Arteta knows what it will take for Arsenal to become a top side

Mikel Arteta has revealed that his team needs to score between 90 to 100 goals per season if they want to be among the top teams in England.

Arsenal’s biggest problem before the club made Arteta their manager late last year was defending.

However, the Spaniard has managed to make them a better side defensively, but they are still lacking in attack.

While they have the best defensive record in the league this season, the Gunners also have the second-worst goalscoring record among the top ten teams this season.

With Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang struggling for goals, the team hasn’t been scoring lots of goals either.

However, on Thursday, they beat Molde 4-1 in the Europa League even though two of the goals were own goals.

The Spaniard has now revealed that they are working the right balance in defence and attack.

“To get that balance right is not easy,” Arteta told a news conference ahead of Sunday’s home game against Aston Villa via ESPN.

“It is something that we have been working on in the last two weeks. You could see last night that we were much more fluent in attack. We scored the goals and we had more opportunities.

“To be a top team you have to score 90-100 goals (a season) if you want to be competing with the top guns. It is a challenge for us and an area we have to improve and get better.”

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  1. I really feel sorry for MA, who by any rational thinking has done a superb job , having inherited a complete shambles and turned it around in hardly any time, winning two pieces of silvereware in under 11 months By most peoples reckoning fans would be wetting themselves with excitement for the near future.

    Mataphorically, I am and cannot stop singing the praises of what I am certain will be an extraordinary Arsenal manager and completely fitted for the practical job of restoring us to the very top.
    His buys have been a great success and he has achieved what AW nor UE even remotely did; he cured the awful non defence we had for many years prior.

    And he did this, despite still having- thanks to Kroenke, Gazidis, AW and UE – a majority of poor defenders still available to use. Imagine what he can do when he has all his own choices in the squad and is not forced to use much of the never will be good enough players he inherited.

    He has transformed attitudes both in the club and in the watching football world, including knowing journos who clearly see his path to the top being clearer with each passing game.
    He has achieved all this and yet, AND YET, he still attracts comments from so called fans who expect miracles and want them now, this instant.

    Where do clubs find these sort of self entitled fake fans who have not a clue what they are talking about! We all know their names but as I have no wish to give them added publicity I will draw a veil over their lack of intellect.

    I urge all true Gooners to keep on supporting our talented and hungry manager who is transforming our team before our eyes and to think before they write, if talking about MA. THE OVERWHELMING MAJORITY OF US KNOW WHAT A TREASURE WE HAVE AND PROPERLY VALUE HIM.

  2. Not sure you need to score a 100 goals a season to win the league, i think you need to make sure you can score, can defend and win all types of games. I don’t expect anything other than improvement this season, right from the beginning i thought top 5 and EL win possible. Anything better would be a massive bonus. Making us hard to play against and making us able to score against anyone is the first things, after that it is about football management on and off the pitch. We are in the mix for top 4 but we have some improvement yet to become one.

  3. defense shaky when Luiz is played as CB, everyone must fill up his holes.

    last sunday game was best defending performance in ages for that, two reliable CB, a pair working well.

    DM indeed help but with Luiz behind them they have more work and as previous games with Partey, it didnt change pb & bad result it causes.

    As far of attack, we have one if not best front line in “AubaLacaSaka”, but he plays Willian as center forward or on a wing and auba on left wing.

    he scored most of his goals at dortmund from right wing and mo re dangerous & better there than on left

    forces to play Saka behind him, he is in top3 winger in EPL at his position…

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