Arteta keen to see Ozil show some consistency every day

It is very easy to see Mesut Ozil’s sudden rise in form after the departure of Unai Emery as Arsenal boss, and Mikel Arteta has acknowledged that the German currently deserves his place in the starting line-up, but our new coach has now made it clear that he wants to see if our highly-paid midfielder can continue to show his new-found desire and commitment on a consistent basis, and not just when he is in the mood to impress.

Arteta told the Irish Examiner: “Mesut was very effective against Chelsea. I’m hoping he can sustain that level every three or four days.

“His numbers physically have improved so much. And he’s willing, that’s what I can tell you. He’s been showing it in training. The structure has to help him to be able to take everything he has inside.

“I just tried to prepare the team collectively and individually with the strengths and weaknesses that we have, to promote our strengths and avoid our weaknesses.

“On his own he cannot do it, he needs the collective and the structure around him and his team-mates.

“There’s only one or two players in the world who can do it on their own. He needs help.”

“If I see every day this attitude and desire and understanding of what we’re trying to do, and if he’s in a better moment than everybody else, I will pick him. But if it changes, then he won’t play.”

So, the Boss has made it clear that he won’t put up with slackness from the German, or from anyone else for that matter, and he is hoping to see the same commitment today against Man United. But Arteta also admits that the manner of our defeat to Chelsea may have put a downer on the new positivity surrounding the club since Arteta’s arrival. “That’s my worry now, that the result doesn’t affect them too much,” he continued.

“We’re all disappointed how the game ended, they don’t feel they deserved that.

“But they have to move on, a game in another three days, a big one as well and they have to respond now in a new challenge.”

It is a big ask too, considering our record of just one win in our last 16 games, but I think that as long as we show that we still have the desire to improve, the fans will stay behind the team even if we lose yet again…

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  1. To be honest, I am not ozil biggest fan but his performance in last two matches were very good. If he can produce those performance more regularly then he should be in the xi.

    1. Agreed
      Let’s hope whatever Arteta has done in training rubs off on the others too
      A difficult game tonight and we really need a win (stating the blooming obvious I know)

    2. He needs to stop those tantrums/ sulking behaviour and improve his fitness at the gym, otherwise he can only be creative in the first half and runs out of gas in the second half

      He has to remember that he is already 31 years old. He will not be able to keep up with the younger opponents, unless he increases his efforts on and off the field

    3. For mi ozil is the real deal for us..he is trying his best after that mistreatment by that names*..n to u arteta..I didn’t like ur body language after Chelsea second goal..u must kno that u are our 5 star general out there and as such u must act as one.not holding ur face as if it’s spurds in a final.get on it buddy n deliver..all support.

  2. Ozil is not a central midfielder, because he can only play as no 10 who doesn’t do counter-pressing at all. Unless Arteta is willing to do some experiments by reassigning Ozil as a regista or as a mezzala

    If Ozil wants to be consistent, he has to create more crosses. He made plenty of crosses in 2015/2016 season and created 19 assists as the result

    De Bruyne did this and he tops EPL assist chart currently. If a CAM is versatile enough to play well in different positions like De Bruyne, the CAM usually has no problem in crossing more frequently

    1. Agree, because:

      – Arsenal are unbeaten in their last three Premier League meetings against Man Utd (W1 D2)

      – When playing their first league game of a calendar year at home, Arsenal haven’t lost since 1985 (1-2 vs Tottenham), winning 13 and drawing eight since. No team has won more Premier League games on New Year’s Day than Arsenal (9)

      Man United are having high confidence currently, because they just beat Newcastle and Burnley by more than one goal difference. But it shouldn’t be an excuse for Arteta and the Gunners

      1. I’m not sure that these stats have any influence at all on the outcome tonight It’s not really relevant
        I do agree that ManU are improving and it will be tough tonight I’m sure
        I’m also looking at the current lunchtime kick offs hoping that Chelsea win. I never thought I’d be doing that. Same for Burnley v Villa which shows how low Arsenal are

    2. agu eman, What simplistic writing. I can’t call it “thinking” so have said “writing”. You puzzle me frankly, as you are able to write and make understandable comments regularly. But “understandable” means just that, “understandable”. It does NOT mean it makes sense. You seem regularly out of step with almost all on here. I see no one else at all who still wants Emery back, as you do, or who thinks he did well, as you do. And you are entirely alone in wanting Arteta sacked unless he wins the EL or makes top four. You are just not at all, not even a tiny bit, realistic. You are reactionary and show no actual thought, though you are able to write properly and that is why I am puzzled. You have clearly had an education and with education, USUALLY, one finds an ability to think rationally. But that is clearly missing with you and hence my puzzlement!

      1. Jon,will you stop this already??
        I do come here whenever am bored just to read comments since Agu started his anti-Arteta agenda
        Such a super intelligent fellow 😂

  3. We have seen a massive improvement from him in the last two games, but he needs to start assisting, and scoring though.

