough of this pathetic non sense, he was acting big, benching players to impose his Luiz, Willian, Ceballos recruits…

    He is begging for the job, makes no sense, depressing lost talks. How that can boost players?

    They all can see as all world; dude has no clue nor fit for the job even if he had to go and learn it in lpwer division

    He ruined all season in his ego trip, forcing Auba as LW all season long, subs him for Laca instead to have him play behind Auba…

    I couldnt believe team he lined…

  8. So are the millions of Arsenal supporters in pain. Those millions are in pain because of Arteta. So Arteta not the supporters must leave.

  9. Problem with Arsenal, that things have been declining for at least 6 years and they started making many random changes and the status become different in squad terms that no one was able to figure out how to fix it anymore.
    In Wenger days, we had good starting 11 and lacked depth, then our starting 11 started to lose quality and balance, with limited stupid investment then he left and all papers he has put on the cracks left with him. Everyone who came afterwards, has done terrible, analysing and taking gambles. They kept gambling and losing until they drown!
    Whoever will come next will need time and make mistakes but he should not be Arteta. It should be someone with experience of building with limited resources and developing players. Ralf Rangnick, Sarri and Benetiz may be our best options. L. Jardim of Monaco would be risky but worth thinking.

  10. We can only ask that he gives his best. It appears he did and the results are that his best is not even close to good enough. That’s the job though

  11. According to Ornstein Arteta will not be sacked. Apparently Kroenkes believe and support the “project” as well.

    Anyone got fooled by Charles Watts’ second video today? I certainly thought it was The News.

  12. Sticking with Arteta shows mediocrity on the part of Arsenal’s management. This man has not delivered! He is still learning. Is that what they want? A learner coach , as big and as famous Arsenal FC is!

  13. As far as I’m concerned, Arteta is now a “lame duck” manager, who should be fired without further delay. The risk of long term damage to the club will continue to increase if he is not relieved of his job. He has lost the confidence of the fans and players and most certainly the board.
    So far, he has cost us more than 100M (lost of money from Europe, 30M loss from Willian, losses from other players. This should not be allowed to continue.

    1. But he found a good keeper for cheap, runarsson. Only 1.5m and only 40k/week for at best a 3rd choice keeper 👍

  14. The more i watch his post match interview the more i feel bad for him he looks exhausted no self-confidence out of his depth.. just put him out of his misery already!

  15. Not as much pain as you are putting us through pal, please go, you are a busted flush!

  16. Many on here are focusing on Arteta but I disagree that he is the main reason for Arsenal’s decline. To judge his performance fairly he needs to be backed properly.
    So far I would argue that this has not been the case.
    He has had to completely change the team’s approach with an unbalanced squad and limited resources.

    1. So did Emery and he got the sack for failing to sort it out. Im sorry as well but its not an unbalanced squad, its a good squad playing unbalanced football, from a manager that makes it unbalanced, playing right footers on the left, left on the right, midfielders at left back, no number 9 striker and the stupid unbalanced formation from the last game.

      1. And so totally stubborn. Stocked with a loaned guy that does not want to be here long term (Ceballos) while not even giving any minute in midfield to AMN who wanted some. Would not AMN next to party added much steel to the midfield alongside partey for a more balanced team than using two N10 ? AMN could have also covered left back poisition. Was versatile. Grown here. But Ceballos a better option for MA.

  17. True to above comments. The pain we Arsenal fans have been put through watching Arteta’s Arsenal is much greater than that of a solitary individual.

  18. So arteta getting sacked is now an issue of debate?I’m so ashamed of any arsenal fan that will come up here and defend arteta from not getting the boots. If Lampard with all his legendary statues can get the boots,who the hell is small arteta that he should be immuned from getting kicked out from our club.The general welfare and progress of arsenal is more important than the personal well-being of arteta. If chelsea hadn’t taken the bold step of sacking Lampard and brought on Tuchel ,do u think Chelsea would be occupying 3rd spot on the league table by now? Do u think chelsea wud be in UEFA champions league final and FA cup finals? Go back and have a rethink arteta fans

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