  4. Haven`t been on here since last year, so hello again!

    Yes it is the winter season of the transfers which will undoubtably bring out mostly the most ridiculous unfounded rumours by people who I call……….The Transfer Window Lickers !

    They are like Kroenke sat in front of his dressing room mirror with the most expensive array of hand made Beavers wondering which one to slip on his head!……decissions decissions!…………or as the great bard would say……………..”Toupee or not Toupee, that is the Question!”………………….or ” A Syrup!…..My Kingdom for a decent Syrup!”

  5. It was nice to see Özil against Chelsea. There were really signs of his best.
    But I hope Arteta doesn’t rely too much on getting him to perform consistently on a high level.
    The list of managers, that have been disappointed by Özil’s somewhat fragile motivation is simply too long; Ancelotti, Löw, Emery & Ljungberg.
    I have not included Wenger, because he seemed to accept Özil’s lack of hard work.
    Arteta better have a plan for, when Özil isn’t in the mood.

  6. Really good to see a coach coming out and telling us, the fans, what he is expecting from every player, what will happen if that doesn’t occur and the player himself being totally aware of what said coach thinks of him.

    This january window will see some real movement, both in and out, I believe, simply because MA seems the kind of man who laid out his position before accepting the post – if that wasn’t agreed, he would have stayed at city.
    There will be no more nonsense about contracts, ridiculous salaries or player power, this man has to be taken seriously!!

    1. Ken, Good to totally agre with you at last. I had begone to think we would neveR agree ever again and so am glad to see that on Arteta we certainly DO! I believe almost all Gooners have sound instincts on him and recognise that at last, after the non communication of Emery,that we NOW have a true professional with a firm and well set out plan that players and fans alike can relate to and warm towards. His statement on Ozil is welcome to me and Ozil now knows precisely where he stands. I hold no grudges to Ozil -I am not made that way – so if he HAS now decided to keep doing what he has done in both games so far, and work for the team, many of us who have called him lazy, rightly too, in my view, will now get behind him. ALL we care about is that ALL players, no matter who, aid the team. If and when they do that we will gladly support them but not otherwise,. That has always been my position on ALL our players all my adult life and nothing will change that correct stance. That goes for managers too; while thay are doing their utmost and aiding the team I will support them,. When they cease doing that I will want themn out. Simple philosophy which I trust you and others will understand.

      I suggest I speak for the overwhelming majority of Gooners and club fans everywhere who will think this correct way. No feuds, no vendettas, UNLESS the person in question harms our club by not doing it on the pitch or as manager. I for just one, among countless millions, ALWAYS support the club over and above ANY individual. Aid the club and you are my friend, harm it and you are my foe!

  7. Well said Ken. MA is clearly an intelligent,articulate young man who will hopefully use these skills to get his players to buy into his requirements at least in terms of effort.We fans cannot of course expect him to convert the likes of Mustafi and Socratis into quality players.He cannot work miracles.

    1. Grandad, sound sense, for the,umpteenth time, from the most CONSISTENTLY wise fan of ALL on here! January means the window is here now and we need CB’S (PLURAL and now), so we will now find out whether Kroenke is spooked enough by the tumble down the table to start caring for his investment, at least enough to FINALLY get some actual, PROPER defenders in at LONG LAST.

  8. In my small knowledge of the history of Arsenal since Herbert Chapman the club has had 6 former players who managed the club Arteta making the 7th former player. Of the seven two between Tom Whittiker and B. Mee failed and two between Mee and Arsene Wenger failed. It is no guarantee that a former player will succeed.

    I remember the ‘fan hype’ of expectation when Neill was appointed with the coaching of Don Howe we did have three years of ‘hope’ but the hope soon became a damp squib.

    Arteta doesn’t have the managerial experience that Graham had but he has coached for one of the most successful managers since the war.

    Sadly for both club and fans the appointment has come just before the start of the busiest part of the season – no time for the training and preparation that Arteta has the right to have.

    The instant success brigade will ‘shout failure’ if we lose against Man U. the rest of us will note that dispite the lack of time before game the team has changed. a much higher energy level in the first half then we have seen for a long time. Given time I believe we will see the same energy level in the 2nd half.

    As to the defense and mid field and attack. Emery was handicapped by injuries to defenders and Areta has inherited this problem and the moment has ‘to make do’ with who there is.

    If Arteta is true to his word in the interviews he gave when signing then he has listened to the players and is seeking to play them in their best positions. We as they must understand with needing cover for injuries that is not always possible.

    On the bright side we have a young manager who has learnt from the best and is closer to the presnt generation of players than an older manager might be.

    On the down side he has inherited Riley and Kronke. Two horrible nightmares.

    Knowing this shame on any Arsenal fan who doesn’t understand the pressure the palyers are under. The knives of the media are upon them all the time. They don’t need knives from anyone else.

    The players need our support more than ever at this time.

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